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    Imperial Chinese Famille Rose Vase
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    Chinese Song Dynasty Ge-Yao Brush Washer
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    Chinese Famille Rose Ding Censer
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    Cecil Kennedy English Still Life Painting
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    Sydney Laurence Mt. McKinley Oil
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    Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Castilian Red Pheasant Macchia Set
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Urn
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    Édouard Cortès Parisian Street Scene Painting
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    Thomas Hill Yosemite Oil Painting
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    Morris Graves "Winter Bouquets" Painting
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    Kenneth Callahan "Time and Space" Oil
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    Kiritsu Kosho Kaisya Japanese Mixed Metals Vase
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    Mark Tobey Untitled White Writing Painting

Thursday June 27, Fine Chinese and Asian Arts

Featuring fine Asian artworks from Northwest estates and collection!

Chinese Porcelain: Collection of Qing and Republic Monochrome Vases, Several Qing and Republic Famille Rose Vases, Several Sang de Boeuf Porcelain Jars and Vases, Republic Seated Buddha Figures, Collection of Kangxi Blue & White Dishes and Jars, Ming Longquan Porcelain Large Censer on Stand, Large Temple Vases and Dragon Jars, etc. Jades and Objects: Collection of Qing Pebble Jades and Pendants, Fine Chinese Export Silver Dragon Mug, Chinese Qing Canton Enameled Shou Dish with Dynasty Marks, Qing and Republic Snuff Bottles, Ming and Qing Bronze Buddhas and Head Fragments, etc. Silk Embroidery: Impressive Qing Silk Embroidered Imperial Dragon Robe with Purple Clouds, Qing Imperial Dragon Embroidered Vest, Pair Imperial Dragon Silver Thread Dragon Flags, Rare 18th Century Chinese Dragon Buddhist Robe or Temple Hanging, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday June 20, Great Northwest Estates! Jewelry and Silver, Asian, Mid Century and Art! - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Silver: Collection of 14k and 18k Diamond and Stone Rings, 14k Charm Bracelets and Chains, Black Hills Gold 10k Jewelry, Group of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Pitchers and Antique Dresser Sets, Victorian and Georgian English Sterling Servers, 32pc Towle Craftsmen Sterling Flatware, 49pc Gorham Fairfax Sterling Flatware Service, 52pc Alvin Chased Romantique Sterling Flatware, Judaic Sterling and Jewelry, Redlich Sterling Teaset, Gorham Sterling Holloware – Trays and Pitchers, 14k Dunhill Lighter, 14k Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen, Collection of Olympic Swatch Watches in Boxes, etc. Fine Art: Several James Leong Abstract Paintings, Several Jonier Marin Abstract Collage Paintings, Salvador Dali and Calder Signed Prints, Collection of Porter Lewis Etchings and Artworks, Lisel Salzer Enamel and Etchings, Laszlo de Nagy Small Ship's Oil, Hasui and Meiji Japanese Woodblock Prints, Old Northwest Orotone Photographs and Antique Mt. Rainier Paintings, Walton Butts Serigraph, Julian Itter Early Mountain Oil, Barry Herem NW Coast Lithogaph, Alfredo Zalce and Manet Etchings, Jan De Ruth Ballerinas Oil, Several Abstract Oils by Richard Gilman, Robert Rauschenberg Signed Large Pop Art Poster, Gayle Bard "Skagit Flats" S/N Print, Raymond Parker S/N Abstract Lithograph, Allan Lobb Geometric Abstract Chrome Sculpture, Toni Only Abstract Watercolor, Ken Duffin Northwest Beach Scene Watercolor, etc. Studio Pottery and Glass: Large Collection of Ed Brannan Northwest Studio Pottery and Sculptures (Professor of Ceramics at GRCC), Several Ellen Currans Studio Pottery, Several Richard Fairbanks Studio Pottery, John and Pat Dunlap, George Cummings Vases, Ken Stevens Large Floor Vase, Guido Gambone Pottery Horse Tray, Allison Chism Sculptural Glass Goblets, Pair Andy Paiko Coral Glass Candlesticks, Vintage Murano Glass, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Set of Royal Doulton "Tonkin" Fine Dinner Service, Set of Antique Rosenthal Floral Pattern Dinnerware, Collection of B&G and Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figurines, Antique Doulton Animal and Women Figurines, Collection of Steuben Crystal Bowls and Candlesticks, Set Waterford and Stuart Crystal Stemware, Pair Antique Anglo Irish Cut Glass Compotes, Pair of German 800 Silver Mounted Cut Glass Claret Jugs, etc. Asian Antiques: Antique Japanese Tansu Chest, Antique Chinese Dream Stone Dressing Cabinet, Antique Korean Trunk, Old Korean Altar Cabinet, Collection of Old Japanese Woodblock Prints and Screens, Antique Japanese Primitive Scale, Antique Chinese Lacquered Incense Box, Old Ikebana Baskets, Collection of Antique Japanese Painted Table Screens and Woodblock Prints, Antique Chinese Jars and Vases, Japanese Cloisonne, Snuff Bottles, Blue and White Porcelain, etc. Mid Century Design: 7pc Hans Olsen for Frem Roujle Teak Dining Set, Set Niels Moller Teak Dining Chairs, Gunni Omann for Axel Christiansen Teak Credenza, Koefed Hornslet Danish Teak Refractory Dining Table, Herman Miller Shell Rocking Chair, Mid Century Danish Teak Arm Sofa, Pair Dux Teak Lounge Chairs, Sergio Rodriguez for OCA Leather and Rosewood Lounge Chair, Egon Ostergaard Swedish Teak Chest of Drawers, Danish Teak Mid Century Secretary Chest, Mid Century Nesting Tables, 3pc Marshall Martz Pottery Table Lamps, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday June 20, Great Northwest Estates! Jewelry and Silver, Asian, Mid Century and Art! - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Silver: Collection of 14k and 18k Diamond and Stone Rings, 14k Charm Bracelets and Chains, Black Hills Gold 10k Jewelry, Group of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Pitchers and Antique Dresser Sets, Victorian and Georgian English Sterling Servers, 32pc Towle Craftsmen Sterling Flatware, 49pc Gorham Fairfax Sterling Flatware Service, 52pc Alvin Chased Romantique Sterling Flatware, Judaic Sterling and Jewelry, Redlich Sterling Teaset, Gorham Sterling Holloware – Trays and Pitchers, 14k Dunhill Lighter, 14k Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen, Collection of Olympic Swatch Watches in Boxes, etc. Fine Art: Several James Leong Abstract Paintings, Several Jonier Marin Abstract Collage Paintings, Salvador Dali and Calder Signed Prints, Collection of Porter Lewis Etchings and Artworks, Lisel Salzer Enamel and Etchings, Laszlo de Nagy Small Ship's Oil, Hasui and Meiji Japanese Woodblock Prints, Old Northwest Orotone Photographs and Antique Mt. Rainier Paintings, Walton Butts Serigraph, Julian Itter Early Mountain Oil, Barry Herem NW Coast Lithogaph, Alfredo Zalce and Manet Etchings, Jan De Ruth Ballerinas Oil, Several Abstract Oils by Richard Gilman, Robert Rauschenberg Signed Large Pop Art Poster, Gayle Bard "Skagit Flats" S/N Print, Raymond Parker S/N Abstract Lithograph, Allan Lobb Geometric Abstract Chrome Sculpture, Toni Only Abstract Watercolor, Ken Duffin Northwest Beach Scene Watercolor, etc. Studio Pottery and Glass: Large Collection of Ed Brannan Northwest Studio Pottery and Sculptures (Professor of Ceramics at GRCC), Several Ellen Currans Studio Pottery, Several Richard Fairbanks Studio Pottery, John and Pat Dunlap, George Cummings Vases, Ken Stevens Large Floor Vase, Guido Gambone Pottery Horse Tray, Allison Chism Sculptural Glass Goblets, Pair Andy Paiko Coral Glass Candlesticks, Vintage Murano Glass, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Set of Royal Doulton "Tonkin" Fine Dinner Service, Set of Antique Rosenthal Floral Pattern Dinnerware, Collection of B&G and Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figurines, Antique Doulton Animal and Women Figurines, Collection of Steuben Crystal Bowls and Candlesticks, Set Waterford and Stuart Crystal Stemware, Pair Antique Anglo Irish Cut Glass Compotes, Pair of German 800 Silver Mounted Cut Glass Claret Jugs, etc. Asian Antiques: Antique Japanese Tansu Chest, Antique Chinese Dream Stone Dressing Cabinet, Antique Korean Trunk, Old Korean Altar Cabinet, Collection of Old Japanese Woodblock Prints and Screens, Antique Japanese Primitive Scale, Antique Chinese Lacquered Incense Box, Old Ikebana Baskets, Collection of Antique Japanese Painted Table Screens and Woodblock Prints, Antique Chinese Jars and Vases, Japanese Cloisonne, Snuff Bottles, Blue and White Porcelain, etc. Mid Century Design: 7pc Hans Olsen for Frem Roujle Teak Dining Set, Set Niels Moller Teak Dining Chairs, Gunni Omann for Axel Christiansen Teak Credenza, Koefed Hornslet Danish Teak Refractory Dining Table, Herman Miller Shell Rocking Chair, Mid Century Danish Teak Arm Sofa, Pair Dux Teak Lounge Chairs, Sergio Rodriguez for OCA Leather and Rosewood Lounge Chair, Egon Ostergaard Swedish Teak Chest of Drawers, Danish Teak Mid Century Secretary Chest, Mid Century Nesting Tables, 3pc Marshall Martz Pottery Table Lamps, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 30, Great Northwest Estates! Jewelry, Silver, Coins, Guns, and Luxuries! - TIMED AUCTION

Lifetime Collection of Coins & Bullion: China 5oz Panda Medal Graded, US Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, Dansco and Whitman Old Coin Albums – Nearly Complete, Silver Halves and Quarter Albums, Mercury Dime Silver Books, US and Canadian Penny Collection, US Unc. And Mint Sets, Lots of European Silver Bullion and Collectible Coins, Collection of Old Canadian Coinage, Canadian Olympic 1976 Sterling Medal Set in Box, etc. Silver and Virtue: Set Reed & Barton Francis 1st Sterling Flatware, Set Gorham Medici Sterling Flatware, Set Heirloom Silver Rose Sterling Flatware, Set International Blossom Time Sterling Flatware, Set Steiff Queen Anne Sterling Flatware, Randall Hammered Sterling, Poole Sterling Mint Julep Cups, Georgian Sterling Master Salts, English Sterling Salver, Set Gorham Sterling Wine Goblets, Redlich Sterling Cocktail Shaker, Collection of Danish and Scandinavian 830 Silver Flatware and Serving Pieces, Group of Columbian 900 Silver Large Serving Pieces, etc. Fine and Costume Jewelry: Collection of 14k and 18k Gold Rings and Necklaces, Ladies 18k Diamond and Emerald Ring with Appraisal, Victorin and Georgian Gold Jewelry, 14k Real Pearl and Grey Pearl Necklaces, Hermes Silk Scarf in Box, Hermes Enameled Bracelet in Box, Lori Bonn Sterling Designer Necklace, Judith Jack Sterling Enameled Rose Brooch, Tiffany & Mikimoto Sterling Jewelry, Vintage Mexican Sterling Jewelry – Spratling, Vintage Men's Wristwatch, Lost of Vintage Costume Jewelry, etc. Fine Art: Several Salvador Dali and Picasso Lithographs, Raoul de Longpre Floral Gouache, Adolphe Monticelli Attributed French Figure Oil Painting, Michael Kahn Impressionist Landscape and Nude Oils, Natalie Barry Modernist Still Life Oils, Hugo Noske Color Floral Woodcut, Graham Gercken "Zion Canyon" Oil Painting, 3pc Carl Cristophersen Northwest Paintings, After Claude Monet London Night Oil, Bev Doolittle Signed Indian Print, Rosalyn Gale Powell Signed Cabbage Print, Chihuly Poster, Marc Chagall Framed Art Lithograph, Vintage Hawaiian Watercolors and Paintings, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Large Set of Royal Crown Derby "Mikado" Fine Porcelain Dinnerware, Meissen Porcelain Flower Bowls, Waterford Crystal Vase, Antique Brilliant Cut Glass, Modern Glass Vases and Studio Ceramics, Antique Lusterware, Antique Pratt Ware Scenic Plates, Jugtown Pottery Vase, etc. Firearms: Vintage Colt 1911 Pistol, Colt Trooper Mk III 357 Magnum Revolver, Ruger Mark I Semi Auto .22 Pistol, Sterling 302 Semi Auto Pistol, S&W M&P Bodyguard .38 Special Revolver, BSA Eagle Arms 30-06 Rifle, Remington Model 721 Rifle, Martin Model 336 Lever Action, Mossberg Model 43 Rifle, Remington Model 12 Pump Action Rifle, Sears Model 12 Pump Action Shotgun, Sears Ranger Model 103-13 Rifle, Antique Rauchlos Belgian Shotgun, WWII Japanese Arisaka Rifle, etc. Oriental Rugs & More: Fine Persian Tabriz Oriental Room Size Rug 10'x16', Persian Palace Size Oriental Rug 12'x18', Vintage Karastan Kirman Room Size Rug 10'x14', Semi Antique Persian Sarouk Square Rug, Semi Antique Afghan Pictorial Rug with Animals, 2pc Vintage Pictorial Hooked Rugs with Dolphins & Eagle, Collection of Fine Antique Reference Books, Old Duck Decoys, Cloisonné Vases, African Tribal Items, Old Stamps, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 16, Western Arts & Native Artifacts - TIMED AUCTION

Lifetime Indian Basket Collection: Dozens of Antique Northwest Coast Indian Baskets including Tlingit, Klickitat, Coast Salish – Thompson and Frazer River, Lillooet, Cowlitz, Suquamish, etc. Indian Masks & Artifacts: 1920's Makah Carved and Painted Wolf Mask, Antique Tlingit Carved Halibut Hook, Carved U-Form Beaver Grease Bowl, etc. Lifetime Plains Indian Beadwork Collection: Tons of Beaded Moccasins, Pipe Bags, Quivers, Belts, Vests, Parfleche, Trade Beads, etc. Paintings & Prints: Several Harvey and Henne Goodale Alaskan Native Oil Paintings, Jules Dahlager "Horse Creek Mary" Small Oil, David Nordahl "Overlook" (Indians) Oil Painting, Michael Gentry "Chief Joseph" Oil, Lifetime Collection of Over 100 Rie Munoz Signed and Numbered Prints, Collection of Bev Doolittle Signed and Numbered Prints, Several Edward Curtis Original Photogravures and Photos, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday April 25, Great Northwest Estates! Mid Century, Jewelry & Silver< + A Lifetime of Glass! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry & Silver: Collection of Vintage 14k and 18k Diamond and Stone Rings, Vintage 14k Wristwatches, Set of International Royal Danish Sterling Flatware, 2pc American Sterling Flatware Sets, Collection of Danish and Norwegian 830 Ornate Silver Flatware, English Sterling Teapot and Small Bowls, etc. Glass and Porcelain: Lifetime Collection of American Pattern Glass including Steuben, Heisey, Paden City, Franciscan, Fenton, Tiffin, Wavecrest, Duncan Miller, Cut Glass, Green – Pink – Blue Depression and Vaseline Glass, Meissen Porcelain, etc. Mid Century Design: Set of 12 Torbjorn Afdal for Nesjestranda Mobelfabrik (Bruksbo) Rosewood “Darby” Dining Chairs and Matching Oval Dining Table with 2 Leaves, Tobrjorn Afdal for Bruksbo Rosewood China Cabinet, 2pc Scandinavian Rosewood Coffee Tables Bruksbo and Heggen, 2pc Poul Hundevad Danish Rosewood Dressers, Charles Pollack for Knoll Brown Leather Office Chair, Group of Jack Ferrell Studio Pottery Tile Artworks, Signed Levine 1962 Studio Pottery Mountainous Landscape Hanging Triptych Plaque, etc. Artworks: Pete Jordan Winter Scene Watercolor, 2pc Owen Hall Watercolors, R.C. Gorman Signed Lithograph and Exhibition Posters, Joseph Pena and Gary Mauro S/N Prints, Pascual Cucaro Still Life Oil Painting, Antique Oil Paintings in Ornate Frames, Several Old Japanese Woodblock Prints, Old Maxfield Parrish and Marigold Art Deco Prints, etc. Asian Antiques: Antique Korean Joseon Wood Trunk, Pair of Chinese Rosewood Display Pedestals, Several Chinese Porcelain Garden Seats and Jardinieres. Chinese Republic Porcelain and Qianjiang Temple Vases, Antique Japanese Brass Hibachi and Usubata, Set of Old Japanese Graduated Temple Bells, Pair of Antique Japanese Brass Hanging Fans, Antique Japanese Metal Dragon Water Server, Old Chinese Scrolls, Several Old Tibetan and Chinese Necklaces and Jades, Old Chinese Mah Jong Set, 2pc Old Ghurka Daggers, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 28, Great Northwest Estates! The Eclectic Collector, Asian, Fine Jewelry & Silver! TIMED AUCTION

Northwest Modern Art: Museum Quality Guy Anderson "Ascent and Fall in the Night" 1987 Oil on Paper 96"x72", Museum Quality Kenneth Callahan "Transformations" (Universal Voyage) Oil on Masonite 26"x40", Kenneth Callahan "Exodus" 1956 Oil on Canvas (Zoe Dusanne Label), William Ivey "Seattle Public Market Study" (Green) 1977 Large Oil on Canvas 60"x72" (Published Work), George Tsutakawa "Shi Shi Beach" 1972 Gansai Watercolor, Early Paul Horiuchi "Space Ritual" (Abstraction) 1950's Oil Painting, John Matsudaira "Place of Worship" 1962 Casein, John Matsudaira "Birch Bay" Watercolor, John Matsudaira "Northwest Landscape" 1959 Casein, Zama Vanessa Helder "Red Barn" Watercolor (Published in Book), Z.Z. Wei "South 101" (Coastal Drive) Oil, Z.Z. Wei "Dream Street" Oil, Fay Jones "Light Wind Above Strong Current" 1988 Oil, Gene Gentry McMahon "Promenade" Oil on Paper, Bill Brauer "Tango" (Dancer) Oil on Canvas, Barry Masteller "Earth and Sky" (Landscape) Oil on Canvas, Pasha Stinson "Harmony, Quarter Round" Stone Standing Sculpture with Gold Leaf, etc. Modern Art: Ronnie Landfield "Sign and Sky" 1974 Large Oil Painting 10', Darryl Hughto "Eclipse" 1979 Large Acrylic, Maryann Harmon "Ironto" 1976 Large Acrylic, Maryann Harmon "Beckley" 1970's Large Acrylic, George Chann Modernist Landscape Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: Andy Warhol "Mick Jagger" (F.&S. II.147) 1975 Screenprint on Arches Aquarelle, Andy Warhol's "Index Book" 1967 in Case, Pablo Picasso "Les Portraits Imaginaire" 1969 Numbered Lithograph, Jacob Lawrence "Grand Performance" Signed PP Lithograph, Jacob Lawrence "My Studio", "On the Way", and "Memorabilia" Lithographs (From the Estate of his printer Kent Lovelace), Rare Salvador Dali "Espace-temps en fusion" (Melting Clock) Lithograph, Collection of Salvador Dali Signed Lithographs and Etchings, Roy Lichtenstein "Guggenheim Museum" Screenprint, LeRoy Neiman "American Gold" 1984 Olympics Serigraph, Dale Chihuly "Orange Ikebana" Acrylic Enhanced Lithograph (Artist Proof), Toko Shinoda Abstract Japanese Lithograph, Yoko Hara Abstract Etching, Katsunori Haminishi Etching, 2pc Shigeki Kuroda Etchings, Yoichiro Nishikawa Etching, Shinichi Nakazawa Etching, 4pc John Kelly Hawaiian Etchings, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Dale Chihuly 5-Piece Iridescent Pink Seaform Set, Dale Chihuly "Golden Black" Macchia Basket, Dale Chihuly "Pink Persian" Glass, James Nowak Large Aquarium Glass Vase, Clayton James Blackware Ceramic Vessel, etc. Modern Design: Important and Rare Evert Sodergren "Sculptured" Chair Manufactured in 1955, Exceptional Metal Wire Sculptural Round Dining Table by Joe Police, Set 4 Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son 1960's Oak Wishbone Dining Chairs, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Men's Breguet La Marine Automatic 18k Stainless Date Wristwatch, Edwardian Sapphire 18k Ring, Edwardian 18k Figural Bee Multi-Stone Bar Brooch, Edwardian Platinum & Diamond Bow Bar Brooch, Tiffany & Co. Mixed Metals Sterling Aesthetic Pitcher, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Audubon Vase in Box, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Scarab Cabinet Vase, Pair of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Art Nouveau Style Candlesticks, 5pc Art Deco Frank Smith "Woodlily" Sterling Tea and Coffee Service, Exceptional English Sterling Dolphin Pedestal Punch Bowl, etc. Antiquities & Artworks: Fine KPM Painted Porcelain Plaque, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Vine and Leaf Flower Bowl, Rare Steuben Aurene Vine and Flower Cabinet Vase, R. Lalique "Esterel" Opalescent Glass Vase, R. Lalique "Monnaie du Pape" Frosted Glass Vase, Toshio Aoki Antique Painted Porcelain Japanese Jardiniere, 2pc Tiffany Studio Gilt Bronze Inkwells (Venetian & 9th Century), Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Orotone 11"x14" (Near Perfect), Asahel Curtis Mt. Rainier 1911 Tinted Photo in Piecrust, Antique Inuit Carved Whale Bone Mortar, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 14, Great Northwest Estates! The Eclectic Collector, Asian, Fine Jewelry & Silver! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry & Silver: Collection of Ornate Carved Shell and Coral Cameo Brooches, Collection of Vintage Ladies 14k and 18k Various S tone Rings, Ladies Diamond and Sapphire Earrings, Men's .65ct Diamond Solitaire Ring, Vintage Men's Intaglio and Signet Rings, Group of 14k Antique Pocket Watches and GF Railroad Watches, Collection of Navajo and Modernist Jewelry, Set Gorham Strasbourg Sterling Flatware, Set Gorham Melrose Sterling Flatware, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Bowl, Lots of Sterling Holloware Bowls – Trays – Baskets, American 18th Coin Silver Mint Julep Cup, Egyptian Sterling Table Items, Huge Grouping of Ornate Silverplated Serving Trays, etc. Asian Antiques and Ethnographic: Large Collection of Old Chinese Carved Rosewood Stands, Pair of Horseshoe Armchairs, Large Chinese B&W Porcelain Jardiniere on Stand, Chinese Ming and Qing Porcelain Large Jars, Chinese Ming Martaban Jar, Collection of Chinese Yixing Teapots, Collection of Old Japanese Ikebana Baskets (Many Signed), Chinese Sang de Boeuf Porcelain Vases, Old Chinese Archaic Bronze Vessels, Japanese Sumida Gawa Large Vase, Old Chinese and Japanese Cloisonne Items, Collection of Tibetan Mahakala Masks, Collection of Old African and Sepik River Masks, Old Tibetan Large Stone Buddha Head, Old Indian Demon Hanging Masks, Old Tribal War Axes and Shields, Old Japanese and Chinese Water Buckets, Many Burmese Lacquered Boxes, Group Thai Kalaga Textiles, Group of Pre Columbian Colima Vessels including Full Figured Dog, Old Thai and Chinese Seated Bronze Buddhas, Old Tibetan Wool Rug, Collection of Thai Folk Art Large Buddhist Paintings, Collection of Vintage and Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints, Old Chinese Painted Scrolls including Large Ancestral, Old Japanese Mino Rain Coats, Old Thai Shadow Puppets, Group Old Thai and Burmese Temple Panels, Old Japanese Pulley and Water Buckets, Chinese Rosewood End and Side Tables, Collection of Japanese Mingei and Tamba Pottery, Mizusashi Jars, Collection of Old Alaskan Inuit Scrimshaw and Seal Skin Purses, etc. Glass and Porcelain: Set of Wedgwood "Gold Florentine" Fine China Service, Pair L.C. Tiffany Favrile Iridescent Salts, Group Steuben Glass Lamp Shades, Pair Lundberg Studios Pulled Feather Lamp Shades, 1905 Rookwood Floral Vellum Glazed Vase by Rothenbusch, Carder Steuben Acid Cut Large Blue Center Bowl, Antique Bohemian Blue Moss Agate Glass Vase, Erik Brakken Studio Glass Vase, Murano Glass Angels, Group of Blenko Glass Vases and Stemware, Antique Limoge Hand Painted Porcelain, Group Northwest Studio Pottery, Group C. Alan Johnson Alaskan Ceramic Figurines, etc. Fine Art and Prints: Group of William Wilson Cowell (BC) Watercolors and Oil Paintings, Hudson Mindell Kitchell "Night Landscape" Oil, Joe Milne R.S.W. "When the Sun is Low" Oil Painting, Girolamo Gianni (Italian) "View of Naples" Gouache, John Califano "Sheep Farming" Antique Large Oil, Group Antique Tinted Botanical and Horse Racing Engravings, Antique Boating B&W Photographs, Antique European Signed Etchings, Group of 17th & 18th Hand Tinted Map Engravings, Old Travel Poster, Juan Romero "Magical City" S/N Serigraph, Bev Doolittle S/N Western Print, Fred Fellows and Les Welliver Small Western Bronzes, Fred Machetanz and Byron Birdsall Signed Alaskan Prints, Leon BeRoth Alaskan Fisherman Oil Painting, Group of Vintage Japanese Woodblock Prints by Kawano and Hiroshige, Antique Benjamin Gifford Teepees Tinted Photograph, Glen Alps Framed Abstract Drawing and Card, May Hathaway "Rain Reflections" Mid Century Oil, James March Phillips "Point Lobos" Watercolor, Henk Pander Surrealist Drawing, etc. Tapestries & Rugs: Semi Antique Room Size Heriz Oriental Rug, Room Size Medallion Vintage Rug, Hanging Crewel Embroidery Tapestry, 2pc Hanging French Classical Scene Tapestries, Several Old Patchwork Quilts, Group Old Thai Kalaga Embroideries, Group of Old Chinese Silk Embroidered Robes, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 29, Northwest Art! Estates and Collections! TIMED AUCTION

Featuring artworks from the estates of Neil Meitzler and Arthur & Albert Runquist! Plus works from private collections!

Northwest Modern Art: Dozens of Original Artworks by Neil Meitzler and Arthur & Albert Runquist from the estates of the Artists, Dozens of Works by William Cumming (Acquired from a former wife of the artist), Collection of Modern Paintings and Sculptures by Porter A. Lewis (Washington/Hawaii) Artist, Kenneth Callahan Sumi Painting, Viola Patterson UW Sports Oil Painting, Helmi Juvonen Owl and Petroglyph Watercolors, Pehr Hallsten Tempera, 2pc James Martin Whimsical Tempera Paintings, 2pc Eugene Pizzuto Nude Abstracts, 3pc Claude Utley Whimsical Oils, Paul Ripley Jenkins Surrealist Artwork, Phillip Levine Nude Drawing, Paul Havas Landscape Oil, 3pc Beryl Trezise Early Oils, Group Rare Rhoda Gantenbein 1930's Oregon Paintings, etc. Traditional NW Art: 2pc Rare Fokko Tadama Oil Paintings, Group of Melville Wire Drawings and Some Early Paintings, 3pc Myra Wiggins Early Floral Oil Paintings, Anna B. Stone Floral Oil and Watercolor, Group Jule Kullberg NW Watercolors and Oils, Group of Harry Bonath NW Watercolors, Group of Jess Cauthorn NW Watercolors, May Marshall Watercolor, Oil Painting by Danny Mayes, William Reese, Dee Molenaar, Rex Pierce, Helen Wessels, Charles Willette, Lorraine Cohn, Leonard Borman, John A. Conner, Xavier Barile, Kenn E. Johnson, Peggy Isaacson, Watercolors by Edgar Forkner, R.C. Lee, Crissie Cameron, Charles Heald, Einer Hansen, George Kern, Dwight Blaney, Glenn Smith, Jano Argue, Robert Connell, Elizabeth Hamlin, etc. Prints & Multiples: Collection of Salvador Dali Wood Engravings and Lithographs from the Divine Comedy and Biblia Sacra, Several Dali Etchings from Les Amours Suite, Picasso “Lysistrata" Pencil Signed Triptych Etching, 3pc Marc Chagall Verve Lithographs, Joan Miro “Le Miroire" Lithograph Folio, Paul Allier “The Four Seasons" Art Deco Print Suite, Rembrandt “Adam and Eve" Etching, Teiko Shimazaki Large Modern Woodblock, 3pc Thomas Handforth Etchings, 2pc Helmi Juvonen Linocuts – Wolf and Family, Collection of Mary Randlett Silver Gelatin Photographs including images of Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, James Washington Jr., and Landscapes, Collection of Kent Lovelace and Mike Pease Landscape Large Lithographs, Elton Bennett Serigraph, Art Hupy Art Photograph, Harold Balazs Serigraph, J. Boyd Ellis Tinted Mt. Photo, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 15, Great Northwest Estates! WWII, Collectibles, Antiques and Art! TIMED AUCTION

Featuring a Lifetime Collection of WWII Memorabilia and Posters!

Fine Jewelry & Silver: Victorian 14k Griffin Stick Pin and Shield Brooch, Group 14k Edwardian Brooches and Rings, 14k and 18k Stone Rings, 14k White Gold Diamond Drop Earrings and Cross Pendant, 14k Opal Pendant and Earrings, 14k Chains and 10k Class Rings, Hobe Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet, Hobe Sterling Floral Brooch, Lots of Costume Jewelry Repair and Parts Lots, Old Railroad Pocket Watch, Huge Collection of Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons 300+, 59pc Westmorland “Milburn Rose” Sterling Flatware, Allen Adler Modern Sterling Salad Set, English Sterling Cream Pitcher, Misc. Sterling Flatware and Bowls, Pair Antique Christofle Baroque Large Silverplated Candelabras, etc. WWII Collection & Guns: Exceptional Colt 1911 .45 Semi Auto Pistol with 4 Digit Serial Number (1912-1925 Production), WWII German Walther P38 9mm Pistol with Eagle Proof Marks, Japanese Arisaka Bayonet and Leather Pouch, Large Collection of WWII Insignia and Jacket Patches, Collection of WWII Propaganda Posters, WWII Herend Porcelain Bowl with German Marks, WWII Barclay Toy Soldiers and Dinky Military Cars, Large 1947 German Oil Paintings related to the War, etc. Fine Glass, Pottery and Porcelain: Collection of Steuben Blue Celeste and Optic Swirl Stemware, Pair Steuben Mat-su-Noke Candlesticks and Trumpet Vases, Steuben Aurene Glass Bowl, Faberge Pavlova Crystal Stemware, Pair Sampson Armorial Porcelain Cache Pots, Antique Old Paris Porcelain, Group Old Chinese Rose Canton Porcelain Dinnerware, Antique Rosenthal Christmas Plates, 3pc California Pottery Oil Jars, Collection of Catalina and Bauer Pottery Serving Pieces, Collection of Royal Doulton Tobey Mugs and Jugs, Collection of Doulton Scenic Cabinet Plates, Roseville Pottery Planters and Candlesticks, Stangl Pottery Bird Figures, Old Staffordshire Pottery Dogs and Jugs, Victorian Glass Vases and Baskets, Northwest Studio Pottery including Dunlap Large Fish Casserole, Mark Hudak, Katherine Grey Studio Glass Double Tiered Cake Stand, Several Studio Glass Pieces purchased at Pratt Art Auction, Dan Bergsma Glass Vessel, Michael Nourot Glass Vase, etc. Mid Century, NW Art & Design: Yngve Engstrom for Swedese Lamino Armchair (Repaired), Northwest Studio Pottery Covered Tureens and Casserole, 2pc Turkish Mid Century Scatter Rugs, Mid Century and Designer Table Lamps, Earl Chalk Mid Century Fishing Boats Long Oil, John Day Mid Century Abstract Oil, William R. Brooks “Oriental Abstraction” Watercolor, etc. Asian and Ethnographic: Group Old Chinese Rose Canton Porcelain Dinnerware and Charger, Pair Chinese Shiwan Foo Lions, Old Chinese Porcelain and Peking Glass Snuff Bottles, Fine Japanese Cloisonne Cabinet Vase and Inkwell, Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Objects, Pair Chinese Shiwan Garden Stools, Chinese Large Porcelain Fish Bowl, Japanese Porcelain Large Phoenix Planter, Large Chinese Sang de Boeuf Floor Vase, Japanese Shinto Shrine, Old Chinese Silk Embroidery, Old Japanese Ikebana Basket Collection, Pair Vintage Polynesian Fijan Wood War Clubs, Old Indonesian Kris Dagger, etc. Collectibles & Posters: Lifetime Collection of Antique Fraternal Pinback Buttons, Badges and Silk Ribbons including GAR, WOW, Lewis & Clark Expo., SAW Veterans, Regional Fairs, Husky Football, Hydroplanes, etc. Antique Rare Trade Tokens, Antique Roosevelt McKinley Jugate Pinback, WWII Propaganda Posters, Vintage Railroad Posters and Calendars, Collection of 1930’s to 1960’s European Travel Posters and Calendars, Antique and Vintage Marble Collection, Old Dinky and Matchbox Cars, Manoil and Grey Iron WWII Toy Soldiers, Silent Movie Star Photo and Letter Collection, 1947 Tacoma Tigers PCL Team Signed Baseball, Old Music and Theater Programs, Collection of Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Old Fountain Pens, Mont Blanc Pen and Wallet, Old Gaucho and Pocket Knives, Hamilton 992 Railroad Pocket Watch, Vintage Strand of Sleigh Bells, B&H Cast Iron Cat Trays, Vintage 35mm and Folding Cameras, Vintage 8mm Parade Movie Reels, Vintage 21 Bell 5 Cent Slot Machine, Vintage Olympia Blue Marine Electric Token Slot Machine, Chevron Diecast Toy Cars in Boxes, Antique National Full Size Cash Register, etc. Prints & Multiples: Collection of Antique Bronze and Britannia Candelabras, Candlesticks, Figural Mantel Clocks, Pair Christofle Silverplated Candelabras, Victorian Silverplated Large Figural Centerpiece, Antique Ornate Iron Garden Urn, French Miniature Walnut Vitrine, Antique Chinese Gilt Lacquered Etergere, Antique Gilt French Wall Barometer, Antique German Hanging Wall Clock, Victorian Gilt Framed Wall Mirrors, Antique American Oak Carved Lamp Table, Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints, Antique Oil Paintings and Watercolors by Jean Chaleye, John Edward Walker, Charles Dorion, Jules Mersfelder, John Edward Walker, Cameron Burnside, Harold Hall, Dwight Ashbey, Edna Garrett, Hans Erni, Roger Cantin, George Hendrik Breitner, John Day, Herbert Walderon Faulkner, Anna B. Stone, Richard Davis, Charlotte Blass, Nestor Fruge, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 1, Estates and Collections of Northwest Art! TIMED AUCTION

Featuring artworks from the estates of Neil Meitzler and Arthur & Albert Runquist! Plus works from private collections!

Northwest Modern Art: Dozens of Original Artworks by Neil Meitzler and Arthur & Albert Runquist from the estates of the Artists, Dozens of Works by William Cumming (Acquired from a former wife of the artist), Several Mary Randlett Silver Gelatin Photographs, Claude Utley Oil Paintings, Robert Frost Modern Seascape Oil Paintings, James Farr Fishtown Painting, Mary Lou Kuhl "Bird Family" Oil Painting, Lisel Salzer Etchings, Works by William Gumpert, Paul Heald, Karen Guzak, C.T. Chew, Joseph Goldberg, Mark Rediske, Kent Lovelace, Drake Deknatel, Steve Jensen, Michael Ehle, Terry Furchgott, Paul Horiuchi, Albert Tuohy, Jack Stangle, Charles Heaney Etchings, etc. Traditional NW Art: Several Watercolors by Harry Bonath, Fabulous Elizabeth Warhanik Floral Still Life Oil in Original Gilt Framing, Elizabeth Warhanik and Olive Malstrom Carl Watercolors, Dorothy Dolph Jensen Etching, Collection of Melville Wire Etchings and Drawings, 3pc Melville Wire Landscape Small Oil Paintings, Louise Gilbert Watercolor, Fred Marshall Watercolor, Several Joan Arend Kickbush Alaskan Children Watercolors, Judge Kehoe Alaskan Man Watercolor, etc. Prints & Multiples: 2pc Niki de Sainte Phalle Serigraphs, Several Victor and Jean Vasarely (Yvarel) Opt Art Serigraphs, Kazumi Amano Japanese Modern Woodblock, Several Kent Lovelace Color Lithographs, Georges Braque and Salvador Dali Exhibition Posters, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday January 18, Great Northwest Estates! Antiques, Eclectic Design and Ethnographic! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry & Silver: 14k Pink Coral Cabochon Ring, 14k Jade Cabochon Filigree Ring, 18k Amethyst Art Deco Ring, Sterling Charm Bracelets and Necklaces, Carved Jade Bead Necklaces, Chinese Carved Turquoise Gourd Pendant, Weiss and Haskell Costume Jewelry, 76pc Wallace Rosepoint Sterling Flatware, Group of Tiffany Sterling Serving Pieces in Boxes, Various Sterling Bowls and Holloware, Antique Coin Silver Spoons and Forks, Antique Austrian Silver Cup Set, 3pc Japanese Imperial Sterling Small Pieces, Set of Viennese Secessionist Josef Ofner Argenta Cup Saucers, etc. Coin and Stamp Collection: Collection of American Eagle Silver Dollars in Boxes, Various US Mint and Unc. Sets in Boxes, Old Coin Blue Books, etc. Collection of Unused Postage including over $1400 Face Value of US Stamps and World Stamps, etc. Antique Nautical Collection: Old Copper and Brass Diving Helmet on Display Pedestal, Antique Ship's Binnacle and Telegraph, Antique Ritchie Large Brass Ship's Compass, 2pc Antique Brass Fire Reels, Antique Wood Ship's Wheel, Antique Block and Tackle, Antique Sextant in Case, etc. Pottery, Porcelain & Glass: Steuben Blue Aurene Pedestal Vase, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Ruffled Edge Bowl, Set of Lalique Crystal Leaf Plates, Daum Pate de Verre Iris Bowl, Christofle Porcelain Dragonfly Vase with Box, Piero Fornasetti Covered Jar, 3pc Oiva Toikka Glass Birds, Pilgrim Glass LE Cameo Glass Vase, Group of Weller and Roseville Standard Glaze Pottery, Several Rookwood Pottery Cabinet Vases (One by Katherine Van Horne) , Roseville Floral Pottery Vases and Candlesticks, Several Robert Sperry and Gerald Newcomb Studio Pottery Vases, Bitossi Large Modern Pottery Vase, etc. Set of Royal Copenhagen "Triton" Nautilus Dinnerware, 3pc B&G Porcelain Tureen and Platter, etc. Mid Century, NW Art & Design: Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, Pair of McGuire Rattan Armchairs, Saarinen for Knoll Tulip Side Table and Round Coffee Table, 4pc Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Swan Chairs, Martz Pottery Table Lamp, Piero Fornasetti Covered Jar, Biegert & Funk "Qlocktwo Touch" Clock in Box, Group of Robert Sperry and Gerald Newcomb Northwest Studio Pottery, Sequoia Miller Studio Pottery Large Jar, Bitossi Large Pottery Vase, Mark Tobey Framed Prints, Kenneth Callahan Framed Ink, 2pc Guy Anderson Framed Drawings, 2pc William Cumming Framed Drawings, Helmi Juvonen Woodcut Framed, Joe Reno Small Portrait, Bill Ritchie Etching, 3pc Hazel Moritz Figurative Abstraction Paintings, Amanda Snyder and Jefferson Tester Paintings, Albert Patecky Floral Still Life Oils, Jack Ferrill Hanging Studio Pottery Plaque Set, Bill Ritchie and Richard Kirsten Signed Multiples, Salvador Dali and Hoi Lebadang Signed Etchings, Keiko Minami Signed Etchings, R.C. Gorman Signed Stone Lithograph, Life-Size Little Girl Reading a Disney Book Bronze Sculpture, etc. Asian Antiques and Ethnographic: Collection of Old Chinese Maio Silk Embroidered Children Hats and Shoes, Old Chinese Miao Silver Headdress and Jewelry, Old Chinese Nanking Crackle Vases, Old Chinese Blue & White Jars and Vases, Jingdezhen Eggshell Porcelain Large Bowl, Old Chinese Yixing Teapots, Chinese Jiangxi Teapots, Old Chinese Mah Jong Sets, Chinese Jade and Turquoise Bead Necklaces, Old Tibetan Bronze Bodhisattvas and Taras, Antique Japanese Imari and Cloisonne Chargers, Collection of Old Thai Ban Chiang Ceramic Vessels, Old Thai Sawankhalok Ceramics, Old Thai Bronze Buddha Head and Hand Fragments, Old Framed Tibetan Thangka, Old Chinese Elm Carved Altar Tables, Old Chinese Elm Spice Cabinet, Collection of Various Asian Lacquered Large Bowls and Covered Boxes, Old Japanese Folding Screens and Transom Panels, Chinese 4-Panel Coromandel Room Screen, Collection of Over 100+ Old Chinese and Japanese Scrolls, Japanese Woodblock Prints by Kawano and Saito, Old Ethiopian Coptic Crosses, Antique Persian Koran Book, Large Collection of Antique Philippine Santos Figures, etc. Antiques, Collectibles & Instruments: Collection of Antique Philippine Santos Polychrome Wood Figures, Old Northwest Coast and Alaskan Indian Baskets and Implements, Vintage Mackintosh M0001 Personal Computer with Accessories, Several Starbucks Large Display Coffee Mugs, Group of Vintage Barbie Dolls with Clothes, Old Porcelain Marbles, Art Deco Bookends, Antique Boulle Tantalus Decanter Set, Antique Inlaid Table Box and Tea Caddy, Antique Marble Clock Set, Antique Russian Samovar, Group of Old Stringed Instruments including 2 Martin Backpacking Guitars, Washburn Electric Guitar, Antique Violins, etc. Oriental Rug Collection: Dozens of Semi Antique Persian Oriental Rug Mats, Old Afghan 8'x10' Rug, Old Persian Medallion 8'x10' Rug, Old Kirman 8'x12' Rug, Persian Oriental Prayer Rugs, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday January 18, Great Northwest Estates! Antiques, Eclectic Design and Ethnographic! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry & Silver: 14k Pink Coral Cabochon Ring, 14k Jade Cabochon Filigree Ring, 18k Amethyst Art Deco Ring, Sterling Charm Bracelets and Necklaces, Carved Jade Bead Necklaces, Chinese Carved Turquoise Gourd Pendant, Weiss and Haskell Costume Jewelry, 76pc Wallace Rosepoint Sterling Flatware, Group of Tiffany Sterling Serving Pieces in Boxes, Various Sterling Bowls and Holloware, Antique Coin Silver Spoons and Forks, Antique Austrian Silver Cup Set, 3pc Japanese Imperial Sterling Small Pieces, Set of Viennese Secessionist Josef Ofner Argenta Cup Saucers, etc. Coin and Stamp Collection: Collection of American Eagle Silver Dollars in Boxes, Various US Mint and Unc. Sets in Boxes, Old Coin Blue Books, etc. Collection of Unused Postage including over $1400 Face Value of US Stamps and World Stamps, etc. Antique Nautical Collection: Old Copper and Brass Diving Helmet on Display Pedestal, Antique Ship's Binnacle and Telegraph, Antique Ritchie Large Brass Ship's Compass, 2pc Antique Brass Fire Reels, Antique Wood Ship's Wheel, Antique Block and Tackle, Antique Sextant in Case, etc. Pottery, Porcelain & Glass: Steuben Blue Aurene Pedestal Vase, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Ruffled Edge Bowl, Set of Lalique Crystal Leaf Plates, Daum Pate de Verre Iris Bowl, Christofle Porcelain Dragonfly Vase with Box, Piero Fornasetti Covered Jar, 3pc Oiva Toikka Glass Birds, Pilgrim Glass LE Cameo Glass Vase, Group of Weller and Roseville Standard Glaze Pottery, Several Rookwood Pottery Cabinet Vases (One by Katherine Van Horne) , Roseville Floral Pottery Vases and Candlesticks, Several Robert Sperry and Gerald Newcomb Studio Pottery Vases, Bitossi Large Modern Pottery Vase, etc. Set of Royal Copenhagen "Triton" Nautilus Dinnerware, 3pc B&G Porcelain Tureen and Platter, etc. Mid Century, NW Art & Design: Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, Pair of McGuire Rattan Armchairs, Saarinen for Knoll Tulip Side Table and Round Coffee Table, 4pc Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Swan Chairs, Martz Pottery Table Lamp, Piero Fornasetti Covered Jar, Biegert & Funk "Qlocktwo Touch" Clock in Box, Group of Robert Sperry and Gerald Newcomb Northwest Studio Pottery, Sequoia Miller Studio Pottery Large Jar, Bitossi Large Pottery Vase, Mark Tobey Framed Prints, Kenneth Callahan Framed Ink, 2pc Guy Anderson Framed Drawings, 2pc William Cumming Framed Drawings, Helmi Juvonen Woodcut Framed, Joe Reno Small Portrait, Bill Ritchie Etching, 3pc Hazel Moritz Figurative Abstraction Paintings, Amanda Snyder and Jefferson Tester Paintings, Albert Patecky Floral Still Life Oils, Jack Ferrill Hanging Studio Pottery Plaque Set, Bill Ritchie and Richard Kirsten Signed Multiples, Salvador Dali and Hoi Lebadang Signed Etchings, Keiko Minami Signed Etchings, R.C. Gorman Signed Stone Lithograph, Life-Size Little Girl Reading a Disney Book Bronze Sculpture, etc. Asian Antiques and Ethnographic: Collection of Old Chinese Maio Silk Embroidered Children Hats and Shoes, Old Chinese Miao Silver Headdress and Jewelry, Old Chinese Nanking Crackle Vases, Old Chinese Blue & White Jars and Vases, Jingdezhen Eggshell Porcelain Large Bowl, Old Chinese Yixing Teapots, Chinese Jiangxi Teapots, Old Chinese Mah Jong Sets, Chinese Jade and Turquoise Bead Necklaces, Old Tibetan Bronze Bodhisattvas and Taras, Antique Japanese Imari and Cloisonne Chargers, Collection of Old Thai Ban Chiang Ceramic Vessels, Old Thai Sawankhalok Ceramics, Old Thai Bronze Buddha Head and Hand Fragments, Old Framed Tibetan Thangka, Old Chinese Elm Carved Altar Tables, Old Chinese Elm Spice Cabinet, Collection of Various Asian Lacquered Large Bowls and Covered Boxes, Old Japanese Folding Screens and Transom Panels, Chinese 4-Panel Coromandel Room Screen, Collection of Over 100+ Old Chinese and Japanese Scrolls, Japanese Woodblock Prints by Kawano and Saito, Old Ethiopian Coptic Crosses, Antique Persian Koran Book, Large Collection of Antique Philippine Santos Figures, etc. Antiques, Collectibles & Instruments: Collection of Antique Philippine Santos Polychrome Wood Figures, Old Northwest Coast and Alaskan Indian Baskets and Implements, Vintage Mackintosh M0001 Personal Computer with Accessories, Several Starbucks Large Display Coffee Mugs, Group of Vintage Barbie Dolls with Clothes, Old Porcelain Marbles, Art Deco Bookends, Antique Boulle Tantalus Decanter Set, Antique Inlaid Table Box and Tea Caddy, Antique Marble Clock Set, Antique Russian Samovar, Group of Old Stringed Instruments including 2 Martin Backpacking Guitars, Washburn Electric Guitar, Antique Violins, etc. Oriental Rug Collection: Dozens of Semi Antique Persian Oriental Rug Mats, Old Afghan 8'x10' Rug, Old Persian Medallion 8'x10' Rug, Old Kirman 8'x12' Rug, Persian Oriental Prayer Rugs, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 14, Holiday Fine Art, Jewels & Luxuries

Northwest Modernism: Impressive Paul Horiuchi 8' "Patterns and Colors from Antiquity" Large Fan Painting Collage, 2pc Paul Horiuchi Large Horizontal Abstract Collages 50"x70", Large James Washington Jr. "Gull Hatching" 1978 Granite Sculpture, James Washington Jr. "Bird Hatching" Granite Sculpture, Morris Graves "The Birds" 1940's Ink on Paper, Morris Graves "Grasses" Tempera, William Cumming "Old Man at the Market" 1960's Bronze, William Cumming "Nude Torso" 1960's Bronze, William Cumming "Two Girls at Night" 1960's Tempera on Masonite, William Cumming "Nude with Blanket" 1970's Tempera on Board, 2pc Joseph Goldberg Abstract Encaustic Artworks, Joseph Goldberg "Wander" Small Encaustic, William Cumming "Two Girls at Night" 1960's Tempera Painting, Lee Kelly "Sculpture Maquette" Corton Steel, John Franklin Koenig "Almost" Large Yellow Abstract Oil, Kenneth Callahan "Bird in Flight" Tempera, Kenneth Callahan "Goats" Ink on Paper, Several Exceptional Neil Meitzler Casein Abstractions, Several Rare Abstract Oil Paintings by Harry Bonath, Several Abstractions by Arthur & Albert Runquist, 4pc Rosalyn Gale Powell Small Oils, Mark Tobey "Scroll of Liberty" S/N Serigraph, etc. Traditional Fine Art: Hovsep Pushman "Goddess of Mercy" Oil on Panel, Hovsep Pushman "Sultanabad Plate" Oil on Panel, David Ericson "The Old Sand Boats" Oil, Otto Erdmann "Courting Scene" Oil, Carl Krafft "Palos Hills" (Winter) Landscape Oil, Josephine Reichmann "Hillside with Church" Oil, George Ames Aldrich "Sunset Stream in Normandy" Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: Andy Warhol "$" (Dollar Sign) 1982 Silkscreen, 2pc Richard Diebenkorn "#1 and #3" from Nine Drypoints & Etchings Suite, Robert Motherwell & Octavio Paz "The Three Poems" Lithograph Suite in Book, Robert Motherwell "Bird #1" Etching, Joan Miro "Oiseau Verte" Signed Lithograph, Picasso "Modele et Grande" from the Vollard Suite Signed Etching, Marc Chagall "Half Opened Window" Signed Lithograph, 3pc Salvador Dali Etchings on Japon Paper, Several Peter Max "Statue of Liberty" Enhanced Lithographs and an Original Acrylic, 2pc Rembrandt "Self Portrait & Bust of a Man" Etchings, After Renoir "Dancer with Tambourine" Bronze Plaque, 2pc Mary Cassatt Children Etchings, Gwen Knight "Standing Horse" Etching, Several Antique Piranesi Engravings, etc. Glass & Ceramics: Dale Chihuly 1984 Sea Green Seaform, 2pc Dale Chihuly White Seaform Set with Black Lip Wrap, Sonja Blomdahl Blue & Red Incalmo Vessel, Sonja Blomdahl Yellow Incalmo Ball Vessel, Ann Gardner "Chronicles" Large Cast Glass Wall Sculpture, Richard Lalonde Painted Sculptural Glass Bowl, Clayton James Large Ceramic Floor Vessel, 2pc Ebba Rapp Ceramic Bird Sculptures, etc. Modern Art & Design: Philip & Kelvin Laverne "Eternal Forst" (Special Order) Round Coffee Table, Karl Springer Glass Top Curve Coffee Table, Large Dan Christensen Abstract Expressionist Acrylic Painting, 2pc Anthony Caro Abstract and Book Steel Sculptures, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: 2.54ct Oval Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring (Color F, SI-1) with GIA, 2.81ct Emerald Cut Loose Diamond (Color L, VS2) with GIA, 1.96ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond (Color H, SI-1) Ring, 1.48ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring (Color H, VS-1), Ladies 14k White Opal Cabochon & Diamond Ring, Persian 22k Polki Diamond Necklace, Women's Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual Wristwatch 1985, Vintage Breitling Chronomat 217012 Wristwatch, Gerard Perregaux 18k Tank Wristwatch, Franck Muller Stainless Wristwatch in Box, Hermes Cape Cod CC1-810 Men's Wristwatch in Box, 3pc Austrian Art Deco 14k Link Bracelets, Art Jewelry 14k Citrine Large Pendant Choker Necklace, etc. Silver & Antiquities: Rare Alaska Yukon Exposition "The Rudder Cup" Sterling Large Loving Cup by Gorham, Impressive Pair of Victorian Sterling Figural Nymph Comports with Cut Glass Bowls by George Angell, Georgian Sterling Tea Urn, Russian Sterling Over-Sized Kovsh Cup by Nemirov, Antique Tiffany & Co. Repousse Sterling Salver & Candlesticks, Antique Kirk Steiff Repousse Sterling Bowl and Plates, Collection of Hanau German Ornate Silver Serving Pieces, 4pc Laurelle Guild EPNS Art Deco Coffee Service with Tray, Gabriella Crespit Dore Bronze and Antler Table Dolphin, Antique American Floral Sterling Water Pitcher, Tiffany & Co. 4pc Green Slag Desk Set, Antique Spanish Ex-Voto Retablo of a Train Wreck, 2pc Antique Russian & Greek Painted Wood Icons, etc. Oriental Rug Collection: Collection of Antique Caucasian Scatter Rugs including Kazak, Genje, Kuba, etc. (Purchased from Galleries with Original Receipts included), Antique Heriz Room Size Rugs, Antique Kurdish Tribal Rugs, Fine Persian Silk Hereke Prayer Rug with Gold Thread, Persian Silk Small Collector Rugs, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 7, Great Northwest Estates! Holiday Gifts and Luxuries! TIMED AUCTION

A wonderful selection of Holiday Gift items all being sold with NO RESERVE!

Fine Jewelry and Watches: 10k-14k and 18k Assorted Rings, Diamond Band Rings, .75ct Diamond Solitaire Earring, 14k and 18k Earrings with Jade and Stones, Ladies Cultured Pearl Necklaces, Edwardian and Victorian Gold Jewelry, Alaskan Inuit Jewelry, Lots of Sterling and Marcasite Jewelry, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Bird Brooch, Designer Sterling Jewelry, Men's and Women's Designer Wristwatches including Tissot, Seiko, Skagen, Citizen, Stauer, Christian Dior, Jaeger-LeCoultre, etc. Sterling Silver & Flatware: 153pc Heirloom "Silver Rose" Sterling Flatware, 42pc Towle "Chippendale" Sterling Flatware, 57pc Gorham "Rhapsody" Sterling Flatware, 18pc Reed & Barton "Burgundy" Sterling Flatware, Randahl Hammered Sterling Bowl, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Pedestal Bowl, 57pc Durgin "Fairfax" Sterling Flatware, Georgian and Victorian Assorted Silver, 38pc Towle "Rambler Rose" Sterling Flatware, Gorham Chantilly Sterling Flatware, Collection of Ornate Hanau and German 800 Silver Serving Pieces, etc. Lifetime Collection of Sterling Christmas Ornaments: Including over 100 Designer Sterling Christmas Ornaments by Christopher Radko, Gorham, Reed & Barton, Towle, MoMA, Neiman Marcus, etc. Many are in their original boxes! Lifetime Collection of Lladro Figurines: Over 70 Vintage Lladro Figurines in their original boxes. Includes large and limited edition figures highlighted by "Up Up and Away" Christmas Sleigh, The Nativity Suite, Garden of Dreams, etc. Lifetime Collection of Halcyon Days Boxes: Incredible collection of 180+ limited edition and enameled pill or trinket boxes by Halcyon Days. The majority of them are mint in their original boxes! Also includes a frame by Jay Strongwater and a few jeweled boxes! Rie Munoz Collection & Fine Arts: Lifetime Collection of Signed Rie Munoz Prints all near perfect and never framed! Includes over 100 images! Also a selection of fine artworks and prints from a corporate collection including works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Sunol Alvar, Jurgen Gorg, Doug West, Doug Webb, Paul Stokes, Rachel Illigworth, Joan Webster, Amado Pena, Gary Mauro, Ian de Souza, Bill Colby, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 30, Fine Western and Native Arts - LIVE ONLINE NIGHT AUCTION

Featuring two historic Sam Williams Totem Poles from the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop! Also a Museum Quality collection of Antique Northwest Coast material from a corporate collection!

Northwest Paintings: Sydney Laurence "Cape St. Elias" (Coastal) Oil Painting in Jensen Frame, Jules Dahlager "Evening Glow on Deer Mountain" Oil Painting, Harvey Goodale "Alaskan Cabin" Oil, F. Mason Holmes Large Landscape Oil, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "C.S. Holmes" (Masted Schooner Ship) Oil Painting in Jensen Frame, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Spring Near Fall City" Oil Painting in Jensen Frame, Several Melville Wire Impressionist Landscape Oils, 2pc Alfred Schroff Landscape Paintings, 2pc Eric Jacobsen Large Twilight Oil and Smaller Landscape, 3pc Michael Moran Mountain Scene and Coastal Oil Paintings, Nick Stoq Winter Landscape Oil, 2pc Arne Jensen Northwest Fishing Boat Watercolors, 2pc Harry Bonath "Industrial Scene" Watercolor & Gouache, 2pc Jack Fellows Large and Small Landscape Paintings, Laurence Sisson "Canyon Scene" Oil Painting, etc. Photography & Multiples: Rare Edward Curtis "Chief of the Desert" Signed Platinum Print, Edward Curtis "Signal Fire to the Gods" Goldtone, 2pc Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Platinum Print, Collection of Asahel Curtis & Norman Edson Tinted Photographs, J. Burt Barton "Northwest Triptych" Orotone Photograph, Samualie Keeleemeeoomee Inuit Stonecut Print, Pudlo Pudlat Inuit Stonecut Print, Collection of R.C. Gorman and Francisco Zuniga Lithographs and Etchings, etc. Photography & Multiples: Rare Edward Curtis "Chief of the Desert" Signed Platinum Print, Edward Curtis "Signal Fire to the Gods" Goldtone, 2pc Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Platinum Print, Collection of Asahel Curtis & Norman Edson Tinted Photographs, J. Burt Barton "Northwest Triptych" Orotone Photograph, Samualie Keeleemeeoomee Inuit Stonecut Print, Pudlo Pudlat Inuit Stonecut Print, Collection of R.C. Gorman and Francisco Zuniga Lithographs and Etchings, etc. Western Paintings & Sculpture: David Nordahl "Overlook" (Indians) Oil Painting, David Manuel "Joseph, Untamed Spirit" Indian Bronze Sculpture, Tom Browning "California Coast" Oil, James Boren "Saddle Weary" Large Watercolor, David Mann "Winter Trackers at Sunset" Large Oil, Newman Myrah "Flower Vendor" Oil Painting, etc. Old Native Americana: Historic 10' and 12' Carved & Painted Totem Poles by Sam Williams for the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in 1929, Museum Quality Bella Coola Eagle Hamatsa Mask (Bottom Jaw was Redone by Bill Holm), Old Yupik Painted Seal Shaman's Mask, Old Inuit Alutiiq Painted Spirit Mask, Museum Quality Tlingit Chilkat Blanket by Robert Jamestown, Antique Tlingit Chilkat Blanket 5' (One of the Only Examples Known with an Upside Down Whale), Museum Quality Antique Tsimshian Painted Bentwood Storage Box, Antique Haida Painted Bentwood Storage Box, Antique Northwest Coast Bentwood Storage Box (Repainted), Antique Haida Carved Argillite Raven Spirit Pipe, Several Old Haida Argillite Totem Models, Antique Indian Baskets Tlingit and Northwest Coast, Old Southwest Pottery by Nampeyo & Others, Large Navajo Third Phase Chiefs Blanket, Large Navajo Germantown Blanket, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 30, Great Northwest Native and Northwest Arts - TIMED DAY AUCTION

Native Prints & Photographs: Collection of Antique Edward Curtis Large Size Photogravures Framed, Northwest Coast Serigraphs by Robert Davidson, Duane Pasco, David Boxley, Tony Hunt, Calvin Hunt, Stan Hunt, Barry Herem, Chief Henry Speck, Doug LaFortune, Bill Holm, Bill Reid, etc. Old Inuit Stonecut Prints by Peter Aliknak, Lipa Pisiulak, Caroline Qumaluk, Annie Mikpigak, Juanisialu Irqumia, Helen Kalvak, etc., Collection of Elton Bennett, Walton Butts, and Roger Berghoff Northwest Serigraphs, Collection of NW Tinted Photographs by Asahel Curtis, Norman Edson, J.S. Waters, Darius Kinsey, L.A. Huffman, etc. Collection of Western Prints by Frank McCarthy (Many in Original Folios), Michael Gentry, Bev Doolittle, Amado Pena Jr., R.C. Gorman, etc. Watercolors by Bill McCusker, Kenneth Hurley, Tony Sandoval, Robert Thomas, etc. NW Coast Native Arts: Large Collection of Northwest Coast Carved Masks, Rattles, Paddles, Talking Sticks, Spoons, Plaques, Dolls, Drums, Baskets, etc. Artists include John Lewis, Kelly Moses, Kevin Della, Tom Williams, Floyd James, Sam White, Thomas Parker, Barrie Lawrence, William Jones, Elanson Akin, Carl Simeon, Matt James, Joe Ives, Paul Therrien, Lawrence Sheakley, Larry Smith, Bruce Anthony, Eli Martinez, Dana Marvin Baker, Greg Colfax, C. Wade Greene, Gene Brabant, Roger Charlie, Randy Tait, Lawrence Russo, Emil Thibert, Sean Simeon, Kurt Antone, Ray and Jay Purcell, Micah Vogel (Sallawis), Myron Barns, Glenn Wellman, Kurtis Antone, Peter Ives, Frank Campbell, Phillip Solomon, etc. Modern Art, Ceramics and Design: Torbjorn Afdal for Bruksbo Bench, Marcel Bruer Style Tube Armchair, Pair John Keal Hex Tables, Paolo Soleri Hanging Bell or Chime, Group of Ken Patecky Carved Stone Sculptures including a Sculptural Stone Base Hall Table, Jeff Day Bronzes, Ron Klein Bronze Orb, Denis Klein Small Bronze, Gary Mauro "Tara Reclining" Bronze, Shirley Thomson Smith "Resting" Sculpture, Roger Barry Carved Forest Wood Art Table Box, etc. Collection of Studio Ceramics by Canadian Potter Wayne Ngan, James and Nan McKinnell Pottery, F. Carlton Ball Ceramics, etc. Southwest Native Pots & Art: Collection of Hopi, Santa Clara, and Jemez ceramics by Frog Woman, Emma Lewis, R. Sandia, Mary Small, Stephanie Tafoya, Denise Martinez, James Nampeyo, Bertha Tungovia, Grace Navasie, etc. R.C. Gorman Prints and Ceramic Vase, Steven Chase Large Alabaster Buffalo Fetish, Ethan Deuel Hohokam 2-Pot Ceramic Fountain, Lots of Authentic Pre Columbian and Pre Columbian Style Ceramics, Group of Mexican Painted Wood Decorative Masks, Huichol Beaded Masks, African and Sepik River Carvings, etc. Fossil & Stone Artifact Collection: Large Collection of Stone Adz Heads, Pounders, Tools, Arrowheads and Celts, Large Ammonite and Trilobite Stone Fossils, Shell and Fish Fossils, Dinosaur Fossil Fragment, etc. Guns, Swords & Militaria: Pair of US Historical Society Henry Deringer Pistols in Commemorative Case, Colt 1862 Pocket Police Black Powder Pistol, Pietta Remington Police .36 Cal. Pistol, Antique S&W Break Top Pistol, Antique Pepperbox Pistol, Antique Brass Flare Pistol, Ruger Old Army Cap & Ball Pistol, Antique Trantor 38 Bore Double Action Revolver, US Model 1884 Springfield Percussion Carbine, Antique Jan Burda Prague Percussion Target Rifle, Antique Irish Flintlock Pistol, Italian Torre Model 1883 Bolt Action Rifle, Antique French Officer's Sword and Bayonet, Antique English Cavalry Sword, WWII German Officer's Dagger and Dress Sword, Old Bullet Molds, etc. Antique & Collectibles: Bally 742A Electric Slot Machine on Stand, Silver Mounted Worked Leather Horse Saddle, OId Indian Baskets and Beadwork, Old Glass Fish Net Floats, Old Clarinet and Flute Instruments, Rookwood and Roseville Pottery, Antique AB Beer Vienna Art Trays, Old Costume Jewelry, Lead Toy Soldiers, Dansk Fondue Pot, Persian Illuminated Manuscript Pages, Old Chinese Opera Dolls, Old Chinese Cinnabar Box and Vanity Box, Large English Copper Cooking Pot, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 2, Great Northwest Estates! Asian and Ethnographic Collections! TIMED AUCTION

Featuring Several Lifetime Collections from World Travelers!

Chinese Arts & Furniture: Collection of Ancient Chinese Neolithic Jars, Ming and Song Dynasty Ceramics, Qing and Republic Porcelain and Ceramics, Old Chinese Export Porcelain, Collection of Old Peking Glass Bowls, Old Yixing Teapots and Vases, Chinese Jun and Junyao Ceramics, Chinese Porcelain Lotus Garden Seat, Several Antique Carved Rosewood Stools or Benches, Custom Made Red Ebony Chinese Moon Cabinet, Chinese Rosewood Lighted Display Cabinet, Antique Chinese Export Rosewood European Style Hall Table, Chinese Lacquered Rattan Demilune Console Table, Old Chinese Scroll Paintings, Several Antique Temple Panels and Window Panels, Large Chinese Ancestral Painting, Old Silk Embroidered Hanging Panels, Old Jade and Hardstone Carvings, Carved Jade Tea Bowls, Collection of Tang and Han Tomb Figures, Ancient Han Bronze Spear Tips, Old Chinese Cloisonne Bowls, Old Snuff Bottles, Old Chinese Peking Rugs, etc. Japanese Antiques: Japanese Antiques: Collection of Edo/Meiji Lacquered Zushi Shrines, Ancient Haniwa Ceramic Figure, Pair Edo Wood Foo Dogs, Collection of Gilt Lacquered Wood Standing Guanyins, Carved Stone Jizo Garden Statues, Collection of Japanese Fan and Scroll Paintings, Tales of Genji Paintings, Toshi Yoshida and Other Woodblock Prints, Japanese Mingei Pottery and Chawan Bowls in Tomobakos, Group of Early Imari and Hirado Porcelain, Koransha and Fukugawa Fine Porcelain, 2pc Antique Nebeshima Pedestal Dishes, Japanese Bronze 3-Part Eagle Koro Censer, Japanese Bronze Koro Censers, Old Japanese Tobacco Pouches and Pipe Holders, etc. Tibetan & Southeast Asian Arts: Antique Tibetan Painted Dragon Trunk, Collection of Tibetan Gau Boxes and Buddhist Items, Antique Tibetan Worked Silver Belts, Korean Silla – Goryeo – Joseon Ceramics and Artifacts, Old Nepalese and Tibetan Deity Masks, Collection of Antique Indian Bronze Small Bodhisattvas, Old Betel Boxes and Oil Lamps, Antique Kendi Ewers, Ancient Burmese and Thai Bronze Buddha Head Fragments, etc. Ancient Persian & Egyptian: Group of Ancient Persian and Syrian Ceramics, Ancient Egyptian Faience Scarabs & Figure, Group of Antique Cairo Ware Mixed Metal Objects, Collection of Antique Persian Illuminated Manuscript Pages and Koran Pages, etc. African & Tribal Arts: Collection of Antique Carved Wood Ancestral and Fertility Wood Figures, Dogon and Baule Figures, Carved Wood Masks, Sepik Rivers Carvings, Maori Figure and Hei Tiki Pendants, etc. Other Antiques & Collectibles: Marx Tin Windup Popeye Jigger, Group Vintage Composition – Celluloid – Porcelain Dolls, Fenton Mikado Green Carnival Compote, Meissen Floral Box, Lladro Owl Figure, Joseph Ilg Northwest Coast Native Plaque, Some Small Pieces of NW Art – Charles Krafft, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 26, Fine Chinese Jades, Snuff Bottles, and Objects

Featuring a Lifetime Collection of Snuff Bottles and an Incredible Collection of Qing Pebble Jades purchased in 1976!

Snuff Bottle Collection: Fabulous Assortment of Chinese 18th and 19th century Qing Jade, Cloisonné, Coral, Turquoise, Agate, Quartz, Peking Glass, Cut Overlay Peking Glass, and Porcelain Snuff Bottles, etc. Jade Collection: Featuring a Hoard of (408) Chinese Qing Pebble Jade Carvings found in their Original Crates from 1976 (Each has Original COA from Hong Kong Merchants Assoc.), Various Jade Pendants, Figural Brush Washers, Archaic Jade Censers, Jade Brush Pots, Bi Discs on Stands, Jewelry and Toggles, etc. Asian Porcelain & Ceramics: Chinese Qing and Republic Porcelain, Some Chinese Ming Ceramics, Japanese Satsuma and Cloisonne, Korean Joseon and Goryeo Ceramics, Large Decorative Porcelain Vases, etc. Asian Objects & Antiquities: Collection of Chinese Silk Embroidery including Two Imperial Court Dragon Robes, Mandarin Robes, Embroidered Skirts and Panels, etc. Collection of Japanese Shakudo Sword Fittings, Tsubas, Inros and Netsuke. Early Japanese Noh Masks, Southeast Asian antiques including Tibetan gau boxes and amulets, Seated Thai Buddhas, Tibetan Gilt 18th Cent. Seated Tara, Indian Ancient Stone Fragments and Buddha Heads, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 5, Northwest Artworks & The MP Art Collection! TIMED AUCTION

Featuring three private collections of Northwest and Modern Artworks. Also one of the last large selections of NW art and print work from the estate collection of Portland Art Gallerist, Michael Parsons.

Modern Art & Prints: Collection of Alexander Calder Color Lithographs, Salvador Dali "Awakening" Signed Litho., Roy Lichtenstein Signed Seattle Art Museum Screenprint Poster, 3pc Johny Friedlaender Abstract S/N Etchings (Plasteel Framed), LeRoy Neiman "Slalom Skiier" Silkscreen, Several Graciela Rodeo Boulanger S/N Aquatint Etchings, 3pc Shag (Josh Agle) Signed Serigraphs, etc. Northwest Art & Print: Rare Collection of Myra Albert Wiggins Paintings, Photography, and Early Student Work (including her actual cameras). Rare Collection of Bue Kee Early Ceramics, Sketch Books, and Small Paintings. Rare Group of Edward and Howard Sewall Early Drawings, Watercolors, and Oil Paintings. Wonderful Collection of Lisel Salzer Enamels, Drawings, Paintings, and Print Folios (from former caretaker). Collection of William Cumming Figure Tempera Small Paintings and Marker Drawings. Large Group of Tom Cramer Carved and Painted Wood Abstract Plaques, Chests, and Small Boxes. Paintings by Jacob Elshin, Walter Isaacs, Al Pearson, Claude McGraw, Marie Louise Feldenheimer, Don Berry, Robert Galaher, Rene Rickabaugh, Amanda Snyder, Paul Missal, John Rock, Hank Kowart (Prints and Watercolors), Eunice Jensen Parsons, Nelson Sandgren, Byron Gardner, Richard Muller, David McCosh, Fay and Robert Jones, Mark Tobey, Liza Jones, Hans Burkhardt, Charles Heaney, Drake Deknatel, Beth Van Hoesen, Melville Wire, Henry Wentz, George Stimmel, Alfred Schroff, Lance Wood Hart, Jack McLarty, Betty Chilstrom, Louis Bunce, Paul Green, Charles Reynolds, Milton Wilson, Mirra Meyer, Charles Smith, Todd Ross, Anna Fidler, James Boulton, Leonard Baskin, James McGarrell, Elton Bennett, Art Hansen, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Collection of Rare Bue Kee Early Ceramics, Jerry Glenn Pottery, George Cummings and Craig Martell Pottery Vases, F. Carlton Ball Large Stoneware Bowl, Constance Jarvis Early Stoneware Chalice Form (Voulkos Influence), Esther Beasley 1950's Studio Pottery Bowl with Figures, Southwest Native Pottery, John De Wit Painted Glass Vase, Murano Glass Black Urn with Face Rosettes, Jens Quistgaard for Dansk Teak Serving Bowl & Bucket, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 28, Modernism: Art and Object

Featuring an important original abstraction by Japanese modernist, Atsuko Tanaka. Synthetic polymer on canvas from 1959, measuring 64"x51". Tanaka was a member of the Gutai Art Association, an Avant Garde art group in Japan 1955-65. Her work can be found in some of the most important Modern Art Museums across the globe including the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Also featuring a selection of paintings from the Michael Parsons collection.

Modern Art: Atsuko Tanaka "Untitled" (Gutai Period) 1959 Synthetic Polymer on Canvas 64"x51" with Full Provenance, 2pc Jonas Wood Abstracted Self Portrait Drawings (Acquired Directly from Artist, Post MFA Degree at University of Washington), Gyorgy Kepes "Untitled" (Abstraction) Oil on Paper, Bill Barrett Abstract Aluminum Table Sculpture, Several James Leong Abstract Oil Paintings (Drip and Hard Edge), Forrest Moses Abstract Southwest Landscape Oil, Jack Shadbolt "Abstract with Birds" 1950's Mixed Media, Robert Wilbert "Shoe with Apples" Still Life Oil, etc. Northwest Modernism: Morris Graves "Summer Bouquet" Mixed Media (Former Collection of Charles Krafft), Morris Graves "Squirrel Vessel" Graphite (Former Collection of Charles Krafft), ction of Charles Krafft), Morris Graves "Squirrel Vessel" Graphite (Former Collection of Charles Krafft), Morris Graves "Houseplant" Tempera, Mark Tobey "Transcendence" 1961 Tempera, Mark Tobey "Self Portrait" 1926 Pastel, James Fitzgerald "Plant of Thorns" 1952 Oil, Richard Gilkey "Skagit Landscape" 1950's Oil, Richard Gilkey "Skagit Valley Bridge" Large Oil, Richard Gilkey "Poppies" Still Life Oil, Leo Kenney "The Dreaming Akhenaton" Wax Pastel (Exhibited), Leo Kenney "Dreaming Form" (Double-Sided) Gouache, Paul Havas "Skagit Painting" Oil, Alden Mason "Why are you Blue?" Burpee Garden Small Oil, Frank Okada "Oka" Abstract Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Flux" 1972 Tempera on Board, Louis Bunce "Shrine" 1966 Mixed Media Artwork, Kenneth Callahan "Group" Tempera, Kenneth Callahan "Universal Voyage" Tempera, Kenneth Callahan "Dog" and "Spiders" Inks on Paper, Several Susan Bennerstrom Interior Abstract Paintings, 2pc Emily Hall Morse Abstract Large Collages (Horiuchi Influence), William Ingham Abstract Oil, Gregory Grenon "Girl's Night Out" Oil, Dale Chihuly "Venetian" Painting, Neil Meitzler "Blooming Vessel" (Homage to Leo Kenney) Casein, Virginia Banks "Egg Hatching" Gouache (Leo Kenney Influence), Fay Chong "Autumn Trees" Large Watercolor, Jacob Elshin "Northwest Mill" WPA Era Oil, Kathleen Gemberling Small Organic Abstract Oil, Ray Hill Landscape Watercolor, 3pc Helmi Juvonen Native Tempera Paintings, Wendell Brazeau "Table of Chalices" Gouache, Boyer Gonzalez Abstract Oil, Pehr Halston "Carnival" Large Tempera, 2pc Wes Wehr Small Landscape Paintings, 3pc Julius Twohy Drawings, Glen Alps "The Three Graces" 1952 Oil, Charles Heaney Skeletal Bird Oil, Early Charles Heaney Abstract Gouache, Several Byron Gardner Large Abstract Oils, Several Hank Kowart Abstract Oils and Watercolors, Jack McLarty Abstract Oil Paintings, Rene Rickabaugh Watercolor, Harry Widman Abstract Oils, Robert Coghill Abstract Oils, Lee Kelly Abstract Oil 1950's, Linda Thorsnes Oil Paintings and Sculpture, Michael Knutson Large Colorful Abstraction Oil, Royal Nebecker Vase of Flowers Abstract Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: Pablo Picasso "Bouquet de Fleurs" Signed Color Lithograph, Miro "Soleil Ebouillante" Large S/N Etching, Josef Albers "Homage to the Square" S/N Serigraph, Gene Davis "Yankee Doodle" Large S/N Serigraph, Marc Chagall "Moses Blessing Over Joshua" Etching with Watecolor, 3pc Salvador Dali "The Resurrection" Signed Lithographs, Krishna Reddy Abstract Color Etching, Akio Takamori "Night" 1996 Color Lithograph, 2pc Darren Waterstrom Monotype Prints, Mark Tobey "High Tide" S/N Color Lithograph, Mark Tobey "Trio" S/N Lithograph, Mark Tobey S/N Louvre Lithograph, Mark Tobey "Stained Glass" Color Lithograph, Mark Tobey "Urban Revival" Signed Lithograph, Early Fay Chong and George Tsutakawa Linocuts, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Akio Takamori "Spilling Over" (Head) Large Envelope Vessel, Kensuke Yamada "Piggy Back" (Children) Large Ceramic Sculpture, Sonja Blomdahl Large Incalmo Vessel, Dale Chihuly Blue Ikebana Glass, Dale Chihuly Cinnamon Macchia Basket, Dale Chihuly 2pc Blue Basket Set, Dale Chihuly Peach Glass Basket, Dale Chihuly "Black Sparkle Seaform" 1992 Glass, Gertrude & Otto Natzler Blue Chalice Form, Bernard Leach St. Ives Studio Pottery Bottle Vase, Constance Jarvis Early Chalice Form (Voulkos Inspired), etc. 20th Cent. Design: Museum Quality and Exceptional Leroy Setziol 7.5' Carved Grid Panel with Stained Glass Inserts, Evert Sodergren Small Tansu Chest, Evert Sodergren Walnut Burl Game Table, Evert Sodergren "100 Years of Wood" Round Coffee Table, 2pc Gerald Thurston Tripod Floor and Table Lamps, etc.   See photos, Press Release, and auction results.


Thursday September 7, Lifetime Coin Collection, Fine Jewelry, Silver & Luxuries! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Watches: Dan Frere 14k Diamond Floral Brooch, 14k Bird on Branch Figural Brooch, Modernist 14k Leaf Brooch, Assortment of Ladies Vintage 14k and 18k Rings, 14k Herring Bone Necklaces, Real Pearl 14k Necklaces, 14k Antique Stick Pins, Antique Gold Nugget Crescent Brooch, Victorian 14k Niello Slide Watch Chain, Antique 18k Swiss Pocket Watch, Hamilton 14k Art Deco Pocket Watch, Hamilton 992B Railroad Pocket Watch, Ladies 18k Solid Band Vintage Omega Wristwatch, Deco Platinum & Diamond Ladies Wristwatch Case, etc. Fine Silver and Virtue: Antique Durgin "Daughin" Sterling Serving Spoon, Set of Early Gorham Medallion Spoons & Forks, Towle Black Starr & Frost Sterling Pierced Tray, 3pc Gorham "Plymouth" Sterling Teaset, Gorham "Chippendale" Solid Sterling Covered Vegetable Server and Round Platter, Gorham Solid Sterling Covered Vegetable Server, Reed & Barton Sterling Bowls and Trays, International "Prelude" Sterling Tray, American Sterling Goblets and Shakers, Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Set Westmoreland Sterling Flatware, Deco Sterling Cigarette Case, etc. Lifetime Coin Collection: Rare 1880/79 Carson City Morgan Dollar ANACS MS63, Rare 1880 Carson City Morgan Dollar 8/Low 7 PCGS MS63, 1890 Carson City Morgan Dollar NGC MS63, 8pc Carson City Morgan Dollars GSA Cased, Collection of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars (Some BU), US 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent, Assorted US Silver Seated Liberty, Walking Liberty, Benjamin Franklin, and Kennedy Silver Half Dollars, US Mercury and Roosevelt Silver Dimes, Buffalo Head and Franklin Nickels and Blue Books, Large Collection of US Pennies and Blue Books Full, Large Collection of Uncirculated and Mint Sets in Boxes, US 90% Commemorative Halves and Gold Coins, US 19th Century Confederate Currency and Over-Sized Notes, etc. Fine Porcelain, Crystal & Dinnerware: Pair Antique Sevres Gilt Cobalt Small Urns, Set Orrefors Blue Tear Drop Crystal Stemware, 2pc Rosenthal Studio Line Large Porcelain Vases, John DeWitt Cultus Bay Studio Glass Bowl, Aarom Mitchell "Transpass 1999 Carats" Sculpture, Large Set of Baccarat "Narcisse" Modernist Crystal Stemware, Set Baccarat "Rotary" Crystal Old Fashioned Glasses, Set Baccarat "Harmony" Crystal Vases, Baccarat Crystal Vases and Decanters, 5pc Baccarat Crystal Cube and Turtle Paperweights, Set Waterford Crystal Sherbets and Marquis Wine Flutes, Set Bohemian Cobalt Cut to Clear Stemware, Large Set of Etched Colored Glass Stemware, Set Painted Floral Glass Stemware, Set Lenox Gold Rim Glass Stemware, Set Charter Club Botanical China, Set Wedgwood "Napoleon Ivey" Dinnerware, Set Lenox "Fruits of Life" Dinnerware, Set Royal Worcester "Holly Ribbons" Christmas Dinnerware, Set Lenox "Autumn" Dinnerware, Set Williams Sonoma Rooster Script Dishes, Set Westbury Court "Lyrical Blooms" Dinnerware, Set MPD Gold Buffet Royal Gallery Dinnerware, Set Royal Bone China "Extreme Platinum" Dinnerware Set Sur la Table Egg Plates, Sets of Portuguese Green Majolica Leaf Plates and Dinnerware, etc. Fine Arts, Antiques, & Design: Antique De Laval Cream Separator Tin Fronted Cabinet, 2pc Antique Oak Spool Cabinets, Pair French Ormolu Mounted Marble Urns, 3pc Franklin Mint Pewter Western Sculptures, Kitty Cantrell "Journey" Lucite Eagle S/N Sculpture, Michel Delacroix S/N Lithograph, Clay Huffman "Electrio Freeze" S/N Serigraph, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday August 24, The Michael Parsons Art Collection: SESSION 4! TIMED AUCTION

Northwest Artworks: Original artworks and multiples by Melville Wire, Henry Wentz, Bue Kee, William Givler, Amandy Snyder, LaVerne Krause, Jack McLarty, Charles Heaney, Anne Kutka McCosh, Byron Gardner, Shanna Cumming Wheeler, Rockwell Carey, Let Kennedy, John Bellator, Gordon Gilkey, George Stimmel, Kurt Hagerman, Char Fitzpatrick, Eunice Jensen Parsons, Hank Kowert, Jeanne Moment, Paul Missal, John Rock, Howard Sewall, Liza Jones, Milton Wilson, Al Monner, Craig Pozzi, Don Wilson, Roy Chilstrom, Neil Meitzler, Myra Wiggins, Mirra Meyer, etc. American & European Prints: Collection of AAA (American Associated Artists) Signed Prints and Multiples by Adolf Dehn, Joseph Margulies, Ethel Magafan, Joseph Hirsch, Gordon Grant, Sam Thal, Luigi Lucioni, William R. Locke, William Gropper, John Constigan, Lucile Blanch, Josie Eresch, William Sharp, Robert von Neumann, James Kearns, Gabor Peterdi, etc. European etchings by Stewart Robinson, Eugene Delacroix, Horatio Poole, James Nicoll, Hendrik Van Elton, Charles Volkmar, James Calahan, Stephen de Hospodar, William Wilke, Francis Scott King, John Austin Monks, Henry Farrer, William Henry Shelton, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday August 17, Great Northwest Estates! Asian, Silver, Jewelry, and Western! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry & Silver: Emerald & Diamond Spray 14k Ring with Appraisal, .63ct Marquis Diamond 14k Ring with Appraisal, Several 14k Diamond Vintage Rings, Men's 14k Opal Ring, Ladies 14k Moonstone & Diamond Ring, Vintage Longines 14k Men's Solid Band Wristwatch with Box, Antique 18k Swiss Enameled Pocket Watch, Antique Pocket Watches and Chains, Victorian and Deco Jewelry, Collection of Chinese Hardstone Bead Necklaces, Lapis, Quartz, Coral, Jade, Carnelian, etc. 3pc International "Wedgwood" Sterling Tea Service, 4pc English Victorian Sterling Tea Service, 4pc Gorham Sterling Tea Service, Set International "Royal Danish" Sterling Flatware, Set Reed & Barton "Francis First" Ornate Sterling Flatware, Set Gorham Modernist Sterling Flatware, Antique Gorham Sterling Spoon and Fork Sets, Antique Sterling Holloware and Flatware Sets, etc. Asian Antiques and Ethnographic: Group of 18th and 19th Century Qing Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, Pair of Gu Beaker Vases, Foliate Rim Kangxi Dish, Japanese 18th Cent. Kraak Charger, Japanese 19th Cent. Deep Imari Charger, Group of Chinese Song Dynasty Ceramics, Japanese Meiji Satsuma, Set Tatsuzo Shimaoka Rope Impressed Pottery Plates, Chinese Shiwan Pillow Vase, 2pc Chinese Republic Lotus Teapots, Antique Chinese Gilt Carved and Lacquered 4-Panel Screen, Chinese Cloisonne o n Wood Horse Model, Chinese Rosewood Display Stands, Chinese Hardwood Carved Deities, Antique Japanese Fish Store Sign, Chinese Silk Robes, Several Japanese Silk Obis, Japanese Fine Silk Bolts of Fabric, Japanese Embroidered Flags with Mon, Antique Chinese Gilt Lacquered Pierced Wood 4-Panel Room Screen, Large Qing Chinese Temple Panels, Old Chinese Lacquered Rice Bins, Collection of Japanese Samurai Jingasa Hats, Antique Japanese Kettle Hook, Old Japanese Double Gourd Ikebana Basket, Old Sepik River Canoe Masts, Old Maori Wedding Skirt, Old Hawaiian Tapa Cloth, etc. Fine Art and Prints: Marko Mavrovich "Rocking Big Sur" (Coastal Scene) Oil Painting, 2pc Marko Mavrovich S/N Impressionist Giclees, 3pc Matt Beyrer S/N Caldograph Hawaii Beach Scenes, 4pc David Najar Original Paintings and Lithographs, Several Jonathan Knowlton Original Watercolors and Paintings, 2pc Vintage Salvador Dali Etchings, Vintage Marc Chagall Color Lithograph, fRaphael Soyer Nude Lithograph, Jule Kullberg Mount Rainier Watercolor, 3pc P.K. Nicholson Landscape and Floral Oils, 2pc Elton Bennett Silkscreens, Hulan Fleming Large Coastal Oil Painting, 2pc Bev Doolittle Ornately Framed Large S/N Prints, Antique Three Sisters Mountain Oil Painting, Darius Kinsey Loggers Photograph, Collection of Vintage Japanese Woodblock Prints, 2pc Fumio Fujita Modernist Woodblocks, Haku Maki Large MOD Woodblock Print, Ryohei Tanaka S/N Etching, etc. Fine Porcelain, Glass & Pottery: Royal Crown Derby Hot Chocolate Set, Herend Porcelain Cache Pot, Nippon Moriage Gilt Handled Vase, Set Antique Flow Blue Imari Dinnerware, Set Baccarat Nancy Crystal Stemware, Waterford Cut Crystal Decanters, Edinburgh Cut Crystal Snifters, Antique Mettlach Loving Cup, Vintage California Pottery, Fulper Pottery Bowl, Bauer Mixing Bowls, Wedgwood Jasperware, Royal Winton Chintz Wares, Ralph & Lorene Spencer Compote, John Fassbinder Vase with Handles, Rollin Karg Large Dichroic Glass Orb, Eric Brakken Glass Sculpture, Studio Glass Vases, Old Pattern Glass Pickle Castors, Collection of Antique Porcelain Oyster Plates, etc. Native, Western & Guns: Glock 22 Austria .40SW Semi Auto Pistol, Ruger .22LR Mark II Target Pistol with Case, Old Alaskan Inuit Scrimshaw, Inuit Carved Bone Seal Hunter Large Sculpture, Group Alaskan Beaded Gauntlet Gloves and Purses, Carved Northwest Coast Cedar Raven Spoon, Northwest Coast Carved Cedar Thunderbird Panel, Several NW Coast S/N Serigraphs, Shari Sander Bronze Geese Sculpture, A. Beil Bronze Bear Sculpture, Bev Doolittle S/N Western Prints, Original Western Artworks and Drawings, etc. Antiques and Collectibles: Antique Maripol Swiss 8.5" Disc Music Box Player with Extra Discs, English Georgian Chest on Chest Dresser, Georgian Single Board Dining Table with Leaves, Italian Gilt Carved Hanging Mirror with Ornaments, Antique Marble Top Iron Kitchen Table, Vintage Walnut Standing Jewelry Cabinet, Antique Wicker Sewing Basket, Victorian Needlework Adjustable Fire Screen, 3pc Antique Pyrographic Stools, Collection of Old Linens and Lacework, Vintage Clothing, 3pc Vintage Wood Snow Shoes, Antique Stained Leaded Glass Hanging Light Fixture, Antique Candlestick Phones, Old Clocks, Vintage Mannequin, Old Copper Cookware, Old Oriental Rugs and Mats, Collection of Russian Lacquered Fairytale Boxes, Mid Century Hanging Polish Weavings, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday July 27, Great Northwest Estates! Antiques, Fine Art, Mid Century Design, Chinese & Asian, Jewelry & More! TIMED AUCTION

Mid Century Furniture & Design: George Nelson Omni 3 Section Wall System, Arnt Lande for Stokke Teak Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Prade Teak Lounge Chair, Pair Westnofa Siesta Lounge Chairs, Pair Laurel Brass & Teak Mushroom Floor Lamps, Danish Teak & Rosewood End Tables, Danish Teak 4 Drawer Chest, Time Life Herman Miller Leather & Aluminum Lounge Chair, Bruksbo Teak Magazine Rack, Sonneman Brass Floor Lamp, Howard Miller Weather Station, Raymond Loehy Black/White Fine China, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, etc. Fine Jewelry, Watches & Silver: 14K & 18K Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces & Chains, Diamond Rings, Stick Pins, Coins, Wrist & Pocket Watches, Pearls, Jade, 90+ pc Towle "Contour" Flatware, Sterling Tea & Coffee Sets, Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Charm Bracelets, Large Cameo Pins, Mother of Pearl Opera Glasses, etc. Fine Porcelain & Crystal:Belleek Rose & Sunflower Basket, Meissen Charger & Cabinet Plates, Baccarat Rose Tiente Crystal Bottle & Serving Pieces, Large Collection of Royal Doulton Toby Mugs, Paperweights, etc. Asian Arts: Antique Carved Rosewood Bamboo Style Display Cabinet, Chinese Red Lacquer Wedding Chest, Lg Bronze Seated Budda, Japanese Tonsu Chest, Chinese Bronze Seated Figures, Chinese Robes, Textiles, Hats, Hmong Miao Textiles, Cloisonne, Cinnabar, Scroll Paintings, Carved Lapis, Temple Carvings, Yixing Teapots, Copper Hibachi, Pr Horseshoe Chairs, Makeup Box, Alter Table, Pr Chinese Republic Bird Plaques, etc. Fine Art: Danny Mays, Dennis Ramsay, Paul Horiuchi Lithograph, Vintage Snoqualmie Falls Photo in Piecrust Frame, Chagall, Itzchak Tarkay Serigraphs, Bev Doolittle, Royal Copenhagen Bronze Skier by G Kelsey, Louis Icart, Charles Wysocki, Jess Cauthorn, Luigi Kasimir, Stephen Lyman, etc. Antique Furnishings, etc.: 18th Century Inlaid English Sheraton Sideboard, 18th Century English Sheraton Mahogany 3 Pedestal Extension Dining Table, Set of 6 18th Century Sheraton Mahogany Dining Chairs, Pr Britannia Mantel Figures, Bronze Relief Plaque, etc. Native Arts: Sam Williams Thunderbird Totem Pole, Inuit Scrimshaw Carvings & Tusks, Navajo Rugs, Pr Carved Wood Haida Figures, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, etc. Oriental Rugs: Room Size Sarouks, Bokara Room Size & Runner, Scatter Rugs, Mongolian Skeleton Rug, Mongolian Rugs, Kilims, Asmalyk, etc. Items of Interest: Pr 1930's Steiff Mickey & Minnie Mouse Felt Dolls, Vintage Metropolitan Police Bobby Helmet, UW Collectibles including Coats, Hats, Scarves, Models, Signs, Russian Icons, Antique Pewter Stein, Large Victorian Silver Samovar/Server, Signed Wayne Gretzky Oilers Jersey & Hockey Stick, Vintage Duck Telephone, B&O Turntable, NW Coast Hamatsa Mask, Vintage Beaded 1920's Bags, Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Jointed Teddy Bear, Decoys, fAntique Morocan Mukahla Musket, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday July 13, The Michael Parsons Art Collection: SESSION 3! TIMED AUCTION

Northwest Artworks: Original artworks and multiples by Amanda Snyder, Jack McLarty, Milton Wilson, Louis Bunce, George Johanson, Arthur Runquist, Byron Gardner, Charles Heaney, William Ivey, Sally Cleveland, Thomas Prochaska, Albert Patecky, Eric Jacobsen, Howard Sewall, Tom Cramer, Liza Jones, Melville Wire, Clara Jane Stephens, Robert Hanson, Paul Dahlquist, Sherrie Wolf, Eric Stotik, Gwen Davidson, Michael Knutson, Royal Nebecker, Alfred Schroff, Hank Kowart, Myra Wiggins, Edward Quigley, Rockwell Carey, Anthony Euwer, LaVerne Krause, William Givler, Bernard Geiser, Jefferson Tester, Jay Steensma, Marilyn Bergstrom, James Miller, Michael Morano, Paul Green, Josephine Hayne, John Trullinger, Robert Gilpin, Eunice Parsons, Kevin Kadar, Bue Kee, George Plowman, Henry Wentz, Myra Helm, Kay Buckner, C. Young, Elizabeth Waranik, Mary Morphey, Elton Bennett, etc. American & European Prints: Collection of AAA (American Associated Artists) Signed Prints and Multiples by Lionel Barrymore, Lynd Ward, Stow Wengenroth, Joseph Hirsch, Gordon Grant, William MacLean, William Gropper, Charles Surendorf, Sidney Bell, James Whistler, Pierre Bonnard, Jacques Villon, After Renoir and Rembrandt, Childe Hassam, Stuart Davis, Philip Plaistridge, Lester Hornby, Frank Brangwyn, Frederic Taubes, Josef Karusz, Beth Van Hoesen, Leta Kennedy, Raphael Soyer, Moses Soyer, Elizabeth Dunlap, J. Alden Weir, Caroline Armington, Kaoru Saito Japanese Mezzotints, etc. Antique Art, Frames & Photos: Antique Oregon, Northwest, and Alaskan Photos, Modern Art Photography, Group of Antique and Victorian Painting Frames, Antique European Paintings and Portraiture, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday June 22, Fine Northwest Arts, Jewels, and Luxuries!

Fine Jewelry & Silver: Tiffany & Co. Art Deco Cornflower Blue Sapphire (50+ Carats) and Diamond Custom Bracelet, Ladies 14k Art Deco Aquamarine & Diamond Ring, Ladies 14k Art Deco Aquamarine & Diamond Bar Pin, 18k Modernist Bib Necklace with Large Citrine Stone, Several 14k Vintage Charm Bracelets, Ladies 1.94ct Diamond Solitaire Ring (Color H, SI-1), Men's 1.6ct Diamond Solitaire Ring, Ladies 1.6ct Diamond and Sapphire Ring, Ladies Ruby Solitaire and Diamond Ring, 14k and 18k Large Semi Precious Stone Rings, Antique 14k Intaglio Rings, 14k Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Bracelet, 14k Diamond and Turquoise Wreath Brooch, 3pc Claude Lallane Vermeil Silver and Gilt Bronze Limited Edition Art Jewelry, 4pc David Yurman 18k Diamond Jewelry Suite, etc. Antique Tiffany & Co. Floral Repousse Sterling Box, Antique Kalo Workshop Hammered Sterling Round Tray, Antique Chinese Wang Hing Export Sterling Pierced Dragon Bowl, Antique Chinese Floral Sterling Presentation Vase, Durham American Sterling 6pc Tea Service with Tray, Mexican Floral Repousse 6pc Sterling Tea Service with Tray, Antique Ornate English Sterling Wager Cup, Antique Gorham Sterling Chippendale Pitcher, Antique Watson Sterling Pitcher, Antique Set of Alvin "Orange Blossom" Sterling Flatware, etc. Fine Wristwatches: Vintage Patek Philippe Solid 18k White Gold Band Dress Wristwatch, Vintage 1974 Tudor Submariner Wristwatch with Original Box, Vintage Rolex Cellini 18k Wristwatch, Audemars Piguet 14k Men's Wristwatch with Box, 18k Girard Perragaux Lapis Dial Wristwatch, Men's 18k Tiffany & Co. Dress Wristwatch, Unisex Tiffany & Co. 18k "East and West" Dress Wristwatch (Purchased 2019 with Box/Papers), Deco Tiffany & Co. Black Alligator Leather Handbag with 18k Ends, etc. Fine and NW Modern Art: Museum Quality Paul Horiuchi "Religious Heritage" 1962 Casein Collage 53"x42", 3pc Paul Horiuchi Casein Collages and Watercolor, Z.Z. Wei "Golden Poplars" Oil Painting 36"x48", ZZ Wei "Touring" (Bike Rider) Oil Painting 48"x36", ZZ Wei "Red Car Shadows" Oil Painting 36"x36", 3pc Pierce Milholland "Tulip Pickers" Oil Paintings, Richard MacDonald (CA) "African Woman" 2004 Oil on Paper, Shuqiao Zhou (Chinese) "A Ride Through Town" Oil Painting, Edouard Cortes "Parisian Street Scene" Oil Painting 13"x18", Federico Zandomeneghi "The Aristocrat" Portrait Oil on Panel, Henry Pember Smith "Venetian Canal Scene" Oil Painting, Foster Robson "Midsummer Night's Dream" Watercolor and Gouache, Raphael Soyer "Little Girl Portrait" Oil, Moses Soyer "Seated Nude" Oil Painting, Francois Andre Clemencin "Celui Qui Fut Pris" Bronze Sculpture, etc. Arts & Crafts + Native: Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Orotone 8"x10", Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Platinum Print 11"x14", Francis Gearhart (CA) "Crest Line" Woodcut, Francis Gearhart "Untroubled Waters" Woodcut, Antique Tlingit Indian Basket, Antique The Kalo Workshop Hammered Sterling Round Tray, 2pc Rookwood Ed Diers Chrysanthemum Standard Glaze Vases, Galle Cameo Glass Cabinet Vase, etc. History & Antiques: Antique Selmar Eggers Brass Harpoon Gun, Antique American 13 Star Hand Stitched Flag, Civil War Officer's Uniform, Antique Hawaiian Photo Album, Antique European Needlework Map on Silk, Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, etc. Oriental Rugs: Antique Heriz Room Size Oriental Rug, Antique Feraghan Sarouk Oriental Rug 5x7', Antique Shiraz Oriental Rug, Antique Turkoman Tekke Oriental Rug, Group Antique Turkish Kilims, Antique Afshar Oriental Rug, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday June 1, Great Northwest Estates! Antiques, Art and Design, Asian, Toys and Trains! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Watches, and Silver: Ladies .65ct Diamond Solitaire Ring with Appraisal, 14k Diamond and Ruby Cluster Ring, Ladies 10k Diamond and Sapphire Pierced Setting Ring, 14k Diamond and Pearl Brooch, Men's 14k Lapis Cabochon Rings, 14k and 10k Men's Deco Citrine Rings, 14k Opal Cabochon and Diamond Pendant, 14k Diamond Cluster Ring, Antique 18k Swiss Pocket Watch, 2pc Antique Elgin Pocket Watches, 22k Gold Deco Watch Chain, Collection of Vintage Men's and Women's Wristwatches including LeCoultre, Longines, Gruen, Benrus, etc. (Many have 14k Cases), Antique English Sterling Pocket Watches, Victorian Silver Creamers and Bowls, English Sterling Shaker Sets, Gorham Sterling Tray, Large Collection of Wedgwood Sterling Compotes and Tazzas, Lots of Heavy Sterling Trays and Bowls, Set of Grecian Key Sterling Flatware, etc. Fine Porcelain and Crystal: Large Set of Herend Fine Floral Porcelain, Antique Meissen Floral Porcelain Charger, Antique Gilt Meissen Cabinet Plates, Antique French Old Paris Porcelain Demi C/S, Set Royal Crown Derby Imari Plates, Collection of Antique Royal Copenhagen Girl Figurines, Collection of Bjorn Wiinblad Ceramic Figures and Candelabras, Collection of Waterford Crystal Stemware, etc. Mid Century Furniture & Design: Ib Kofod Larsen for Faarup Mobelfabrik Danish Teak Console Table with Two Drawers, Niels Koefoed for Koefoeds Mobelfabrik "Lars" Teak Lounge Chair, Mid Century Gate-Leg Oval Kitchen Table, Group 1970's Blenko Crackle Glass, David Shaner Studio Pottery Teapot, Northwest Studio Pottery, Mika McCann Fiber Art Twig Basket, 2pc Curtis Jere Brass Wall Sculptures, etc. Asian Arts: 2 Pairs Chinese Qing Rosewood Horseshoe Chairs, Antique Korean Lacquered Double Happiness Chest, Small Koromandel Cabinet, Old Chinese Ceramics and Porcelain, 3pc Chinese Russet Splash Cizhou Bowls, Large Sancai Decorated Handled Bowl, Chinese Cinnabar and Cloisonne Vases, Old Japanese Imari and Kutani Wares, Antique Chinese Rose Canton Vase and Jar, Chinese 18th Cent. Export Porcelain, Antique Chinese Cricket and Bird Cages, Pair Antique Chinese Bronze Dragon Vases, etc. Fine Art and Antiques: 3 Fred Oldfield Western Oils, 2 Elton Bennett Silkscreens, Georgian English Inlaid Mahogany Server, Set of Vintage Carved Walnut Claw Foot Nesting Tables, Antique Wrought Iron Spanish Style Small Bench, Collection of Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints, Antique Framed Photos and Paintings, Collection of Antique Postcards (Many Real Photo), Old Turkish Kilim Rug, Old Mali Fulani Wedding Blanket, etc. Old Toys, Trains, and Collectibles: Collection of Pre War Hornby Trains in Boxes, 1920's Lionel Pre War Train Set in Box, Collection of Vintage Disney and Character Marionettes, Antique Cast Iron Still and Mechanical Banks, Old Schuco Windup Mohair Monkey, Antique Mohair Jointed Teddy Bear, Barbie Christmas Dolls in Boxes, 90210 Character Dolls in Boxes, Collection of Vintage and Antique Pocket Knives, Boy Scouts, English and Advertising, WWI and WWII Sheath Knives and Bayonets, Vintage Parasol Collection, Vintage Nikon 35mm Camera, Canon AE-1 Camera with Lens, Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Collection of Old Political Pinback Buttons, Antique Fireman's Badge No.1 and Pinback Buttons, Old Advertising Hand Mirrors, Antique Nautical Brass Collection, Old Telescopes and Compasses, Antique Fishing Creels, 2pc Seattle World's Fair NOS Flags, Vintage and Antique Clothing, Vintage Costume Jewelry, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 18, Fine Prints, Multiples and Works on Paper

Modern Prints: Andy Warhol "Mick Jagger" (F&S II.141) 1975 Screenprint on Arches Paper, Andy Warhol "Ladies and Gentlemen" (F&S II.135) 1975 Screenpring on Arches, Richard Diebenkorn "Woman Seated on Sofa" 1965 Lithograph, Marc Chagall "Le Cheval et l'Ane" Signed Etching, Rare Salvador Dali "Divine Comedy" Print Suite in 3 Volumes, Salvador Dali "Leda and the Swan" (Mythologie Suite) 1964 Aquatint Etching, "La Pieta Nera" Lithograph, Dali "Sommeil Innocente" Aquatint Etching, Dali "Le Chateau d'Otrante" Etching, Dali "Narcissus Telephonans Inondis" Drypoint Etching, 3pc Peter Milton Surrealist Signed Etchings, 2pc LeRoy Neiman Serigraphs, Peter Max "Prince Caspian of Narnia" Color Lithograph, Karel Appel "T.V. Blues" 1975 Color Lithograph, Thomas Hart Benton "Wreck of the Old 97" Signed AAA Lithograph, Thomas Hart Benton "Arkansas Evening" Signed Lithograph, Georges Braque "Nature Morte a la Pipe" Signed Etching with Aquatint, Henri Matisse "Teeny" 1938 Linocut, After Ferdinand Leger "The Acrobats" Museum Lithograph, Chaim Gross "Mother and Child" Bronze Sculpture, Edna Heibel Original "Father and Daughter" Painting, Young Woo Kwon (Korean) "Orb" Ripped Korean Paper Artwork, etc. Northwest Art: Mark Tobey "Stained Glass" Color Lithograph, Mark Tobey "They've Come Back" Lithograph on Nacre, Collection of Watercolors and Prints by C.S. Price, C.C. McKim, Louis Bunce, George Johanson, Albert Patecky, Charles Heaney, Melville Wire, Percy Manser, John Rock, Eunice Jensen Parsons, Anne Kutka McCosh, Hank Kowart, Frederick Heidel, Edward Quigley, Edward Sewall, Maude Kerns, etc. Illustration & Advertising Art: 2pc Erte "June Bride Suite" Embossed Serigraphs, 2pc Erte Egyptian Serigraphs "Cleopatra" and "The Nile", Hisashi Otsuka "Graceful Elegance" Serigraph, Michael Parks S/N Lithograph, Josh Agle (aka Shag) "Masquerade Party" S/N Serigraph, MGM 1943 Red Hot Riding Hood Drawing, Antique Bleomel French Advertising Sign, Robert Clark "Pigeon in Pipe" Original Painting, etc. Japanese Prints: Fabulous Collection of Paul Jacoulet Prints (Never Framed with Strong Colors) includes "Les Jades", "Le Tabouret de Porcelaine", "La Statuette Thang", "Jeu Princier", "Bebe Coreen", "Les Pearls", "Fumees de Santal", Kawase Hasui "Meguro Fudo Temple" (First Edition) Woodblock, Hasui"Spring Evening at Kintai Bridge" Woodblock, Hasui "Rain at Arakawa River" Woodblock, Hasui "Sanpoji Pond" Woodblock, Hasui "Rain at Shinagawa" Woodblock, Hasui "Chunum Temple at Mt. Chiri, Korea" Woodblock, 2pc Hiroshi Yoshida Posthumous Prints, Hokusai "Mt. Fuji Shower" Woodblock, Hiroshige "Sudden Shower over Shin Ohashi Bridge" Woodblock, Ishiwata Koitsu "Twilight at Imamiya Street, Choshi" Woodblock, Utamaro Kitagawa "Light-hearted Type" Woodblock, Yamakawa Shuho "Dusk" Woodblock, Tsunetomi Kitano "Woman in Snow" Woodblock, Shiro Kasamatsu "Moon Light" Woodblock, Mayumi Oda "Aphrodite" Large Woodblock, Mayumi Oda "Odalisque" Etching, Toko Shinoda "Hikari" Lithograph, etc. Antique Art, Books & Prints: 2pc Piranesi Architectural Etchings, Antique Magician 3-Part Poster, French Baby Food Advertising Poster, 2pc Frank Lloyd Wright Limited Edition Books in Slipcase, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 4, Mid Century & The Michael Parsons Estate + MORE! TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Silver, and Coins: 14k Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k Sapphire & Diamond Bangle Bracelet, Heavy 18k Victorian Buckle Bracelet, 14k Diamond Cameo Brooch with Earrings, Ladies 14k Sapphire Bow Brooch, Vintage 14k Bow Brooches, Ladies 14k Opal and Diamond Ring, Men's 10k Signet Ring, Vintage Cultured Pearl Necklaces, Group 14k Figural Charms, 14k and 18k Earring Sets, 14k Diamond Wave Ring, 14k and 18k Old Bands, Vintage Movado 18k Men's Wristwatch with 14k Solid Band, Montblanc Ballpoint Pen, Old Natural Turquoise Jewelry, Group of Old Sterling Holloware and Flatware, Set of Gorham Chantilly Sterling Flatware in Original Bags, Antique Souvenir Spoon Collection, Set of Anton Michelsen Danish Sterling Christmas Flatware, Old US Coin Collection including a 1924 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin, $5 and $2.50 Indian Head Gold Coins, British Sovereign Gold Coin, Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Trade Dollar and Barber Dimes, 3 Cent Piece, Mercury and Roosevelt Silver Dimes, Walking Liberty and Benjamin Franklin Silver Half Dollars, Old Buffalo Nickels and Indian Head Pennies, 1995 US ½ Ounce Gold Eagle, etc. NW Studio Ceramics: Works by Robert Sperry, Toshiko Takaezu, Chris Gustin, Betty Feves, Mary & Edwin Scheier, Ken Shores (Dozens of Pieces), Eric Norstad, Frances Senska, Mutsuo Yanagihara, Victoria Avakian Ross, Ron Ho, Bennett Welsh, Lots of Mid Century Pacific Stoneware, Jerry Glenn, Ebba Rapp, Louis Mideke, Tom Coleman, Ray Grimm, David Shaner, Tom Hardy, Hal Reiger, Esther Beasley, Amanda Snyder, Ngaire Hixson, Victoria Littlejohn, George Cummings, Constance Spurlock, James & Nan McKinnell, Patti Warashina, Jade Snow Wong, Wally Schwab, Patrick Horsley, etc. Northwest Art & Sculptures: Works by Marie Louise Feldenheimer, Val Welman, Amanda Snyder, Ken Shores, Anne Kutka McCosh, Rene Rickabaugh, Milton Wilson, G. Lewis Clavenger, Richard Muller, Charles Kelly, Nicolai Kuvshinoff, Sally Haley, William Samuel Parrott, Ross Gill, Dale DeArmond, etc. Antique Art, Prints, & Frames: Michael's personal collection of vintage frame inventory including Arts & Crafts, Victorian, Mid Century, and Vintage, etc. Victorian Gilt Framed Mirrors and Lithographs, Piecrust Framed Mountain Photos, Oak Print Cabinet, Loose Western Art Prints, Bev Doolittle, Modern Art Prints, Japanese Woodblock Prints, etc. Mid Century Furniture & Design: Set of 6 Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen Danish Teak Dining Chairs, Finn Juhl for France & Son FD 540 Teak Dining Table with Leaves, Peter Hvidt for France & Daverkosen Teak Couch or Daybed with Original Blue Cushions, Kofod Larsen Danish Teak Double Dresser, Arne Vodder Danish Teak Secretary with Fold Out Mirror, Kai Kristiansen Danish Teak Four-Drawer Small Credenza, Herman Miller Aluminum Tandem Bench, Harry Bertoia for Knoll Chrome Bird Chair, Pair Mid Century American Walnut Chest of Drawers, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday April 20, A Century of Northwest Art: The Estate of Michael Parsons

The lifetime collection of Portland gallery owner, Michael Parsons (1957-2022). The sale includes many scarce works mainly by Oregon and Washington artists.

Northwest Modern Art & Sculpture: Mark Tobey "Space Ritual" (Portrait) 1960 Sumi Painting, Guy Anderson "Pastoral Landscape" 1957 Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Focus of Forms" Colorful Casein Collage, Joseph Goldberg "Ruins" Encaustic, Joseph Goldberg "Night Line" Encaustic, Large Lucinda Parker Abstract Oil, Lucinda Parker Small Abstract Oil, Milton Wilson Large Abstract 1973 Oil 8', Carl Morris "Deciphered Stones" 1950's Oil, Carl Morris Abstract Stones Tempera and Watercolor, Early Hilda Morris Abstract Mixed Media Sculpture, Museum Quality Charles Heaney "Front Street, Portland" Oil, Sally Haley "Egg Still Life" Painting, Early Alden Mason Abstract Landscape Oil, Margaret Tomkins 1962 Abstract Oil, William Ivey 1960's Abstract Expressionist Oil, Early and Large Michele Russo Abstract Figure Large Painting, 2pc Jay Backstrand Abstract Oils, 2pc Rene Rickabaugh Still Life Paintings, Several Oils by Amanda Snyder, Jefferson Tester Oil Paintings, Nelson Sandgren Exhibited "Beachcomber" Oil, Bernard Geiser Paintings, 2pc Arthur Runquist Landscape Oils, Early Albert Patecky "Broadway Bridge" Oil, Collection of Abstract Paintings by Jack McLarty, Collection of Abstract Paintings by Byron Gardner, Carl Hall Abstract Paintings, LaVerne Krause Landscape Abstractions, Anne Kutka McCosh Portrait Oil, David McCosh Abstract Long Oil, Peter Camfferman Abstract Landscape Oil, Several Margaret Camfferman Floral and Figurative Oils, Ebba Rapp Abstract Painting and Terracotta Sculptures, Early Helmi Juvonen "Family with Totem" Tempera, Early Yvonne Twining Humber Floral Still Life Oil, Dorothy Milne Rising "Market Flower Vender" Oil, 3pc Jacob Elshin Abstract and Still Life Oils, Walter Isaacs Abstract Figures Oils, Spencer Moseley Op-Art Abstract Oil, PK Nicholson Vertical Abstract Egg Tempera, Several Claude McGraw Abstract Paintings, etc. Northwest Traditional Art: John Trullinger "Peacock Woman" Oil Painting, Lance Wood Hart "Seated Woman" Exhibited Oil Painting, James Everett Stuart Landscape Oils, Clara Jane Stephens Landscape Oils, Melville Wire Landscape Paintings, Percy Manser Landscape Oils, Peter Sheffers Large Landscape and Seascape Oils, Clyde Leon Keller Landscape Oils, Elizabeth Parrot Pond Mt. Rainier Oil, James Everette Stuart Landscape Painting, Myna Russell Still Life Oils, Collection of Paintings by Myra Wiggins (Portraits and Still Lifes), etc. Pilchuck Glass: William Morris "Petroglyph" Large 18" Vessel (Purchased Foster/White), Dale Chihuly 1986 Blue Seaform, Preston Singletary "Prestonuzzi" Large Vessel, Dale Chihuly Large Basket Diptych Acrylic Painting, Dino Rosin "Teardrop" Murano Glass Sculpture, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 30, Great Northwest Estates! Maritime, Military, Guns, Native, and MORE! – TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Silver: Victorian 10k to 18k Mourning Jewelry and Brooches, 14k and 18k Rings including an Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring, 18k Jadeite Cabochon Ring, 18k Filigree Cross Pendant, 14k Rope Chain, 18k Watch Bands, Norwegian Silver Jewelry and Solje Brooches, Allen Adler Sterling Salad Set, David Andersen Sterling Enameled Salad Set, Norwegian Enameled Silver Demi Spoon Sets, Sterling Flatware and Holloware, Gorham Sterling Teapot and Pitcher, Collection of Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons (American and European), Lots of Norwegian Silverplate and Pewter Wares, etc. Old Coins and Stamps: Old US Morgan and Peace Dollars, Benjamin Franklin Halves, Some Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes, 1915 $2.50 Indian Head Gold Coin Pendant, Silver American Eagles, etc. Lifetime collection of Old US and World Stamps, Albums, Stamp Blocks, First Day Covers, etc. Maritime and Militaria: Old Copper and Brass Diving Helmet Model, Antique Brass Ship's Compass, Old Nautical Tools, Collection of Antique Large Glass Net Floats, Old Large Wood Ship's Wheel, Antique Iron Ship's Anchor, Vintage Life Saver Navy Ring, Military Uniforms and Flight Jacket, WWII German Helmet, Japanese Samurai Helmets, Antique Austrian Napoleon Equestrian Bronze Sculpture, WWII German Military Busts and Stein, Old US Sheath Knife, etc. Guns and Ammunition: Browning Belgian Magnum Twenty 20GA Shotgun, Browning Belgian 20 Gauge O/U Shotgun, Ruger Ducks Unlimited 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun Limited Edition, Winchester Model 23 Heavy Duck 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun, Remington Model 1100 Diamond Anniversary 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun, Vintage Colt Woodsman .22LR Target Pistol with Box, Kimber Pro Shadow LE II .45 ACP Semi Automatic Pistol, Browning .22LR Bolt Action Rifle, Zbrojovka Brno Czech Bolt Action Rifle, Colt AR-15 Model SP1 Calibre .223 Semi Automatic Rifle, Bushmaster AR-15 Model XM15-E2S Calibre .223-5.56mm Semi Automatic Rifle, DPMS Panther Arms AR-15 Model A-15 Calibre 223-5.56mm Semi Automatic Rifle, Simpson & Co. German 16 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun, Winchester Model 42 410 Pump Action Shotgun, FN Herstal Belgian 20 Gauge O/U Shotgun, British Enfield 2A1 RFI 1967 7.62mm Bolt Action Rifle, US Springfield M1 .30 Cal Semi Automatic Rifle, etc. Large Collection of .22LR Unused Ammo 1000's of Rounds, 12 and 20 Gauge Shotgun Shells, Collection of .45 ACP Unused Ammo 1000+ Rounds, etc. Native Americana: Collection of Vintage and Antique Indian Baskets, Tlingit, Makah, Pima and Papago, etc. 2pc Old Plains Cornhusk Bags, Old Carved NW Totem Models, Old Style Southwest Kachina Dolls, Old Native Drums and Dance Staffs, Several Old Navajo Blankets, Alaskan Inuit Baskets and Soapstone Carvings, Antique Inuit Implements, Al Mayac Scrimshaw, C. Alan Johnson Figurines, etc. Asian Arts: Pair Chinese Two-Color Cinnabar Vases, Chinese Cinnabar Garlic Shaped Vase, Chinese Carved Turquoise Meiren Figure on Silver Wire Inlaid Stand, 4pc Chinese Fine Carved Antler Animal Figure Groups, Chinese Cloisonne Vases and Bowls, Old Chinese Peking Glass Bowls, Collection of Old Chinese Wood Display Stands, Chinese Cloisonne Dragon Umbrella Stand, etc.  Fine Art and Prints: Antique European and American Oil Paintings, Modern Prints and Batiks, Collection of Art and Exhibition Posters, etc.   Antique and Collectibles: Vintage Coca Cola Tin Sign and Collectibles, Antique Diamond Dyes Tin Sign, Pair Antique 1870's Men's Fashion Prints, Vintage Lionel Train Set with Boxes, Antique Whiskey Advertising Shot Glass Collection (Some Seattle), Antique Flexible Flyer Sled, Scarce Antique Florence Treadle Sewing Machine, Old Coin Banks and Toys, etc. China and Crystal: Huge Set of Mid Century Shenango Restaurant China Atomic Age "Well of the Sea" Pattern, Collection of English Cottage Ware, Some Shelley and Royal Albert Bone China, Waterford Crystal Decanters, Orrefors and Baccarat Crystal Bowls, Pair Antique Gilt Emerald Glass Lusters, etc. Oriental Rugs and Furniture: Two Fine Persian Style Room Size Oriental Rugs, Persian Bidjar Oriental Rug, Turkish Sampler Rug, 2pc Modern Tibetan Rugs, Pair of Vintage Gilt Federal Hanging Mirrors, Antique Mahogany Sewing Table Claw Feet, etc.    See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 16, Western and Native Fine Arts

Western Paintings: Fred Machetanz "What'll It Be" Oil Painting 16"x20", Eustace Ziegler "Mt. McKinley Cache" Oil 20"x16", Eustace Ziegler "Doxie and Basil" Oil 16"x20", Eustace Ziegler "Tananna Woman and Squaw" Oil 16"x20", Edmond Fitzgerald "Zieg and Gerald Grace" Small Oil, Edmond Fitzgerald Mural Study Oil, Edward Hill "Snoqualmie Falls" 1890 Oil on Canvas, Jerome Rozen "Cover for Boys' Life August 1934" (Buffalo Stampede) Oil Painting, William Reusswig "Cover for Boys' Life May 1934" (Indian Chief on Horseback) Oil Painting, Remington Schuyler "Boy Scouts Illustration" Charcoal on Board, Barbara Summers Edwards "White Feather" Oil, Barbara Edwards "Grandfather's Horse" Large Oil, Barbara Edwards "Dance of the Ribbons" Oil, Kimbal Warren "Gone Fishing" (Landscape) Oil, Kimbal Warren "Winter Afternoon" Oil, Kimbal Warren "Trail Around Shadow Lake" Oil, Guadalupe Apodaca "San Juan Mountain" Large Oil, Charles Fritz "Autumn View from Castle Pines" Large Oil, Charles Fritz "Camp on Moose Flat" Oil, 5pc Charles Schridde Landscape and Western Oils, Alexander Selytin "Still Life with Red Corn & Papago Basket" Oil, Jules Dahlager "Chief Joseph" Small Oil Painting, Rie Munoz 1970's Alaska Natives Original Watercolor, 2pc Rie Munoz 1980's Alaskan Original Watercolors, Harvey Goodale Eskimo Child Portrait Oil, Harvey Goodale "Alaskan Mountain Landscape" Oil, George Ahgupuk Large Eskimo Village Ink Painting on Animal Skin, etc. American Art: Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Pacific Coast" Seascape Large Oil, Waldo Chase "Cabin Scene" Oil, Mary DeNeale Morgan Small Seascape Oil Study, 3pc Clyde Leon Keller 1930's Landscape Oils, 2pc John O'Shea California Landscape Watercolors, William DeShazo Hawaiian Seascape Oil, etc. Western Photos & Prints: Edward Curtis "Homeward" Orotone 11"x14", Rare Phillip Gibbs "Shaman" Orotone 11"x14", Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Large Platinum Print, Ed Mell "Golden Light, Lake Powell" Lithograph, Ed Mell "La Flora de Roja" Lithograph, 2pc Gene Kloss Signed Etchings, Fred Machetanz Stone Lithograph, etc. Bronzes & Sculpture: Kent Ullberg "Bighorn Ridge" Large Bronze, Ken Rowe "Life in the Main Stream" Bronze, Sherry Salari Sander "Antelope at Ingomar" Large Bronze, Oreland Joe "Buffalo Man" Bronze, D.M. Forbes "Listening" and "Heartbeat" Bronzes, Steve Retzlaff "Elk" Bronze, M. Barbera "Crossing the River" Bronze, Dan Garrett "Raider" Bronze, Jacques and Mary Regat "Run of the Salmon People" Large NW Coast Bronze, etc. Southwest Ceramics & Jewelry: Margaret Tafoya Carved Blackware Jar, Cliff Roller Santa Clara Carved Blackware Jar, Lucy Lewis Small Acoma Jar, Robert Naranjo Decorated Blackware Bowl, Navajo and Zuni Turquoise Jewelry, 4pc Navajo Silver Miniature Kachina Models, etc. Native Arts & Baskets: Vintage Northwest Coast 9' Raven and Bear Cedar Totem Pole, Mungo Martin Kwakiutl Bird Transformation Cedar Mask, Tony Hunt Jr. Carved and Painted Cedar Mask, George Hunt Jr. Mosquito Mask, Ross Hunt Bear Mask, Nancy Dawson Owl Cedar Mask, Antique Large Abner Johnson Painted Totem Pole Model, Jobie Inukpuk Carved Soapstone Large Owl, Collection of Vintage Navajo Rugs including a large pictorial rug with kachinas 10'x7', 4pc Antique Southwest Hopi Kachina Dolls Ho-o-te, Collection of Antique NW Coast Baskets, Tlingit Baskets, Coast Salish, Hupa Baskets, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 23, Great Northwest Estates! Native and Western Arts - TIMED AUCTION

Native Arts, Artifacts & Collectibles: Inuit Tusk Fragments, Fossilized Tusks, Inuit Implements, Scrimshawed Teeth, Soapstone Carvings, Hardstone Carvings, Alabaster Carvings, Northwest Coast Masks, Grease Bowls, Bird Figures, Whale Figures, Bear Figures, Owl Figures, Eskimo Whale Bone Axe Head, Bronze Sculptures, Wood Bird Models, Northwest Coast Silver Small Jewelry, Navajo Coral and Turquoise Heishi Bead Necklaces, Makah Indian Baskets, Books on Indian Arts & Culture, Vintage Arizona Highways Magazines, American Indian Art Magazines, Pendleton 4-Point Wool Blanket, Lots of Navajo Rugs, Yei Rugs, Northwest Coast Cedar Plaques, Zia Pueblo Pottery, Old Cochiti Pueblo Pottery, Southwest Blackware Pottery, Michael Wisner Fineline Blackware, Jorgen Jensen Denmark Pewter Jewelry, George Wilhelm Silver Jewelry, etc. Argillite Carvings & Scrimshaw: Denny Dixon, Pat Dixon, Clarence Mills, Norman Russ, Glen Pollard, Sam Dimmick, Eddy Syngor, R. Silook, Charles Penatac, Al Mayac, J.T. Silook, Alex Muktoyuk, Glenn Tingook, Jim Roberts, J.L Hallenbeck, J. Tobuk, Catherine Young, Sam Dimmick, Diana Rice Bonin, Geoff Olson, Hubert Kakuluk, etc. Western Artworks: George Ahgupuk, Eddie Omnik, Jeanne Laurence Floral Paintings, Bruce Corban, Bird Lithographs, Navajo Sand Painting, Bill & Grace White Bird Carvings, Jack Francis Shore Bird Wood Sculpture, Robert Davis Franklin Mint Pewter Sculpture, Bill Holm Signed Prints, Hulan Fleming Oil Paintings, Michael Bargelski Oil Painting, Elton Bennett Serigraph, Don Cook Pastel, Carol Martin Oil Painting, Fred Oldfield Sketch, Irby Brown, Roger Broer, Dorothy Shea, Mel McCuddin, Ann Thompson Bishop, Laura Woolschlager, Nora K. Fischer Embossed Prints, Joe Morris Acrylic Paintings, Jerry L. Snodgrass Chalkware Sculpture, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 16, Great Northwest Estates! Mid Century, Northwest Art & Ceramics! TIMED AUCTION

Amazing selection of NW Art, Studio Pottery, Pilchuck Glass, & MORE!

Mid Century Modern & Rugs: 1960's Eero Saarinen Tulip Dining Table with 4 Chairs, Gunni Omann for Omann Jun Denmark Rosewood Credenza, Set 8 Torbjorn Afdal for Vamo "Contoured Ladder" Rosewood Dining Chairs, John Mortensen for Heltborg Mobler Rosewood Oval Dining Table, George Nelson for Vitra "Kite" Hanging Clock, Swedish Rosewood Hanging Mirrored Shelf, Mid Century Slat Bench, 2pc Mid Century Rattan Armchairs, Sigurd Ressell Chrome & Brown Leather Falcon Chair, Michael Van Beuren Seagrass Woven Top Mexican Table, Bruno Mathsson Pernilla Armchair, Kovacs Stainless Steel Adjustable Floor Lamps, 2pc Mid Century Bronze Verdigris Floor and Table Lamp, Mid Century Walnut Sconces, Curtis Jere Sculptures, Raymond Loewy Dinnerware, Mid Century Rosenthal Dinnerware, Semi Antique Persian Floral 8x10' Rug, Several Afghan and Turkish Geometric Rugs, Modern Floral Abstract Wool Tapestry, Antique French Country Landscape Hanging Tapestry, etc. Northwest Art: Including works by Mark Tobey, Guy Anderson (Originals and Woodcuts), Paul Horiuchi, William Cumming, Fay Chong, Louis Gilbert, Lisel Salzer, Jay Steensma, Joe Reno, Mark Mueller, Eva Isaksen, Art Hupy, Elton Bennett, Nicolai Kuvshinoff, Norman Warsinsky, Helmi Juvonen, Eugene Pizzuto, Windsor Utley, Leon Derbyshire, Thomas Wells, Robert Sperry, Lee Reynolds, Don Paulsen, Anthony Turpin, Tim Wistrom, Charles Mulvey, C.T. Chew, Alonzo Victor Lewis, Pauline Johnson, Mary Gray, Collection of Watercolors by Edgar Forkner, Alfred Coe Marble Owl Sculpture, Kuki Cast Stone Ram Sculpture, Cyndel Podich Brass & Copper Lion Sculpture, etc. Prints & Multiples: Collection of Roi Partridge Landscape Etchings, Joseph Knowles Etchings, Several Darius Kinsey Original Photographs, Norman Edson Photographs, Louise Gilbert, Harriet Roudebush, Lionel Pries, Robert Cranston Lee, Melville Wire, Charles Heaney, Ace Powell, Pauline Johnson, Umberto Romano AAA Lithograph, Edith Derry Wilson, Paul Morgan Gustin, Samuel Chamberlain, Ernest David Roth, Mark Tobey Cathedral Litho., Elton Bennett, Thomas Wells, Amado Maurilio Pena, Gerrit Greve, Kee Fung Ng giclee, Ruth Cyril AAA, Calisto Gritti, Senta Dial, Arthur Homeshaw, etc. Max Liebermann drawing, Marc Chagall Exhibition Lithograph Poster, After Salvador Dali 'Jousting' Etching, Jim Dine 'Look at Dine' Galerie Thomas Munchen Exhibition Lithograph Poster, MarcChagall 'Tribe of Joseph' Jerusalem Window Color Lithograph, Vintage Pablo Picasso 'Three Musicians' Lithograph, etc. Hisashi Otsuka lithograph on silk, Urushibara Wakyosa woodblocks, Kin-u Takeshita woodblock, After Hishikawa Moronobu Shunga woodcut, Old Maxfield Parrish Prints, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Lifetime Collection of works by Robert Sperry (some exhibited in his BAM show), Howard Kottler, Harding Black, Mary & Edwin Scheier, Gertrude & Otto Natzler, James Lovera, Dozens by Louis Mideke, Betty Feves, Lucille Nutt, Jane Wherrette, Ralph & Lorene Spencer, Reid Ozaki, Sequoia Miller, Gerald Newcomb, Jerry Glenn, Tom Coleman, F. Carlton Ball, Clayton James Large Head Vessel, Several Ben Sams Sculptures, Ken Shores, Ulla Winblad Hjelmqvist, etc. Glass by James Mongrain, Greg Dietrich, Charles Parriot, Cenedese Murano Cormorant Birds, Large Per Lutken Purple Glass Bowl, etc. Asian Décor: Old Carved Phoenix Wood Blanket Chest, Carved Hardwood SE Asian Figural Frog Bench, Impressive Chinese Amethyst Hardstone Tree in Cloisonne Pot (Purchased at Gumps), 4pc Japanese Bronze Bud Vases and Rabbit Okimono (Purchased at Gumps), Old Tibetan Carved Wood Prayer Wheel, Vintage Bronze Song Bowl, Pairs of Chinese Celadon Vase Table Lamps, etc. Silver & Collectibles: 4.5 Pounds of Large Silver Liberty Rounds, Old US and Canadian Silver Coinage, 50pc Towle Sterling Flatware, Set Russian Sterling Spoons, Kalo Hammered Sterling Serving Set, Misc. Sterling Flatware and Holloware, Huge Collection of Unbuilt Toy Models including AMT, Hasegawa, Monogram, etc. Hotwheel Redline Toy Cars, Early Bound National Geographic Magazines, Michael Jordan Card & Poster 1990's, Pocket Knives, Antique Candy Store Cash Register, Group of Japanese Bronzes from Gumps, Pair of Corroso Murano Glass Duck Figures, Baccarat Crystal Paperweights, Old Wood Duck Decoys, Pair Cenedese Murano Cormorant Birds, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 9, Fine Chinese Porcelain, Jades & Jewelry

Featuring a lifetime collection of Chinese Porcelain and Jades collected in the 1970's and 1980's!

Chinese Porcelain: Pair of Kangxi Mark and Period Peachbloom Cabinet Vases on Stands, Kangxi Peachbloom Brush Washer, Kangxi Clair de Lune Ink Pot, Yongzheng Flambe Glaze Archaic Vase, Qianlong Mark and Period Pink Enameled Wine Cup, Pair of Hongxian Pink Porcelain Wine Cups, Qing Sang de Boeuf Ink Pots and Brush Washers, Republic Flambe Meiping Vase, 2pc Guangxu Dayazhai Teapot and Box, Jiaqing Familel Rose Procession Bowl, Qing Guan Ware Small Cong Shaped Vase, Collection of Monochrome Republic Ink Paste Boxes, Collection of Coral Ground Monochrome Qing/Republic Miniatures, Qing Fahua Cong Vase, 3pc Guangxu Era Gilt Monochrome Vases and Jar, Collection of Qing Flame Cabinet Vases, Pair of Republic Crackle Glaze Bottle Vases, Qing/Republic Tea Dust Glaze Ceramic Ding Censer, Collection of Tongzhi Small Pedestal Dishes and Wine Cups, Republic Blue Monochrome Hu Vase with Daoguang Mark, Collection of Peacock Blue Qing/Republic Export Figures, Qing Blue and White Jars and Vases, etc. Early Asian Ceramics: Song Dynasty Hare's Fur Russet Tea Bowl, Ming Longquan Celadon Deep Charger, Ming Blue and White Lotus Deep Charger, Ming Jun Ware Small Ewer, Tang Cizhou Small Fish Bowl, Ancient Khmer Brown Glaze Jar, etc. Qing Jades: Lifetime collection of 130 Qing jade pebble carvings of children, boys, guanyin, deer and monkey, lingzhi, melons, etc. 18th Cent. White Jade Pierced Qilin Plaque, Qing Jade Pierced Square Landscape Plaque, Impressive Republic Archaic Rooster Covered Hanging Jade Vessel on Stand, etc. Chinese Objects: Museum Quality Ming Parcel Gilt Seated Buddha on Stand, Chinese Qing Carved Cinnabar Seated Buddha on Stand, Chinese Qing Applique Rosewood Document Box, Republic Foo Lion Cloisonne Box with Inset Jade Plaque, Group Republic Yixing Teapots, Qing Peking Glass and Porcelain Snuff Bottles, Group of Chinese Qing/Republic Silk Embroidered Robes, Qing Heavily Carved Handkerchief Table, Large Standing Scholar's Stone, Collection of Chinese Photos and Ephemera from the 1910's through 1940's from an American Postmaster stationed there, etc. Japanese Antiques: Edo 2-Panel Painted Monkey Screen, Edo Tales of Genji 4-Panel Gold Lacquer Screen, Meiji Fan Painting Collage Screen, Meiji Japanese Bronze Hotei Buddha, Fine Japanese Silvered Bronze Standing Daruma, Japanese Inaba Cloisonne Table Screen, Fine Japanese Sterling Cloisonne Vase, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: 4.48ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Custom Ring with GIA, Tiffany & Co. 18k Rope Bracelet, Piaget Solid 18k Wristwatch with Box, Group 1920's Chinese Silver Wedding Jewelry in Original Boxes, etc.  See photos and auction results.


Thursday January 26, Meissen & Fine Porcelain - TIMED AUCTION

Large Collection of Meissen Fine China, Figurines, and More!

Meissen: Large Set Pink Flower Pattern Dinnerware with Service for 12 and MANY serving pieces. Large Set Blue Flowers Dinnerware & Serving Pieces. Blue Flowers & Insects Dinnerware, Blue Onion Serving Pieces, Landscape Scene Tea Set, Gilt Golden Baroque Tea & Dessert Set, Boucher Paintings Teacups, Antique and 20th Century Figurines, Figural Angel Easel Back Mirror, Courting Scene Plates and Soup Plates, etc. Wedgwood: Enameled Rosso Antico Teapots & Potpourri, Capro Ware Teapot, Basalt Ware, Large Blue Jasperware Collection, Large Whitehall Porcelain Dinnerware and Serving Pieces, etc. Porcelain & Ceramics: Large Set Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers Dinnerware & Serving Pieces, Royal Copenhagen Brown Rose Dinnerware, Royal Copenhagen Golden Basket Serving Pieces, Hochst Figural Candelabras, Longwy Shaker, Sevres Figurines, Prattware Lids, B&G Figurines, Royal Copenhagen Figurines, Royal Doulton Moor Figure, Algora Spain Figurines, Wallace Aegean Dinnerware, Royal Crown Derby Imari, Fitz & Floyd 'Phoenix d'Or', Fitz & Floyd 'Tutankhamun', Fitz & Floyd 'Ramses', Fitz & Floyd 'Renaissance', Delft, Lomonosov, Christian Dior, Lenox, Mikasa, FDP San Marco, Nikko 'Emeraude', Seyei Regal 'Pearl Rice', etc. Glass: Lalique Frejus Pitcher, Wine & Liquor Glasses, Lalique Highlands Water Glass, Marquis by Waterford Wine Glasses & Compote, Czech cut-to-clear Crystal, Ajka Hungary Cut Crystal, Murano Glass, Victorian Glass, French Enameled Glass, Japanese Ando Style Plique-a-Jour, Arte Italica Chargers,  etc. Art Glass: Leonard Whitfield, Micheal Nourot, Dan Bergsma, etc. Sterling Silver: Georg Jensen, International 'Royal Danish', Russian Nielo Inlay Case, Weighted Sterling, Sterling Condiments, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday January 19, Great Northwest Estates! Asian Arts and World Décor - TIMED AUCTION

An entire gallery full of Asian and World Arts from Antique to Contemporary!

Asian Porcelain & Glass: Chinese Ming Porcelain Bowls and Dishes, 2pc Hoi Ann Hoard Vietnamese Ming Wares, Han Dynasty Tomb Figures, Group Chinese 18th Cent. Dishes, Chinese Tongzhi Porcelain Small Stem Cups, Chinese Qing and Republic Fahua Porcelain, Qing Nanking Crackle Wares, Collection of Qing/Republic Prunus Jars and Teapots, Chinese Qing Blue and White Jars, 3pc Chinese Famille Verte Republic Jars, Collection of Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Cricket Cages, Blue Monochrome and Flambe Vases, Group Chinese Republic Export Figurines and Peacock Blue, Collection of Republic Peking Glass Carved Vases and Bowls, Several Old Chinese Jade and Peking Glass Trees, Lots of Old Chinese Rosewood Display Stands, Japanese Bronze Koro Incense Burners, Japanese Bronze Usubata, Group Japanese Cloisonne Cabinet Vases, Old Chinese Shiwan Vases and Figures, Chinese Republic Yixing Teapots, Chinese Republic Qianjiang Jars and Vases, Group Japanese Sumida Gawa Vases and Wares, 20pc Chinese 18th Cent. Nanking Blue Porcelain Plates, Group Large Chinese Contemporary Vases, Pair of Chinese Porcelain Floor Vases, Collection of Chinese Porcelain and Peking Glass Snuff Bottles, Japanese Kutani Large Foo Lions, 2pc Chinese Porcelain Hanging Plaques, Lot of Antique Japanese Imari and Kutani Wares, Collection of Japanese Figural Deco Incense Burners and Geisha Figurines, Korean Celadon Large Ewer and Carved Vase, 2pc Thai Sawankhalok Ming Period Bowls, etc. Asian Jade and Stone Carvings: 2pc Chinese Pink Coral Carved Figure Groups, 2pc Chinese Malachite Meiren Carvings, 2pc Chinese Jade Carved Covered Vases, Chinese Carved Jade Peach Covered Box, Chinese Carved Jade Double Gourd Covered Vase, 2pc Chinese Large Jade and Hardstone Foo Lion Covered Censers, Chinese Serpentine Covered Hanging Vase with Stand, Chinese Carved Jade Buddhist Hand Citron on Stand, Group Chinese Soapstone Deity and Mountain Carvings, Group Chinese Jade Trees – Large to Small, Group Chinese Jade and Hardstone Fruit, Chinese Cloisonné Square Box with Inset Jade Plaque, 8’ Tall Chinese Carved Wood Guanyin, Pair Burmese Gilt and Jeweled Wood Praying Monks, etc. Asian Furniture & Screens: Impressive 4pc Chinese Tourmaline Top Table with Three Benches, Antique Chinese Rosewood Low Table, Antique Chinese Elmwood Altar Table, Chinese Qing Elm Side Table with Drawer, Chinese Carved Camphor Lotus Blanket Chest, 3pc Japanese Floral Painted Hanging Screens, Chinese Coromandel 4-Panel Room Screen, Antique Chinese 4-Panel Applique Room Screen with Animals, Japanese Imari Porcelain Lamps, Asian Scholar on Horseback Large Bronze Incense Burner, Group Chinese Qing Gilt Temple Panels, Pair Old Chinese Pierced Door Panels, Group Burmese Songkat Textiles, etc. Fine Art and Paintings: Antique English Equestrian Scene Painting in Ornate Frame, Antique English Architectural Watercolor Oak Framed, French Oval Female Portrait Oil, Antique Japanese Screen Paintings, Old Japanese Woodblock Prints, Group Nishijima Modernist Japanese Block Prints, Hoi Lebadang Modernist Etching Framed, K.K. Lim Modernist Oil, 3pc Kristen Koden Czech Modernist Sulptures, Randa Reclining Nude Sculpture on Mirrored Pedestal, 4pc Vesa Peltonen Modernist Swimmer Serigraphs, 3pc Csaba Markus “Corinthian” Serigraph Suite, Giuseppe Armani “Eros” Large Resin Sculpture, etc. Jewelry and Silver: 14k Chinese Jade Jewelry, Old Chinese Silver Figural Shakers, Sterling Charm Bracelets, Group Georgian Silver Spoons and Ladles, Georgian Silver Salver, Group Georg Jensen Acorn Sterling Serving Pcs, Burmese Repousse Silver Sword with Scabbard, etc. European Glass & Antiques: 2pc Lalique Crystal Vases, 8pc Baccarat Crystal Paperweights in Boxes, Pair of Goldscheider Ceramic Horse Heads, Lladro Girl in Swing Porcelain Figurine, Pair Antique Britannia Moreau Mantel Figures, Antique Italian Pink Marble Pedestal, etc. Oriental Rugs & Furniture: Large Persian Bokhara Room Size Oriental Rug, Karastan Room Size Heriz Oriental Rug, Pair of Karastan Green Kirman Oriental Rugs, Old Afghan Scatter Rugs, Baker Mahogany Table Box on Stand, Modern Mica Shade Arts & Crafts Table Lamp, Antique French Ormolu Bronze Marble Table Lamp, etc.  Lifetime Stamp Collection with over $5000 in face value postage! See photos and auction results.


Thursday January 5, The Rie Munoz Lifetime Print Collection - TIMED AUCTION

Including 254 signed Rie Munoz prints and serigraphs spanning her entire career!
Two separate lifetime collections being offered with NO RESERVES!  See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 15, Holiday Northwest Fine Art & Jewelry - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Silver & Jewelry: Fabulous 4.6ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring in Custom Hawaiian Bubble Setting (6.8ctw), Natural Blue 4.5ct Sapphire and 2ctw Heart Shaped Diamond Platinum Ring, 14k Sapphire and Seed Pearl Cabochon Cocktail Bracelet, 2pc Edwardian 14k Gold and Diamond Brooches, Group David Yurman Designer Diamond Jewelry, 14k and 18k Modernist Brooches, South Sea Large Pearl Necklace with 14k Clasp, Georgian Silver Loving Cup, Tiffany & Co. Audubon Sterling Vase, Tiffany & Co. Audubon Sugar & Creamer, Tiffany & Co. Chrysanthemum Sterling Flatware, Tiffany & Co. Floral Repousse Sterling Dishes, Tiffany & Co. Grape Vine Sterling Salad Set, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Audubon Vase, Antonio Pineda Mexican Silver Serving Tray, etc. Northwest Art: Mark Tobey "Street Scene" 1932 Gouache Painting (Exhibited), Richard Gilkey "Tibetan Winter" 1996 Large Oil 60"x40", Richard Gilkey "Vases with Lilies" Oil, Richard Gilkey "Young Bird" 1969 Charcoal Drawing, William Ingham Large Colorful Abstract Expressionist Oil, Larry Grey Atmospheric Landscape Large Pastel, 3pc Camille Patha Large Abstract Oils 1960's, Lee Kelly "Bell Gate" Steel Maquette Sculpture for Public Work in Bellevue, Kenneth Callahan "Family" Tempera on Paper (Plasteel Framing), Art Hansen "Skagit Valley Barn" Watercolor, Margaret Tomkins "Shafts" 1980 Large Acrylic 94"x77", 2pc Margaret Tomkins Large Untitled Abstract Acrylics 1970's, Pair Margaret Tomkins Abstract Scroll Paintings 1950's, ZZ Wei "Tall Fir Trees" (Landscape) Oil on Canvas 40"x30", 2pc Bill Brauer Female Subject Oil Paintings, William Ivey "Untitled" 1965 Abstract Oil, William Ivey Small Abstract Oil on Paper, Fay Jones "Smoking Pig and Burnt Starlet" Large Oil on Paper, Collection of Charles Smith Steel Outdoor Geometric Abstract Sculptures, Ed Kamuda Small Abstract Oil, Helmi Juvonen Petroglyph Tempera, 2pc Jay Steensma Small Mystic Oils on Canvas, Early Windsor Utley "Pike Place Market" Gouache, Early William Cumming Nude Mixed Media, Kenneth Callahan Horses and Riders Ink Drawing, 2pc James Martin "Lion" Tempera Paintings, Ebba Rapp Abstract Egg Tempera on Board, Louis Gilbert Abstract Collage, Fred and May Marshall Artworks, 2pc Edgar Forkner Harbor and Floral Still Life Watercolors, Crissie Cameron Floral Watercolor, Collection of Early NW paintings by Julius Ullman, etc. Modern Art: Andy Warhol 4-Piece Original Book Illustration Drawings from the 1950's, Andy Warhol "The Gold Book" 1950's Book of Prints, 2pc David Lee Paintings on Silk, Michael Godard Martini Glass Original Acrylic, Peter McIntyre (New Zealand) "The Awatere, Marlborough" Early Abstract Landscape Oil, 2pc Kristian Kodet (Czech) Abstract Forms Oils on Canvas, etc. Glass & Ceramics: David Schwarz ZAOF Optic Glass Sculpture, Stephen Dale Edwards Glass Dancers Vase, Therman Statom Painted Glass House with Ladder, 2pc Laura de Santillana Glass Vessels, Rare Howard Kottler "Regal Paisley" Funk Pottery Sculpture, Ken Shores Large Feather Fetish in Plexiglass Case, John Takehara Large Oxblood Vase, David Keyes Funk Pottery Sculpture, Kensuke Yamada "Girl with Golden Apple" Ceramic Sculpture, 2pc Conor McClellan "Urban Ammo" Glass Sculptures, 2pc Chris Lydon Pilchuck Glass Bottle Vases, Pat Bako "Tri Lateral Convention" Cast Glass Sculpture, Greg Dietrich "33 Years of Excellence" (Pilchuck School) Glass Plaque, North Dakota School of Mines Decorated Western Vase, 1917 Rookwood Floral Vase by Arthur Conant, etc. Modern Designer Jewelry & Craft: 2pc Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams Beaded Necklaces, Stephanie Sersich Lampworked Floral Glass Necklace, Ramona Solberg Amber Triple Necklace, Ford Forlano Modernist Silver Brooch, Jana Brevick Necklace, R. Uli Leather Necklace, C. Giffen Bird Necklace, Tom Hill Bird Pin, 2pc Monika Tinker Silver Women Brooches, 4pc Emiko Oye Art Jewelry, Susan Butterfly Gold Wire Jewelry, Cynthia Toops Hourglass Necklace, Sara Wasinski Orange Brooch, Mariska Karasz (Hungarian) "Evolution" Hanging Textile, etc. Prints & Woodblocks: Wonderful Collection of Alexander Calder and Joan Miro Signed Lithographs (14pc), Keith Haring 1980's Framed Poster, Auguste Sander "Konditor" Pastry Chef Silver Gelatin Photograph, Collection of Jacque Sturges Silver Gelatin Photographs, Hiroshi Yoshida "Sailing Boat Morning" Large Woodblock, 3pc Hiroto Noriakne Japanese Etchings, 2pc Kunio Kaneko Japanese Etchings, 2pc Helmi Juvonen Native Woodcuts, etc. 20th Cent. Design: Hans Wegner for Andreas Tuck Danish Teak Drop Leaf Dining Table, etc. Antiquities and Oriental Rugs: Antique Glass Intaglio Salesman Sample Set in Leather Case, Large Collection of Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental Rugs, (3) Semi Antique Room Size Sarouk Persian Rugs, (2) Room Size Vintage Heriz Rugs, 2pc Antique Caucasian Room Size Rugs, Fine Persian Hereke Oriental Rug 7"x10", etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 8, Holiday Great Northwest Estates! Old World Antiques, Primitives, Silver and Jewelry - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Silver and Clocks: Vintage Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Clock, Group 14k and 18k Jade and Pearl Rings, Antique 14k Gold Cased Pocket Watches, 14k Enameled Owl Brooch, 14k Bee Brooch with Ruby Eyes, Art Deco 14k Snake Chain Necklace with Sapphire Clasp, 14k Opal Spray Brooch, 14k Diamond and Pearl Wreath Brooch, Victorian 14k Enameled Locket Necklace, Collection of Alaskan Gold Nugget Jewelry, 14k Tie Tacks, Eisenberg and Art Deco Costume Jewelry, Set Lunt "Counterpoint" Sterling Flatware (Service for 6), Group of Gorham "Buttercup" Sterling Flatware, Continental Silver Snuff Boxes and Ladles, Group of Italian 800 Silver Miniature Animals, Collection of Silver Overlay Glass Perfume Bottles and Dresser Jars, Antique Russian and English Silver Spoons, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Set Chamberlain & Son. 18th Cent. Queen's Charlotte Porcelain Dinnerware, Set Antique Wedgwood Gilt Cobalt Fine Porcelain Dinnerware, Collection of Staffordshire Dog and Animal Figurines (Big to Small), Antique Brownware Dog Figures and Cow Creamer, Antique Quimper Cup Saucers, Collection of Antique Flow Blue and Ironstone Transferware, Antique Spode and Royal Crown Derby Imari Dishes, Art Nouveau Floral Haviland, Nippon, and Pickard Dishes, Group Antique Majolica Wares, Gaudy Dutch and Strawberry, Old Pink Luster Dishes, Antique Wedgwood Jasperware Tall Oil Lamp, Antique Boston Sandwich Glass Tumblers, Set Steuben Twist Stem Crystal Goblets, Correia Limited Edition Leopard Vase, etc. Asian Arts, Furniture and Africana: Chinese 14k Jadeite Rings and Jewelry, Antique Chinese 18th Cent. Export Porcelain Dishes, Set of Antique Chinese Nanking Blue and White Plates, Antique Japanese Export Porcelain Serving Pcs, Old Japanese Floral Satsuma Wares, Antique Japanese Cloisonne Vases, Group Antique Chinese Silk Collars and Sleeve Panels, Group Old Chinese Hardstone Jewelry, Antique Chinese Pith Paper Floral Painting, Group Antique Chinese and Japanese Tea Tins and Bins, Antique Chinese Reverse Painted Glass Floral Panel, Chinese Rosewood Carved Altar Table, Antique Chinese Elmwood Small Altar Table with Drawer, Pair Old Korean Low Bandaji Chests, Antique Korean Small Money Chest, Pair Chinese Carved Low Armchairs, Chinese Rosewood Chow Table with Benches, Chinese Style Oversized Armchair with Ottoman, Old African Senufo Carved Hardwood Fertility Figures, Old Benin Bronze Figural Stool, Papua New Guinea Carved Figures, Old Benin Bronze Mask, Old Kuba Cloth Woven Textile, etc. Old World Antiques, Furniture & Primitives: Dutch 18th Century Baroque Inlaid Walnut Chest of Drawers, 3pc English Georgian Chippendale 18th Cent. Inlaid Walnut Chests, Italian 18th Century Cassone Relief Carved Small Trunk, Antique English Davenport Small Desk, Victorian Marquetry Floral Inlaid Spinning Wheel Chair, Antique French Country Pine Drop Leaf Dining Table, French Marble Top Curved Edge Sideboard or Buffet, Antique French Bronze Urn Table Lamp, Old Country Pine Dry Sink, Primitive Pine Trestle Kitchen Table, Victorian Eastlake Carved Small Secretary, Vintage Mahogany Inlaid Knee Hole Desk, Old Leather Pinned Office Chair, Collection of Antique German Black Forest Carvings, Set Antique Bronze Figural Dog Andirons and Firetool Set, Antique Russian Brass Samovar Collection, Pair Antique Bronze Ornate Architectural Panels, Several Antique Leaded Glass Windows, Collection of Antique European Carved Wood Architectural Ornaments, 2pc Antique European Copper Cooking Pots, etc. Fine Art & Prints: 100's of Framed Antique Artworks!, Pair of Paul Jones (1855-1888 English) Attributed Scottish Terrier Oil Paintings, Large Collection of Antique Dog and Cat Themed Artworks, Paintings, Needleworks, Prints and Engravings, Several Antique Needlework Samplers, Antique Victorian Pictorial Needleworks Framed, Antique Children Paintings and Tinted Photographs, Antique Piecrust and Ornate Gilt Frames, Antique Floral Oil Paintings and Botanical Engravings, etc. Mid Century Design & Art: Knoll Studio Jehs & Laub Lounge Chair, Set Kai Kristiansen for Vildbjerg Mobelfabrik Danish Rosewood Nesting Table Set, Mid Century Heritage Slate Top Bar Cabinet, Set 8pc Palaset Finnish Mid Century Stacking Cabinets by Ristomatti Ratia, Holtkotter Brass Swing Arm Floor Lamp, Mid Century Bronze Pedestal Lunstead-Like, 2pc Marble Top Modern Side Tables, 2pc Designer Brass Floor Lamps, Correia Limited Edition Glass Leopard Vase, Tatsuzo Shimaoka Pottery Small Box, 3pc Emilia Castillo Silver Inlaid Ceramic Center Bowls and Vase, Northwest Studio Pottery, 2pc Gerald Newcomb Large Vases, Victorian Littlejohn Vase, 3pc Elton Bennett Mid Century Serigraphs, 2pc Hiromichi Yamagata Signed Serigraphs, 2pc James rome Signed Etchings, Fritz Eichenberg "Follis of Old Age" Signed Lithograph, 2pc Christine McGinnis Animal Etchings, Danny Pierce Signed Etching, etc. Old Toys & Collectibles: Antique Jointed Miniature Mohair Teddy Bear, Old Mohair Stuffed Animals, Antique Halloween and Christmas Diecuts and Decorations, Antique Patchwork Xmas Stocking, Group Victorian Beaded Textiles and Bags, Group Antique Hooked Rugs, 2pc Antique Painted Metal Phonograph Horns, Old Celluloid Windup Toys and Figures, Old Bisque Frozen Charlotte Dolls and Mickey Mouse, Antique Tin Trays and Children's Dishes, Collection of Antique Dog Tintype and Old Photographs, Antique Painted Miniatures (Some of Dogs), Huge Collection of Miniature Antique Frames, Antique Children's Books and Games, Antique Animal Chocolate Molds, Antique Austrian Bronze Animal Figures, Collection of Antique/Vintage Animal Figures and Bands, Collection of Art Deco Japanese Luster Animal Figures and Serving Pieces, Antique Blue Advertising Seltzer Bottle, Nichol Soda Antique Advertising Tin Sign, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 1, Holiday Jewelry, Silver and Gifts! - TIMED AUCTION

Featuring over 300 Lots with gold, silver, coins, and watches,

Watches: Eterna Men's Stainless Telemeter Chronograph 37mm Watch, Ernst Borel Men's 'Cocktail' Kaleidoscope Men's 32mm Wrist Watch, 14K Gold Elgin Men's 30mm Wrist Watch, Vintage Hamilton Men's 14K Gold Case 29mm Wrist Watch, Movado Men's Classic Museum Stainless Steel 35mm Wrist Watch, 14K American Watch Co (Waltham) Pocket Watch, Baume & Mercier 14K Gold and Diamond Bezel Ladies Wristwatch, Platinum & Diamonds Ladies Wrist Watch, Hermes Ladies 'Heure H' Guilloche Dial Wrist Watch, Cartier 'Must Be Cartier' Vermeil Gold Plated 32mm Wristwatch, Movado Women's Classic Museum Gold Tone Wrist Watch, Raymond Weil Womens Watches, D&G Black Stainless Bracelet Women's Watch, Vintage Wrist & Pocket Watches, Fashion Wrist Watches, etc. Coins & Currency: US 1926 $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle Coin PCGS MS62, US 1899 $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin NGC MS 64,  US 1910-S $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin NGC MS 63, US 1894 $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin PCGS MS 62, US 1895-S $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin PCGS MS 62, US 1934 $5 Hawaii Federal Reserve Note, US Coins, Foreign Coins, Coin Jewelry, etc. Jewelry: Tanzanite Bead Necklaces with Platinum Clasps, 14K Gold and 0.51ct Diamond Ring, 14K Gold Multi-stone Tennis Bracelet,  Tiffany & Co 22K Ring dated 1893, 18K Gold & Peridot Tennis Bracelet, Carlo Vian 14K Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, and Turquoise Pendant,  24K Gold Yin & Yang Buttons, Victorian Jewelry, Chinese Jade Jewelry, 18K Ancient Egyptian Scarab Bracelet, 14K & Qianlong Era Mother of Pearl Chinese Gambling Counter Pendant, 18K & 14K Rings, 18K & 14K earrings, 18K & 14K Bracelets, Gold Chains, Georg Jensen Sterling Pins and Brooches, Navajo & Southwest Style Sterling Jewelry, Sterling Rings, Sterling Bracelets, Fraternal Pins, Costume Jewelry, etc. Silver: 59pc Reed & Barton Sterling 'Francis First' Pattern Flatware Set for 8, Tiffany & Co Faneuil Pattern Sterling Flatware,  Reed & Barton Sterling 'Trajan' Sandwich Plate, Gorham Sterling Shape #160 Pitcher, Chinese Export Silver Compacts & Card Cases, Misc. Sterling Flatware and Serving Pieces, Golf Trophy Presentation Bowl, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 17, The Windsor and Claude Utley Collection - TIMED AUCTION

Featuring the Art Collection of Northwest Artist Claude Utley (1955-2021). This auction includes original artworks by Claude, his father Windsor, and friends. Includes colorful work directly from the artist's collection by this wonderful Northwest Modernist!

Paintings: Claude Utley, Windsor Utley, Josephine Utley, James Martin, Joe Reno, James Wandeforde, and sketches by William Cumming etc. Prints: Mark Tobey, Guy Anderson, Ree Brown.  See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 10, Great Northwest Estates! Antiques, Primitives, Silver and Jewelry - TIMED AUCTION

Silver & Jewelry: Set Reed & Barton "Francis 1st" Sterling Flatware, Set Lunt "Cascade" Sterling Flatware, Tiffany & Co. Bon Bon Spoon, Tiffany Sterling Gavel, Antique American Sterling Serving Pieces and Holloware, Collection of Victorian and Edwardian 14k and Gold Filled Jewelry, Tiffany 18k Moonstone Stick Pin, Art Deco Jewelry, 14k Waltham Royal Deco Pocket Watch, 14k Deco Watch Chain, Chinese Export Silver Dragon Card Case, etc. \Glass & Porcelain: 4pc Antique Cut and Silver Repousse Scent Bottles, Signed Galle Cameo Glass Vase, Baccarat and Waterford Decanters, Tiffany & Co. Ice Bucket and Glass Set, Set Bohemian Cobalt to Clear Tumblers, Victorian Glass, Collection of Acid Cut Gilt Edge Stemware, Meissen Cup Saucers and Dishes, etc. Asian Arts: Old Chinese Inlaid Rosewood Mirrored Table with Decoration, Large Chinese Cloisonné Fish Bowl on Stand, Chinese Cloisonné Vases, Chinese Carved Rosewood Large Guanyin, Pair Chinese Theater Puppets in Shadowbox Frames, Large Chinese Eight Horses Painted Porcelain Plaque, Chinese Painted Buddhist Scripture Porcelain Plaque, Chinese Reverse Painted Panel, Ornate Chinese Gilt Carved Pierced Temple Panel, etc. Antiques & Primitives: Collection of Antique English Tea Caddies, Antique French Ebonized Bonheur du Jour Desk, Continental 18th Cent. Cassone Carved Chest, Antique Empire Chest and Corner Chest, Antique Empire Locking Jewelry Chest, Victorian Burled Walnut Small Bookcase Cabinet, Pair Gilt Carved French Armchairs, 2pc Adams Style Satinwood Wreath Painted Pedestal Round Tables, Adams Style Wreath Painted Demilune Chest, Antique Federal 4-Drawer Maple Chest, Victorian Walnut Sewing Stands and Desk, Antique Mahogany Carved Pedestals, 2pc Antique Painted Blanket Chests, Antique Pennsylvania Dutch Corner Cupboard with Rosemaling, Primitive Carved Wood Horse Model, Antique Doll Carriage, Antique Georgian Brass Candlesticks, Antique Kitchen and Hanging Clocks, Oriental Rugs and Kilims, etc. Fine Art & Prints: Collection of Edo/Meiji Japanese Woodblock Prints, Antique Naïve and Primitive American/European Oil Paintings, Victor Petry East Coast Harbor Scene Oil, 2pc Joseph Hecht Signed Etchings, 3pc Albert Jacobson California Landscape Gouache Paintings, Joseph Vorgst "Ironing" Lithograph, Henri Matisse Framed Lithographs, Modern Framed Prints and Etchings, Modern Art Photographs Framed, 2pc Fritz Eichenberg "Follies of War" Wood Engravings, etc. Toy Train Collection: Small higher-end estate collection featuring Right-of-Way Industries, MTH, LGB, Williams, and Lionel. Many of the engines come in custom display cases. Collectibles: Antique Real Photo Postcards and CDV/Cabinet Card Photo Collection, Daguerreotypes, Old Pilot Wing Pin Collection, Old Police and Fireman Badges, WWII German Helmet, 19th Century Whaling Ship Documents, Straight Razors and Pocket Knives, Mont Blanc Pens and Fountain Pens, Old Boy Scout Books and Bookends, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 27, World Fine Arts, Jewelry and Silver

Featuring three original Filipino oil paintings by Master artist, Fernando Cueto Amorsolo. Also a museum quality French painting by Jean Francois Raffaeli

Fine European & International Artworks: Fernando Amorsolo "Planting" (Rice) 1955 Oil on Canvas 24"x34", Fernando Amorsolo "Untitled" (Harvesting) 1959 Oil on Canvas 16"x20", Jean Francois Raffaelli 'Le Pont D'Avignon', Marie Laurencin "Woman" Watercolor, Henriette Ronner Cat Paintings, Sir Godfrey Kneller portrait of Scottish Noblewoman, Natale Attanasio, Andries Vermeulen, George Riecke, Paul Chaigneau, William Miller Frazer, Marcel Jacque, John Leech, Cornelis Koppenol, Andrianus Cornelius, Francois Boucher, Jean-Jacques Henner, Pal Fried, Josef Zenisek, Enrico Fanfani, Francois Martin-Kavel, Charles Hayter, 19th Century Miniature Portrait Paintings, German School 18th Century 'Crowned Maria', Italian School 18th Century Madonna with Child, 18th Century Spanish Tin Retablo, John Califano, Hermann (Armin) Kern, Arnaldo Tamburini, Willem Van Den Berg, Cesare Bacchi, Anton Hubner, Auguste Paul Anastasi, Alfred East, Theodore Alexander Weber, Donald Brett, Henry George Todd, 17th Century Dutch Still Life with Tulips, Victor Leclaire, Gustave De Beaumont, More Filipino Paintings by Ibarra de la Rosa, Jose David, Jaime de Guzman, etc. Ethel Marian Wickes, Rhona Haszard (New Zealand), Sidney Laufman, Giovanni Battista, John Francis 'Frank' Holme, Benjamin Mendoza, William Henry Pike, Hugh William 'Grecian' Williams, Robert F. Sherar, George Gray, Charles Hayes, etc. Fine American Paintings: Charles Dormon Robinson, Feodor Zakharov, Colin Hunter 1884 'Falls of Niagara', 19th Century American Hunt Scene Oil Painting with Spaniel, Albert Francis King Still Life, Jan Muller etc. Fine Etchings & Prints: Rembrandt Van Rijn 'Jan Lutma, Goldsmith' 17th Century Etching, Sir William Hamilton 'Collection of Engravings from Ancient Vases', Francesco Bartolozzi, Jacques Chereau, Emmett Conniffe WWI Scenes, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, 'Encyclopedia of Original Prints' by Alfons Fiedler, etc. Sculpture: Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss, Jean-Antoine Houdon, Carved Meerschaum Bass Relief Plaque, etc. Fine Jewelry: 2.63ct Old European Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace (VVS-2, Color L), 22k Gold Bangle Bracelet with Ancient Alexander the Great Tetradrachm, 14K Gold Bracelet with Charms, Marius Cosson Guilloche Enamelled 'St.Christopher' Pendant, Salvador Dali Sterling Cristo De San Juan De La Cruz Necklace, Carved Shell Cameos Pendants & Brooches, Antique Cameo, Intaglio, and Enamel Cabochons, 18K Modernist Brooch with Emeralds and Diamonds, 14K White Opal Cabochon & Diamond Ring, 14K Carved Green Moonstone Buddha Mens Ring, 14K Mens Ring with 1926 US Quarter Eagle Gold Coin, US 1897 & 1909 Five Dollar Gold Coin Cufflinks, etc. Watches & Timepieces: Vacheron Constantin 18K Men's Caliber 453 Wrist Watch, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 1024 Gold Capped Men's Chronometer Wrist Watch, Gruen Platinum and Diamond Woman's Tonneau Wrist Watch, Duverdrey & Bloquel Brass Travel Alarm Clock, Jaeger LeCoultre Model 528 Atmos Perpetual Clock, Matthew Norman London Repeater Carriage Clock, Matthew Norman London 4 Seasons Desk Clock, etc. Fine Silver: Georg Jensen No. 264A Large Sterling Silver Compote, Pair Bolivian Silver Handworked Mariola Style Wall Sconces, Trio of English Sterling Silver Cornucopia Sugar Casters, Early American Coin Silver Sugar Bowl & Creamer, Tifft & Whiting American Coin Silver Childs Cup, Gorham Aesthetic Movement Coin Silver Fuschia Pattern Sugar Bowl, Japanese Silver Presentation Loving Cup, English Sterling St Paul's Tennis Club English Trophy, English Sterling Women's Golfing Society Trophy, Georgian Sterling including several sets of Berry Spoons, 110pc Reed & Barton 'Francis I' Sterling Pattern Flatware, 188pc Reed & Barton 'Francis I' Sterling Pattern Flatware, 54pc Whiting 'Lily' Pattern 1902 Sterling Flatware, 50pc Wallace 'Irian' Pattern 1902 Sterling Flatware, Allan Adler Swedish Sterling Ladles, Pair Jan Pogorzelski Polish 84 Silver Candlesticks, etc. World Antiques: 15th Century Book of Hours Illuminated Manuscript Page, Mikhail Grachev Russian Cloisonné Enamel 88 Silver Kovsh Cup, 19th Century Russian Icon, Early 20th Century Russian Icons, Finift Enameled Copper Icon, etc. Fine Art Glass: Lalique Red 'Formose' Goldfish Glass Vase, Lalique Epines Glass Perfume Bottle, Ancient Roman Glass Cup, Bristol Cobalt Glass Decanter, 18th Century English Nailsea Glass Bottle, 18th Century English Twist Stem Wine Glasses, 18th Century English Williamite Wine Glass, Stevens & Williams Crystal Cut to Clear Wine Hocks, Moser Intaglio Cranberry to Clear Wine Hock, Steuben Purple Baluster Stem Wine Goblet, Steuben Jade & Alabaster Fruit Bowl, Steuben Lace Glass Centerpiece Bowl, Reuben Haley for Consolidated Glass Jungle Green Ruba Rombic, Loetz Papillon Paddle Cobalt Glass Vase, Tiffany Favrile Glass Aqua Pastel Goblet, Tiffany Gold Favrile Glass Cordials, etc. Woodblock Prints: Charles W. Bartlett, Ohara Koson, Koitsu Sonsai,Tsuchiya Koitsu, Hiroshi Yoshida, etc. Oriental Rugs: Antique Heriz Room Size Rug, Turkoman Tekke Oriental Rug, Semi Antique Belouch Oriental Rug, Semi Antique Belouchistan Oriental Rug, Afghani Bokhara Oriental Rug, Semi Antique Kashkai Persian Rug, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 13, Great Northwest Estates! Silver, Jewelry, Art and Antiques! TIMED AUCTION

Lifetime Silver Collection: Georgian and Victorian Silver Flatware, Irish Silver Stuffing Spoons, Sterling Apostle Spoon and Seal Spoon Sets, American Aesthetic Sterling Flatware, Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Antique Silver Filigree Items, Spanish Floral Repousse Silver Tea Service, Gorham Sterling Tea Service, Indian and Burmese Repousse Silver, Lots of Sterling Holloware, Sterling Candlesticks, Bowls, Toothpicks, Cigarette Holders and Cases, etc. Fine Jewelry: 14k and 18k Diamond Rings, Vintage Amethyst Gold Jewelry Suite, 14k Gold Cufflinks, Italian Designer 14k and 18k Gold Chains, Collection of Natural Amber Gold and Silver Mounted Jewelry, Philip Stein Wristwatch with Box, Natural Large Pearl Necklaces, Vintage Japanese Pearl Necklaces, Designer Silver Art Jewelry, etc. Pottery and Glass: Collection 6pc Roseville Sunflower Pottery, Roseville and Weller Pottery Vases, UND 1912 Pottery Bowl, 1912 Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase, Rookwood and Fulper Vases, Hawkes Chinoiserie Etched Glass Vase, 7pc Oiva Toikka Nuutajarvi Glass Birds, 5pc Swarovski Large Exotic Bird Crystal Figures, Murano Forato Sommerso Vase, Nancy Mee Metal and Glass Vessel, etc. Mid Century & Design: Frank Lloyd Wright for Henredon Bookcase, Danish Teak Square End Table, Harry Lunstead Dining Table, Robert Sonneman Orbiter Chrome 2-Light Floor Lamp, Oiva Toikka Nuutajarvi Glass Birds, Fornasetti Plate, Murano Sommerso Vase, Nancy Mee Metal & Glass Vase, Studio Pottery, etc. Asian Antiques & Décor: Old Chinese Porcelain and Sang de Bouef Vases, Chinese and Japanese Wall Panels, Temple Carvings, Pair of Chinese Armchairs, Chinese Porcelain with Stands, Porcelain Fish Bowls and Umbrella Stands, Collection of Asian and Japanese Prints, Old Chinese and Korean Scroll Paintings, etc. Fine Art and Prints: Large Collection of Meiji Era Japanese Woodblock Prints, Chinese Scroll Paintings, Asian Framed Art Prints, Antique European Oil Paintings, Antique English Maritime Watercolors, etc. Native Arts, Artifacts, Stamps & Collectibles: Collection of Alaskan Scrimshawed Items, Plains Catlinite Pipes, Plains Leather Work, Indian Dolls and Drums, C. Alan Johnson Figurines, Case Pocket Knife, Gebr WWI German Bayonet, 1930's Shirley Temple Doll in Box, Bachmann HO Train Set, African Masks, Collection of Antique World Artifacts and Minerals, Two Lifetime Stamp Collections, Albums, Mint Sheets, and Loose Stamps, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 6, Charley Harper, Animation, Art & Prints! - TIMED AUCTION

Featuring Lifetime Charley Harper Serigraph Collection including 40 prints in their Original Folios and Frames!

Fine Prints & Posters: Collection of James Christensen Fantasy Prints in Folios including some early rare etchings, Guillaume Azoulay, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Georges Rouault, Georges Braque, Ben Shahn, Aldo Luongo, Guy Buffet, Graciela Boulanger, Thomas Kinkade, Igor Medvedev, Alex Pauker, Otto De Souza Aguiar, Rie Munoz, Henry Evans Woodcuts, Rockwell Kent, Maxfield Parrish, Old Movie Posters, Japanese Woodblocks, 1930's Etchings and Linocuts, Antique Engravings, and MORE! Northwest Art: Collection of Prints and Books by Dale DeArmond, 3pc Thomas Wood Fantasy Etchings, Several Richard Kirsten Prints and Tempera Paintings, Jay Steensma Original Drawings and Prints, Richard Gilkey Print Portfolios, Harold Balazs Signed Print and Portfolio, Guy Anderson Signed Poster, Jacob Lawrence Posters, Original PK Nicholson WPA Era Artworks, Laura Pizzuto Oil, Jeffrey Bishop Lithograph, etc. Animation Art: Original Chester Gould "Dick Tracy" Comic Strip Art, 2pc Original Bud Sagendorf "Popeye" Comic Strip Art, Original Mori Walker "Beetle Bailey" Comic Strip Art, Original Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker Drawing, Signed Stan Lee and John Romita Spiderman Comic, John Buscema Signed Silver Surfer Serigraph, Original Production Animation Cels for Superman, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Oliver & Company, Scooby Doo, etc. Collection of Warner Bros. Sericels, "Sluggers" Sericel Signed by Reggie Jackson, Cardinals Sericel Signed by Johnny Bench, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 29, Modernism: Art and Object

Featuring a Museum Quality Original Andy Warhol "Flowers" 1965 Acrylic and Screenprint on Canvas with full provenance! Also Museum Quality Northwest Modern Artworks. Press Release

Northwest Art: Museum Quality Alden Mason "Orange Goofer" 1975 Large Burpee Garden Oil 78"x90", Museum Quality Morris Graves "Young Blue Jay with Persimmon" 1979 Tempera on Paper (Willard Gallery Label), Museum Quality Morris Graves "Hen Blue Jay with Pomegranate" 1979 Tempera on Paper (Willard Gallery Label), Museum Quality Morris Graves "Cock Blue Jay Wrecking an Apple" 1979 Tempera on Paper, Museum Quality Kenneth Callahan "Figures and Riders" 1950's Tempera on Board (Double Sided), George Tsutakawa "Northwest Seafood" Sumi Ink Painting, George Tsutakawa "Celestial Dust" 1958 Painting (Zoe Dusanne Label), Paul Horiuchi "From the Past" 1970's Collage, Gerard Tsutakawa "Eruption" 1991 Large Table Bronze, ZZ Wei "Afternoon Drive" Oil Painting, Museum Quality Kenjiro Nomura "City Lights" 1952 Gouache (Published in Book), Kenjiro Nomura "Fish Market" 1952 Oil on Masonite, John Matsudaira "Birch Bay" 1966 Watercolor, Kenneth Callahan "Mountain" Sumi on Paper, Mark Tobey "Circular Composition" Tempera on Paper, Mark Tobey "Untitled" 1965 Tempera Monotype, Fay Jones "Smoking Pig and Burnt Starlet" 1979 Large Oil, Alden Mason "Nuptial Dialogue" 1983 Squeeze Tube Acrylic, Alden Mason "Red Sky" 1979 Acrylic on Paper, William Ivey "Untitled" 1965 Abstract Expressionist Oil, Museum Quality Margaret Tomkins Large Abstract Oil 1968, 3pc Margaret Tomkins 1970's Pastel Colored Large Acrylic Abstractions, 7pc Margaret Tomkins Small Abstract Artworks, Kathleen Gemberling "Fall Distillation" 1971 Oil 40"x36", William Cumming "Nude" 1964 Polymer on Canvas, Lucinda Parker "Jamboree" 1980 Large Abstract Oil 72"x72", Francis Celentano "Omicron I" 1979 Acrylic on Paperboard 2'x13', Peter Millet "Dancing Triangle Series" 1979 Large Mixed Media, Jay Steensma "Mystic Bird" Oil on Paper Bag, Bill Hoppe "As the Night" Watercolor, 2pc Windsor Utley "Summer Seascape" Oils, Selection of Paintings from the Claude Utley Estate, Gregory Grenon "Portraits Room Screen" 6' Four Panel Screen (24 Reverse Painted Portraits), Gregory Grenon Reverse Painted Female Portrait, Joan Ross Bloedel Long Abstract Acrylic, etc. Modern Art: Museum Quality Andy Warhol "Flowers" 1965 Acrylic and Screenprint on Canvas 14"x14" (Purchased Lacksley Shea Gallery, Minneapolis), Robert Natkin "For Judy Natkin" Acrylic on Paper, Peter Max "Better World" 2007 Mixed Media on Paper, Peter Max "Statue of Liberty" 2 010 Mixed Media on Paper, Robert Marx "Stephanie" Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: John Woodrow Wilson "Child and Father" 1968 Signed Lithograph, Romare Bearden "The Wishing Pool" Signed Offset Lithograph, Morris Graves "Evening Light" (Still Life) 1993 Color Lithograph, Ellsworth Kelly "Blue Green" 1970 Large Color Lithograph, Joan Miro "Affiche pour L'Exposition Miro, Louisiana" Signed Lithograph, Roger Shimomura "Seven Views of a Japanese Restaurant" Screenprint, 2pc Roger Shimomura "Five Signs on the Tokaido" Screenprints, Mark Tobey "Louvre" Signed & Numbered Lithograph, Max Ernst "La Rose est Nue" Etching, 3pc LeRoy Neiman Horse Racing Serigraphs, LeRoy Neiman Large Golfing Serigraph, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Dale Chihuly "Ultramarine Blue Seaform" 1995 Large Glass, Dale Chihuly 2pc Purple Persian Glass Set, Dale Chihuly Red Blanket Cylinder, 2pc Dale Chihuly Blue Basket Set, William Morris "Stone Vessel" 1986 Glass, Dante Marioni Whopper Vessel, Alessandro Pianon "Pulcino" Orange Murano Glass Bird, etc. 20th Cent. Design: Carlo Nason for A.V. Mazzega Italian Lotus Table Lamp, A. Bender Madsen and Ejner Larson for Willy Beck Danish Teak Drop Leaf Desk, Set 8 Eames for Herman Miller LCW Chairs, Set 8 Eames for Herman Miller Red Upholstered DCW Chairs, Pair of Eames for Herman Miller DCW Chairs, Pair Eames for Herman Miller CTW Round Coffee Tables, George Nelson for Herman Miller Platform Slat Bench, Fornasetti Metal Portrait Tray, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 1, Lifetime World Coin and Currency Collection

Featuring a wonderful selection of world coins and currency from three lifetime collections. This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION!

Gold Coins: South Africa Krugerrand Gold Coins & Sets, Isle of Man 2009 Bi-Metallic 1oz Gold Angel Proof Coins, Great Britain 1/4 Sovereign Gold Coins, China 20 Yen Gold Panda Mint State Coins, 1899 Gold Liberty Head Quarter Eagle, 1904 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Head, 1905 Gold Half Eagle, 1908 Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, 1986-2009 Gold Eagles, 1984-W Gold $10 Dollar Olympics Commemorative Coin, George T. Morgan $100 1 Oz Gold Union Coins, 1988 Gold $10 American Eagle Proof Coin, 1987 100 Yuan 1 oz Gold Panda Proof Coin, etc. Silver Coins:World Money Fair 2013 1oz Silver China Panda Proof Medals, Silver Eagle Proof and Uncirculated Coins, Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Peace Dollars, Half Dollars- Walking Liberty, Kennedy, Franklin, Franklin Mint Republic of Panama 20 Bilboas Sterling Silver Proof Coin, 1933 Century of Progress Colorado One Ounce Pure Silver Tokens, Pre-1964 Half Dollars, Quarters, and Dimes, etc. Rare Coins: 1932-S, 1937-S, 1938, and 1940 Washington Quarters, 1938-D Buffalo Nickels, 1890-CC Morgan Silver Dollar, 1926 United States Oregon Half Dollar, 1878-S Silver Trade Dollar, 1883 10C Hawaii Ten Cents, etc. Canadian Coins: Antique Coins from Bank of Lower Canada & Bank of Upper Canada, Newfoundland, Tokens, Early 20th Century Coins, Canadian Silver Dollars, 1919 George V 50 Cent, etc. World Coins: Bahama & Virgin Island Proof Set Coins, British West Indies, New Zealand & Australia, Chinese Cash Coins, 1932 Republic Sun Yat-Sen 'Birds Over Junk' Silver Dollar, Hong Kong, Soviet Union, etc. Bullion: Franklin Mint Silver Medal Sets, Medallic Company Silver Medal Sets, Silver Christmas Ingots, etc. Misc.: Bronze Medals, Reno & Tahoe Casino .999 Fine Silver Limited Edition Gaming Tokens, Sales Tax Tokens, Transit Tokens, Ancient Mughal Empire Copper Coins, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday August 25, Fine Native and Western Arts

Featuring fine selection of Northwest Coast artworks and Western Paintings

Paintings & Sculpture: Fred Machetanz "From Arctic Waters" 1966 Polar Bear Oil 24"x18", Sydney Laurence "Starboard Light" (Alaskan Harbor) Oil on Board 12"x16", Sydney Laurence "Masted Schooner" Watercolor, Fred Oldfield Western Oil, Ace Powell "Grazing Buffalo" Small Oil, Dave Powell Bronze Indian Maiden Sculpture, 2pc Don Pretchel Western Oils, 2pc W. Steve Seltzer Western Oils, Nancy McLoughlin Native Paintings, Jack P. Kelly "The Ranger" (Packtrain) Large Western Bronze, Carl Wagner "Fly Away" Duck Bronze, Harvey Rattey "Lift Off" Eagle Bronze, 2pc Bob Scriver Small Animal Bronzes, etc. Edward Curtis Photo Collection: Vanishing Race Border Photo in Original Piecrust Frame, Original At the Old Well - Acoma Large Platinum Print, Homeward Platinum Print, The Three Chiefs – Piegan Platinum Print, Out of the Darkness Platinum Print, Zuni Governor Platinum Print, Apache Babe Platinum Print, Nez Perce Babe Platinum Print, Mosa-Mohave Platinum Print, White Swan Platinum Print, Squash Blossom Necklace Platinum Print, Piegan Teepees in Landscape Platinum Print, Asahel Curtis "Buffalo Stampede" Tinted Photograph, etc. Northwest Coast Arts: Trevor Hunt Large Killer Whale Hunting Sea Lion Large Round Mask, Junior Henderson Large Killer Whale Cedar Mask, Tim Alfred Large Hamatsa Cannibal Mask, Tim Alfred Raven Mask, Chief David Mungo Knox Thunderbird Mask, David Knox and Trevor Hunt Killer Whale Man Mask, Micah Vogel Sallawish Large Transformation Mechanical Mask Statue, Stan Hunt Raven Mask on Stand, Sanford Williams "Wolf Human Box Design" Cedar Plaque, Sanford Williams U-Form Cedar Head Plaque, David Strong Della Makah Wolf Cedar Mask, Mitchell Della Makah Warrior Cedar Mask, Gary Rice "Hawkman" Cedar Mask, Muwachaht Muchelott "Kingfisher" Small Cedar Mask, Trevor Angus "Raven and Killer Whale Plaque" Cedar, Roger Charles "Sea Wolf" Cedar Sculpture, Linda Hnidan "Frog Bowl" Cedar, Agulag Kotzelmak "Seagull" Inuit Mask, Brian Cameron Large Raven Hamatsa Cedar Mask, Robert Davidson "Spirit Helper's Helper" Serigraph, Robert Davidson "In Flight" Serigraph, Mark Henderson "Thunderbird and Killer Whale" Serigraph, Trevor Hunt Painted Drum, Moody Rufus Large Haida Argillite Longhouse Model, Collection of Pat and Denny Dixon Argillite Small Items, Cooper Wilson Argillite Carvings, Collection of Gene Chilton NW Coast Silver Jewelry, Bill Martin Carved Paddles and Artworks, Collection of Daniel Smith Carved Masks and Dolls, Several Elanson Akin Carved Cedar Masks, Frank Smith Carved Masks and Totems, Jacob Joe Carved Plaques and Halibut Hooks, Jimmy Chester Carved Masks, Kim Elkins Carved Native Dolls, Kimm Brown Carved Masks and Totems, Micah Vogel Carved Masks and Artworks, etc. Indian Baskets & Implements: Antique Haida 19th Cent. Argillite Totem Pole, Antique Haida or Tlingit 4’ Raven Cedar Totem Pole, 1930's NW Coast Painted Cedar 4' Totem Pole Model, Vintage Alaskan Baleen Covered Basket, Antique Tlingit Rattle Top Basket, Large Group Old Makah Baskets, Antique Apache Frog Basket, Pair Antique Plains Beaded Moccasins, Collection of Vintage Makah Indian Baskets, Old Makah Basketry Whaling Hats, Collection of Esther Penn Makah Baskets, June Parker Makah Basketry Hats and Dolls, James Omnik 7" Baleen Whale Tail Basket, Andrew Tooyak Sr. Baleen Basket with Seal Finial, etc. Southwest Native Arts: Tony Da Redward Avanyu Bowl, Marie & Julian Martinez Blackware, Joy Navasie Polychrome Jars, 7pc Michael Weisner Blackware, Marie Torivio Acoma Polychrome Jar, Elizabeth Waconda Acoma Polychrome Jar, Angea Figural Acoma Dancers Small Jar, Sunbeam Polacca Tewa Polychrome Jar, Joseph Acoma Bird Polychrome Bowl, etc. Firearm and Rifle Collection: Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action 44-40 Hexagon Barrel Rifle, Marlin Firearms Co. Model 1894 Lever Action 38/40 Rifle, Winchester John Wayne Commemorative Lever Action Rifle #933 of 1000, Winchester Buffalo Bill Presidential Lever Action Rifle #5 of 200, Texas Sesquicentennial Rifle and Knife Set in Case, Winchester Model 94/Colt Single Action Pistol Commemorative Set in Box, etc. Duck Decoys & Antiquities: Pair Antique Clark Leather Purple Wooly Show Chaps, 2pc Antique Mason Duck Factory Carved Decoys, Bobb Kerr Hand Carved Duck Decoy, Antique Blue Bill Drake Wood Duck Decoy, Antique Primitive Hand Carved Duck Decoys, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday August 11, Great Northwest Estates! Nautical, Advertisting, Art & Antiques! - TIMED AUCTION

Antique Nautical & Maritime: Lifetime Collection of Ships Brass including Wheels, Telegraphs, Perko Marine Lamps, Lights, Riggings, Telescopes, Binoculars, WWII Gauges, Plaques and Signs, Hamilton & Seth Thomas Ships Clocks, Barometers, Scales, Old Boat Models, & MORE! Advertising & Collectibles: Vintage Olympia Beer Sign, Antique Bell Systems Porcelain Flange Sign, Old Signs and Broadsides, Collection of Old Badges, Chauffeur, Weyerhauser, Railroad, Taxi, etc. Lots of Antique Advertising Paper and Brochures, Automobilia, Travel Paper, Early Seattle Paper, Old Newspaper and Magazines, etc. Old Advertising Lighters, Calendars, Brochures, etc. Collection Old Straight Razors, Collection Seattle Seafair Pins & Programs, Old Hydroplane Models, 1930's Outboard Motor (Electrified to Run on Stand), Old Airplane Wood Propellers, 1930’s Radio Service Lighted Clock, Old Country Signs, Old Candlestick Telephones and Microphones, Edison Oak Cylinder Player with Horn, Antique Brass Mixer, Morse Code Telegraphy Devices, Group Old Wood Transit Tripods, Old Mineral Specimens, Antique Fishing Reels and Poles, Antique Golden Potlatch Pennant, Old Felt Pennants, Old Toys and Games, Vintage Japanese Slot Machine, etc. Art and Sculpture: Original Byron Birdsall Watercolors, Original Richard Kirsten Artworks, Several Danny Mayes Seattle Paintings, Several Patrick Howe Paintings, Linda Odette Artworks, Several Bryan Ubaghs Contemporary Paintings, Lots of Contemporary Local Small Paintings and Framed Prints, Collection of Turned Wood Art Vessels, Raku and Funk Studio Pottery, etc. Western & Native Art Collection: Collection of Vintage Western Paintings by Bill Conant, Sharon Sharpe, Mark Ogle, Floyd Drown, Don Crooks, Karen Thayer, Bill McCusker, and Others, Several Remington Western Bronzes, Franklin Mint Western Sculptures and Guns, Groups of Old Indians Baskets, Old Apache Turtle Basket, Old Native Implements, etc. Asian Antiques & Lamps: Old Wood Ventriloquist Dummy, Antique Chinese Elmwood Square Tables, Pairs of Antique Chinese Elmwood Chairs, Antique Chinese Bird Cage, Old Chinese and Japanese Bronze Censers, 2pc Asian Bronze Dragon Sculptures, Old Abacus, Pigskin Box, Tetsubin Teapot, Bronze Vases, etc. Fenton Hobnail Double Floor Lamp, Hand Painted Fenton Hurricane Lamps, Pair Leaded Glass Shade Floor Lamps, Deco Figural Table Lamps, Some Studio Glass Vases and Paperweights, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday July 14, Modern Prints, Multiples and Photography Timed Auction on LiveAuctioneers ONLY

Japanese Woodblocks & Prints: 20th Century Woodblocks & Woodcuts- Large collection of midcentury prints by Kiyoshi Saito, Kaoru Kawano, Akira Takekawa, Kiyoshi Nagai, Kawashima, Takekawa, Fumio Fujita, Kunio Kaneko, Waichi Hayashi, Clifton Karhu, Sadao Watanabe, Tsuguharu Foujita, Paul Jacoulet, Kawase Hasui, Arai Yoshimune, Shiro Kasamatsu, Hiroshi Yoshida, Toshi Yoshida, Tajima Hiroyuki, Rikio Takahashi Edo Period Woodblocks- Utagawa Hiroshige, Utagawa Kunisada, Toyokuni, Kunichika, Torii Kiyotada, Aoyama Masaharu, Ogata Gekko, Katsushika Hokusai, Tachibana Morikuni, etc. Misc. Japanese Prints & Art- Kaoru Saito Mezzotints, Toko Shinoda Lithograph, Soichiro Tomioka Lithograph, Isaac Jiro Matsuoka Izacyro Drawings, Haruo Inaba Serigraph, Masuo Ikeda Lithograph, etc. Northwest Prints & Art: William Cumming Small Paintings, Joan Stuart Ross, Larry Sommers, Glen Alps, Lois Graham, Verna Haffer, Jane Baldwin, John Franklin Koenig, Joe Reno, Paul Heald, John Laddie Dill, Mary Henry, etc. Modern Prints & Etchings: Karel Appel, William Wiley, Martin Hurtig, Charley Harper, Brett Harper, Sabra Field, Randi Kjerstad, Lucy Vane, Joseph Senungetuk, Mary Kapbak Okheena, Dale DeArmond, Thomas Stream, Frederick Sevier Jr, Paul Gauguin, Frederick O'Hara, Kathe Kollwitz, Viktor Von Pribosic, Norbert Goeneutte, Joseph Hecht, Joan Miro, Bela Zaboly, Jorg Reme, Leonard Baskin, Roi Partridge, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Victor Vasarely, Man Ray 'Rayograph', Henry Moore, Salvador Dali, Stephen Huneck, Francisco Zuniga, Byron Galvez, Sister Korita Kent, etc. Original Art & Modern Design: Robert Gordy Drawing, Evelyn Ackerman Tapestries, Harris G. Strong Tile Plaques, Simon Soholm Tile Plaque, Isamu Noguchi AKARI Japanese Lamp Shade, Daniel Harris 'Zev' painting & sculptures, Rivka Eliav Brutalist Metal Collages, Steven Holl drawing, etc. Photography & Cameras: Antique 1880's Blair Tourograph Dryplate Camera with Storage Box Painted with Photographer's name (E.E. Thomas of Rainbow, New York), Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Tintypes, Leica Model IIIc, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Thursday July 7, Great Northwest Estates! Mid Century, Fine Arts, Silver & MORE! - TIMED AUCTION

Silver & Jewelry: Set Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Flatware, Set of Towle King Richard Sterling Flatware, 2pc Reed & Barton Love Disarmed Sterling Serving Pieces, Tiffany & Co. Art Deco Sterling Bowl, Set Jennings Silver Co. Sterling Classical Column Flatware, Mexican Sterling Bowls, Dutch Silver Courting Scene Box, Judaic Silver Kiddush Cup, Lots of Sterling Flatware and Holloware Pieces, Lots of Norwegian 830 Silver Flatware, Danish Modern Sterling Jewelry, 10k and 14k Gold Jewelry, Set 14k White Gold Diamond Heart Necklace and Earrings, Group Natural Gold Nugget Jewelry, Vintage Men's Omega Wristwatch in Box, Group Mexican Mixed Metals Hammered Table Wares, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Meissen 2728 Ring Around the Rosey Porcelain Figure Group, Antique KPM Hand Painted Cupid Gilt Cabinet Cup Saucer, 2pc Antique KPM Hand Painted Scenic Cabinet Cup Saucers, Set Antique KPM Hand Painted Fruit Cabinet Plates, 3pc Meissen Gilt Demitasse Tea Set, Set KPM Gilt Porcelain China Service, Collection of Royal Vienna Cabinet Cup Saucers, 2 Pairs Antique Dresden Figural Porcelain Candelabras, Pair Antique Dresden Porcelain Covered Urns, Antique Gilt Old Paris Cased Mantle Clock, Antique Teplitz Amphora Handled Vase, Mettlach Eagle Stein #1856, Antique Kralik Iridescent Art Glass Vase, Antique Bohemian Ruby Cut to Clear Claret Jug, Antique Intaglio Cut Silver Mounted Tankard, Set Steuben Tear Drop Crystal Martini Glasses, etc. Figurines & Collectibles: Collection of Lladro Porcelain Figurines with Boxes including Collector's Club and Prestige Collection, Collection of Liuligongfang Chinese Crystal Figures in Boxes, 2pc Xia Shi Liu Li Chinese Crystal Figures in Boxes, 2pc Versace for Rosenthal Porcelain, Moorcroft Pansy Vase, Mettlach Eagle Stein #1856, Royal Crown Derby Hedgehog Paperweight, Vintage Doulton Bulldog Figure, Group Roseville Snowberry & Magnolia Pottery, Weller Coppertone Pottery Vase, Group Roseville Juvenile Wear, 2pc Weller Louwelsa Poppy Planters, Vintage Coon Chicken Inn Restaurant Ware Plate, Vintage Kitty Cat Wall Clock in Box, Collection of Budweiser Collector Steins, Vintage Ray Williams Carved Totem Pole Model, Vintage Singer White Featherweight Sewing Machine in Case, etc. Fine Art & Prints: Large Collection of Vintage Maxfield Parrish Prints and Calendars, Large Collection of Antique American and European Portrait Oils and Still Life Paintings, Antique and Vintage European Landscape Oil Paintings, 2pc Large European Classical Bronze Sculptures, Collection of 20th Century Art Photographs and Beefcake Photos, etc. Asian Antiquities & Ethnographic: Pair Chinese Ming Sancai Tomb Attendant Figures, Antique Chinese Dragon Cloisonne Ginger Jar, Pair Chinese Republic Blue Monochrome Ginger Jars, Pair Chinese Republic Millefleur Gilt Porcelain Cylinder Vases, Antique Chinese Figural Roof Tile on Stand, Antique Mah Jong Set in Rosewood Case, Antique and Vintage Chinese Cloisonne, Group Chinese Carved Cinnabar Jars and Large Vase, Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Dragon Vase, 3pc Japanese Sumida Gawa Wares, Group Meiji Japanese Kutani Jars & Dragon Teapot, Pair Antique Japanese Polychrome Wood Phoenix Panels, Japanese Momoyama Large Bizen Storage Jar, Large Japanese Meiji Hotei Ceramic Buddha, Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Collars and Hats, Collection of Vintage Indian and Persian Garments, Semi Antique Persian Saddle Bags, African and Papua New Guinea Masks and Carvings, Group Pre Columbian Pottery and Ancient Roman Wares, etc. Mid Century & Design: Pair Maya Lin for Knoll Studio 1998 Chairs, Vintage Eames for Herman Miller LCM Chair, Pair 1960's Retro Orange Table Lamps, Set Raymond Loewy for Rosenthal Porcelain Dinnerware, Gio Ponti Silverplated Tea Service, Eugene Deutsch Studio Pottery Tray, 2pc Poole England Pottery, 2pc Raymor Italian Pottery, 2pc Higgins Glass Trays, Mid Century Murano Glass, Mid Century Italian Pottery Collection, Collection of Carlo Moretti Murano Glass Frosted Vases, Italian Colored Glass Genie Bottles, Collection of Design Books and Catalogs, Vintage Alexander Calder & Claes Oldenberg Exhibition Posters Framed, Dale Chihuly Poster Collection from Rooney Collection, etc. NW Art & Ceramics: 4pc Joe Police Kinetic Wire Sculptures, 8pc Lucy Ray Brutalist Bronze Sculptures (BCC Sculpture Instructor), 3pc Diane Katsiaficas Paintings, 2pc Max Benjamin Small Abstract Paintings, 2pc Joe Reno early artworks, Lin Lipetz Original Artwork, 2pc Albert Fisher Pastel Portrait Paintings, Lois Silver Original Pastel, 3pc Ruth Fluno Modernist Watercolors, Doug Housen Abstract Landscape Painting, Lisel Salzer Small Etching, 3pc Elton Bennett Serigraphs, Robert Sperry Studio Pottery Bowl, Louis Mideke Pottery Vase, 3pc Reid Ozaki Studio Pottery, 2pc Sequoia Miller Ceramics, Large Collection of Wood Fired Studio Ceramics, Debra Moore Studio Glass Vase, Sabrina Pohlman Etched Glass Vase, DeSomma and Brock Pilchuck Glass Vase, 2pc Pilchuck Glass Goblets from Rooney Collection, Hilltop Glass Latticino Vase, etc.   See photos and auction results.


Saturday June 25, FoodArt Collection Auction - Timed Auction

Nearly 200 lots of food themed art and objects largely from local Seattle artists collected over the last 7 years. Includes paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, furniture, and lighting.

Museum of Museums (MoM) is a contemporary art center on First Hill in Seattle, WA. Housed in a renovated mid-century medical building, MoM hosts two formal exhibition spaces, three additional on-site museums, rotating installations, murals and sculpture, a theater, weekly art classes, pop-ups, and conceptual gift shop. Nearly every inch of the property is art-activated. MoM's mission is to increase the artist population of Seattle and inspire our local arts ecosystem through exhibition, education, and conversation about the role of the artist, philanthropist and collector. The FoodArt Auction Auction will be displayed in "The Kitchen" of MoM, a first-floor flexible space that hosts unique programming throughout the week. From art classes to pop-up exhibits, workshops and artist bazaars, it is the most active and diversely programmed space at the museum. The Kitchen has its own entrance at 903 Broadway and holds hours independent of the museum. Museum of Museums is a non-collection, admission-based, for profit business and their success is directly related to your participation. There is no version of a great city with a declining artist population, and no version of a plan to fix this without your support.   See photos, color catalog, and auction results.


Thursday May 26, Northwest Modernism and Fine Arts

Featuring the balance of a large collection that originated in Portland, Oregon and was collected in the 1970's!

Northwest & Modern Art: Museum Quality Margaret Keane "Waiting for Mordacai at the end of the Rainbow" 1985 Large Oil Painting with Gold Leaf, Sam Francis "Phenomena Leander's Own" 1961 Watercolor on Paper, Mark Tobey "Fusion" 1954 Tempera Abstract, Paul Horiuchi "Kabuki" 1950's Abstract Casein, Paul Horiuchi "Winter Memory" 1967 Collage, Z.Z. Wei "On the Way Home" Large Diptych Oil (36"x48" and 48"x60"), Z.Z. Wei "Blue Barn Shadows" Oil 48"x36", Z.Z. Wei "Red Barn Landscape" Oil 48"x36", Z.Z. Wei "Rolling Hills Landscape" Oil 36"x48", Frank Okada "J.S. XII" 1987 White and Blue Oil, Francis Celentano Vertical Optic Painting, 3pc Francis Celentano "Spirale" Optic Paintings, Fay Jones "Coat Relic" 1977 Small Oil, Ben Aronson "Copse" (Landscape) 1989 Large Acrylic, Museum Quality William Ivey Large Green Abstract Expressionist 1977 Oil 70"x80", William Ivey Multi-Colored Abstract Expressionist 1977 Oil 60"x48", William Ivey White and Red Abstract Expressionist 1979 Oil 60"x34" James Washington Jr. "Venus" 1974 Large Stone Sculpture, George Tsutakawa "Summer Festival" 1957 Absract Gansai Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Poetry of the Past" Casein Collage 4-Panel Screen, Paul Horiuchi "Poetry" Casein Collage, Kenneth Callahan "The Dance" 1953 Red Tempera Painting, 4pc Kenneth Callahan Ink Figure Paintings: Construction Worker, Birds, Goats, and Figure, Richard Gilkey "Frog" 1960's Ink Drawing, Richard Gilkey "Bird Nest with Egg" Large Charcoal, Lubin Petric "Motion" 1950's Oil, Leo Kenney Surrealist Scene Gouache, Harold Balazs Abstract Enameled Plaque, Z.Z. Wei "Night Scene with Flowers" 1990's Oil, 2pc Harold Balazs Abstract Acrylic Paintings, 5pc William Cumming Colored Sketchbook Figure Drawings, Jay Steensma Bird Oil on Paper Bag, 2pc Windsor Utley Modernist Paintings, 2pc Jacob Elshin WPA Era Western Mural Studies, Gary Anderson 1950's Abstract Oil, Inez Bailey Hill Abstract Oil, 3pc Nicolai and Berthe Kuvshinoff 1950's Modernist Oils, Several Modernist Oils by Claude Utley, Several Windsor Utley Abstractions and Drawings, Victor Steinbruck Seattle Original Drawing, Spencer Moseley "The Beach" 1950 Exhibited Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: Chuck Close "Robert" (Manipulated) 1982 Pressed Pulp Paper, 2pc Roger Shimomura Japanese Pop Serigraphs, Yvonne Twining Humber Early "Carnival" Lithograph, Mark Tobey "High Tide" 1974 Screenprint on Japon Paper, 2pc Iitalo Scanga Signed Etchings, Harvey Littleton Early Abstract Etching, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: William Morris "Stonehenge Vessel" 1984, William Morris "Shard Vessel" 1983, 2pc William Morris Large Standing Stone Sculptures, Dale Chihuly 1986 Tangerine Basket with Black Lip Wrap, Dale Chihuly Pink Presentation Bowl 1981 Signed by Several Members of Pilchuck, 1990 Pilchuck School Signed Art Glass Ball with Dozens of Signatures, Norman Courtney 1983 Pilchuck Glass Cylinder with Saying, Karen Kreager Acid Cut Glass Vessel, Benjamin Moore Blue Threaded Glass Small Vase, Bertil Vallien Pilchuck 1987 Acid Cut Glass Vase, Robin Miller 2000 Studio Glass Duck Sculpture, Early Patti Warashina Fish Platter Funk Ceramic Sculpture, Early Patti Warashina White Crackle Glaze Punch Bowl with Undertray, David Shaner Large Landscape Slab, Robert Sperry White Crackle Glaze Bowl, Anne Hirondelle Large Handled Vessel on Stand, Anne Hirondelle Teapot on Stand, Anne Hirondelle Cup on Stand, Ngaire Hixson Covered Sunburst Jar, etc. 20th Cent. Design: George Nakashima Walnut Turned Leg Dining Table, Saarinen for Knoll White Marble Top Tulip Dinette Table, Set 4 Saarinen for Knoll Purple Upholstered Dining Chairs, Saarinen for Knoll Marble Top Tulip Coffee Table, Folks. Contemporary Teak Line Credenza, 3pc Vintage Eames Shell Chairs, etc.

See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 26, Great Northwest Estates! Asian Antiquities and Arts - TIMED AUCTION

Featuring the balance of a large collection that originated in Portland, Oregon and was collected in the 1970's! Features a collection of Tibetan and Indian Hindu bronzes, Chinese and Japanese Porcelain, Chinese Silk Textiles, Japanese & Asian Scroll Paintings, Chinese Qing Rosewood Furniture, and MUCH MORE! See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 19, Fine Asian Arts and Antiquities + Jewelry

Chinese Porcelain: Pair of Imperial Qianlong Mark Turquoise Ground Famille Rose Jars, Pair of Chinese Kangxi Famille Verte Jars with Mythical Animals, Pair of Chinese Qing Polychrome Dragon Hat Stands, Pair of Chinese Republic Peacock Blue Hu Vases, Chinese Jiaqing Parade Dish with Elephant, Chinese Daoguang Figural Bat Bowl on Stand, Pair Chinese Late Qing Blue & White Foo Lion Large Jars, Chinese Qing Black Monochrome Bottle Vase, Chinese 18th Cent. Flambe Glaze Bottle Vase and Brush Washer, 2pc Chinese Sang de Boeuf 19th Cent. Baluster Vases, 2pc Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Late Qing Chargers, Chinese Republic Yellow Dragon Cong Vase, etc. Japanese Porcelain & Bronze: Masahide Matsuyama Peacock Glaze Vase with Tomobako, Japanese Signed Hoen Bronze Vase with Lobsters, Japanese Inoue Ryosai Porcelain Dragon Vase, Japanese Mixed Metals Sparrows and Waves Vase, Japanese Meiji Bronze Archaic Ball Vase with Magatama Feet, Pair of Edo Samurai Abumi Stirrups, Collection of Japanese Samurai Jingasa Lacquered Hats, Pair of Meiji Lacquered Sake Casks, 2pc Japanese 17th Century Large Shigaraki Jars, Monumental Meiji Japanese Bronze Eagle and Dragon Koro Floor Censer, etc. Buddhist Bronzes: Chinese Ming 17th Cent. Gilt Bronze Guanyin in Multi-Armed Tantric Form (Re-Guilt), Tibetan 17th Cent. Gilt Bronze Seated Tara, Chinese Ming Bronze Seated Buddha on Lotus Throne, Chinese Ming Seated Guanyin on Lotus Thrown, Tibetan 19th Cent. Hayagriva with Yab Yum Embrace with Consort Bronze Bodhisattva, Tibetan 18th Cent. Mahakala Seated Small Bronze, Chinese 18th Cent. Lacquered Seated Bronze Buddha, Chinese Qing Palden Lhamo Gilt Bronze Diety with Attendants, Group of Indian 17th-19th Cent. Small Deities, Tara, Ganesh, etc. Large Khmer Bronze Ardhaparyanka Shiva or Prajnaparamita, Thai 19th Cent. Gilt Bronze Buddha on Throne, etc. Fine Jades and Snuff Bottles: Chinese Qing White Jade Lock Pendant on Turquoise Necklace, Chinese 18th/19th Cent. Jade Basket Necklace with Toggles, 4pc Chinese 18th/19th Cent. Jade Pierced Pendants, Chinee Jade Archer's Rings, 19th Cent. White Jade Figural Frog Snuff Bottle, Collection of Qing Jadeite Buttons and Toggles, 2pc Qing Turquoise Snuff Bottles, 18th Cent. Shadow Agate Qilin Snuff Bottle, Qing Quartz Snuff Bottles, Qing Porcelain and Peking Glass Snuff Bottles, etc. Textiles and Robes: Qing Imperial Gold Thread Cobalt Dragon Robe, Qing Imperial Dragon Silk Brocade Robe, Qing Coral Ground Gold Thread Dragon Robe and Skirt, Collection of Qing Silk Embroidered Sleeve Panels, Chinese Song Dynasty Phoenix Textile Fragment, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Skirts, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Panels, Sets of Chinese Qing Kesi Silk Panels, Chinese Qing Gold Thread Rank Badges, etc. Scroll Paintings: Gai Qi Large Qing Scroll Painting of Cat with Blossoming Flowers, Shishen Wang Landscape Watercolor Fan Painting,es, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: Men's Patek Philippe 18k Calatrava Travel Time Wristwatch, Chinese 22k Gold Rope Necklace with Jadeite Pendant, Lady's 18k Diamond and Ruby Cocktail Bracelet, Lady's 18k Diamond and Ruby Earrings, Men's Chronoswiss 18 Regulator CH 1221 Wristwatch, Men's Chronoswiss Regulator CH 1223 Stainless Wristwatch, Men's Daniel Roth Chronograph 463 Stainless Wristwatch, Lady's 14k Baume & Mercier Diamond Bezel Solid Gold Band Wristwatch, Pair 14k Greek Key Half Hoop Earrings, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday April 28, Great Northwest Estates! Mid Century & Eclectic, Asian and Native, Antiquities & Collectibles - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Silver: 14k Persian Gold Coin Charm Bracelet, 14k Mabe Pearl Jewelry, 18k Amethyst Cabochon Ring, 14k Sapphire Clasp Multi-Strand Seed Pearl Necklace, 14k Jade Clasp Multi-Strand Seed Pearl Necklace, 14k and 18k Earrings and Necklaces, Italian 18k Two-Tone Gold Necklace, Natural Coral Necklaces and Bracelets, Chinese 22k Jadeite Pendants, 5pc Shreve & Co. Sterling Engraved Tea Service, 4pc Dingwall English Engraved Sterling Tea Service, 56pc Gorham Alvin "Raleigh" Sterling Flatware Service, 34pc Whiting "Lady Baltimore" Sterling Flatware, Japanese & Chinese Export Silver, Louis XV Pattern Sterling Large Ladle, Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Danish Enameled Silver Spoons and Jewelry, etc. Asian Antiquities & Ethnographic: Impressive Antique Chinese Gilt Lacquered Wedding Bed with Reverse Painted Panels, 2pc Chinese Qing Rosewood Altar Tables, Japanese Meiji Tansu Chest, Korean Small Bandaji Chest, Fine Japanese Enameled Silver Stork on Bronze Leaf, Meiji Japanese Ando Cloisonne Vases, Meiji Japanese Satsuma Vases, Chinese Qing Prunus Jar with Cover, Old Chinese Shiwan Wares, Japanese Edo Seto Ware Andon Zara Dish, Antique Japanese Mashiko Wares, Japanese Kinkozan Samurai Processional Satsuma Tea Set, Lots of Chinese Qing and Republic Cloisonne, Chinese Pigskin Trunks, Collection of Japanese Meiji Imari and Kutani Wares including Large Chargers, 2pc African Ashanti Bronze Gold Dust Jars, Group of African and New Guinea Carved Large Masks, etc. Fine Art & Prints: 6pc Surrealist Fantasy Oil Paintings by Ilene Meyer, Leroy Dayton Updyke Mountain Landscape Oil, 3pc Jeanne Laurence Botanical Gouache Paintings, Peggy Dodds WPA Era "Flower Cart" Oil Painting, Mary Rosamond Coolidge "Barbara" Portrait, 2pc Paul Muller WPA Era Market & Protest Ink Drawings, Collection of American WPA Figure Paintings, 3pc WWI Living Insignia Photographs, Antique Tinted Ship Photographs, Antique Butterfly Tinted Engravings, 2pc Henry Evans Botanical Woodcuts, Collection of Lucien Harris Original Bird Gouache Paintings, Orlando Botero Large Modernist Serigraph, Several Luigi Kasimir & Josef Eidenberger Etchings, Several Jerry Becker Small NW Watercolors, etc. Native & Western Arts: Vintage 6' Chainsaw Carved Totem Pole, Vintage 2' Chainsaw Carved Eagle Totem, Large Antique Pima Indian Basket, 2pc Argillite Small Totem Models, Rie Munoz Early Bear S/N Print, Collection of Robert Cavanaugh NW Coast Native Bronzes, 2pc Brad Laring Animal Bronzes, Gus Schildt Western Cowboy Bronze, Rie Munoz Early Signed Numbered Bear Lithograph, Collection of George Ahgupuk Eskimo Ink Drawings, Collection of Inuit Scrimshaw and Soapstone Carvings, Old Alaskan Indian Baskets, Collection of Makah Trinket Baskets, Old Tlingit Small Basket, Collection of Southwest Acoma and Hopi Pottery, Southwest Kachina Dolls, etc. Fine Crystal, Porcelain & Pottery: Artist Signed Rookwood Pottery Vase by Wilhelmina Rehm, Weller Coppertone Lily Pad Vase, Large Collection of Steuben Crystal Bowls, Vases, Figurines, etc., St. Louis and Tiffany Crystal Eagle Figures, Lemaitre French Cameo Glass Tall Snake Vase, Legras Cameo Glass Tall Floral Vase, Collection of Belleek Black Mark Shell and Bacchus Porcelain, Antique Royal Vienna Imari Trifoil Bowl, Antique Royal Vienna Hand Painted Hanging Charger, 2pc Antique French Faience Ware Sauceboats, Collection of Shawnee Pottery Corn Ware, etc. Studio Pottery & Glass: Several Oiva Toikka Glass Birds, Several Dan Bergsma Blown Glass Vessels, Robert Eickholt Large Jellyfish Paperweight, Several Jim Moore Blown Glass Vessels, Collection of Robert Maxwell Ceramic Little Critters 15pc, Tom Coleman Ash Glazed Vase, 2pc Wally Bivins Large Stoneware Vessels, 2pc Greg Federighi Large Charger and Covered Vessel, 2pc Peter Olson Wood Fired Large Charger and Vessel, 2pc Anne Hirondelle Early Large Ceramics, Collection of NW Chawan and Yunomi Ceramic Tea Bowls, etc. Mid Century Design: Sori Yanagi Butterfly Stool, Room & Board Black Marble Top Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table, Chromecraft Smokey Glass Top Tulip Dinette Table, Set 4 Eames Eiffel Tower Dining Chairs, Set 4 Arne Jacobsen Oxford Chairs, Set 6 Rosewood Dining Chairs by Kai Kristiansen, Edward Wormley for Drexel Bar Cart, Edward Wormley Style Leather Reclining King Size Headboard, Pair of Baker Mid Century Side Tables, Mid Century Henredon Campaign Style Server, Curtis Jere Large Brass Ship Sculpture, Curtis Jere Sea Urchin Hanging Sculpture, etc. Antiquities & Collectibles: Antique Green Slag Shade Table Lamp, Antique Wrought Iron Floor Candelabra, Pair of Art Deco Iron Double Floor Lamps, Period Tilt Top Round Table, Pair of Inlaid Mahogany Sewing Stands, Antique Wrought Iron Magazine Rack, 3pc Victorian Ornate Silverplate Candelabras and Impressive Centerpiece, Antique Western Electric Candlestick Phone, Antique Stereoviews and Viewers, Max Munn Autrey Original Stereoviews of Charlie Chaplin, Richard Nixon and Rockefeller Press Passes, 1930's Mickey Mouse Child's Teaset, Vintage Sounders Soccer Team Signed Pennant, Nikon Binoculars, Leica C Digital Camera Outfit, Antique Black Leica Camera, Collection of Antique Bayonets and Replica Swords, Old Military Gear, Hunting Rifle Scopes, Collection of Traditions Lead Soldiers in Boxes, Collection of Finger Interests Limited Edition Lead Soldiers in Boxes, Collection of British Militaria and Swords, WWII Sheath Knife, WWI US Bayonet and Ammo Pouch, Collection of Vintage Bird Books & Mountaineering, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday April 7, Great Northwest Estates! Antiquities and Collectibles - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Silver: 3pc Antique Dominick & Haff American Sterling Teaset, 79pc Wallace Golden Agean Weave Sterling Flatware, 19pc Love Disarmed Reed & Barton Sterling Flatware, Continental Silver Serving Pcs, Italian Enameled Silver Courting Scene Compact, Tiffany & Co. 14k Hoop Earrings in Box, 14k and 18k Amethyst Rings, 18k Diamond Pendant, 14k Dolphin Jewelry, 14k Gold Charms, Real Pearl Necklaces, Danish and Mexican Silver Jewelry, Antique Swiss Pocket Watches, Victorian Gold Slide Chain with Cigar Cutter Fob, Antique Coin Cutout Bracelet, Vintage Men's Omega Wristwatch, 1980's Guess Watches in Boxes, etc. Asian Antiquities & Furniture: Meiji Japanese Mizuya Kitchen Tansu, Meiji Japanese Shodana Inlaid Collector's Cabinet, Collection of Meiji and Edo Tansu Chests and Tea Cabinets, Meiji Japanese Dragon Desk, Meiji Japanese Chrysanthemum Lamp Table, Old Japanese Mikugyo Lacquered Bell, Chinese Rosewood Collectors Cabinet, 2pc Chinese Rosewood Snuff Bottle Cabinet, Set of Chinese Rosewood Nesting Tables, Old Japanese Long Benches, Old Chinese Porcelain, Chinese Jade Jewelry and Pendants, Antique Chinese Rice Buckets and Jade Trees, Antique Chinese Mah Jong Set, Old Japanese and Chinese Cloisonne, Japanese Satsuma Wares, Old Chinese Rose Medallion, Meiji Japanese Satsuma, Collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Chinese Stone Applique Lacquered Room Dividing Screen, Meiji Japanese Inro and Tsuba, etc. Antiquities, Clocks, & Inkwells: Collection of Antique Inkwells including Egyptian Revival, Antique Bronze Figural, etc. Tiffany Furnaces Enameled Bronze Bowl, Antique Orientalist Figural Metal Lamp, Antique English Oak Tantalus Set, Antique Ship's Clocks, Antique Oak Kitchen Clocks, etc. European Furniture & Lamps: Antique French Gilt Vitrine Cabinet, Antique French Gilt Marble Top 3-Drawer Chest, Pair of Italian Gilt Marble Top Stands, French Gilt and Cane Back Fainting Lounge, Victorian MOP Inlaid Lacquered Sewing Stand, Italian Carved Putto Figural Wood Pedestal, Lots of French and Italian Gilt Small Benches, Italian Gilt Mirrored 4-Panel Room Screen, Set of 6 Antique French Gilt Parlor Side Chairs, Pair of French Gilt Carved Upholstered Armchairs, Lots of Ornate Brass Table and Floor Lamps, Antique Cast Iron Hall Tree, Victorian Ebonized Wood Standing Easel, Lots of Vintage Scatter Rugs, 2pc Vintage Karastan Rugs, Antique Caucasian and Persian Rugs, Collection of Contemporary Leaded Glass Dragonfly Table Lamps and Loose Floral Shades, Bergner Style Leaded Glass Art Nouveau Woman Lamp, Lots of Fenton and Ruby Glass Light Shades, etc. Fine Art & Print: 100's of Framed Artworks including a Collection of Antique American Landscape Paintings, Antique and Vintage Portrait Paintings, Gallery Purchased Wine Giclees, LeRoy Neiman Sporting Serigraphs, Hulan Fleming Landscape Oil, Charles Mulvey Seascape Watercolor, William Reese Oil Painting, Collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints, etc. Crystal & Porcelain: Lalique "Biches" Purple Deer Crystal Vase, Lalique 5-Light Crystal Candelabra, 30pc Waterford "Ashling" Crystal Stemware, 12pc Steuben Crystal Tear Drop Stemware, Lundberg Studios Aquarium Paperweight, 3pc Baccarat Crystal Animals with Boxes, Steuben and Orrefors Animals, Mats Jonasson Crystal Figures, 2pc Cobalt Blenko Glass, Kosta Goran Warff Bowl, 2pc Robert Eickholt Dichroic Glass, Josh Simpson Glass Marble, Caithness Paperweight, New Art Glass Swirl Marbles, Swarovski Pineapple in Box, etc. Vintage Murano Glass Paperweights, Antique French Glass Paperweight, Antique Bohemian Glass Perfume Bottles, Antique Pratt Ware Scenic Plates, Antique German Hand Painted Cabinet Plates, Royal Copenhagen Maritime Jars and Vases, Italian Porcelain Figurines, Antique Staffordshire Dogs, Group Spode Tower Dinnerware, Set Lenox Holly Dinnerware, etc. Native Americana: Virginia Hackett NW Coast Eagle Cedar Mask, NW Coat Cedar Copper Form Rattle, NW Coast Old Painted Totem Model, Collection of Alaskan Inuit Scrimshaw Work: Cribbage Boards, Tupilaks, Billikens, etc. Antique Indian and Old West Books, etc. Mid Century & Design: Edward Wormley for Dunbar Table with Ten Chairs, 5pc Baker Mid Century Walnut Dresser Set, Pair Vintage McGuire White Rattan Armchairs, Mid Century Walnut Oval Dining Table with Leaves, Sonnen Style Chrome Floor Lamp, Set 4 Mid Century Stacking Ant Stools, Mid Century Fire Tool Set, etc. 1983-5 Honda Aero 80 Scooter Cycle with Clear Title – 40,817 Original Miles Old Toys, Sports Cards, Books and Collectibles: Hugh Hefner Signed Playboy Book, Vintage 1970'S Topps Baseball, Football and Basketball Cards, Eddie Murray, Pete Rose, Mickey Mantle, Nolan Ryan, etc. Collection of Vintage Matchbox/Corgi and Hotwheel Redline Cars, 2pc Antique German Large Latticino Swirl Glass Marbles, Collection of WWI Daggers – German and British, Collection of Antique Beaded Whimsies, etc. Vintage Conn Brass Saxophone, Antique Buescher Silverplate Saxophone, Carnation Malted Milk Aluminum Container, Antique Old West and NW Books, Collection of First Editions Club and Folio Press Books in Slipcases, Vintage Glass Fish Float, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 17, Fine Antiquities and History

Photography: Meade Brothers (Albany, NY) 1840's Daguerreotype Portrait in Daguerre Branded Case, Augustus Washington (Hartford, CT) 1840's Half Plate Daguerreotype, Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of Landscape with Large House, Abraham Bogardus (New York, NY) Half Plate Ambrotype City Street Scene, Half Plate Tintype of Two Young Gentlemen in Case, Ambrotypes and tintypes of Navy Seaman, Union Soldier, Cavalry Soldier, Civil War CDVs, E. & H.T. Anthony Abraham Lincoln Stereo view, Wright Brothers Aeroplane Real Photo Postcards, Early Aviation Real Photo Postcards, Charles Lindbergh Postcards, Hindenburg & Graf Zeppelin II (LZ 130) Postcards, George W. Kirk (Washington) Early 20th Century Logging Photograph Album, Emmy Lou Packard (California) 'Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera' Platinum/Palladium Prints, Peter Stackpole (California), Wynn Bullock (California), etc. Silver: Impressive 19th century Austrian SIlver Coin-Set Harness Racing Trophy Tankard, English Georgian & Victorian Silver (Urn, Serving Pieces, Flatware, Condiments, Tea Set), Japanese Sterling Sailboat Desk Model possibly by Takehiko Seki, Tiffany & Co Olympian Pattern Soup Ladle, etc. Georgian Glass: 17th Century Baluster Wine Glass, Decanters, Water Jugs, Punch Cups, Custard Cups, Sunderland Bridge Engraved Goblet, Twist Stem Wine Glasses, Rummers, Wine Glasses, Tumblers, etc. Porcelain: 18th century Chinese Tea Cups, Chinese Export Coffee Set, Chinese Imari, 1901 Royal Delft Joost Thooft & Labouchere Hand Painted Large Round Tile of Rembrandt, etc. Music Boxes: 19th century Swiss Cylinder Tabletop Music Boxes (Paillard, Columbia, Henry Gautschi & Sons, BB & Cie, etc.), Polyphon Nickelodeon Upright Coin-Op Disc Music Box with Cabinet, Polyphon Lochmann's Original Upright Music Box, Regina Disc Music Box and Vernis Martin Style Decorated Cabinet w/ 45 Discs, Imperial Symphonion No.106 Disc Music Box, Mira Small Tabletop Disc Music Box, Large J. Klepetar Prague Orchestrion Piano Music Box Chest, etc. Furniture: 18th Century Dutch Marquetry Inlay Bombe Secretary Cabinet, Antique Oak Music Cabinet, Anglo-Indian Elephant Head Occasional Table, Elaborate Syrian Parquetry Inlay Game Table, etc. Artworks: Pair Early American Family Paintings, large group of 19th & 20th Century paintings from English, French, I talian, and American Artists (William Hemsley, Pompeo Massani, French 18th Century Portrait of a Lady, William Jewett, George Washington Seavey, Paul Verdussen, Burr H. Nicholls, Robert B. Hopkin, Walter Lansil, Gordon Hope Grant, Frank Schneider, James Gale Tyler, Edward Loyal Field, Hugh Bolton Jones, Benjamin Foster, Eliot Candee Clark, Robert Wesson, Henry Pember Smith, Frederick Williamson, Max Savy, Robert Atkinson Fox, Astley David Middleton Cooper, Remington Schuyler, Joshua Biehn, Robert Street, Albert Petersen, Edmund Johann Niemann, Edgar Longstaffe, Giuseppe Salvati, Louis Dali, Johannes Schiefer, Denis Paul Noyer, etc. Prints: Albrecht Durer 'Death of the Virgin' Lifetime Woodcut, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, William Giles, Alphonse Mucha, John Sloan, Rockwell Kent, Pablo Esteban O'Higgins, etc. Sculpture & Plaques: James Earle Fraser Teddy Roosevelt Bronze Galvino Plaque, G.H. Sander Teddy Roosevelt Bronze Galvino Plaque, Jo Davidson Franklin Roosevelt Small Bronze Bust, Bronzes by Antoine Bofill, Emile Pinedo, Demetre Chiparus, Paolo Abbate, Antonin Mercie, Emile Guillemin, Alfred Barye Fils, J. Loriot, Sandy Scott, Clovis Edmond Masson, Otto Jarl, Goldscheider Terracotta, Austrian Owl Gilt Bronze Double Inkwell, Gaspar Mascagni Carved Alabaster Beauty Accent Lamp, etc. Collectibles: Antique Ventriloquist Dummies including 1920's Black Doll, Original Edward Gorey Pen Drawing, Kem Weber for Lawson 'Zephyr' Brass Art Deco Electric Clock, Ingersoll Watches Enameled Steel Advertising Sign, De Laval Cream Separator Tin Litho Signs (Stanwood Hardware, WA), Dozens of 1920's Winchester 5 Panel Advertising Signs (Guns, Ammunition, Sporting Goods, Homegoods, etc.), Art Deco Carved Alabaster Polar Bear Accent Lamp, etc. Books, Maps & Ephemera: Thomas Gent 'History of the Eastern Window of the Cathedral York' 1767, Johannes Allart 'Scenes of the French Revolution' 1794, Sebastian Munster, 'India Extrema' 1550, Abraham Ortelius 'Indiae Orientalis Insularumque Adiacientium Typus' 1582, Abraham Ortelius ''Americae Siv Novi Orbis Nova Descriptio'' 1570-73, 18th Century Chinese Maps from Du Halde and Bellin, John Barrow, December 16, 1802 Edition of Boston Independent Chronicle Newspaper with Thomas Paine's '4th Letter to the People of the United States', Improved Order of Red Men Fraternal Organization Charter from Chenango Forks New York, Indentured Servant Contract Dated July 1555, Indentured Servant Contract Dated July 1675, Dooly County Georgia Legal Liquor License Oath dated 1866, WWII Japanese Internment Camp Painting and Scrapbook, James Polk Secretary Signed Land Deed dated 1848, James Buchanan Secretary Signed Miami Tribe Land Deed dated 1859, Franklin Roosevelt signed 'Eyes for the Navy' Appreciation Certificate, John F Kennedy Secretary Signed Photograph and White House Stationary Letter dated 1961, Imperial Chinese Government Hukuang Railways Sinking Fund Gold Loan of 1911 Bond, La Lidia Bound Spanish Bullfighting Magazine 1893, etc. Rugs & Textiles: 19th century Qalamkar 'Fabric Painting' Textile, Antique & Semi-Antique Persian Room and Runner Rugs (Bidjar, Mahal, Caucasian, Kazak, Karabagh, Qashqai, Kurdish, Khotan, Yarkand, Ushak, Lilihan, and Tribal), etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday March 3, Northwest Modernism and Fine Arts

Northwest Art & Sculpture: Museum Quality Chuck Close 1962 Abstract Oil Painting (While Student of Alden Mason), Museum Quality Guy Anderson "Icarean Sea" 1969 Large Abstraction 78"x50", Morris Graves "Flowering Greenhouse Plant" 1964 Tempera (Original Willard Gallery Receipts), James Washington Jr. "Resting Gull" 1966 Granite Sculpture, William Cumming "Worker and Warehouses" 1967 Large Tempera, William Ivey "Untitled" (Window) Abstract Oil, William Ivey Untitled Small Abstract Oil, Frank Okada "Untitled" (Navy and Green) Abstract Oil, Fay Jones "Wardrobe" Small Oil, Alden Mason "Painted Violin" Sculpture, Richard Gilkey "Still Life" (Egg and Grapes) Oil on Linen, Richard Gilkey "Orb" Steel Sculpture (1 of 3 Produced), Paul Horiuchi "Seashore" 1960's Casein Collage, Paul Horiuchi 1960's Horizontal Abstraction Collage, Kenjiro Nomura "Lake Boat" 1930's Small Oil, Kenneth Callahan "Figures in Stones" 1960's Tempera, Kenneth Callahan "Quartet" Tempera on Panel, Kenneth Callahan Mountain Sumi Ink, Ambrose Patterson "The Dancers" Abstract Painting, Leo Kenney Surrealist Study Small Artwork, Leo Kenney "Study for Relic of the Sun" Artwork, Joseph Goldberg "What Passes By" Large Encaustic 67"x48", Joseph Goldberg "Whitecaps" Encaustic, Jay Steensma "Gathering" Oil on Canvas, Fay Chong "Power Lines" Watercolor, Art Hansen 1960's Cut Trees Ink Drawing, 2pc Neil Meitzler Casein Abstractions, Manfred Lindenberger Landscape Watercolor, Wendell Brazeau Op Art Small Oil, Jack Chevalier "Muse" Assemblage, Marie Elise Gray Abstract Watercolor, Louise Gilbert Early Landscape Tempera, Maria Frank Abrams Abstract Oil Painting, John Franklin Koenig Triptych Abstraction Oil, 2pc Paul Heald Abstract Oil and Graphite, 3pc Lois Graham Abstract Artworks, Julie Speidel Sculptural Copper Center Bowl, 7pc Charles W. Smith Op Art Steel Sculptures, Several Richard Beyer Cast Aluminum Figural Sculptures, Sherry Karver "First Impressions" Photo Based Oil, Christopher Martin Hoff "City Grid" Seattle Oil, Cappy Thompson "Dancing with Bear" Reverse Painting (Book Cover), 4pc Jaq Chartier Contemporary Abstractions, Catherine Skinner Encaustic, Charles Krafft "Puget Tesla" Oil, 2pc Early Charles Krafft Fishtown Abstractions, Paul Havas "Salmon in Stream" Oil, 3pc Eugene Pizzuto Mt. Rainier Abstract Oils, Dick Libby Assemblage Fish Hanging Sculpture, Harold Balazs Hanging Lead Sculpture, Kit Reuther Painting of Marbles, 2pc Kit Reuther Surrealist Paintings, Robin Wassong "Spring Fever" Acrylic, Les Lambson Abstract Expressionist Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: Richard Artschwager "Small Standing Man" (Self Portrait) Edition 1 of 3, Morris Graves "Winter Helibore" Signed Print, Guy Anderson "Rose of India" Woodcut, Michael Spafford Bird Lithograph, Jim Dine "Hearts" 1970 Color Lithograph, Robert Rauschenberg "Benaroya Hall" Signed Poster, Wayne Albee Early Seattle Harbor 1918 Photograph (Seattle Camera Club), 2pc Roi Partridge Art Photographs, Waldo Chase "Elephant Butte, Mt. Rainier" Rare Woodcut, 8pc Dennis Lockwood Color Lithographs, Early Glen Alps Rooster Lithograph, 2pc Art Hansen Early Etchings, LeRoy Neiman Frank Sinatra "Duets" Signed Serigraph, LeRoy Neiman "Three Tenors" Serigraph, Will Barnet "Summer Idyll" Lithograph, Bernard Buffet "The Juggler" Signed Lithograph, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Peter Voulkos "Adam and Eve" Bowl, David Shaner Shino Glazed Pillow Pot, David Shaner Covered Grasses Casserole, Frank Boyden Sgraffito Bird Vase, Al Tenant Large Shino Vessel, Chuck Hindes Shino Handled Vase, Wally Bivins Wood Fired Vessel, 5pc Anne Hirondelle Soda Fired Teapots on Stands, Joel Edwards Stoneware Charger, Ray Bub Sculptural Ceramic Teapot, Benjamin Moore Hornet Hanging Lamp, Benjamin Moore Interior Fold Large Bowl, 2pc Sonja Blomdahl Incalmo Vase and Bowl, David Schwarz Z-Axis Early Sculpture, Early Benjamin Moore White Threaded Glass Vase, Ethan Stern Battuto Red Glass Vase, Lynn Read Mosaico Glass Vase, etc. American Art: W. Corwin Chase "Blue Lake" Oil on Canvas, W. Corwin Chase "Deception Falls" Oil on Canvas, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Spring Near Fall City" Oil, Dorothy Jensen "C.S. Holmes Sailboat" Oil, 2pc Elizabeth Warhanik Seattle Harbor Small Oils, Henry Pember Smith "Sunshine and Shadows" Oil, Angel Espoy California Landscape Oil, William Blackman California Seascape Oil, Anton otto Fischer "Misty Seascape" Oil, Gordon Grant "Port Scene" Oil, Ben Foster "Pastoral Landscape" Oil, Early Robert Wood Northwest Landscape Oil, Carl Sammons "Chocolate Mountains" Desert Scene Oil, Bertram Howard "Across The Connecticut Valley" Oil, Hugh Bolton Jones "Pastoral Landscape" Oil, Robert Hopkin "Marine Scene" Oil, Frank Barney "Forest Path" Oil, Nels Hagerup "Seascape" Oil, 2pc Jay Arnold Maritime Paintings, Robert Shaw Wesson "Winter New England" Oil, etc. Western & Native Arts: Sydney Laurence "Seattle Waterfront" Oil on Masonite 16"x20", Ted Lambert "McKinley and Cache" 1940 Oil on Masonite 9"x11", Eustace Ziegler "At Anchor" Oil on Board 20"x16", Eustace Ziegler "Mt. McKinley Native Camp" Oil on Masonite 12"x12", Eustace Ziegler "Talkeetna Landscape" Oil on Board 8"x10", Ted Lambert "The Last Sourdough" 1935 Watercolor, Jules Dahlager "Deer Mountain" Oil 10"x8", Jules Dahlager "Winter in Chugach Mountains" Small Oil, Asahel Curtis Attr. Mirror Lake Orotone, Asahel Curtis Large Mt. Rainier Tinted Photo in Piecrust, Edward Curtis "Canyon del Muerto" Orotone in Original Frame, Ransome Holdridge Indian Encampment Oil, Jules Dahlager "Evening Glow on Deer Mountain" Small Oil, Jules Dahlager "Tlingit Chief" Small Oil, 5pc Fred Oldfield Cowboy and Mt. Rainier Oil Paintings, 3pc Sheryl Bodily Western Small Oils, Dorothy Dolph Jensen "Coastal Scene" Watercolor, Fred Oldfield "Cowboys on Horseback" 1985 Oil Painting, Mariyln Yanke (TX) "Promise" Still Life Oil (Cover of Taos Magazine), Marlene Larson (NM) "Padernal View" Desert Oil, William E. Ryan Tankers in Harbor Watercolor, Ritchie Benson Abstract Forest Watercolor, Mark Mickey (Hesquiat) Hawk Cedar Mask, Edward Stachinot Haida Mourning Mask Cedar, Contemporary Northwest Coast Cedar Death Mask, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday February 3, Great Northwest Estates! NW and Alaskan Art, Antiquities and Collectibles - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry and Silver: Lady's 14k Diamond Wedding Band Set, Lady's 14k Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14k Diamond and Ruby Cluster Ring, 14k Diamond Earrings, 14k Multi-Stone Scarab Bracelet, 14k Large Smokey Topaz Pendant, Southwest Silver Jewelry, Natural Red Coral Necklaces, Silver and Amber Jewelry, Vintage Seiko Chronograph Men's Wristwatch, Antique Pocket Watches, 14k Bentley Lighter, 14k Thimble, Lots of Rhinestone Costume Jewelry, etc. Collection of Georgian and Victorian Silver Flatware and Holloware, Georgian Sheffield Plated Candlesticks and Salvers, Georg Jensen Danish Sterling Compote, Antique Sterling Dresser Sets, Gumps Sterling Water Pitcher, Birks Sterling Presentation Salver, etc. NW Art, Fine Art and Print: Large Collection of NW Watercolors from former employee of the Kirsten Gallery including Mike Burns Original Barn Watercolor, Pete Jordan NW Barn Landscape Watercolor, Harry Bonath Watercolor, 2pc Steve Mayo Watercolors, 3pc Danny Mayes Seattle Acrylic Paintings, 3pc Sidney Shutt Northwest Oils, 2pc Richard Kirsten Abstract Watercolors, 4pc Richard Kirsten S/N Prints, Byron Birdsall Original Religious Painting, 2pc Jerry Stitt Northwest Watercolors, Thomas Wood Surrealist Etching, Ake Sogabe Papercut of Flounders, 2pc Russell Chatham Large and Medium Lithographs, 2pc Rie Munoz S/N Alaskan Prints, 2pc Byron Birdsall S/N Prints, 3pc Thomas Wells S/N Maritime Prints, Severa Vic Calderon Abstract Mid Century Oils, 3pc Large Marc Chagall Gallery Framed Numbered Prints, 2pc Matisse and Picasso Gallery Framed Prints, Kasimir Large Signed Etching, Collection of Antique Framed European Engravings, Vintage California Floral and Landscape Oils, Olive Bristol Floral Still Life Oil, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass Collection: Dozens of pots from the estates of Northwest Potters Ken Stevens and Ben Sams. Including many pots and ephemera about the artists. 2pc Robert Sperry Pottery, 3pc Richard Fairbanks Pottery Vases, 3pc George Cummings Pottery Vases, 2pc Anne Hirondelle, Phil Eagle, Jane Wherrette, Yoji Kan, Ralph Lodewick, Ruth Allan Raku Large Vase, etc. Pilchuck and Art Glass: 5pc Kathleen Orme Cameo Glass Vases, Leerdam Unica Controlled Bubble Vase, Zellique Iridescent Glass Petroglyph Vase, Lundberg Studios Iridescent Pulpit Vase, 3pc Vitreluxe Studio Glass, Orrefors Graal Glass Paperweight, Glass Eye Studio Blue Iridescent Vase, Collection 10pc Oiva Toikka Glass Birds, Onesto for Oggetti Murano Sommerso Glass Large Vase, Sergio Constantini for Vetro Artistico Murano Fish Sculpture, etc. Fine Crystal and Porcelain: Large Daum Crystal Sailboat Sculpture, Sets of Waterford Lismore Goblets and Stemware, Webb Cut Crystal Candlesticks, Signed Libbey Brilliant Cut Vase, Antique Silver Overlay Perfume Bottle, Sets of Cut Crystal Stemware and Champagnes, Crystal Obelisk in Box, Moser Modernist Cut Crystal Cylinder Vase, etc. 2pc Meissen Covered Melon Form Servers with Undertrays, Old Paris Gilt Mantle Vase, Antique Wedgwood Basalt Ware Teapot, Group of 18th Cent. Worcester and Lowestoft Cups and Creamers, 18th Century Chinese Export Porcelain, Antique Japanese Imari Wares, etc. Mid Century Modern and Design: Ib Arberg Hanging "Parrot" Chair, Pair Harry Lunstead End Tables, Unusual Pair of Lunstead Table Lamps, 5pc Paolo Soleri Iron Outdoor Bells, Set of Dorothy Hafner for Rosenthal Studio Line "Love Story" Dinnerware, Set of Berndorf "Avantgarde" Modernist Flatware, Pair Fornasetti Style Sailor Salt & Pepper Mills, 9pc Jonier Marin Abstract Collage Paintings, Several Vic Calderon Abstract Oils, etc. Alaskan and Native Artifacts: Collection of NW Coast Argillite Miniatures by Pat and Danny Dixon, Collection of Inuit Eskimo Scrimshaw Animals and Miniatures, Collection of Inuit Eskimo Soapstone Carvings, Seal Hunters, Animals, etc. Collection of Southwest Stone Fetish Figures, Southwest Pottery, Santa Clara, Zia and Hopi, etc. Asian Antiquities: Collection of Antique Chinoiserie Paper Mache Wall Shelves, Chinese 18th Century Export Porcelain, Chinese Qing Porcelain Dishes, Pair of Chinese Peking Yellow Bottle Vases, Chinese Blue and White Hand Painted Jar with Warriors, Collection of Antique Japanese Imari Porcelain including Chargers, Antique Japanese Champleve Vases, Antique Japanese Tetsubin Iron Teapots and Chagama Pot, Chinese Jade Jewelry and 22k Lock Pendants, Antique Chinese Temple Doors and Carvings, Chinese Cloisonne Lotus Vase, Japanese Wireless Cloisonne Vase, Chinese 19th Cent. Rosewood Square Table, Chinese 19th Cent. Rosewood Small Altar Table, Old Chinese Bird Cage with Porcelain Feeders, Chinese Sculpted Wool Scatter Rugs, etc. Antique and Collectibles: Collection of Vintage Fountain Pens i.e., Waterman, Parker, etc., Antique Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirrors, Collection of Steamship Silverplate Serving Pcs, 14k Bentley Lighter, 5pc Antique Vienna Bronze Animal Miniatures, Antique Daguerreotype and Ambrotype Collection, Vintage Cameras including Linhof Super Rollex 56x72 with Schneider Lenses, Nikon, Polaroid, Minolta, etc. Collection of Vintage Leather Cowboy Boots, Antique Iron Book Press, Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Antique Light Fixtures and Parts, Collection of Vintage Lighting Crystals, Antique French Figural Gilt Mantel Clock, Vintage Maxfield Parrish Print, Louis Icart Art Deco Print, Antique Playing Cards Framed, After Chiparus Art Deco Bronze Sculpture, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday January 13, New Year Great Northwest Estates! Fine Antiquities and Artwork - TIMED AUCTION

Silver, Jewelry, and Coins: 2pc American Gold Commemorative Coins, 2pc Silver Eagle Dollars, Group of 90% Silver Commemorative Medallions, US Prestige Sets, Uncut US $1 Sheets, Civil War and Fractional Currency, Collection of Old US Penny Blue Books including 1909, Jefferson Nickels, etc. 2pc 18th Cent. European Pocket Watches, 14k Women's Pocket Watch, Antique American Pocket Watches, Antique American Pocket Watches, 10k and 14k Antique Masonic Rings, 14k Art Deco Diamond Rings, Antique 14k Amethyst Ring, 14k Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, Antique Hat Pins, Sterling Mesh Deco Purse, 55pc Towle French Provencial Sterling Flatware Set, 101pc Lunt Sterling Flatware Service for Twelve, 41pc Oneida Grandeur Sterling Flatware, Set of Francis 1st Sterling Knives, Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Southwest Silver Jewelry and Squash Blossoms, etc. Fine Glass, Porcelain, and Figurines: Huge Collection of Swarovski Crystal Animal Figures 100+, Minton Majolica Huge Centerpiece Bowl, Collection of Antique Teplitz Amphora Figural Vases and Bowls, 2pc Antique Meissen Figure Groups, Steuben Aurene Glass Basket, Tiffany & Co. Favrile Iridescent Tumbler, Moser Bohemian Cobalt Overlay Gilt Decanter, Antique Stevens and Williams Glass, Venetian Glass Dolphin Vase, Murano Glass Mandruzzato Box, Antique Mt. Washington Floral Vase, Old Paris Gilt Porcelain Vases, Royal Berlin Landscape Cabinet Cup Saucer, Mettlach 6806 Stein with Angels, Large Mettlach Stein, 3pc German Regimental Steins, Antique Spode Fountain Pattern Bowls, etc. Asian Antiquities: Antique Chinese Porcelain from Song to Qing, Chinese and Annamese Ming Ceramics, Thai Sawankhalok Celadon Bowls 16th Century, Korean Ceramics, Chinese Lapis Covered Foo Lion Censer, Chinese Jade Carvings and Bangles, Old Chinese Rosewood Stands, Chinese Republic Porcelain, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidery, Pair Guangxu Famille Jaune Plates, Nanking Hoard Blue and White Bowl, Group 18th Cent. Blue de Hue Chinese Porcelain Dishes, Set Antique Chinese Canton Plates, 4pc Japanese Sumida Gawa Pitcher and Vases, Collection of Southeast Asian Weaponry, Burmese Dha Swords, Dayak Native Swords, Tibetan Kris Daggers, etc. Chinese Decorated Lacquered Tables and Chairs, Long Chinese Low Bench, Antique Chinese Ancestral Portrait Paintings, etc. Native and Western: Group of Western Bronzes including a Bronco Buster and Bear, Native Arrowhead Displays, Old Navajo Rugs and Mexican Serape, Collection of Southwest Navajo Sand Paintings, Southwest Sterling Jewelry including a Squash Blossom and Bangles, Southwest Blackware Pottery, 2pc Ancient Mimbres Pottery, Pre Columbian Small Figures and Fragments, 2pc Old Plains Papooses, Plains Leather Saddle Blanket, etc. Paintings and Artworks: Collection of Northwest Watercolors by Perry Acker, Doug Kyes, Harry Heine, William Arthur Phillips, Dougals Grier, Robert Mayokok, Eddie Omnik, etc. LeRoy Updyke River Scene Oil, Pair of Antique Northwest Landscape Oils, Antique Courting Scene Needlework Framed, Rolier English Hunt Scene Oil, Antique Maternal Interior Oil, Several European Paintings of Animals, Group of 18th Cent. European Conte Crayon Drawings of Figures, Collection of Japanese Meiji Woodblock Prints, Kiyoshi Saito Cat Woodblock, Haku Maki Embossed Woodblock, Charley Harper Seagulls Signed Serigraph, Raphael Soyer Figure Drawing, 2pc Aaron Bohrod Abstract Figure Paintings, French Modernist Signed Serigraphs, Collection of Southwest Navajo Sand Paintings, Antique Silhouettes, Antique Persian Manuscript Pages, Lots of Framed Prints and Artworks, etc. Antiques and Furniture: Antique French Marquetry Inlaid Secretaire, Antique English Mahogany Secretaire, Antique Vernis Martin Cabinet, Antique Vernis Martin Vitrine Cabinet, Antique Oak Mirrored Hall Tree, 3pc Antique Music Cabinets, Antique Oak Commode, Antique English Oak Secretaire, Antique Brass Candy Store Cash Register, Oak Edison Phonograph with Horn, Oak Edison Cylinder Player (2 Boxes of Cylinders), 2pc Antique Cylinder Music Boxes, 2pc Antique Disc Music Box Players (as-is), 2pc Antique Corn Cob Hand Organs, Antique Typewriter and Scale, Antique Ship's Lanterns, Group Antique Pennsylvanian Brownware, Georgian Sheffield Silverplate, Antique Ceramic Portrait Chargers Framed, French Courting Scene Tapestry, Antique American Homspuns Dated, Antique 1832 Needlework Sampler, Antique Folding Deck Chair, 2pc Antique Large Barometers, Group of Antique Cast Iron Pans, Antique Walking Sticks, etc. Mid Century Art and Design: Bill Huebbe Designer Monkey Figural Chandelier, 3pc Paul McCobb Planner Group Dresser and End Tables, 2pc Large Contemporary Persian Room Size Rugs, Gerald Newcomb Large Pot, Group of Japanese Mid Century Ikebana Planters, Mid Century Abstract Artworks, Jay Steensma Graphite, Group of Ree Brown Small Paintings, Helmi Juvonen Painted Letters, Rusty Russell Large Abstract Oil, etc. Collectibles and Toys: Vintage Mills 5 Cent Castle Front One Arm Bandit, Bally Clover Bell Console Slot Machine, Vintage Pachinko Game, Collection of Construction Steel Model Toys, 2pc Wyandotte Steel Trucks, Vintage Hotwheel Redline Cars, Old Comic Books, Old Disney Pinocchio and Dumbo Animation Cels, Old Photos and Daguerreotypes, WWII Japanese Occupation Photo Albums, Old Fish Wood Trade Signs, Group of Toy Trains American Flyer and Lionel, Tootsietoys, etc. Group of Old US Army and MP Helmets, Old Fireman Helmet, Collection of Contemporary US Stamps, 3pc Carousel Wood Horses, Old Goose Decoys, Collection of Art Deco Stainless Cocktail Shakers and Bakelite Handled Barware, Collection of Hand Carved Bird Models, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 16, Holiday Fine Arts, Asian, Antiquity and Jewelry

Fine Jewelry and Silver: Museum Quality Philippe Wolfers for Wolfers Frers 14k Enameled Swan Pendant, Art Deco 2.4ctw Diamond White Gold Stick Pin, Impressive 14k Diamond and Sapphire Cuff Bracelet, Antique 14k Garnet and Seed Pearl Brooch, Fine Multi-Stone 14k Basket Pendant Brooch, Collection of Edwardian Small 14k Brooches and Earrings, Lady's 14k Ruby and Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Lady's 14k Emerald Tennis Bracelet, Georg Jensen Modernist Sterling Drop Choker Necklace, Impressive Italian Fornari 800 Silver Shell with Putti Serving Dish, Georgian Silver Covered Loving Cup, Pair of Shreve Sterling Candlesticks, Howard A&C Hammered Sterling Bowl, etc. Asian Antiquities: Imperial Chinese Gold Thread Dragon Panel with Forbidden Stitch, Chinese 18th Cent. Doucai Lotus Dish, Chinese Qianlong Dragon Bowl with Copper Red, Chinese Qing Red Monochrome Dish with Mark, Chinese Qing Carved Overlay Peking Glass Bottle Vase, Qing Flambe Glazed Bottle Vase, Lao Tian Li Chinese Cloisonne Candle Pricket Stands, Fine Chinese Gold Thread Embroidered Imperial Dragon Panel Framed, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Woman's Court Robe, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Robe, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Peach Panel, Chinese 18th Cent. Bronze Buddha Hand, Korean Goryeo Buncheong Bowls, Korean Goryeo White Glazed Bowls, Collection of Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, etc. European Art: Fine Edouard Cortes "Night in Paris" Oil on Canvas, Fernando Amorsolo "Portrait of a Gentleman" Oil on Canvas, Sidney Percy (British) "Near Capel Curig, South Wales" Oil Painting, S.C. Morley (British) "View of Ireland" Landscape Oil Painting, Charles West Cope (British) "Interior Scene" Fine Oil Painting, William Williams (British) Pastoral Landscape Oil Painting, Italian and French Listed Landscape Oils, Italian Old Master Madonna Oil Painting, English 18th/19th Cent. Landscape and Portrait Oils, etc. Fine Antiquities, Clocks, Rugs: Antique French Empire Popon Lion Handled Dore Mantle Clock, Antique Japy Freres French Empire Dore Urn Clock, Pair of French Dore and Marble Candelabras, Antique Bijar Room Size Oriental Rug, Semi Antique Sarouk Medallion Room Size Rug, Vintage Sarouk Medallion 9'x12' Rug, Fine Contemporary Kirman Oriental Rugs, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 9, Holiday Jewelry, Coins, Stamps, and Guns TIMED AUCTION

Lifetime World and US Coin Collection: Large collection of vintage Great Britain, Italy, France, Mexico, Fiji, Morocco, Bahamas, India, Canada, etc., including lots of silver and sterling coins and medals, collection of US Morgan Dollars, Mercury Dimes, 1868 Copper 2 Cent Piece, 2pc Seated Liberty Quarters, etc. Lifetime World Currency Collection: Algeria, Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, China, Egypt, Great Britain, France, French Indochina, Germany, German Notgeld, WWII Allied Military Banknotes, Greece, Cyprus, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam Lifetime Republic of China and US Stamp Collection: Large Collection of Republic of China Stamp Albums 1950's - 2000's. Including stamp sheets, unused sets, sets in envelopes etc. Also Republic of China Taiwan Albums full to the brim. Large collection of US forever stamps and usable postage. Albums full of stamp sheets and block plates. US Album with Zeppelin and 1st Ben Franklin Stamp, etc. Large Jewelry Collection: Over 100 Ladies Gold & Gemstone Rings in 10K, 14K, 18K, and Platinum, Gemstone Earrings & Pendants, Estate Jewelry, Pearl Necklaces, Loose Gemstones including Diamonds, Tanzanite, Opal, Etc. Hundreds of Jewelry Gold Castings/Findings for making Pendants, Earrings, etc., Men's Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Sterling Jewelry, Milton Lasiloo Zuni Sterling & Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace, etc. Guns: Mannlicher Shoenaur Carbine 30-06, Remington Rolling Block 32 Rimfire Rifle, Mossberg Model 500A 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun, Savage 22 Long Bolt Action Rifle, Sako 22 Cal Rifle, Remington Model 700 30-06 Rifle, Smith & Wesson K22 Revolver, Kel-Tec Pistol 380 ACP, Raven Arms 25 Cal Pistol, Savage Arms Rifle/Shotgun Combo, Bullet Molds, Powder Horns Militaria: German, Austrian, and French Bayonets, WWI German Dress & Trench Helmets, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 18, Fine Western and Native Arts

Alaskan Art: Sydney Laurence "Northern Lights" Small Oil, Rockwell Kent "Alaskan Peak" Small Oil, Eustace Ziegler "Horses Crossing Stream" Small Oil, Eustace Ziegler "Mt. Rainier" Small Oil, Eustace Ziegler "Figure on Mountain" Small Oil, Jules Dahlager "Mt. Eccles and Lake Eyak" Oil, Jules Dahlager "Winter Trees" Oil, Jules Dahlager "On the Copper River Flats" Oil, Jules Dahlager Miniature "Deer Mountain" Oil, Jules Dahlager "Cabin Landscape" Oil, etc. Northwest Art: 2pc Elizabeth Warhanik Small Harbor Scene Oils, Leon Derbyshire "Lake Union" Oil in Piecrust Frame, 2pc Helen Loggie Pencil Signed Landscape Etchings, 2pc F. Mason Holmes "Mount Rainier" Oils, John Ebner "Mt Hood" and Beachcombers", Josef Scaylea, Byron Birdsall ''First Avenue, Seattle'' Watercolor, Waldo S. Chase Prints and Paintings, Wendell Corwin Chase Woodblock, Glenn Sheckels Woodblock, Paul Morgan Gustin, Flora Correa, Margaret Camfferman, Franz Zallinger, Gene Amondson, etc. American & Canadian Art: Robert Genn Landscape Oil, Brund Cote Expressionist Landscape Oil, Albric Soly, Claude Langevin, Antoine Bittar, Vicki MacLean, Harry Heine Watercolors, P. Guyot, Caroll Forseth, Earl Meusel Reed, Shawn Gould, John Heshmati, Andrea Klann, Chris Charlebois, Gerda Marschall, 2 Large Teruko Wilde New Mexico Landscape Paintings, Jim Bagley, Muriel Sibell Wolle, Jeffrey Roy Lunge "Hopi Dancers", etc. Maritime Art: Thomas Wells "Sailing Boat" and "Harbor Scene" Oil Paintings, Jay Hannah (CA) "Harbor Scene" Large Oil, 2pc Harry Heine "Fishing Boat" Watercolors, etc. Western Paintings & Bronzes: 17pc Fred Oldfield Oil Paintings including Cowboys and Mt. Rainier, Newman Myrah "Horse Wrangler", Large group of Robert 'Bob' Meyers oil paintings of cowboys and horses including "Puncher in Trouble", Nancy McLoughlin Indian on Horseback Oil, Robert Walton Large Winter Scene Landscape Oil, Harold Hopkinson, Terry Swanton Bateman, Elizabeth Lochrie, Don Ricks, Astley David Middleton Cooper, Robert Walton, Floyd Drown, Kay Witherspoon-Knapp, Glenn E. Emmons, James Lee Colt, Les Barnett, William 'Bill' Rains, Randy Van Beek, Michael Coleman Etchings, Unger Brothers Sterling Silver Indian Head Flask, etc. Photography: Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Orotone, Native Portraits from Carl Moon, Ralph I. Gifford, William Marion Pennington, Herman Schnitzmeyer, Ray Elmer Marble, Lee Moorhouse, T.A. Bishop, Rollin McKay, and Roland W. Reed. Dan Budnik "Selma to Montgomery March" Silver gelatin Photograph, Emmy Lou Packard "Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at Lunch" Platinum Print Photographs, etc. Bronzes: Major Collection of 9 Francisco Zuniga bronzes, Vic Payne "When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted" Indian Bronze, 2pc Carl Wagner Ducks and Eagles Large Bronzes, William 'Bill' Rains, Bob Scriver, Rex French, Harry Andrew Jackson, Gary Schildt, Thomas Holland, Mike Capser, Ed Dwight "Sharecroppers", Alicia Cardoso, J. Wyatt, Ron Adamson, etc. Misc. Art: Original Sister Mary Corita Kent Watercolor, Alice Scott drawings, Jose de Creeft Ceramic "Female Figure" Small Sculpture, Jiang Tie Feng "Mountain Ghost" Bronze and "Moon in the Water" Gouache on Paper Painting, David Lee, Leonardo Nierman Oil Paintings, Anne Coe, Leroy Neiman "Ski Slope" Artist Proof Serigraph, Linda Ann Johns, Sally Martin Equestrian Paintings and Drawings, Mary Michael, Tony Walholm, etc. Southwest Native Arts: Monumental Pueblo Blackware Olla with Bear Claw Motif, Monumental Zia Three Color Pottery Olla with Birds, Old Santa Clara/Hopi/Santa Domingo Pottery Ollas, Fanny Nampeyo Decorated Jar, Marie and Adam Santana Blackware, Margaret Tafoya Blackware, Collection of Zia Pottery Pots and Trays, Delores Sanchez Decorated Jar, Teresita Romero Cochiti Figural Effigy Jars, Mary Singer Blackware Carved Bowl, Flora Naranjo Carved Blackware Low Jar, Collection of Old Navajo Rugs, Zuni Fetishes, Old Kachina Dolls, 2pc Hupa California Basketry Hats, Navajo Rugs and Blankets from Helen Boyd, Mary Shorty, etc. Alaskan Native Arts: Large Collection of Argillite Miniatures by Known Artists, Calvin Hunt Masks, Masks by Jack James, Leonard Scow, Mike Epp, Stan Greene, C. Wade Greene, and Brian Perry. Henry Hunt (Kwakiutl) Seal Form Cedar Grease Bowl, George McKay (Nisga'a) Cedar Eagle Tray, Henry Koonuk Baleen Baskets, Baskets from the Haida, Tlingit, Makah, Klickitat, Skokomish, Chehalis, Quinault, Coast Salish, Woodlands & Athabascan, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop Cedar Totem Models by Rick WIlliams. Len Talbott Totem Poles, Alutiiq Masks by Jerry Laktonen and Doug Inga, Stone Carvings by Sam Seboga, Etulu Etidloie, Louis Arnaryuirnaaq, Joy Hallauk, Lucy Tikiq Tunguak, Marvin Oliver and Barry Herem Serigraphs, Lillian Pitt Masks, etc African Art: Antique Senufo "Tugubele" Standing Female Figure, Antique Senufo Equestrian Wood Figure, Antique Senufo Kpelie Mask, Antique Ashanti Gold Weights, Antique Benalulua Painted Figure, Antique Benin Bronze Mud Fish, Antique Baule Figural Heddle Pulley, 2pc Antique Ashanti Akuaba Dolls, Antique Ashanti Kuduo Bronze Jar, Antique Kuba Cosmetic Box, etc. Antiquities: Attributed to Crowell Antique Shore Bird Decoy, 2pc Antique Shore Bird Wood Decoys, Large Jurassic Period Horseshoe Crab Fossil in Limestone, etc. Guns: Holland & Holland 450-400 2 3/8" BPE Double Rifle, Westley Richards 450-400 3" Nitro Double Rifle, F.W. Heym 9.3x74 Double Rifle, F.lli Piotti Westlake Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun, W. Richards Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun, Colt Python 357 Magnum CTG Revolver, DWM Luger 9mm Pistol, Smith & Wesson Model 28 357 Highway Patrolman Revolver See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 4, Great Northwest Estates! Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Asian and Art! – TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Watches, Coins and Silver: Vintage and Victorian Jewelry, 14k and 18k Gold Rings, Platinum & Diamond Deco Women’s Wristwatch, 14k Dolphin Necklace, 14k Antique Watch Chains, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Tongs, Tiffany Sterling Demi Spoons, Aesthetic Sterling Serving Pieces, Antique Sterling Serving Pieces, Large Collection of Southwest Native Jewelry including Heishi Beads, Squash Blossoms, Old Pawn, Turquoise, Coral, etc. 87pc Gorham “English Gadroon” Sterling Flatware, Set Gorham “Chantilly” Sterling Flatware, 1884 Carson City Silver Dollar, Old US Currency, etc. Porcelain & Figurines: Huge Collection of Dept. 56 Christmas Villages in Boxes, 100+ Large and Small Hummel Figures with TMK1 to TMK5 marks, Large Royal Doulton Fox Figure, 3pc Old Lladro Angel Figures with Boxes, Lenox Nativity and Kings Set with Boxes, Lenox Bird Figures with Boxes, Boehm Nativity Set, Antique Perian and Old Paris Large Figures and Candelabras, Massive Collection of Antique Wedgwood Jasperware (Blue and Green), Large Set of Spode “Continental Views” Dinnerware, Set of Royal Winton Chintz China, Set of Wedgwood Blue Dinnerware, Set Haviland Ransom Fine China, Set Design Guild Tobacco Leaf China, etc. Fine Glass & Stemware: Steuben Aurene Vase, Orrefors Graal Fish Crystal Vase, Several Veryls Frosted Glass Large Bowls, Large Collection of Godinger and Polish cut to clear stemware and old fashioned glasses, Waterford Crystal “Powerscourt” Stemware, Czech Cut Large Covered Jars, Antique Baccarat Glass Candelabra, etc. NW Artworks, Studio Pottery, and Glass: Group of Original James Martin Artworks, Elton Bennett Serigraphs, Mid Century Artworks, Collection of Robert Sperry Pottery, Louis Mideke, Sam Scott, F.C. Ball, Linda Coghill, and many more ceramics. Studio glass by Lino Tagliapietra, Benjamin Moore and Richard Royal, Glass Eye Studio, Bergsma, Brakken, and other Pilchuck artists, Kosta Glass, Murano Glass artist signed works, etc. Asian Antiquities & Furniture: Collection of Qing and Republic Chinese Cloisonne, Tibetan Silver Covered Repousse Jar and Offering Cup, Meiji Japanese Lacquered Chrysanthemum Box, Group of Chinese Song Ceramics, Group of Korean Silla Ancient Ceramics, Group of Pre Columbian Jalisco Figures, Antique Korean Joseon Chest, Japanese Small Tansu, Qing Chinese Small Tables, Chinese Rosewood Parquetry Inlaid Dining Table, Group of Antique Peking Chinese Rugs, Collection of Japanese Kimonos and Textiles from the Menzies Collection, etc. Antiques, Lamps & Collectibles: Antique Grape Nuts Tin Advertising Sign, Westinghouse Chalkware Store Display, Antique Mount Hood Beer Oval Adv. Sign, Collection of Tiffany Style Modern Leaded Glass Table Lamps, Antique Bradley & Hubbard Lion Oil Lamp, Antique Slag Glass Shade Table Lamp, Antique Russian Oklad Icon, Antique French Marquetry Inlaid Secretary, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 21, Modernism: Art and Object

Featuring fine artworks from the family collection of Willis Woods, former Executive Director at the Seattle Art Museum

Northwest Art: Jacob Lawrences "Abstraction" Watercolor and Gouache on Paper (Scarce Non Figurative Work), Guy Anderson "Amaryllis" Large Oil on Paper Mounted to Board, Mark Tobey "Space Ritual" Abstract Sumi Painting, Guy Anderson "Floating Forms" Oil on Paper, Joseph Goldberg "What Passes By" 1984 Large Encaustic 67"x48", Joseph Goldberg "Whitecaps" 1984 Encaustic, Fay Jones "Slow Dance" Oil on Canvas 1993, Fay Jones "Two Figures" Small Oil, 2pc Robert Jones Abstract Oils, 2pc Judith Kindler Large Encaustic Paintings, 4pc Jay Steensma Oil Paintings, Museum Quality Jacob Elshin "The Gambler" 1930's Abstract Oil, Virginia Banks "Whale and Floats" 1950's Oil Painting, Fay Chong "Abstract Rocks" Watercolor, Wendell Brazeau Geometric Abstraction, Wendell Brazeau Stereoptic Table Still Life Artwork, 2pc Neil Meitzler Large Mystic Oils, Victoria Adams Large Landscape Oil, Fay Jones 1973 Figures in Landscape Gouache, Paul Havas Landscape Monotype 1984, etc. Prints & Multiples: Keith Haring "Best Buddies" 1989 Silkscreen on Stainless Steel Edition of 45, Rare Henri Matisse "Visage" Pencil Signed Lithograph (Edition 3 of 25), Sister Corita Kent Rare Large Sunkist Silkscreen, 2pc Rolf Nesch Embossed Modernist Etchings, Picasso "45 Linoleums Graves" 1960 Exhibition Poster, Vintage Picasso/Calder/DeBuffet Exhibition Posters, Fay Jones Small Etching, Gene Gentry McMahon Etching, Jay Steensma Etching, Cris Bruch "Reflex" Etching, Ed Moulthrop Tulip Wood Turned Bowl, etc. Studio Ceramics: Museum Quality Peter Voulkos "Bulls and Figures" 1953 Large Speckled Glaze Jar 24", Peter Voulkos Speckled Glaze Vase 1950's, Museum Quality Akio Takamori "Contorted Figures" 1990's Envelope Vessel (pictured behind artist in studio), Akio Takamori Seated Woman on Head Figural Teapot, Museum Quality Ralph Bacerra 3-Part Cloud Vessel, Museum Quality Adrian Saxe Ampersand Teapot (pictured on artist's website), Gertrude & Otto Natzler Blue Glazed Bowl, Rare Robert Sperry 1950's Slab Constructed Head Sculpture, Robert Sperry 1950's Sgraffito Decorated Vase, Ed Moulthrop Tulip Wood Turned Bowl, Rudy Autio "Woman and Dog" Oil on Paper,etc. Studio Glass: Bertil Vallien 3' Cast Glass Boat Sculpture with Bronze Gulasso Pedestal, William Morris Spider-Web Pink Pillow Vessel, David Schwarz Z-Axis Optic Glass Vessel, Richard Royal Early Cut Sided Vessel, Benjamin Moore & Richard Royal Collaboration Vessel, Seth Randal Pate de Verre Starfish Vase, Seth Randal Pate de Verre Starfish Vase, Dante Marioni Striped Bowl, Cenedese Murano Scavo Vase, Venini "Kukinto" Vase, etc. Modern Artworks: Several Abstract Oils by Willis Wood, J .Sultan Ali "Tribal Maiden" 1966 Oil Painting, B. Prabha "Woman with Basket of Fish" Oil, Gulam R. Santosh "Abstraction" Oil, Bo Bartlett "Awake" 2002 Woman Portrait Oil, 2pc Ben Aronson New York Street Scene Oils, Guo Jin "Acrobat Girl No.7" Acrylic Painting, Tom Bennett Large Bronze Nude Sculpture, etc. Early 20th Century Design: Tiffany Studios Greek Key Leaded Glass Table Lamp with 362 Base, Ed Moulthrop Tulip Wood Turned Bowl, Small Grueby Yellow Pottery Cabinet Vase, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 30, Great Northwest Estates! Watches, Native Arts, Glass, Jewelry! – TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Silver, Coins, Stamps: Victorian and Art Deco 14k and 18k Gold Jewelry, Diamond 14k Rings, Lapis and Real Pearl Jewelry, Southwest Silver Jewelry, Amber Necklace, Sterling Chains and Rings, Old Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Set of International "Wild Rose" Sterling Flatware, etc. American Silver Coins, Walking Liberty Halves, Mercury Dimes, World Currency & Coins, Old Chinese Coins, Old Tibetan Currency, etc. Large Stamp Sheet and Block Collection, etc. Lifetime Pocket, Wrist Watch, and Clock Collection: Pocket Watches: American- Elgin, Waltham, Hampden, Hamilton, Burlington (some railroad grade), Sterling & Coin Silver cased watches, Swiss, English. Jules Mathey, 18K Gold Henry Courvoisier, Morthier Sandoz, Marvin, New England Cavour, James Brindle, John Forest, Fusee Movements, Omega, Junghans, Girard Perregaux, Gruen Verithin, British WWII G.S.T.P., Military G.C.T. Pocket Watches, Breitling US Military Chronograph Pocket Watch, etc. Wrist Watches: Seiko Automatic (UFO, Kakume, Jumbo, Bullshead), American Military Watches, Elgin, Wakmann, Benrus, Marcus, Breitling, Longines, Aristo, Eterna-Matic, Wyler, Raymond Weil, Hamilton Electric, Accutron, Fossil, Nike Oregon Series, Skagen Denmark, Tommy Bahama, Vintage Disney (Ingersoll, US Time, Windert, Bradley, Lorus), etc. MISC Watch & Clock: Parts: Dials, Movements including Jump Hour & Perpetual Calendars, Watch Tools, Pocket Watch Watch Cases, Straps, Bands, Car Clocks (Boston, Waltham, Elgin, Geneva), Waltham US Navy 8 Days Aircraft Clock, Heuer 8 Days Master-Time Clock & Military Stopwatch, NOS Hewlett-Packard HP-01 Bracelets, Vintage Compasses, Vintage Stopwatches, Timex Parts, Crystals, Caseback Openers, Micrometers, Microscope, Vises, Quartz Watch Batteries, etc. Mantle & Cased Clocks: German 2 Gong Carved Oak Case Mantle Clock, French Slate Mantel Clock, Japy Freres Figural Bronze Mantle Clock, Boston Clock Company Slate Mantle Clock, Reverse Painted Mahogany Wall Clock, Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, Junghans German Mahogany Case Wall Clock, Jefferson Golden Hour Electric Mystery Clock, etc. Collection of 40+ Oiva Toikka for Iittala Art Glass Birds! Some with Boxes! Steuben, Glass, and Figurine Collection: Large Collection of Steuben Crystal Vases, Bowls, and Figurines! Dozens of Steuben Paperweights and Hand Warmers, Swedish Crystal Bird Collection, Kosta Large Vase, Baccarat Kaleidoscope Bowl, Baccarat Figures, Murano Glass Bird Collections, Blenko Glass, Orrefors Crystal, Large Stone and Cohn Studio Glass Urn with Handles, Collection of Lladro Figurines with Boxes, Hummel Full Bee Figurines, Group of Royal Doulton Tobey Mugs and Figurines, Franklin Mint Large Bird Figurines, Pigeon Forge Doug Ferguson Black Crow Figure, etc. Porcelain and Dinnerware: Set of Richard Ginori Floral Fine China, Set of Hutschenreuther "Lorenz" Modernist China, Set of Black Knight "Hathaway" China, Set of Fitz & Floyd "Jardin de Chine" Dinnerware, Set of Spode "Rosaline" China, Collection of Bone China Cup Saucers, Chintz, Shelley, etc., Cut Crystal Stemware, American Brillian Cut Glass, etc. Native Arts and Baskets: Collection of Inuit Alaskan Baskets and Trays, Northwest Coast Baskets, Tsimshian, Klickitat, Makah, Frazer River, Skokomish, etc. Collection of Inuit Scrimshawed Carvings and Masks, Group of Southwest Acoma Pottery and Pima Indian Baskets, Collection of Inuit Soapstone Carvings (Some Large), Collection of African Carvings and Beadworks, etc. Toys and Collectibles: Collection of Hot Wheel Redline Cars, Old Dexterity Puzzles, Character Toys and Early Disney Rubber, Collection of Silver Age Comic Books, Vintage Playsets, Old Childrens Books and Paper, Collection of Old Postcards, Large Collection of Old Pinback Buttons including Political, Sports, Rock n Roll, etc. Old License Plates, Some Old Fishing Gear and Creels, Old Duck Decoys, Old Leather Football Helmet, LGB Toy Trains in Boxes, Collection of Old Cameras, Rolleicord TLR Camera, Occupied Japan Figurine Collection, Large Air Pacific Airline Desk Model, etc. Northwest Art and Artworks: 4pc Elton Bennet Signed Large Serigraphs, Collection of Willis F. Woods Abstract Oil Paintings (Former Director of the SAM), Miro Musulin Bronze Mother and Child Bronze, Collection of Arnt Monson (OR) Impressionist Landscape Paintings, Morris Graves and Jacob Lawrence Framed Exhibition Posters, Fay Jones Posters, Jim Miller Gouache, Doug Kyes Watercolor, Jeanne Lawrence Gouache Flower Paintings, Joan Kickbush Alaskan Eskimo Watercolors, Bernard Katexac Eskimo Stonecut Prints, Byron Birdsall Alaskan Prints, William Kimura Etching, Antique Dutch Coastal Scene Oil, Antique Still Life with Bird Oil, 2 Pairs of Painted Dale Chihuly Shoes, etc. Antiquities, Rugs, Books, and Objects: Continental Enameled Ship Table Model, Oak Table Phonograph with Rare Oak Horn, Collection of Daguerreotype and Ambrotype Photographs, Case of Northwest Glass Negatives and Lantern Slides, Antique Tole Painted Wedding Chest, Antique Slag Glass Umbrella Shade Table Lamp, Collection of Old Spanish Santos Figures, Large Collection of Old Art Books, Mountaineering Books, Indian and Southwest Books, Horse Racing Books, Etching Book with Frank Benson Signed Etching, Collection of Semi Antique Oriental Rugs, Turkish, Caucasian, etc. Asian Arts: Antique Tibetan Lacquered Chest, Group of Chinese Cloisonne Horses and Birds, Group of Chinese Plique a Jour Vases and Bowls, Old Chinese Coins, Large Chinese Porcelain Covered Jars, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 2, Fine Asian Antiquities

Porcelain: Pair of Chinese Daoguang Doucai Porcelain Medallion Bowls (Mark and Period), Pair of Chinese Tongzhi Copper Red Peach & Bat Tea Bowls (Mark and Period), Chinese Qing Blue Arrow Vase with Blue Underglaze Dragon Decoration, Pair of Chinese Qing Archaic Blue and White Porcelain Vases, Chinese Qing Bingrong Wang Carved Yellow Monochrome Vase, Chinese Qing Red Lotus and Scrolling Blue Vine Planter, Pair of Qing Celadon and Blue Underglaze Planters, Chinese Qing Wucai Foo Lion Jar with Wood Lid, Chinese Plum Glazed Monochrome Bowl with Qianlong Mark (Possibly Period), Pair of Chinese Guangxu Famille Rose Dragon Medallion Tea Bowls, 4pc Chinese Guangxu Famille Rose Dragon Medallion Dishes, Guangxu Peranakan Phoenix Bowl and Plates, Set 4 Chinese Republic Plum Decorated Tea Bowls, Collection of Qing Rose Medallion Porcelain, Japanese Meiji Satsuma Vase with Samurai Objects, Collection of Ming Blue and White Porcelain Wares, etc. Early Ceramics: Lifetime Collection of Song/Yuan/Ming ceramics including Jun Ware, Junyao, lots of Cizhou Jars and dishes, Cizhou Henan Black wares, Cizhou White Wares, Ding Ware, Jizhou Black with Phosphatic Splashes, Yaozhou Black wares, Jian ware tea bowls, etc. Ancient Artifacts: Egyptian Seated Isis Bronze Figure from the 25th to 26th Dynasty, Greek Hellenistic Double Terracotta Head Vessel, Greek Hellenistic Terracotta Woman Figure, Western Zhou Ornaments and Spear Tips, Chinese Huns Culture Animal Bronze Ornaments, Western Zhou Bronze Gui Censer, Chinese Northern Qi Buddha Black Stone Stele, etc. Fine Jewelry: Lady's 2.46ct Diamond Solitaire Ring, Lady's Platinum and Ruby Diamond Ring, Art Deco Platinum Diamond Necklace, Art Deco 18k Sapphire and Diamond Bar Pin, Lady's Diamond 14k Tennis Bracelets, 14k and 18k Jade and Red Coral Rings, etc. Jade and Snuff Bottle Collection: Qing White Jade Basket Pendant on Stand, Qing Jade and Jadeite Snuff Bottles, Mutton Fat Jade with Russet Splash Bottle, 2pc Carnelian Qing Snuff Bottles, 18th Cent. Turquoise Snuff Bottle, Qing Malachite Snuff Bottle, Jiaqing Molded Relief Snuff Bottle, Qing Smoke Quartz Carved Snuff Bottle, Qing Jade Over-Sized Dragon Belt Hook, Group of Qing Jade Pendants, Ancient Burial Jade Pieces, etc. Scrolls & Woodblocks: Monumental Korean Joseon Buddhist Painting Framed, Large Korean Joseon Monk in Landscape Painting Framed, Korean Joseon Painting Book Attributed to Seong Jeong, Li Dezhuang (b.1953) "Fisherman with Mountains" Hand Scroll Painting, Rare Kawasi Hasui "Saishoin Temple in Snow" Woodblock, Hasui "Daimotsu, Amagasaki" Woodblock, 3pc Hiroshi Yoshida Boat Woodblock Prints, etc. Textiles: Chinese Qing Red Dragon Summer Robe, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Robe with Matching Skirt, Chinese Qing Forbidden Stitch Silk Robe, Pair Chinese Gold Thread Phoenix Panels, Indian Pulkhari Silk on Cotton Head Cloth, etc. Objects: Tibetan 16th Cent. Gilt Lacquered Bronze Seated Buddha, Tibetan 18th Cent. Painted Thangka, Burmese 19th Century Seated Bronze Monk, Chinese Ming Bronze Lian Covered Tripod Vessel, Chinese Qing Rosewood Vanity Box, Tibetan Silver Kendi Ewer, Collection of Qing Paktong Ink Boxes, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday August 19, Great Northwest Estates! Asian Antiquities and Décor - Timed Auction

Jewelry, Silver, Gold Coins: 4pc European 19th Century Gold Coins, .66ctw Diamond Wedding Ring Set, 14k Mine Cut Diamond Ring, 14k Baroque Pearl Bar Pin, Loose Gemstones, 9k Gold Antique Pocket Watch, 14k Gold Antique Omega Wristwatch, Set of Sterling Flatware, 800 Silver Filigree Basket, etc. Furniture & Décor: Pair of French Carved Green Leather Upholstered Club Chairs, Leather Covered Gout Bench, Pair Antique Spanish Savanarolla Folding Chairs, Georgian Oak Wedding Chest, Hartman Brass Table Lamp, Designer Table Lamps, Antique Painted Icon, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Collection of Ming Blue and White Wares, Lots of Qing Porcelain including Jars, Bowls, Vases, Food Boxes, etc. Antique Bohemian Kopal, Czech Deco Decanter Set, Studio Glass Vases, Winton Chintz Teaset, Lladro Woman Figure, etc. Artworks: 4pc Charles Wysocki S/N Lithographs, 2pc Salvador Dali S/N Lithographs, 2pc Chinese Export Harbor Scene Oil Paintings, 2pc European Masters Ornately Framed Paintings, Burmese Kalaga Embroidery Framed, Japanese Meiji Framed Woodblock Prints, 2pc Chikanobu Geisha Woodblocks, Collection of Korean Folk Art Paintings, Korean Scrolls, Chinese Framed Ink and Watercolor Paintings, Set of Four Japanese Framed Crane Paintings, etc. Asian Furniture & Rugs: Large Chinese Parquetry Inlaid Rosewood Table, Old Chinese Rosewood Altar Table, Meiji Japanese Shodana Collector's Cabinet, Pair of Meiji Japanese Dragon Chairs, Korean Joseon Bandaji Chest, Collection of Korean Joseon Boxes and Wedding Chests, Meiji Japanese 5-Drawer Tanus, Taisho Japanese Large Tansu Chest, Edo Japanese Small Tansu Box, Pair of Chinese Qing Lacquered Tall Armchairs, Chinese Qing Spice Chest with Cover, Chinese Qing Elm and Rosewood Stands, Antique Tibetan Painted Dragon Chests 3pc, Swat Valley Heavily Carved Chest, 2pc Swat Valley Carved Low Chairs, Collection of Large Ceramic Planters with Dragons, 4pc Chinese Sculpted Wool Room Size Rugs (One Round), Chinese Silk Embroidered Room Screens, Korean Painted Room Screens, etc. Asian Ceramics & Antiquities: Collection of Tang and Han Dynasty Tomb Figures, Court Attendants, Camels, etc. Collection of Yuan Cizhou and Sancai, Song Dynasty Henan Brown Wares and Bottles, Collection of Chinese Ming Blue and White Porcelain Small Dishes, Korean Joseon White Bottles, Old Japanese Imari and Satsuma Wares, Group of Qing Blue and White Porcelain Jars, Qing Nanking Wares and Stacking Food Boxes, Old Chinese Cinnabar Vases and Jars, Chinese Old Snuff Bottles and Porcelain Miniatures, Group of Yixing Teapots, Pair Meiji Japanese Bronze Palace Vases, Meiji Japanese Bronze Dragon Vases, Collection of Japanese Bronze Hibachis, Meiji Fish Kettle Hook, Collection of Middle Eastern Brass Water Pots, Decorated Brass Hookah Parts, Thai Gilt Jeweled Standing Buddha, Set Chinese Qing Bronze Opium Weights, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday July 29, Nearly All Art - Timed Auction

Paintings & Original Artwork: Randy VanBeek, Anatole Krasnyanski, Joan E. Archer, Gunnar Donald Anderson, Patricia L. Jazbee, Linda Obermoeller, Helene Guetary, Agnes Copeland, Patty Forte Linna, Rudy Strong, George Barbier, etc. Bird Illustration & Art Prints: John Selby, Arthur Singer, Peter Parnall, Bob Timberlake, Webb Garrison, Harry Antis, William Zimmerman, John James Audubon reproductions, etc. Native Art & Prints: Inuit Stone Lithographs, Syollie Arpatuk, Barry Herem, Marvin Oliver, Freda Diesing, John Goodwin Nytom, Arlene Mickelson, Jerome Tiger, Ben Stewart, etc. Fine Art Prints: Sherrie Wolf, Manuel Izquierdo, Pegge Hopper, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Salvador Dali, Charlie Harper, Edie Harper, Brett Harper, James Christensen, Mikhail Chemiakin, Michel Delacroix, Ikki Matsumoto, Guy Buffet, Thomas Pradzynski, Michel Delacroix, Paul de Longpre, Itzchak Tarkay, Robert Kipness, Elton Bennett, John Stobart, etc. Western Art Prints & Artwork: Fred Machetanz, Bill Conant, Randy VanBeek, Gary Carter, Robert Bateman, Bev Doolittle, Ray 'Padre' Johnson, Sallie Ellington Middleton, Richard Evans Younger, Roger Tory Peterson, John A. Ruthven, Don Eckelberry, Ray Harm, Charles Frace, William F. Reese, etc. Animation Cels from:Disney, Hannah-Barbara, Warner Brothers, MGM, etc. Illustrators: Floyd Gottfredson, Jay Ward, Friz Freleng, Ralph Heimdahl, Virgil Ross, Chuck Jones, Walt Kelly, etc. Characters: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Duck Tales, George of the Jungle, Tasmanian Devil, WIle E. Coyote, Pink Panther, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Sylvester and Tweety, Tom and Jerry, Pogo, etc. Rugs: David Gauld (British) Persian and machine made rugs, room size rugs, scatter rugs, prayer rugs, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday July 22, Northwest Fine Arts

Modern Art: Z.Z. Wei "Afternoon Flight" Industrial Oil Painting 48"x36", Z.Z. Wei "End of Day" Oil Painting, William Cumming "Walking Girl" Tempera Painting, William Cumming "Family" (with Dogs) 2007 Large Tempera Painting, Richard Gilkey "Wileys Slough" 1974 Skagit Landscape Oil 30"x40", Mark Tobey "Still Life" 1931 Tempera on Masonite (Exhibited, Former Collection of Zoe Dusanne), Guy Anderson "Native Forms" Oil on Paper, Kenneth Callahan "Universal Voyage" 1954 Tempera Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Figures in Stones" Oil on Board, Leo Kenney "Flower Bloom" 1982 Gouache on Paper, Paul Horiuchi Large "Aesthetics in Time" Collage Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Introspective" 1950's Small Collage, George Tsutakawa "Pink Clouds" 1968 Gansai Painting, George Tsutakawa "Bonzai Tree" Sumi Ink, 2pc Fay Chong Watercolors, Large Demetrios Jameson Oil of Children 1951, William Cumming "Friends" 1984 Large Colored Graphite Work, 2pc William Cumming Figure Watercolors, 2pc William Cumming Children Graphite Drawings, Roger Shimomura "Shoichi" 1976 Samurai Acrylic, Roger Shimomura "Terry Toyota #2" Geisha Acrylic, William Ingham "Small 4th of July Acrylic Abstraction, Boyer Gonzales "A Red Emerging" Abstract Painting, Paul Heald Abstract Painting on Canvas, 2pc Buster Simpson Salmon Hanging Sculptures, Carl Hall "Ghost Mask" 1975 Painting, Neil Metizler "Waterfall" 1960's Casein, William Mutch "Seagull" 1961 Casein Painting, Leslie Cain Panoramic Pastel Landscape, Richard Morhous Large Coastal Scene Oil 1985, 2pc Richard Morhous Landscape Oils, Ross Palmer Beecher "American Flag" Tin Can Collage, Lois Graham Large Abstract Oil Painting, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Lino Tagliapietra "Green Aventurine Vase" 1994 Glass, 3pc Lino Tagliapietra Goblets & Ewer, 4pc Dante Marioni/Preston Singletary Goblets, 6pc Preston Singletary Early Blown Goblets, 2pc Alessandro Pianon "Pulcini" Murano Glass Birds, Dale Chihuly 2pc Roman Red Seaform Glass Set, Yoichi Ohira "Spirale" Glass Tazza, Flavio Poli Large Sommerso Murano Glass Bowl, Peter Voulkos Speckled Glaze Bowl, 2pc Ingrid Murphy Ceramic Sculptures, Marge Levy Terracotta Decorated Cake Stand, etc. Native Arts: Dwayne Pasco "Grease Bowl" Pastel Painting, Stephen Hunt "Copper Shaped Rattle" Cedar, Sarah Robertson "Raven" Hamatsa Small Mask, Gary Peterson (AK) Northwest Coast Painted Triptych Hanging Panel, Gary Peterson (AK) Painted Mirror, etc. Modern Photography: Rare Collection of Seattle Camera Club Photography including a Yukio Morinaga "Canyon of Streets" 1926 Photograph, Hiromu Kira "Mt. Rainier" Photograph, Hiromu Kira Attr. "Lily Pads" Photograph, Wayne Albee "Untitled, Women with Balls" McBride Studios Photograph, Ella McBride "Still Life" Photograph, McBride Studios "Ruth Van Valey, Blaine" Photograph, Several Aiko Studios "Golden Potlatch" Photographs, Marsha Burns Silver Gelatin "Anoma Animus" Diptych Photograph, Alice Wheeler "Dominic" Color Photograph, 2pc Jerry Reed Silver Gelatin Contemporary Photographs, etc. Prints & Multiples: Marc Chagall "The Festival" 1975 Lithograph on Japon (Mourlot 924), Pablo Picasso "Femme Nue Couronnee de Fleurs" Pencil Signed Etching (La Suite Vollard), Salvador Dali "Lincoln in Dalivision" Sterling Silver Plaque, Morris Graves "Resting Duck" 1950's Signed Lithograph, Richard Gilkey "Skagit Valley Landscape" Lithograph, Fay Jones "Peplum/Mums" 1997 Large Etching, Roger Shimomura "Kabuki Party" AP Lithograph, Roger Shimomura "Yellow no Same" Lithograph, Several Mark Toby Signed Lithographs & Etchings, Leo Kenney "Dial of Spring" Artist Proof Lithograph, Collection of Kenneth Callahan Signed Musician Prints, Dale Chihuly Acrylic Enhanced Serigraph, Dr. Seuss Animal Head Wall Bust, Peter Milton "Before the Hunt" Large Signed Etching, 2pc Dennis Lockwood Woodcuts, Michael Wilkinson "Moonrise" Acrylic Sculpture, Michael Wilkinson "Moonscape I & II" Acrylic Sculptures, Jacques Hnizdovsky Cabbage Woodcut, etc. 20th Century Design: Pair of Knoll Saarinen Tulip Stands, Pair of David Cressey Sculptural Ceramic Lamps, Angelo Mangiarotti for Knoll Grey Marble Vase, Elaine Hanowell "Snapper" Paper Mache Floor Lamp, etc. Westerm & Traditional Artworks: Joseph Henry Sharp "Montana Landscape" 16"x20" Oil Painting, Seven Original Western and Landscape Oil Paintings by Fred Oldfield, Thom Ross (NM) "Near Midnight" Large Oil Painting, Thom Ross (NM) "Crazy Arrow" Oil Painting, Artuzo Chavez Southwest Landscape Oil, Andre Bertounesque (Canadian) Impressionist Garden Scene Oil Painting, Alexander Dzigurski Seascape Oil, Jie Zhou 2pc Street Scene Oils, Ned Mueller 2pc Landscape and Boat Oils, Frank Gervasi "New Mexico Landscape" Oil, Stefan Baumann "Yosemite Valley" Oil, Phil Kooser Southwest Oil Painting, Ray Gerring Landscape Watercolor, Jack Fellows Summer Landscape Oil, Nancy McLaughlin "Native Squaw" Pastel, Kim Reinmuth "Indian Child" Colored Pencil, Jessica Zemsky "Trapper' Pastel, Donald Weller "Bird Hunt Still Life" Bronze, Clyde Leon Keller Landscape Watercolor in Carved Framing, Harvey Goodale Painting of a Mink, Paul Lauritz California Landscape Oil, Frederick Southworth Landscape Oil, Rudy Zallinger "Anemones" Floral Oil Painting, etc. Antiquities & Artworks: David Gauld (British) "Cows Grazing" Oil Painting, John Blake McDonald (British) "Interior Scene" Oil Painting, Pair of Henry Moore (British) "Maritime Scene" Paintings, After Durer 17th Cent. Etching "Flight to Egypt", Group of English 18th Century Miniatures by Famous Artists, 2pc Russian 18th Cent. Painted Wood Religious Icons, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday June 24,Great Northwest Estates: Antiquities and Design! - TIMED AUCTION

Furniture, Lamps, & Design: Patinated Bronze Bundle of Sticks Glass Top Coffee Table (Maitland Smith?), Figural Stacking Leatherbound Books Figural Side Chest, French Bombay Black Marble Top 3-Drawer Chest, Italian Small Side Table, 2pc Antique Metal Wire and Wood Bird Cages, Pair Chapman Leaf Brass Table Lamps, Fine French Ormolu Mounted Marble Table Lamps, Pair of French Pink Marble Table Lamps, 2pc Waterford Crystal Pineapple and Urn Table Lamps, Vintage George Nelson Bubble Lamp, Pair of 1950's Lamp Shades, Hanging Acrylic 1970's Light Fixture, Chinese Gilt Lacquered Altar Table, 4pc Chinese Gilt Lacquered Round Graduated Side Tables, Henredon Chinoiserie Tall Dresser, Pair Mid Century Lane End Tables, etc. Period & Antique Furniture: 1833 Rosemaled Large Painted Wedding Trunk, Early Period Hanging Corner Cupboards, Antique Carved Mahogany Partner's Desk, Several Antique Period Rush Seat Chairs, Georgian 3-Drawer Oak Chest, Georgian Oak 4-Drawer Long Chest, Antique Mahogany 4-Door Bookcase, Arts & Crafts Oak Long Bench, Vintage Mahogany Leather Top Lamp Table, Vintage Sewing Stands, Victorian Highly Carved Bed Frame, Antique Marble Top Commode, Antique Woodslat Small Trunk, Antique Shelf Clocks & Miniatures, etc. Fine Glass & Porcelain: 32pc Moser "Splendid" Gilt and Cut Glass Stemware with Moser Dealer Sign, Set 8 Steuben Bubble Stem Goblets, Steuben Controlled Bubble Ice Bucket, 28pc Wateford "Ashling" Crystal Stemware, 4pc Waterford Crystal Ship's and Tall Decanters, Steuben 2-Color Covered Compote with Pear Finial, 7pc Steuben Crystal Bowls, Fry Threaded Glass Vase, Steuben Crystal Footed Bowl, Set Daum Crystal Knife Rests in Box, Set 10 R. Lalique "Mulhouse" Crystal Cordials, 7pc Inwald Barolac Czech Crystal Decanter Set, Pair Barolac Molded Glass Forest Vases, Barolac Opalescent Glass Floral Vase, Lots of Heisey and Elegant Glass, Collection of Boehm Bird Plates in Boxes, Lot of Mid Century California Pottery, Studio Pottery Bowls, 3pc Sevres Peter Millet Art Pottery, etc. Antique and Period Glass: Early American Stiegel Glass Vases 1792, Early Stiegel Glass Tankard and Mug, Collection of Antique Bohemian Intaglio Cut Tankards and Decanters, Antique Bohemian Ruby Covered Pokal, Early Brilliant Cut Glass Stemware, etc. Studio Glass: Large Susan Glass Amethyst Glass Centerbowl, Dan Bergsma Large Pink Ruffled Edge Vase, Large Studio Glass Handkerchief Vase Signed, Fields & Fields Iridescent Glass Large Bowl, 2pc Roland Correia Iridescent Goblets, Lots of Murano Glass, etc. Art, Prints and Woodblock: Artworks and Ephemera from the estate collection of Alden Megrew (Former Head of the Department of Fine Arts, University of Colorado), Collection of Gallery Framed Fine Art Prints by Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Paul Klee, etc. Teiko Shimazaki Original Collage Artwork, 3pc Chikanobu Geisha Beauties Woodblock Prints, Utamaru Meiji Geisha Woodblock Print, Japanese Gilt Hanging Painted Crane Panel, 18th Century Framed English Map, Antique Nootka Sound Engravings, Large Gold Foil Buddha Framed Artwork, Large Persian Horse Painting on Silk Framed Artwork, 1980's Fan Painted 4-Panel Hanging Screen, Large Balinese Women in Landscape Painting on Cloth, etc. Asian Arts: Large Thai Gilt Jeweled Teppanom Angel Statue, Antique Chinese Peking Painted Drum, Meiji Japanese Gilt Lacquered Stacking Food Box in Tomobako, Meiji Japanese Lacquerware, Trays, and Miniatures, Japanese Meiji Satsuma Vases and Miniatures, Old Chinese Bird Cage, Antique Silk Hand Fans, Chinese Lacquered Altar Table, 5pc Chinese Lacquered Round Graduated Side Tables, Large Meiji Japanese Lacquered Trunk, Chinese 6-Panel Applique Bird Room Screen, Japanese Meiji Silk Embroidered 4-Panel Screen, Edo Japanese 2-Panel Painted Screen, etc. Jewelry & Silver: 14k Jadeite Peach Brooch, Group of 14k Jadeite Earrings and Pendants, 18k Red Coral and Pearl Necklace, 14k Jade and Pearl Necklace, Real Pearl 8mm Necklace, Vintage Real Pearl Men's Studs and Cufflinks, English Hallmarked Sterling Heavy Bowl Mount, Georgian Silver Marrow Spoon, etc. Antiquarian & Collectible Books: Collection of Antique 17th/18th/19th Cent. Leatherbound Books and Book Sets, Collectible Author Novels – Fiction and Non-Fiction, Lots of Vintage Children's Books, Vintage Art Books, etc. Old Toys & Collectibles: Early Buddle L Pressed Steel Riding Toys, Pressed Steel Race Car Toy, Vintage Hawaiian Shirts, Vintage and Antique Quilt Collection, Antique Tintype Photos and Photo Albums, etc. See photos and auction results.


Tuesday June 22, Great Northwest Estates! Asian, Artwork, Jewelry & MORE - TIMED AUCTION

Featuring Large World Currency Collection banknotes from over 150+ countries. 1700's-Present. Many uncirculated.

Collection of Ancient Chinese Coins: Wang Mang Key & Knife Coins, Spade Coins, Ban Liang Coins, Wu Zhu Coins, etc. Gold Coins: Venice, Sardinia, Belgium, Italy, Austria, France, Yugoslavia, Turkey. 1300's-1970 Antique Maps & Rare Books: Jan Jansson, Henri Chatelain, John Thomson, James Thomson, 'The Seasons' 1797, Sea Mosses from the Pacific Coast 1879 Album, Horace Walpole 'Essay on Modern Gardening' 1785, R. Dodsley 'Select Fables of Esop (Aesop)' 1776, 2 Volumes 'Sophoclis' by G.B. Whittaker 1826, A.A. Milne 'The Hums of Pooh' Signed Limited Edition Songbook 1929, Author Signed books, First Edition Books, etc. Animation Cels and Production Drawings: Disney's Pinocchio, Peg Leg Pete, Panchito from The Three Caballeros, Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty, Walt Kelly 'Pogo', Warner Brothers 'Teenage Thumb', Looney Toons 'Tasmanian Devil', MGM Studio 'Tom & Jerry', Disney Floyd Gottfredson drawings, etc. Baseball Collectibles: 1909-11 T206 Piedmont Cy Young Tobacco Card, 1962 Topps Mickey Mantle NY Yankees and 1962 Topps Gaylord Perry, 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Signed Baseball, etc. Stamps: 1922-25 $5 America, 1847 5c Benjamin Franklin, Collection of US Stamps 1892-1956, International Stamps, etc. Large Collection of Playboy Magazines: including bound First Issue, puzzles, videotapes, etc. Large Collection of Charles Harper Serigraph Prints: Framed and loose in portfolio envelopes. See photos and auction results.


Thursday June 3, Great Northwest Estates! Asian, Artwork, Jewelry & MORE - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Silver, & Coins: Collection of Austrain/Hungarian Gold Jewelry 14k & 18k, Bar Pins, Rings, Brooches, Italian Heavy Gold Bracelets, 18k Solid Band IWC Women’s Watch, Omega Pocket Watch, Chinese Jade 14k Jewelry, Natural Amber Necklaces, Lots of English and Georgian Silver, Spoons, Creamers, Large Russian Sterling Pitcher, Christofle Silverplate Centerpiece Bowl, American Silver, Shreve, Gorham, Set of Wallace Rose Point Sterling Flatware, Sterling Jewelry, Lots of US Morgan Silver Dollars, Collection of Standing Liberty & Franklin Half Dollars, Early Fractional US Coins, Silver Certificates, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Large Collection of Steuben Crystal, Blue Jade Center Bowl, Vases, Bowls, Eagle, etc. Waterford Crystal Decanters and Bowl, Bohemian Cut to Clear Decanters, Moser Goblets, Collection of Studio Glass Paperweights including Lotton, Orient & Flume, Lundberg Studios, Salazar, Glass Eye, St. Louis, Eickholt, etc. Pair of Royal Vienna Cabinet Plates, Chinese Peking Glass, Brilliant Cut Glass, Set of Lenox Wheat Dishes, Blenko Glass, Large Evans Raku Vase, Southwest Native Pottery, Pre Columbian Nazca Stirrup Vessel, etc. Asian Antiquities: 3pc Antique Japanese Stacking Tansu Chests, Antique Japanese Carved Dragon Game Table with 4 Drawers, Group of Meiji Provincial Storage Jars, 5pc Toshi Yoshida Four Seasons Woodblocks, 2pc Ohara Koson Woodblock Prints, Japanese Meiji Woodblock Prints, Antique Chinese Lacquered Pillow Box, Japanese Carved Bone Articulated Lobster Model, Chinese and Japanese Ceramics, Antique Stone Mortar Pestles, Jade Jewelry, Snuff Bottles, etc. Northwest Art & Ceramics: 2pc Jule Kullberg Mid Century Paintings, 2pc Marilyn Bergstrom Abstract Collages, Florence Nesbitt Watercolor, Bill Colby Painting and Woodcut, Marvin Messing Abstract Oil Painting, Helen Buchanon Woodblock, Joel Ogard WC, Greg Prince WC, Harriet Hunter WC, Hattie Prevel Oil, Nell Wheeler Watercolor, Elton Bennett Serigraph (Mint), Walton Butts Serigraphs, William Cumming Signed Spokesong Poster, 2pc ZZ Wei Signed Exhibition Posters, 2pc Jack Gunter Sheep Snowboarding Signed Giclees, 2pc Antique Mt. Rainier Photos, Group of Asahel Curtis and Norman Edson Tinted Photos, Norman Edson Small Goldtone Photo, Eustace Ziegler Small Boat Etching, Collection of Arlene Mickelson Native Studio Pottery Jars and Pots, Louis Mideke Pottery Large Bowl, Pair of Dale Chihuly Painted Shoes,etc. Antique Artworks & Prints: Collection of 17th/18th Century European Engravings, Old Master Paintings, Georges Roualt Framed Etching, E. Delacroix Etching Signed, Lots of S/N Western Framed Prints, Modern Framed Photos, Western Indian Oil Paintings, Southwest Oil Paintings, Mid Century Prints, Huichol Indian Framed Artworks, Lucy Liu Framed Asian Watercolors, 3pc Indian Fine Painted Miniatures, etc. Mid Century: 5pc Danish Modern Teak Dining Set, 2pc McGuire Rattan Settees, McGuire Chair & Ottoman, Mid Century Buffet, Set 3 Mid Century Stacking Dot Wicker Stools, Lots of Mid Century Framed Artworks and Studio Pottery, etc. Antiques, Furniture & Rugs: Antique French Carved Vitrine Cabinet, Antique Leaded Glass Pink Rose Chandelier, Chinoiserie Camel Rider Arm Chandelier, Antique Swiss Cylinder Music Box, Antique Parquetry Inlaid Table Box, Thorens Disc Music Box, Antique Brass Whale Oil Lamp, Collection of Persian Nain Silk Inlaid Carpets, Several Persian Runner Rugs, Turkish Saddle Bag, 2pc Antique Caucasian Rugs, Alaskan Scrimshawed Items, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday May 27, Lifetime Toy Train, Gun, & Collectibles Auction - TIMED AUCTION

Lifetime Train Collection: Lifetime Collection of High End Model "0" Gauge Trains (Mostly Brass) including many 3rd Rail Sunset Models Brass Trains in Boxes (Vintage and New), Max Grey Brass Trains, Iron Horse Precious Scale Co. Brass Models in Boxes, KTM Brass (Built and Unbuilt Models), Samhongsa Brass Engines & Tenders, MTH and Rail King (Mostly in Boxes), Golden Gate Depot (Mostly in Boxes), Williams Genesis Amtrak Set in Boxes, Central Locomotive Works, Overland Models (Brass), Elletren, Atlas, Rivarossi, U.S. Hobbies, S.M.R. Trains Limited Edition Brass, Winans Camel Loco Brass Limited Edition, Bassett Lowke BL99004 Limited Edition in Box, Max Gray Brass, NJ Custom Brass, Built Train Models, Vintage Lionel Train Set and Trains, Modern Lionel Trains in Boxes, Bachmann, Antique Basset Lowke Engine/Tender Set, Collection of Vintage HO Models Kits, etc. Model Airplanes & Rockets: Collection of Unbuilt and Built RC Airplane Models with lots of parts and engines, OS Engines, Controllers, Estes Rocket Sets, etc. Pistols & Revolvers: Colt 32 Automatic Hammerless Pistol, Smith & Wesson Airweight 38 S&W Special Revolver, Ruger Security-Six 357 Magnum Revolver, US Arms 44 Magnum Revolver, US Arms 45 Colt Revolver, US Arms 357 Magnum Revolver, Cobray Leinad Inc O/U 22 LR-45LC 410 Derringer, Star Spain 9mm Pistol, Pair Butler 22 Short Derringer Handguns, New England Firearms R92 Ultra 22 LR Revolver, Webley Mark VI .455 Service Revolver, Antique Smith & Wesson 38 Caliber Breaktop Revolver, H&R 22 Special 22LR Breaktop Revolver, Antique S&W Breaktop Revolver, Marlin Revolver, Antique Smith & Wesson Model 2 32 Caliber Service Revolver, Antique Defender Pocket Revolver Rifles & Shotguns: Marlin Safety Lever Action 30/30 Rifle, JC Higgins Model 33 22 S&L Pump Action Rifle, Antique Luthe Hardware Company Single Shot 410 Shotgun, Savage 24S-E O/U 22LR 20 Gauge Shotgun, Winchester Model 94 30-30 WIN Lever Action Rifle, Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine 22LR Rifle, Winchester Model 131 22 SL/LR Bolt Action Rifle, British Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I 1942 Rifle, Marlin Model 80E 22 SL & LR Bolt Action Rifle, Antique Stevens-Maynard Jr 22 LR Rifle, Savage Stevens Model 311 Series H 410 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun, Sears 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun Ammunition: 380 Auto, 38 Special & 44 S&W Special, 44 Magnum, 22 Cal, 44 Remington, 45 Colt, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 32 Auto, 303 British, 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge & 410 Shotgun, Western Super X Shotgun Shells, 50 Cal Casings, Etc Antique Guns & Swords: European 18th Century Flintlock Pistol, Antique Brass Pepperbox 6 Barrel Pistol, Antique Cap & Ball Pistol, Dikar Spain 45 Cal Black Powder Pistol, Antique US Ancient & Honorable Artillery Co. Saber Sword, US Civil War W.H. Horstmann Officer's Saber Sword, US Civil War 1865 Roby Cavalry Saber Sword Fishing: Lyon & Coulson Imperial #21A 4pc Split Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod, Heddon #17 4pc 9ft Split Bamboo Fishing Rod, Vintage Fishing Creels, Bristol No. 65 Fishing Reel Hunting: Swarovski Optik EL 10x42 WB Birding Binoculars, Leica 10x25 BCA Folding Binoculars Toys, Collectibles & Railroadiana: Steiff Limited Edition 7pc Circus Set in Boxes, Conrad Liebherr Hersteller Twin Tower Crane in Box, Collection of Vintage Matchbox Cars in Boxes, Rio, Solido, Hubley, Tootsietoy Cars, Vintage Volkswagen Promo Cars, German Diecast Cars in Boxes, 7pc Vintage Railroad Lanterns, Antique Railroad Locomotive Brass Bell, Vintage Movie Reel Collection, Vintage Hornady Bullet Adv. Display, Chrome Airplane Lamp, Old Photos, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday April 29, Great Northwest Estates! Asian, Jewelry, Porcelain - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry & Silver: Chinese 14k and 18k Jade Rings, Necklaces, etc. Carved Carnelian and Jade Pendants, Old Chinese Silver Dragon Bracelets, Lots of Sterling Rings and Brooches, Collection of Semi-Precious Stones and Beads, 9mm Pearl Choker Necklace with Diamond Clasp, 14k Diamond Rings, 14k and 18k Gold Jade Rings, Gold Coin Ring, Real Pearl Necklaces, 14k Art Deco Elgin Pocket Watch with 14k Chain, 7pc Sterling Rope Handled Tea Set with Tray & Matching Candlesticks, Italian 800 Silver Tea Set, 800 Silver Table Grapes, Georgian Silver Basket, Sterling Baskets and Spoon Sets, Japanese 950 Silver Items, Georgian Silver Inkwell Set, etc. Coin Collection: Collection of Graded US Coins, Morgan and Peace Dollars, Walking Liberty and Benjamin Halves, Mercury Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Lots of Wheat Back Pennies, Chinese .999 Silver Enameled Rounds, Old Fractional Currency, US $1 Gold Coin Ring, etc. Porcelain & Glass: Collection of Royal Copenhagen Figurines including a large Polar Bear and Horse, Vases, Boys and Girls, Birds, etc. Early B&G Collector Plates starting at year 1906, Collection of Gustavsberg Argenta Pottery, Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, 3pc Makkum Hand Painted Chargers in Boxes, Collection of Gold Aventurine Murano Glass Baskets, Jar, Candelabras, German and Bavarian Porcelain Tea Sets, Nippon Porcelain, Several Vintage Lladro Figurines, Collection of Waterford Crystal, Baccarat Crystal Decanter, Cut to Clear Ruby Claret, Studio Glass Macchia Bowls, Correia Glass Bowl, Rick Hunter Iridescent Vase, Steuben Crystal Pedestal Bowl, Bohemian and Czech Crystal, Fenton Lamps, Limoge Charger, Group of Quimper Dinnerware, Carnival Glass, etc. Northwest Art, Art, Studio Pottery: Peter Max Signed Poster, Arnold Palmer Signed Lithograph, Jack Nicklaus Signed Lithograph, Marsha Burns Framed Poster, Sunol Alvar Ceramic Large Vase, Windsor Utley Painting, Betty Frost Portrait Painting, Richard Kirsten 1950's Woodblock with Cat, John Koenig Lithograph, Louis Anderson Watercolor Framed, Mel Stamper Large Abstract Oil, Mid Century Abstract Paintings, Impressionist Clown and Woman with Clown Paintings, 2pc Western S/N Prints, Richard Gilkey Print Portfolio, Mid Century Etchings and S/N Prints, Ben Sams Mug, Ngaire Hixson Bowl, Reid Ozaki Sculptural Bowl, etc. Asian Antiques: Collection of Antique Carved Temple Pieces and Altar Stands, Japanese Provincial Pottery Jars, Antique Tetsubin Teapots, Antique Chinese Hand Warmers, Old Woodblock Prints, Collection of Antique and Vintage Chinese Rose Canton, Punch Bowl, Plates, Cups, etc. Rosewood Mah Jong Table, 4pc Rosewood Chairs with Dream Stone Inserts, Old Yixing and Pewter Teaset, Carved Stone Guanyin Stele, Meiji Bronze Japanese Large Bird Vase, Meiji Japanese Satsuma Vases, Large Chinese Dragon Planter Pots, Japanese Cloisonne Vases and Compote, Meiji Japanese Kettle Hook, Large Chinese Sumi Ink Framed Bamboo Painting, etc. Southwest Native Arts & Pottery: Collection of Southwest Kachina Dolls, Blackware and Redware Pottery Collection including pieces by Margaret Tafoya, Marie & Julien Martinez, etc. Collection of Antique Southwest Indian Baskets, Athabascan Baskets, etc. Furniture and Collectibles: Antique Oak Map Stacking Cabinet, Antique Lion Head Drop Front Small Desk, Inlaid Mahogany Chess Drop Leaf Table, Kittinger Mahogany Small Round Table, Oak Arts & Crafts Desk, Arts & Crafts Oak Standing Bookcase, Antique Carnival Ride Boat, Antique Dog Circus Poster, Collection of Vintage Olympics Buttons, Gold Company Year Pins, White Painted Tilt Top Round Table, Rosewood Mah Jong Table, Set 4 Chinese Rosewood Side Chairs with Dream Stone Back Panels, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday April 22, Guitars & Musical Instruments

Featuring a Lifteime Collection of Guitars & Musical Instruments

Bass Guitars: 1967 Vox Violin Bass, Univox 4003 Copy, Bud-Electro (Audiovox) Serenader Bass, Fury LS-4 Dobros & Resonators: 1930's Dobro Model 37, Dobro Model 60, Dobro Hula Blues, National Brass Delphi Banjos, Mandolins, Ukes: 1927 Weymann Style A Orchestra, 1931 Vega Style N Tenor Banjo, 1930's Gibson UB-3 Banjo Uke, 1930's Gretsch Clarophone Banjo Uke, 1930's Sears Supertone Banjo Uke, 1924 Gibson Model A Junior, 1919 Washburn Lyon & Healy Style C, 1897 Washburn Bowl Back, Harmony H835 Electric Mandolin, 1967 Martin Rosewood Tiple, 1960's Martin 1-C Concert Uke, 1960's Martin Style 0 Ukes, 1930's Gretsch Camp Uke, etc. Acoustics & Classical: 1960 Martin D-28, 1910 Martin 0-21, 1943 Martin 00-18-G, 1970 Martin D-18, Ramirez 2CWE, 1962 Ramon Marin Flamenco, 19th Century Vienese Johann Georg Stauffer Style Parlor Guitar, 1940's Vega Odell C26, 2006 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe, 1967 Guild Aragon F-30 NT, 1974 Guild Navarre F-50, Rodriguez, Takamine, Harmony, Larrivee, Hoyer, Framus, Taylor, etc. Lap & Steel Guitars: 1930's Rickenbacker Electro, 1949 Oahu Tonemaster with Matching Amp, 1966 Fender Stringmaster D6 & T8 Electric Guitars: 1957 Fender Stratocaster, virtually unplayed 1967 Gibson ES-335, 2002 Gibson Les Paul Stinger (Music Machine), 2002 Gibson Music Machine 25th Anniversary Les Paul, 1968 Gibson L-5 CES, 1963 Gibson ES-120T, 2011 Gibson ES-335, 1979 Gibson Flying V II, 1966 Rickenbacker 330, 1961 Rickenbacker 425, 1999 PRS McCarty Brazilian, 1949 Epiphone Zephyr De Lux, Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, 1985 G&L Broadcaster, 1963 Fender Jaguar, Fender Leads, Fender Coronado II Wildwood & Cherry Red, 1958 & 1963 Gretsch 6124 Anniversary, 1964 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean, 1965 Guild T100D Slim Jim, Kramer Pacer Carrera, Ovation Viper, Kay, Harmony, Carvin, Epiphone, Yamaha, Peavey, Charval, etc. Custom Electric Guitars: Linke Custom Double Neck Electric Guitar / Mandolin, 1980's KLS Custom Koa Solid Body, Bunker Custom Carved Archtop, 1999 G&L GBL-LE Limited Edition Amplifiers: Marshall, Fender, Speedster, Peavey, Carvin, Victoria, Kalamazoo, Johnson, Kustom, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Silvertone, Crate, Epiphone, etc. Stringed Instruments, Woodwinds, etc.: Yamaha VC5-4 Cello, 1961 ER Pfretzschner 4/4 Violin, Palatino 4/4 VN750 Violin, 19th Century 4/4 Violin, Artley Flute, Bundy Clarinet, 1966 Slingerland Snare Drum, antique Japanese Shamisens, 1987 Dusty Strings Folk Harp FH-26, etc. Piano & Keyboards: Baldwin Model R Baby Grand Piano with ConcertMaster Player System, 1993 Samick SGP-151G Digital Piano, 1967 Gibson G-101 Combo Organ, Kostler Harmochord Electric Organ Accessories, etc.: Maestro EP-4 Echoplex Tape Delay, Guitar Floor Stands, Guitar Slatwall Hanger, Guitar Wall Hangers, Picks, Effects Pedals, Vintage Fender & Gibson Guitar Cases, Zildjian Avedis Cymbal, MISC Guitar Parts, Cords, Straps, Vintage Vacuum Tubes, Tuners, Vintage Strings, Sheet Music, Manuals, Vintage Guitar Magazine Collection, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 18, Northwest and Native Fine Arts!

Featuring Fine Northwest Modern Artworks and Native Arts!

Modern Art & Sculpture: Guy Anderson "Northern Rebirth 1971 Large Oil Painting, Guy Anderson "Northern Sentinels" Oil Painting, Important Richard Gilkey "Picasso Chair" 1957 Oil Painting, Richard Gilkey "Bloom" Oil Painting, George Tsutakawa "Tidal Flats" Sumi Ink Painting, Helmi Juvonen "Hawks" Tempera Painting, Gayle Bard Atmospheric Oil Painting, Michael Dailey Beach Scene Acrylic, Francis Celentano 1971 Optic Painting, 2pc Jay Steensma Large Mystic Oil Paintings, 4pc Jay Steensma Paper Bag Paintings, Claire Falkenstein "Gold and Blue Fragments" Watercolor, Alden Mason "Burpee Garden Delight" 1970's Small Painting, Alden Mason "Pow Wow" Large Abstract 1990's Oil, Alden Mason "Poppies" Small Oil 1990's, Rare Paul Horiuchi "Girl at Piano" 1927 Oil Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Forms Follow Forms" Collage, 2pc Paul Horiuchi Vertical and Small Poem Collage, Virginia Banks Vertical Abstraction Painting, Kathleen Gemberling "Columbian Cleft" Large Organic Abstract Oil, 2pc Jay Steensma Large Oil Paintings, 5pc Jay Steensma Paper Bag Paintings, Gary Ratushniak (BC) Totems Watercolor, Margaret Camfferman "Bloom" Oil Painting, Elizabeth Warhanik Floral Watercolor, Dorothy Jensen Botanical Watercolor, Art Hansen "Olson's Farm" 1961 Oil Painting, Art Hansen 1963 Landscape Ink on Paper (SAM Exhibited), Frank Okada Large Monochromatic Abstraction 1969, 2pc Frank Okada Black and White Ink Abstractions, Kenneth Callahan "Flies" Ink on Paper, 3pc Wendell Brazeau Geometric Abstraction Paintings, Several James Martin Whimsical Tempera Paintings, Pegge Hopper (HI) Hawaiian Girl Pastel & Serigraph, Guy Buffet Original Waiter Oil Painting, 4pc Thomas Pradzynski Store Front Modern Oils, 2pc Constantine Cherkas Native Portrait Oils, etc. Prints & Multiples: Ibram Lassaw "Brutalist Fish" Hanging Mobile Sculpture, John Flannagan "Growling Bear" Bronze, Jacob Lawrence "Celebration of Heritage" Signed Serigraph, Collection of Jasper Johns Modernist Lithographs by University Limited Art Editions, 2pc Ernest Trova "Falling Man I" and "Falling Man II" Serigraph Suites, Ernest Trova "Mansape" Serigraph Suite in Case, Richard Anuszkiewicz 1968 Serigraph on Board, Frank Stella "Vortex Engravings" Plate Set in Box, David Hockney "A Bigger Book" with Custom Stand, 3pc Early Leonard Baskin Woodcuts, Museum Quality Edward Curtis "Canyon del Muerto" 11x14" Orotone Photograph, Edward Curtis "Homeward" 11x14" Orotone, 3pc Waldo & Corwin Chase Woodcuts, Miro "Sculptures" (M.950) H.C. Signed Lithograph, R.C. Gorman S/N Native Serigraph, 2pc Guy Anderson Woodcuts, Early Kenneth Callahan "Market" Signed Etching, etc. Ceramics & Glass: Karel Appel "Ubu Two" 1967 Ceramic Charger, 2pc Lino Tagliapietra Zanfirico 1992 Vase Goblets, 3pc Dale Chihuly Orange Seaform Glass Set, Michael David & Kit Karbler Optic Glass Bowl, 2pc Robert Sperry Blue Stoneware Lamps, 4pc Robert Sperry White Crackle Bowls and Charger, Mutsuo Yanagihara Sculptural Vessel, Hal Fromhold Sculptural Candlestick Family, Erik Gronborg Slab Tray with Stamps, Set of Reid Ozaki Sculptural Rocks, etc. American & European Art: Eustace Ziegler "Old Chums, Bar Scene" Oil Painting, Eustace Ziegler "Resting Near Mt. McKinley" Oil Painting 12"x16", Harvey Goodale "Northern Lights" 16"x20" Oil Painting, Peter McIntyre (NZ) "Corral" Large Oil Painting, Sam Racina California Landscape Oil, Nicholas Coleman Indian Camp Oil Painting, Manuel Valencia "Night Scene" Oil Painting, Ogden Pleissner Small Fishing Scene Watercolor, Fokko Tadama "Rough Seas, Sailing" Oil Painting, Several Charles Kaelin (MA) Impressionist Landscape Paintings and Pastels of Rockport Harbor, 2pc Wayne Lowdermilk Landscape Oil Paintings, 2pc Rod Hubble (NM) Impressionist Landscape Oils, John Encinias River Landscape Small Oil, Several Doran Trogdan Impressionist Oils (Newcomb Macklin Frames), William Reese Cowboy in Canyon Oil Painting, Dorothe Livingston Eskimo Whale Hunt Oil Painting, etc. Native Arts: 2pc Edward Curtis "Canyon del Muerto" and "Homeward" 11"x14" Orotone Photographs, Edward Curtis "Signal Fire to the Gods" Orotone 10"x8", 3pc Waldo & Corwin Chase Woodcuts, Museum Quality Antique Tsimshian or Tlingit Large Bentwood Box with Shell Inlays, Late 19th or early 20th century Northwest Coast Raven Transformation Cedar Finial, Antique Northwest Coast Indian Pipe, Antique Northwest Coast Adz Implement, Antique Eskimo Whale Bone Dagger, Old Eskimo Figural Whale Bone Club, Doug LaFortune Carved Cedar Totem Pole 6', Dale Macalyne 6' Carved and Painted Totem Pole, George James Carved Cedar Rattle, 2pc Argillite Carvings by Gary Minacker Russ, Hubert Koonuk Polar Bear Baleen Basket, Old James Omnik Baleen Covered Basket, Carl Hank Baleen Basket, John Omnik Baleen Basket, Marilyn Hank Otton Large Baleen Basket, Collection of Old Northwest Coast Indian Baskets, Makah, Tlingit, Salish, etc. Barbarita Naranjo Redware Jar, Minnie Vigil Santa Clara Seed Pot, Rocky O'Brien Tsimshian Moon Mask, etc. Designer Furniture & Wood Art: 3pc Adrian Pearsall Glass Top Coffee and Side Tables, Yuri Kinoshita Contemporary Floor Lamp, George Nakashima Walnut Display Platform, Robert Cutler "A Small Treasure" Inlaid Covered Small Bowl, 3pc Eric Lima Turquoise Inlaid Turned Wood Vases, Bill Giese Inalid Covered Ball Jar, Eric Reeves Inlaid Walnut Low Bowl, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday March 4, Fine Asian Arts & Objects

Featuring a Fine Selection of Asian Artworks and Objects

Chinese & Tibetan Bronze Buddhas: Fine Tibetan 16th/17th Cent. Gilt Lacquered Bronze Crowned Buddha on Lacquered Stand, Chinese Ming Parcel Gilt and Lacquered Seated Bronze Guanyin, Chines Ming Gilt Lacquered Seated Bronze Guanyin on Rosewood Stand, Chinese Ming Bronze Seated Guanyin on Rosewood Stand, Ming Standing Guardian Bronze Figure with Weapon, Japanese Edo Dry Lacquer Seated Buddha, etc. Chinese Porcelain: Fabulous Collection of Kangxi Blue and White Porcelain - Chargers, Plates, Plate Sets, Fine Chinese 18th Cent. Langyao Porcelain Vase in Presentation Box (Purchased Fox's Gem Shop), Pair of Jiaqing Bokchoy Porcelain Tea Bowls, Group of Daoguang Bokchoy Porcelian, Chinese Qing Famille Rose Crackle Glaze Punchbowl, Chinese Qing Powder Blue Vase, Chinese Qing Blue Monochrome Censer, Collection of 18th Century Export Armorial and Grisaille Porcelain, Chinese Qing Dragon Large Planter on Stand, etc. Asian Objects: Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles including Jade, Peking Glass, and Reverse Painted Bottles by Zhou Leyuan and Ma Shaoxuan, Chinese Qing Carved Soapstone Bulb Planter on Stand, Miniature Qing Heidao Carved Nut Boat with Calligraphy, Chinese Qing Export Silver Tea Kettle on Stand, Charger, and Chalice, etc. Asian Textiles: Fine Chinese Qing Imperial Dragon Formal Robe, Chinese Qing Silk Mandarin Dragon Robe (Blue), Japanese Edo 18th Cent. Buddhist Monks Robes, etc. Fine Jewelry: 7.43ct Diamond Edwardian Crescent Brooch, Platinum & Diamond Art Deco Patek Philippe Women’s Wristwatch, Masriera Barcelona 18k Diamond and Ruby Art Nouveau Nymph Brooch, 14k Red Coral Necklace, 14k Jade Pendants, 18k Diamond and Jadeite Jewelry Suite, etc. Jade Collection: Lifetime Collection of Chinese Jade Pendants, Pebble Carvings, Boxes, Brush Washers, etc. (many purchased at Bonhams), 2pc Chinese Grey Jade Covered Vases, Chinese Carved Jade Peach Boulder on Stand, etc. Japanese Netsuke & Inro Collection: Edo/Meiji Maki-e Lacquered Inros with Ojime Beads and Netsuke, Collection of Fine Boxwood Netsuke, Suzuki Masakatsu Toad on Sandle Boxwood Netsuke, Shunkosai Yoshihisa Shakudo Manju Netsuke, Meiji Goshinbutsu Pocket Shrine, etc. Asian Prints, Paintings & Scrolls: Attributed to Yuanqi Wang Mountainous Landscape Hand Scroll Framed, Bowu Ren Mountainous Landscape Scroll Republic Era, Felix Martinez Rare Philippines Hut Watercolor, Rare Bertha Lum "Ming Huang and Yang Kuei Fei" and "Shadow Puppet with Parasol" Original Raised Line Woodcuts, Tran Duy Truc Vietnamese Propaganda Poster Original Painting, etc. Ancient Ethnographic: Ancient Egyptian Faience Scarab and Jewelry, Persian and Roman Intaglio Cut Carnelian Cabochons, Ancient Bactrian Carved Stone Jar, etc. Oriental Rugs: Semi Antique Persian Bijar Oriental Rug 9’x12’, Antique Caucasian Runner, Antique Tribal Lion Rug, Antique Persian Rug with Large Persian Flowers, Antique Uzbek Suzani Embroidery, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday February 25, Great Northwest Estates! Native Arts, Jewelry, & Dolls! TIMED AUCTION

Featuring the Interiors of the Quinault Lodge and a large Native Americana Collection!

Native Americana: Large collection of Northwest and Southwest Indian Baskets including dozens of Makah Trinket Baskets, Makah Maquinna Whaler's Hats, Fine Tlingit Baskets, Siletz Handled Baskets, Klamath Baskets, Coast Salish Indian Baskets, Southwest Pima and Papago Baskets, Large SW Burden Basket, 2pc Navajo Rugs, Group of Kachina Dolls Artist Signed, Some Indian Beadwork, Old Cornhusk Bag, Alaskan Scrimshawed Pieces and Cribbage Board, Vintage Chilkat Blanket Woven Wall Tapestry, Collection of Antique Trade Beads, 2pc Southwest Blackware Seed Pots, etc. Group of Impressive Huichol Indian Large Beaded Sculptures Signed by Artisans Large Eagle on Perch, Seated Deer, Jaguar Mask, Fish Table Sculpture, etc. Fine Prints and Art: Amazing Collection of Vintage Elton Bennett Serigraphs from the Quinault Lodge (40+ Silkscreens - Framed and Loose), 5pc Fred Machetanz S/N Alaskan Lithographs, He Neng "Weave" S/N Serigraph, 4pc Ken Patecky (WA/OR) Carved Granite Sculptures, 2pc LeRoy Neiman Signed Prints, 2pc ZZ Wei Signed Exhibition Posters, Guy Anderson Exhibition Poster, 2pc Richard Kirsten Woodcut & Signed Print, Andrew Keating Oil of Bat, Arlene Michelsen Native Embossed Serigraph, Collection of Western S/N Loose Lithographs in Folios including Bev Doolittle, Robert Bateman, Seery, James Christensen, etc. Collection of Joseph Scaylea Color Landscape Photographs, 2pc Hulan Fleming Northwest Paintings, Framed Western Paintings, Collection of Wallace Nutting Tinted Photos, Group Antique Alaskan Maps, Collection of Red Skelton S/N Clown Giclees (20pc), Group of Attributed to Oskar Kokoscha Modern Landscape Paintings, Modern Art Posters by Anusckewicz, Oldenberg, Lichtenstein, etc. Fine Jewelry, Silver & Coins: 3pc Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Cocktail Rings, Antique Gold Pocket Watches, 18k Solid Band Diamond Women's Wristwatch, Large Men's 14k Gold Chain, Misc. 14k Gold Jewelry, Akoya Pearl Necklaces and Earrings, 3pc Antique US Indian and Liberty Head $5 Gold Coins, Old $5 US Note, British Silver Coin in Box, 100pc Westmorland "Milburn Rose" Sterling Flatware Set, Southwest Native Jewelry, Antique Sterling Repousse Parasol Handle, Half and Full Length Vintage Fur Coats, etc. Asian Arts & Ethnographic: Collection of Old Japanese Silk Kimonos and Obi from the W. Gordon Menzies Collection, Pair of Large Chinese Bone Chinese 18th Cent. Export Punch Bowl, Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Robe, Large Chinese Cloisonne Bowl, Chinese Cloisonne Covered Ball Jar, Yixing Teapots, Japanese Imari and Kyoto Ware, 2pc Indian Large Paintings on Cloth, Meiji Japanese Stringed Instrument, etc. Mid Century: Herman Miller Vintage Tea Cart, Danish Teak Side Table, 3pc Curtis Jere Wall and Table Sculptures, Jack Ferrell Studio Pottery Framed Tiles, Mid Century Framed Lithographs, Louis Mideke and Studio Pottery, Aluminum Ware, etc. Steins, Figurines, Glass: Large German Stein Collection including 4pc Mettlach Steins, Set of Mettlach Military Plates, Coors and Budweiser Vintage Steins, Group of Vintage Lladro and Bing & Grondahl Figurines, Daum Vintage Glass Vase, Pickard Peacock Bowl, Early Roseville and Weller Pottery, Vintage California Pottery, Studio Pottery and Glass, 2pc Louis Mideke, Arabia Finland Vase, Scottie Dog Figurine Collection, Spode "Forget Me Not" Teapot, Pattern Glass, Antique English Cologne Bottle Set in Brass Case, etc. Lifetime Kewpie Doll Collection: Extensive Antique and Vintage Kewpie doll collection including Antique German Bisque Dolls and Action Figures, Bisque French Kewpie Soldier Standing and Reclining with Rifle, Bisque Kewpie Figural Vase, Bisque Kewpie Huggers and Placecard Holders, Group of Antique Jasperware Kewpie Table Clocks and Creamers, Group Antique Kewpie Royal Rudolstadt Wares, Handwritten Letter by Rose O'Neill, Collection of Antique Kewpie Postcards and Premiums, Kewpie Felts and Jello Booklets, Carnival Chalkware and Lamps, Antique Kewpie Books, Group Kreuger Kewpie Plush Dolls, Lots of Vinyl Kewpie Dolls (Some MIB), Colleciton of Celluloid Occupied Japan Kewpies, Occupied Japan Windups, Antique Kewpie Car Mascot and Doorstop, Group Vintage Quilts and Crib Quilts, etc. Collectibles: Collection of Vintage Stamps, Full Sheets, Plate Blocks, First Day Covers, Republic of China Stamps, etc. Vintage Boy Scouting Items - Uniforms, Patches, Neckerchiefs, etc. Vintage Kewpie Box Cameras, Vintage Patchwork Quilts, Victorian Woman's Dress, Collection of Antique Trade Beads, etc. See photos, catalog, and auction results.


Thursday February 4, Great Northwest Estates! Asian, Antiques & Collectibles: TIMED AUCTION

Asian Antiques: Large Collection of Asian and Southeast Asian Provincial Wares including Ceramic Storage Jars, large collection of ceramic chopstick holders, Chinese Qing Porcelain Jar Table Lamps, collection of Meiji Japanese Imari and Arita porcelain, lots of Japanese mashiko wares, collection of Japanese wood sugar molds, lots of antique Swatow blue and white bowls and chargers, old ceramic teapots and kettles, antique wicker baskets, lead glazed candlesticks, carved and gilt wood buddhas, Thai jeweled wood buddhas, large collection of old scroll paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, large collection of Chinese cigarette posters, Chinese cloisonne fish bowl, Chinese Jade Foo Lions, Old Mah Jong Set, Carved Temple Panels, etc. Train Memorabilia Collection: Lifetime collection of train ephemera and memorabilia including hundreds of timetables (1900-1960's), railroad china, hundreds of books on railways, buses, trolleys, airplanes, etc. Lots of old travel paper and railroad brochures, old manuals, large collection of old train calendars, etc. Collectibles: 4pc Old Steam Engine Working Models, Voigtlander Folding Camera, HO Trains, Travel Paper and Postcards, Luggage Labels, Ticket Stubs, Indian Baskets, Antique Hand Made Glass Marbles, 3pc Old Patchwork Quilts, Antique Homespuns, etc. Fine Glass & Porcelain: Set of Wedgwood "Palatia" Porcelain Dinnerware, Set of Royal Crown Derby Orange Rim Dinner Plates, Set of Antique Royal Worcester Plates, Orrefors Crystal Bowls and Stemware, Durand Crystal Stemware, Bloch Crystal Tumblers, Iitala Modern Crystal Wares, Noritake Ireland Dishes, Royal Doulton Mugs, Durand Crystal Old Fashioned Glasses, Large Group of Japanese Mashiko Pottery, Studio Pottery, Studio Glass Goblets, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: 14k and 18k Stone Cluster Rings, 14k Jade Pendant Necklace, 14k Garnet and Seed Pearl Pendant, 14k Turquoise Peacock Pendant, etc. 14k Cased Waltham Bartlett Pocket Watch, 56pc Towle "Chippendale" Sterling Flatware, Set of International "Dorchester" Sterling Flatware, 87pc Heirloom "Lasting Spring" Sterling Flatware, Set Towle "Old Mirror" Sterling Flatware, Sterling Liquor Tags, Judaica Silver, Collection of Japanese 950 Silver Objects and Boxes, Collection of English Sterling Seal Spoons and Cased Spoon Sets, Georgian Silver Castor Set, English Silver Muffineer, Fancy English Sterling Pierced Buckle, Georgian Silver Scent Box, Gorham Sterling Demi C/S Lenox Set, Group Antique Tortoise Shell Hand Fans and Hair Ornaments, etc. Artwork & Prints: Collection of Chinese and Japanese Scroll Paintings, Hanging Carved Temple Panels, 3pc Haku Maki Embossed Woodblock Prints, 2pc Peter Miller Landscape Etchings, Shoichi Hasegawa Modernist Etching, Meiji Era Woodblock Prints, Longacres S/N Horseracing Print, Northwest Watercolors, Antique Landscape Paintings, 2pc Delane Antique Northwest Oils, Antique Botanical Oils, Antique Framed Mirrors, Chinese Silk Framed Panels, 2pc Modern Abstract Bronzes, etc. Antiques, Furniture, Rugs: 1930's Berkey & Gay Walnut Dining Set with 12 Chairs, Buffet, Server, and China Cabinet, French Ormolu Mounted Small Vitrine Cabinet, Pair Antique Carved Oak Jacobean Chairs, Mahogany Drop Front Secretary, Cherry Tea Cart, Tibetan Wool 11' Round Persian Flower Rug, Tibetan Black Field Persian Flower Rug 9'x12', Semi Antique Sarouk Scatter Rug, Antique English Boxed Gaming Chess Set, Antique English Tantalus or Apothecary Bottles Set in Case, Antique Religious Icons, Daguerreotypes, Antique Hand Cut Silhouette Portraits, etc. <See photos and auction results.


Thursday January 14, Great Northwest Estates! Antiquity to Modern: TIMED AUCTION

Fine Art: Collection of Ornately Framed Masters Prints including Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, Dali, etc. Collection of Antique French Mezzotints and Engravings, Victorian Flower Painting Collection, Vintage and Antique Tinted Photos, Arts & Crafts Paintings, Japanese Scroll Paintings, Modern Framed Exhibition Posters - Hockney, Hundertwasser, etc. Alaskan Framed Prints - Stonington, Old Japanese Woodblock Prints - Kawano, 3pc Thomas Kinkade S/N Small Giclees, etc. Bronze Sculpture, Clocks, and Lamp Collection: Group of Antique French Bronzes, Masters Bronzes after Lanceray, Mene, Leonard, etc. 2pc Italian Carved Marble Bust and Standing Woman, Antique Bracket and Portico Clocks, French Dore Bronze Carriage Clock, Victorian Slate Mantel Clocks, French Hercules Bronze Figural Mantel Clock, Chinoiserie Lacquered Shelf Clock, etc. Pairpoint Reverse Painted Shade Haystacks Lamp, Rembrandt Double Light Cast Iron Table Lamp, Antique Umbrella Shade Britannia Lamp, Pair of French Porcelain Urn Courting Scene Lamps, etc. Antique & Period Furniture: Globe Wernicke 6 Stack Oak Bookcase, 3-Stack Oak Barrister Bookcase, Oak A&C Small China Hutch, Oak A&C Small Desk with Drawers (Copper Pulls), Vintage World Globe on Stand, Antique Bible Stand, Ornately Carved Mahogany Sideboard with Columns Set of 18th Cent. Chippendale Dining Chairs, 3pc Period Chippendale Armchairs & Rocker, Set of Antique Carved Oak Dining Chairs, American Period Three Drawer Chest, American Period Cherry Game Table, 2pc American Period Demilune Game Tables, Victorian Ebonized Eastlake Pedestal, Pair of Mahogany Pedestals, Period Drop Leaf Tables, Antique Mirrors, etc. Oriental Rugs: Heriz 8'x10' Oriental Rug, Persian Medallion 8'x10' Rug, Antique Shirvan Kilim as-is, 2pc Persian Type Fine Silk Scatter Rugs, Collection of Persian and Iranian Scatter Rugs, etc. Asian Items: Group of 18th Cent. Chinese Export Porcelain, 2pc Old Chinese Canton Punch Bowls, Jade Carvings and Snuff Bottles, Old Jade Beads and Shard Porcelain Jewelry, 14k Jade Jewelry, Old Chinese Bird Cages, Group of Old Chinese Porcelain, Collection of Ink Stones and Carvings in Boxes, 2pc Antique Southeast Asian Bronze Gongs, Japanese Bell Gong Stands, Old Chinese Lamps, Burmes Repousse Silver Bowls, Rosewood Low Lacquered Cabinet, Antique Rosewood Stand, Old Japanese Satsuma and Kutani Wares, Antique Imari Porcelain Bowl, etc. Fine Porcelain & Glass: Pair of Meissen Blanc de Chine Urns, Antique Jasperware Cased Shelf Clock, Pair 18th Cent. Delft Urns, Group of 18th Cent. Chinese Export Porcelain, 2pc Old Chinese Canton Punch Bowls, Set of Limoge William Guerin Gilt Dinner Plates, Set of Lenox "The Autumn" Porcelain Dinnerware, Set of Royal Doulton "Oxford Green" Dinnerware, Royal Doulton "Minuet" Dinnerware, Set of LImoges Raynaud et Cie. Fine Porcelain, Set of Doulton "Glamis Thistle" Cup Saucers, Set of Paragon Gilt Rose Cup Saucers, Set of Cambridge "Diane" Shrimp Cocktail with Underplates, Set of Tiffin "Classic Nymph" Stemware, Steuben and Lalique Crystal Figures and Vases, Collection of Bohemian Cut to Clear Stemware, Baccarat, Val St. Lambert, Moser Gilt Glass, Set of L.C. Tiffany Iridescent Cordials, EAPG Glass Pitchers and Spooners, Fenton Green Cherry Pitcher and Glasses Set, etc. Studio Glass & Pottery: Several Pieces of Dan Bergsma Studio Glass, Tom Sotenner Iridescent Glass Vase, Carl Radke Iridescent Vase, Jennifer Holmes Clam Glass Bowl, Manner of Dale Chihuly Persian Glass, Group of Murano Glass Mezza Filigrana and Latticino, Collection of Northwest and Southwest Studio Pottery, Group of California Pottery Carafes, Bauer Orange Chargers and Platters, Roseville Carnelian Vase, etc. Silver and Jewelry: Set of Francis 1st Sterling Flatware, Whiting Sterling Centerpiece Vase with Under Tray, Group of Mexican Sterling Holloware, Lots of English Hallmarked Sterling Coffee Pots, Muffineer, Sugar Tongs, etc. Collection of Georgian Irish and Scottish Silver Spoons, etc. Collection of Early American Coin Silver, 800 German and Dutch Silver Repousse Pieces, Burmese Repousse Silver Bowls, Lots of Sterling Bowls and Trays, Collection of Southwest Navajo Sterling Jewelry, Turquoise, etc. 14k and 18k Gold Rings, Gold Jade Jewelry, Antique Gold Fraternity Pins, Hamilton Railroad Pocket Watch, Raw and Loose Gemstone Collection including Sapphires, Tourmalines, Topaz, (from former jewelry store), Collection of Vintage Compacts (100's), etc. Collectibles & Items of Interest: Group of Vintage Fishing Reels in Boxes, Old Bookends, Large Vintage Train Piece, Antique Oak Large Camera on Stand, Antique Magic Lantern Slides, Old Frat Pins, Antique Russian Samovar, Antique Tantalus Oak Decanter Set, Sets of Victorian Silverplate Water Pitchers and Tea Services, Vintage Salt and Pepper Collection, Collection of Vintage Compacts, Old Beswick Peter Rabbit Figures, etc. See photos and auction results.


Tuesday December 22, Lifetime Map and History plus Cameras & Photography

Featuring An Impressive Collection with Maps of China and Asia from the 1500's through 1960's. Rare Atlases and Hundreds of maps purchased from the best international dealers. Also a large selection of Medium Format Cameras & Accessories from a Seattle area outdoorsman and photographer. Nautical items, historical collectibles, and books too.

Atlases & Rare Books: Johannes Blaeu 'Seste deel van de Nieuw Atlas' (1655), Joan Nieuhoff 'Het Gezantschap der Neerlandtsche Oost' (1665), Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville 'Atlas General de la Chine' (1785), Du Halde 'Empire of China' (1738-41), George Leonard Staunton, 3 Volume Set 'An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China (1797), 2 Volume Du Halde 'Empire Of China' 1st Ed English ( 1738,1741), 4 Volume Chretien-Louis-Joseph de Guignes 'Voyages in China' Book & Folio Set (1808), Chinese Post Office Postal Atlas of China (1933) 16th Century Maps: Munster, Fries, De Mendoza, Wytfliet 17th Century Maps: Mercator, Hondius, Purchas, Jansson, Blaeu, Merian, Jansson, Speed, Van Den Keere, Sanson, Dudley, Van Loon, Thevenot, Nieuhof, Blome, Freschot, Hollar, Rossi, Morden, Ulrich Muller, Mallet, Coronelli, De Afferden, 18th Century Maps: Bowen, Van Der Aa, Virdussen, Seutter, D'Anville, Moll, Tirion, Haas, Le Rouge, Bellin, Vaugondy, Dalrymple, Rollos, Child, Bonne, Bayly, Kitchin, Delamarche, Lattre, Zatta, Dilly & Robinson, Lopez, Laurie & Whittle, Dunn, Barrow, LaPorte, Tardieu, De La Tour, Pretot, Bellin/Schley, Herrera Y Tordesillas, Clouet 19th Century Maps: Cary, Stieler, Borghi, Weller, Wuhrer, Roche-Poncie, Levasseur, Monin, LaPie, Andriveau, Garnier, Migeon, Pagnoni, Perthe (Gotha), Gangoiti, Bryant 20th Century Maps: Frank Dorn 'A Map and History of Peiping with Explanatory Booklet w/ slip-case (1936), British Admiralty Hydrographic Office Admiralty Charts, US Navy Hydrographic Maps, Japanese Railroad Maps, Philips Folding Maps, Crow's Handbook, Maps of Interest: Early Chinese Language Grand Format Manuscript Map of China (c.1800), Chinese Language Manuscript Great Qing Empire Map. Undated (c.1800), Seitaien Shi & Chinshotei Zusha 'Unification of the Qing Dynasty (w/ Korea, India, and Japan)' (1835), Qing Dynasty Map of Peking. Chinese issue (1867), Chinese Map of Beijing during Foreign Occupation (1900), Japanese Woodblock Boxer Rebellion era Map of Peking (1900), 25pc Sino-Japanese War Maps of China (c.1910) Medium Format Film Cameras & Lenses: Pentax 67, Pentax 67II, SMC Pentax-M 67 800mm f6.7 ED(IF), SMC Pentax-M 67 400mm f4 ED(IF), SMC Pentax M 67 300mm F4 ED(IF), SMC Pentax M 67 200mm F4, SMC Pentax 67 MACRO 100mm F4, SMC Pentax 67 55mm F4, SMC Pentax 67 45mm F4, Medium Format Digital Cameras & Lenses: Pentax 645D 40 Megapixels, Pentax 645Z 51 Megapixels, SMC Pentax-A 645 35mm F3.5, SMC Pentax DA 645 25mm F4 AL (IF) SDM AW, SMC Pentax 67 MACRO 135mm f4 Lens, SMC Pentax 67 90mm f2.8, SMC Pentax-FA 645 MACRO 120mm f4, SMC Pentax-FA 645 ZOOM 80-160mm f4.5, SMC Pentax-FA 645 ZOOM 45-85mm f4.5 Pentax Accessories: Pentax 67 Rear Converters, SMC Life-Size Converter, Pentax Lens Mount Adapters and Extension Tube Set, Digital Cameras & Lenses: Pentax K20D 15 Megapixel w/ SMC Pentax DA 14mm f2.8 ED(IF), Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21 Megapixel, Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens, Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM, Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II USM 35mm Film Cameras & Lenses: Pentax ZX-5N, Canon AE-1, Canon FD 35mm f2.8 Lens, Minolta Maxxum 7000i, Minolta Maxxum 600si, Minolta Maxxum XTsi, Panoramic Cameras & Lenses: Fotoman 617 Panoramic Film Camera, 90mm Lens Cone with Schneider Copal Shutter and Fujinon 90mm f1.8 Lens, 150mm Lens Cone with Schneider Copal Shutter and Fujinon 150mm f5.6 Lens, 180mm Lens Cone with Schneider Copal Shutter and Fujinon 180mm f5.6 Lens, 300mm Lens Cone with Schneider Copal Shutter and Fujinon 300mm f8.5 Lens, and Fotoman Accessories Tripods: Gitzo Lightweight Camera Tripod with Kirk Enterprises BH-1 Ballhead Quick Release Mount, Gitzo G1345 MK2 Camera Tripod with Kirk Enterprises Quick Release Ballhead, Gitzo G1410 MK2 Systematic Camera Tripod, Wimberley Gimbal Tripod Head II with Quick Release Base, Manfrotto 3047 3-Way Panhead Camera Tripod Mount, Manfrotto 3252 Long Lens Support, Kirk Enterprises Camera Quick Release Mounting Components Nautical Items: 'Nellie Banks' Cod Fishing Schooner Ship Model, HMS Southern Prince Bronze Ship's Bell, Alaska Ranger Boat U.S.S. Tahn Bronze Ship Bell, History etc.: SIGNED Muhammad Ali Vs Chuvalo Boxing Broadside 72, Emmy Lou Packard Photographs Of Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, Antique American Ensign 6-Ft 42 Star Flag, 19th Century Swedish Bicorn Hat And Epaulettes, WWI Era Italian Victor Emmanuelle III Pouch Belt, Knute Evertz (WA) Bronze Plaques Of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Socailist Eugene Debs, And 'Hope', Antique Chelsea Warner Instrument Co Brass Car Clock, A.X. Pena Mexico 1945 Travel Poster, SIGNED A. A. Milne 'Christopher Robin Story Book' See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 17, Holiday Northwest Art and Design!

Featuring Fine Northwest Modern Artworks, Designer Furniture, and Native Arts!

Modern Art & Sculpture: Z. Z. Wei "Signs of Summer" 48"x60" Large Oil (Published in Book), Museum Quality Kenneth Callahan "The Shore" Large Oil on Canvas, Alden Mason "Goodbye Love" 1979 Large Squeeze Tube Painting, Alden Mason "Pink Vase" 1994 Acyrlic, Richard Gilkey "Samish Landscape" 1996 Oil Painting 36"x24", Paul Horiuchi "Falling into Black" 1963 Casein Collage, Important Frank Okada "Taurus" 1958 Large Oil 98"x50", Frank Okada "Trilifan" 1958 Large Oil 73"x66", 2pc Frank Okada Large Abstract Expressionist Oils from the 1960's, 6pc Small Frank Okada Abstract Works from the 1960's and 1970's, "Kenneth Callahan "Horse and Rider" Red and Black Large Tempera, Kenneth Callahan "Mother, Child and Dog" Tempera Painting, George Tsutakawa "Dusk" Sumi Painting, George Tsutakawa "Eggplants" Sumi Ink, Morris Graves "Insects" 1957 Ink on Paper, James Washington Jr. "Fish" Granite Sculpture, Alden Mason "Salmon Dream" Acrylic on Paper, Kathleen Gemberling "Beginning" 1970's Large Oil, Kathleen Gemberling "Basalt Brightening" 1970's Oil Painting, Paul Havas Skagit Landscape Small Oil, Helmi Juvonen Petroglyph Watercolor & Graphite, Fay Chong Cherry Tree Scroll Painting, 2pc Jack Gunter Original Acrylic Paintings, Claude Utley Abstract Long Oil, 4pc Henk Pander Modernist Figurative Paintings, 3pc Robert Watson Surrealist Oil Paintings, etc. Prints & Multiples: Morris Graves "Evening Light" 1993 Signed and Numbered Colored Lithograph, Mark Tobey "High Tide" Signed and Numbered Lithograph, Mark Tobey "Louvre" Signed and Numbered Lithograph, Several Mark Tobey Signed and Numbered Lithographs (Loose), Scarce George Tsutakawa "Moving Forms" Large Linocut, 2pc Shiro Miyazaki Rare Linocut Prints, Paul Horiuchi "Concept in Yellow" AP Signed Lithograph, Picasso "L'Ecuyere" Signed and Numbered Lithograph (Edition of 200), Peter Max "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" Acrylic Embellished Print, Peter Max "Liberty & Justice for All II" Acyrlic Embellished Print, etc. Ceramics & Glass: Impressive William Morris 20" Large Bird Finial Art Glass Artifact with Fitted Box, William Morris 9" Raven on Vessel Finial Art Glass Artifact with Fitted Box, William Morris 6" Double-Beaked Bird Finial Art Glass Artifact with Fitted Box, William Morris 8" Panther Comb (Published) Art Glass Artifact with Fitted Box, Nancy Callan "Bumblebee Stinger" Glass Sculpture, Nancy Callan Green and Black Small Glass Stinger, Henry Hillman Glass Tower Sculpture, Howard Kottler Large Corn Cob Vessel, Jeffrey Mitchell "The Time Jug" Ceramic, Mike Moran Vessel with Horses, 4pc John Takehara Ceramics, June Schwarcz 1975 Electroformed Copper Enameled Vessel, etc. Western Art & Sculpture: Edward Curtis "The Rush Gatherer" Orotone 11"x14", Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Orotone 11"x14", Lorenzo Ghiglieri "Man of Peace" Large Bronze Sculpture, Robert Broshears Large Cowboy on Horseback Bronze, Jim Jackson "Dreams of Spiritual Strength" 3' Bronze Indian Sculpture with Pedestal, Dean Bradshaw "Indians in Canyon" Large Oil Painting, Clinton Baermann Indians on Horseback Oil Painting, Joseph Bohler "Cowboys on Horseback" Watercolor, Ron McKee "Winter Stagecoach Run" Gouache, Thomas Holland "Bronco Buster" Bronze Sculpture, James March Phillips "Mist on the Coast" Watercolor, 2pc Alexander John Drysdale Louisiana Marsh Panoramic Paintings, Jeanne Hedington Large Native Pastel on Canvas, Robert Cutler Stone Inlaid Wood Covered Bowl, etc. Native Arts: Eunice Hank Large 8" Owl Baleen Covered Basket, Eunice Hank 4" Double Seal Baleen Covered Basket, Beau Dick Double Mussel Rattle Set, Greg and Linda Colfax Maquinna Whaler’s Hat, Ken Mowatt "Bulge Box" Bentcorner Bowl, Ken Mowatt Hamatsa Whistle, Ken Mowatt Bird Ladle, 2pc Ken Mowatt Portrait Masks, Henry Reece Eagle Ghost Mask, Walter Joseph Killer Whale and Hawk Man Carving, 2pc Don and Betty Yeomans Felt Wall Hangings, Verne Etzerza Painted Cedar Mask, Larry Joseph Carved Cedar Plaque, Isaac Tait Cedar Chipmunk Mask, Pair Albert Berry Copper Pinecone Bookends, etc. Designer Furniture: 7pc Robsjohn Gibbings for Widdicomb Sabre Leg Dining Set, George Nelson for Herman Miller Blue Vinyl Vanity Bench, George Nelson for Herman Miller Tea Cart, Arteluce Triennale Arredoluce Italian 3-Way White Floor Lamp, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday December 3, Fine Objects: Jewelry, Silver, Art and Rugs

Featuring a fine selection of estate jewelry, silver, paintings, and oriental rugs!

Fine Jewelry: Impressive Turgeon Raine Lady's 5.77ct Pear Shaped Diamond 18k Pendant Necklace, 18k Tiffany & Co. Ruby and Diamond Floral Brooch, David Yurman 18k Acorn Diamond Earrings and Pendant, Art Deco 1ct Diamond Ring, Pair Art Deco 14k Large Aquamarine Earrings, Pair Tiffany & Co. Peridot 18k Drop Earrings, 14k Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k Peridot Floral Bracelet, Heavy 1908 St. Gaudens $20 Gold Pendant Necklace, Large South Sea White Pearl Necklace, Large Ruby 14k Diamond Ring, Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Band Lady's Wristwatch, 18k Sapphire Custom Made Belt Buckle, etc. Silver and Vertu: Impressive Tiffany & Co. Sterling Chrysanthemum 9 Pound Silver Serving Platter, Impressive 4pc Tiffany & Co. Audubon Sterling Tea Service, Tiffany & Co. Chrysanthemum Sterling Round Covered Butter/Cheese Dish, Lots of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Flatware and Table Serving Pieces, Pair of Continental Silver Table Pheasants, Pair of Continental Silver Table Roosters, Hanau Silver Pierced Centerpiece, Gorham 5pc Sterling Tea Service, Gorham Sterling Hot Chocolate Service with Demi C/S, Kirk Repousse Sterling Covered Server, Pair of Reed & Barton Francis 1st Sterling Goblets, Baltimore Silversmiths Large Sterling Service Tray, Set Romance of the Sea Sterling Flatware, Set Gorham Kings Pattern Sterling Flatware, Set of Wallace Carnation Sterling Flatware, De Vecchi Italian Modernist Sterling Sound Pitcher and Medusa Oil Lamp Set, Christofle Silverplated and Crystal Centerbowl, etc. Fine Art & Sculpture: Maurice Utrillo Street Scene Watercolor, Hermann Dudley Murphy "Kangxi Still Life" 1906 Oil on Canvas, Paul Siegnac "On the Way to the Market" Oil Painting, Juan Jimenez y Martin "The Market Place" Oil Painting, G. Wells Smith "Grandfathers Slippers" Large Oil Painting, Vladimir Irminger Horse Drawn Coach Oil, August Vischer Cavalier Oil, Cristophe Fratin Bronze Reclining Elk Sculpture, Max Blondat Bronze Lovers Double Tray, Antique Classical Large Gladiator Bronze Sculpture, 2pc Thomas Pradzynski Store Front Oil Paintings, Roberto Lupetti Still Life with Pear Oil Painting, Carl Rooijen Parisian Street Scene Oil Painting, 2pc Antonio Di Viccario Large Italian Impressionist Oils, Vladimir Volegov "Woman on the Beach" Oil Painting, Emilio Caballero Modernist Landscape Oil Painting, Large 18th Cent. Italian Old Masters Painting with Children in Ornate Frame, 2pc Frano Krsinic (Croatian) Modernist Bronzes, 2pc Royal Copenhagen Large Polar Bear and Couple Figure Groups, etc. Tiffany Glass Collection: Tiffany Studios #468 Counter Balance Bronze Floor Lamp with Damascene Shade, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Blue Damascene Cabinet Vase, Unusual L.C. Tiffany Favrile Applied Feather Large Iridescent Vase, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Pulled Feather Pedestal Floriform, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Blue Iridescent Pedestal Vase, L.C. Tiffany Favrile Leaf and Vine Cabinet Vase, Several L.C. Tiffany Favrile Intaglio Cut Grape Vine Iridescent Glass, etc. Furniture, Lighting & Clocks: Tiffany Studio #468 Counter Balance Bronze Floor Lamp with Damascene Shade, Antique Slag Glass Umbrella Shade Table Lamp, Historic Crystal Light Fixture from Theater, R.J. Horner Winged Lion Round Oak Table, R.J. Horner Lion Head Oak Sideboard, Westerstrand Swedish Gilt Carved Case Clock, Gebruder Resch Remember Grand Sonnerie Wall Clock, etc. Oriental Rug Collection: Large Selection of Dozens of Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental Rugs, 2pc Room Size Semi Antique Heriz, Lots of Turkish Tekke and Prayer Rugs, Antique Persian Sarouk and Kashan Rugs, Antique Caucasian Scatter and Runner Rugs, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday November 12, Great Northwest Estates! Fine Arts, Silver, Jewelry, Porcelain, Asian! - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Arts: Large Collection of Gallery Framed Paintings and Signed/Numbered Prints by Fred Machetanz, Bev Doolittle, Itzchak Tarkak, Erte, Anatole Krasnyansky, Graceila Rodo Boulanger, Michele Delacroix, Salvador Dali, Hoi Lebadang Large Serigraphs, Sergio Bustamante Mermaid on Fish Sculpture, Elton Bennet Serigraph, Jess Cauthorn Northwest Watercolors, Duck Stamp S/N Prints, Collection of Dutch Landscape Oil Paintings, Collection of 18th Century European Framed Etchings - Architectural and Portraits, Several Meiji Japanese Woodblock Prints, Several Japanese Shikishi Board Paintings and Scroll Paintings, Ryohei Tanaka Signed Etching, Selection of Northwest Artworks from the Betty Black Collection, Jim Farr, Charles Kraft, etc. Sterling Silver: Hundreds of Pieces of Flatware and Holloware, Set of Lunt "English Shell" Sterling Flatware, Group of Towle "King Richard" Sterling Flatware, Group Whiting "Louis XV" Antique Sterling Flatware, Group Wallace "Violet" Art Nouveau Sterling Flatware, Group Gorham "Luxembourg" Antique Sterling Flatware, Group Whiting "Violet" Art Nouveau Sterling Flatware, Gorham Large "Versailles" Sterling Serving Spoon, Set of Gorham "Versailles" Spoons, Antique Whiting "Old Ivory" Trident Serving Fork, Gorham "Imperial Chrysanthemum" Meat Fork, Reed & Barton "Majestic" Cheese Scoop, Set Davod Andersen Cobalt Enamaeled Silver Spoons, Antique Whiting "Keystone" Silver Flatware, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Bowl and Tray, Pair of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Candlesticks, Set of 12 American Sterling Dinner Plates and Bread Plates, English Georgian & Victorian Sterling Stuffing Spoons and Sugar Tongs by Chawner, etc. Sterling Holloware Pierced Trays, Bowls, Art Nouveau Repousse Nut Dishes, Handled Baskets, Antique Sheffield Plated Fish Services in Cases, Mother of Pearl Handled Knife and Fork Sets, etc. Fine Jewelry & Purses: 14k and Platinum Art Deco Diamond Rings, 14k Jade & Pearl Ring, 14k Ancient Roman Coin Ring, Tiffany & Co. Sterling and Rose Quartz Necklace/Earring Set, Group of Victorian 9k Ring, 10k Shell Cameo Brooch, 10k BPOE Elks Ring, Mythological Sterling & Diamond Pendant Necklace, Costume Jewelry Brooches and Necklaces, Collection of Art Deco Beaded and Jeweled Women's Bags, Collection of Vintage French and Italian Beaded Bags from the 1960's, etc. Coins: A few dozen Morgan and Peace dollars including a 1928-S and 1888-S (Higher Grade), Ancient Roman Coin 14k Ring, etc. Fine Porcelain & Dinnerware: Set of Horchow "Tobacco Leaf" Dinnerware, Set of Rosenthal "Classic Rose" Fine China, Set Villeroy & Boch "Botanica" China, Set of Charter Club "Summer Grove" China, Set of Italian Faience Green Leaf Dinnerware, Set of Lynn Chase Sea Life Glass Plates, Set of Bordallo Pinheiro Green Majolica Leaf Plates, 100+ Piece Collection of Flow Blue Stoneware, Set of Tressermann & Vogt Limoge Gilt Scalloped Plates, 2 Sets of Antique Gilt Bavarian Dinner Plates, Rosenthal Courting Large Figure Group, Royal Copenhagen Onion Teapot & Creamer Set on Tray, Mintons Sterling Rim Round Charger, Large Royal Berlin Covered Casket, Vintage Royal Doulton Pitcher and Bowl Set, etc. Art Glass: L.C. Tiffany Favrile Gold Iridescent Bowl - Salt - Candlestick, Blue Iridescent Glass Low Bowl, Kralik Iridescent Glass Vase and Threaded Bowl, Saintclair Cut to Clear Intaglio Pedestal Bowl, Group Antique Cut Glass, Lucio Zanetti Murano Glass Bowl, Several Sets of Designer Stemware, LaChaussee Large Studio Glass Vase, etc. Asian Objects & Ceramics: Pair of Republic Large Folding Dragon Lanterns with Etched Glass Panels, Large Qing Double Happiness Porcelain Vase, Republic Famille Rose Umbrella Stand, Chinese Republic Stacking Food Box, Chinese 18th Cent. Export Charger, Pair of Republic Coral Ground Pedestal Bowls, Republic Peacock Blue Handled Vase, Lots of Famille Rose Dragon Bowls and Dishes, Crackle Glaze and Guan Type Vases - Censers, Cizhou Type and Junyao Type Ceramics, 3 Pairs of Antique Japanese Bronze Candlesticks, Large Chinese Applique Lacquered Hexagonal Box, Large Group of Old Southeast Asian Edged Weapons, Stacks of Silk Embroidered Chinese Panels, Cloisonne Large Bowl, Chinese Peking Glass Yellow Vase, etc. Furniture, Lamps, Rugs: Pair Asian Style Large Temple Jars on Stands, Italian Terracotta Camel Garden Seat, Chinese Qing 8' Long Altar Table, 3pc Small Old Chinese Altar Tables, 2pc Small Carved Chinese Qing Cabinets, Marbro Japanese Vase Lamp, Pair of Antique Japanese Kutani Vase Lamps, Pair of Chinese Archaic Bronze Vessel Table Lamps, Chinese Qing Altar Vase Lamps, Japanese Bronze Urn Lamp, Large Nellie Bank Wood Ship Model in Custom Display Case, Bokhara Oriental Rugs and Scatter Rugs, Large Group of Old Chinese Decorative Scatter Rugs, Tibetan Lattice Large Wool Rug, etc. Mineral and Lapidary Lifetime Collection: Lifetime Rock Hound and Gem Collection from a Wallingford Gem Club Member (Collected 1940-1980) including thousands of specimens petrified wood, agates, minerals, and mastodon tusk fragments. Lots of thunder eggs and crystal formations with some semi-precious stones mostly from the Pacific Northwest. Display cases and lapidary equipment as well. A horn slab antique walking stick and some Alaskan scrimshawed pieces. Misc. Collectibles: Large Nellie Bank Wood Schooner Ship Model on Custom Metal Display Stand, Group of Vintage Winchester Gun Ammo in Boxes, Old Fountain Pens, Some GAR pins and Political Ephemera, Old Quilt Tops, Large Collection of Old Philippines Edged Weapons, Old License Plates, Some Studio Pottery, Faberge Small Egg Tags in Cases, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 15, Great Northwest Estates! Native Arts, Western, Asian, Jewelry! - TIMED AUCTION

Native Arts: Large Collection of Northwest and Alaskan Indian Baskets. Large Salish Cedar Bark Basket, Several Inuit Covered Large Baskets, Tlingit Basket Trays, Makah and Nootka Treasure Baskets, Makah Large Handled Basket with Deer Motif, Group of Raffia Native Style Baskets, Collection of Alaskan Inuit Scrimshawed Implements and Carvings, Old Alaskan Oosiks, Scrimshawed Cribbage Board, Plains Indians War Clubs and Dance Staffs, 2pc Plains Boen Pipe Breast Plates, Large Oregon Trail Folk Art Wood Model, Large Collection of Northwest Coast Indian Art Books, Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, Bill Holm, etc. Group of Southwest Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, Hopi, Navajo, etc. Large Collection of Southwest Kachina Dolls, Sun Face, Eagle Dancers, Yazzie, Begay, etc. Hunting & Fishing: Iver Johnson Model 844 .22 Caliber Revolver, Herbert Schmidt HS Modell 11.22 LR Caliber Revolver, American Bull Dog .32 Caliber Revolver, Savage Arms Stevens Model 94C 12 Gauge Single Barrel Shotgun, T. Barker Double Barrel Shotgun, Winchester Model 94-30 WCF Lever Action Rifle, Remington Target Master Model 41 22 LR Rifle, Erfurt 1918 K98 7.92 mm Mauser Bolt Action Rifle, RWS Model 45 177 Caliber Pellet Gun, Savage Arms Stevens Model 15-A 22 Short, Long, LR Caliber Bolt Action Rifle, Winchester Model 1906 22 Caliber Pump Action Rifle, Winchester Model 61 22 Caliber Pump Action Rifle, Daisy PowerLine .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle, Crossman 66 Powermaster .177 Pellet Rifle, Sheridan Blue Streak 5mm Caliber Bolt Action Pellet Rifle, Daisy Model 98 BB Gun, Daisy No. 101 Model 36 Single Shot BB Gun, Daisy Golden Eagle No. 50 Copper Plated BB Gun, and Safety Accessories. Collection of Ammunition (Various Calibres), Rounds for handguns, rifles, and shotguns- 38 Special, 25 ACP, .22 LR, .380, .45 Colt, .357, 30-30, 9mm, 7.62x39mm Lead Core from Norinco & Russia, .223, Russian 7.9mm, 303 British, 7.7mm .303 MK8Z, 6.5x55 Swedish, 5.45x39mm, 9x18mm Makarov, Norinco 7.62x25mm, 8mm Mauser, 12 Gauge, LARGE Lot of 6.5x54 in original military wooden crate, empty brass casings of various calibers. Reloading Equipment & Cleaning Supplies. Hunting & Survival Knives- Gil Hibben, Red River Knives, Special Projects, Cold Steel, Bush Man, and United CutleryLarge Collection of Split Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods, Griffin Montana Mongoose Portable Fly Tying Vise, Wanigas Supreme Split Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod, Collection of Old Duck Decoys and Hand Carved Models, etc. Sports Memorabilia & History: Steve Largent Signed Seahawks Helmet, Edgar Martinez Signed Jersey Framed, Muhammed Ali Signed and Numbered Art Print, Johnny Unitas Signed Photo, Dale Earnhardt Framed Tire Fragment, Vintage Mickey Mantle Bobble Head Doll, Signed Sonics and Mariners Items, Group Vintage Topps Baseball Cards, Group of Vintage Comic Books, Group of Vintage Space Mission Ephemera, Vintage Sci-Fi Games, Old Boy Scout Memorabilia, Group of Vintage Beatles Records, Old Political Buttons, Civil War Letter and Small Painting, Old Foreign Currency, Old Stamp Collection, Collection of Antique Trade Cards and Postcards, Vintage Elvis Posters, Vintage Sci-Fi Prints, etc. Art and Photography: After Remington Large Cheyenne Bronze Sculpture, After Russell "Roy Rogers" Large Bronze Sculpture, Large Bronze of a Buck Deer Sculpture, Collection of Norman Edson Tinted Landscape Photographs, Northwest Sepia Toned and Tinted Photographs, Grand Coulee Dam Vintage Tinted Photograph, Lots of Decorative Framed Artworks and Print Works 100+ Pieces, Northwest Coast Native S/N Serigraph, Barry Herem, etc. Collection of Framed Middle Eastern SIlver and Carnelian Jewelry Pieces, Antique Engravings, etc. Studio Ceramics & Glass: Collection of Robert Sperry Pottery, Jars, Vases, Pitcher, Box, etc. Jim Kraft Coil Built Ceramic Bowl with Leaf, Several Tom Coleman Celadon and Speckled Glazed Pots, Several Louis Mideke Splashed Glazed Pots, Several Jane Wherrette Decorated Bowls and Jars, Jerry Glenn, etc. Asian Arts: Edo Period Blanket Tansu, Meiji Small Mizuya Kitchen Tansu, Group of Meiji Large Imari Bowls, Pair of Doucai Large Phoenix Jars, Group of Fine Japanese Cloisonne, Large Collection of Snuff Bottles, Reverse Painted, Blue and White, Crackle Glaze, Guan Type Small Bowls, 2pc Famille Rose Fine Bowls with Marks, Tibetan Gilt Bronze Seated Vajradhara, Group of Old Imari and Kutani Porcelain, Collection of Old Peking Glass, Group of Chinese Carved Jade Pendants and Jewelry, Chinese Kingfisher Feather Jewelry, etc. Jewelry & Silver: Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Rings, 14k and 18k Gold Jewelry and Charms, Group of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Jewelry, Group of Hopi and Navajo Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, Collection of Chinese Jade Jewelry and Pendants, Carved Jade Bangle Bracelets, Korean Sterling Chopsticks and Flatware, Set of Reed & Barton Sterling Flatware Service, Mexican Sterling Teapot, Judaica Silver Kiddush Cups, Collection of Peruvian Silver Serving Pcs, Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Set Korean .999 Sterling Spoons, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Kosta Boda Engman Bowl, Hadeland Art Glass Low Bowl, Murano Glass Figural Stemware, Group Wedgwood Jasperware, Chinese Qing and Republic Porcelain, Chinese Shiwan Ceramics, Studio Pottery, Group of Royal Doulton Figures, Set of Royal Copenhagen Faience Bowls, 2pc Deruta Italian Pottery Vases, Fantoni Italian Pottery Vase, Group Holt Howard Pixie Jars, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday October 8, Fine Northwest Modernism & Native Arts

Modern Art & Sculpture: Jim Dine "Yellow Venus" Painted and Carved Wood Sculpture (with full provenance), Richard Gilkey "Skagit Bridge with Floating Herring" Large Oil Painting 36"x70", James Washington Jr. "Bird Hatching #11" 1973 Granite Sculpture, James Washington Jr. "Purple Finch" Stone Bird Sculpture, James Washington Jr. "Thrasher Hatching" Granite Bird Sculpture, Guy Anderson "La Conner Art Festival 1975" Original Poster Artwork, Alden Mason "Nocturnal Bo Peep" Squeeze Tube Large Painting 80"x80", Frank Okada "Nikko II" Large Oil Painting 60"x50", Paul Horiuchi "Night Landscape" 1970's Casein Painting, Early Kenneth Callahan Northwest Cabin Scene Tempera, Helmi Juvonen "Tlingit Tattoo" Tempera Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Assembly" Oil on Board, Kenneth Callahan "Northern Landscape" 1959 Tempera on Paper, Richard Gilkey "Blue Poppy" Oil on Canvas, Richard Gilkey "Mystic River" Mixed Media on Paper, Kenneth Callahan "Macbeth" Tempera Figure Painting, Helmi Juvonen "Navajo Design" Gouache Painting, Fay Chong "Canal Residences" Large Watercolor, Alden Mason "Betrothal of the Black Cat" 1990 Acrylic on Canvas, Richard Morhous Street Scene Oil Painting, Richard Morhous "Bouquet" Large Oil Painting, Katherine Ace Contemporary Oil Painting, Susan Russel Hall Landscape Encaustic, Leo Adams Floral Still Life Oil, Rosalyn Gale Powell Tromp l'oeil Oil of a Pear Branch, Rosalyn Gale Powell "Cabbage" Original Watercolor for Pike Place Market Poster, RGP Watercolor of Tulips, Bill Ritchie "Hearts" Mixed Media, Peter Juvonen "Poetry Reading" Mixed Media, James Martin "Luncheon on the Grass" Tempera, Group of James Martin Original Whimsical Tempera Paintings, Several Early Jim Krafft Fishtown Paintings, Paul Havas Small Landscape Oil, Joel Brock Skagit Landscape Small Pastel, Philip Levine "Don't Get Up" Bronze Sculpture, Philip Levine Large Bronze "Draped Woman", David Bobroff Large Coastal Scene Oil, David Bobroff Large Mountainous Landscape with Train Oil, Richard Nash Untitled Geometric Abstraction Oil, Richard Nash "Conical Etude" Steel Sculpture, Susan Bennerstrom Pastel Painting, Neil Meitzler Abstract Oil, etc. Prints & Multiples: Sam Gilliam "Deep" 1974 Large Screenprint, Picasso "Nature Morte a la Tete Antique" 1925 Linocut (Edition of 300), Herbert Bayer Op Art S/N Serigraph, Marisol "Fingers and Faces" 1961 Lithograph, Alfredo Arreguin Large Serigraph, Michael Spafford 1998 Lithograph, Gene Gentry McMahon Large Lithograph, etc. Ceramics & Glass: Picasso Madoura "Pichet Grave Gris" Pitcher (Edition of 500), Patti Warashina "Tree of Life" Sculpture in Plexiglass Box, Patti Warashina "Splash of Reality" Woman on Iron Sculpture, Claude Conover "Bucbesah" Large Pot, Claude Conover "Sabac" Squat Pot, Museum Quality David Shaner Large "X" Pot, David Shaner Gun Metal Glaze "X" Pot, Kurt Weiser "Night Garden" Teapot, 4pc Toshiko Takaezu Moon Rattle Pots & Bowl, Richard Notkin Archie Bray Foundation Fundraiser Plaque, Paul Soldner Tall Raku Pink Vessel, 2pc Tom Coleman Large Floor Pots, Byron Temple Salt Glazed Jar, Hiroshi Yamano "From East to West" Tall Vessel, Therman Statom 3' Glass Ladder, Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick 1981 Windsock Large Wire Decorated Cylinder, Lino Tagliapietra Dolphin Goblet, 2pc Preston Singletary Alligator Goblets, James Mongrain & Dante Marioni Goblets, Seth Randal Pate de Verre "Les Serpants" Series Urn, Dale Chihuly Macchia Blue Basket, Dale Chihuly 2pc Sea Green with Canary Yellow Lip Wrap Seaform Set, Dale Chihuly Purple Persian 1989 Glass Sculpture, 3pc Anne Hirondelle Soda Fired Teapot Sugar & Creamer, Jim Leedy Large Slab Thrown Covered Vessel (Rudy Autio Student), Rudy Autio Large Ink of Woman with Dog, Jamie Walker Landscape Wall Bowl Ceramic, Mutsuo Yanagihara Moon Wall Vase, Group of Robert Sperry Ceramics, etc. Traditional Art: Sydney Laurence "Cape St. Elias" 1927 Oil on Canvas 16"x20", Eustace Ziegler "Gossip on the Trail" Oil Painting 16"x20", Eustace Ziegler "Mt. McKinley" Oil Painting 14"x12" Original Frame, Jules Dahlager Mt. McKinley Oil on Canvas (Impressive Batwing Frame), Jules Dahlager "The Kayak" Small Oil (Eskimo in Kayak), Cleveland Rockwell "Cape Foulweather, Coast of Oregon" Watercolor, 3pc Jon Van Zyle Alaskan Landscape Oil Paintings, 2pc Scott McDaniel Alaskan Oil Paintings, Rie Munoz "Russian Church, Kodiak" Watercolor, Ernest Robertson Alaskan Sunset Oil Painting, 2pc Josephine Crumrine Dog and Landscape Paintings, 2pc Ross Gill Northwest Gouache Paintings, 2pc Waldo Chase Northwest Landscape Watercolors, 2pc Lionel Salmon Mt. Rainier Oil Painting and Watercolor, 2pc Thomas Wells Schooner Ship Oil Paintings, William E. Ryan Original Ship Scene Oil, Myra Wiggins "Mt. Rainier" Oil on Canvas, William Reese "S.S. Angus Macdonald" Boat Oil Painting, Edgar Forkner Boats in Harbor Watercolor, Dorothy Dolph Jensen Coastal Scene Watercolor, etc. Photography: Scarce Edward Curtis "Oasis in the Badlands" Platinum Print and a near complete folio of large plate photogravures that supplemented Volume 20 of his North American Indian suite on Nunivak Eskimos. Laura Gilpin Colorado Landscape Photograph 1930. Bronze Sculpture Park: Sophie Ryder Suite of 10 Bronze Garden Rabbits Edition 2 of 9, Monumental Janet Rosetta "Vigilance" (MGM Lion) Lifesize Bronze Sculpture Edition of 10, Monumental Paul Moore "St. Francis" Lifesize Bronze Sculpture Edition 5 of 8, Sherry Sanders "Tundra Swans" Large Bronze Sculpture, Several Richard MacDonald Large Dancer Bronzes, Ross Matteson "Prairie Queen" Large Bronze, Several Marty Eichinger Fantasy Bronzes, Dan Ostermiller "Young Grizzly" Large Bronze, John Coleman "Taos Trade II" Lifesize Bronze, etc. Native Arts: Museum Quality Charles Loloma Hopi Turquoise Bracelet, Andy Wilbur Large Bentwood U-Form Carved & Painted Box, Andy Wilbur Carved Portrait Mask, 1940's Nunivak Alaskan Carved Wood Spirit Mask, Nellie Sikvayugak Large Inuit Baleen Basket, Agnes Nanogak "Hunters" Inuit Stone Cut Print, Sam Williams Cedar Thunderbird Totem Model, Collection of Thompson River and Fraser River Large Baskets, 2pc Fine Tlingit Rattle Top Baskets, Fine Nootka Covered Treasure Basket, Collection of Alaskan and Tsimshian Baskets, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 10, Great Northwest Estates! Asian and European Objects - TIMED AUCTION

Fine Jewelry, Silver & Coins: Lots of 14k and 10k Gold Women's Rings, Vintage 14k Diamond Wedding Band Sets, Platinum & Diamond Art Deco Rings, 14k Art Deco and Victorian Watch Chains, 14k Figural Brooches, Gold Pocket Watches and Wristwatches, Chinese 14k Jadeite Pierced Brooch, Vintage Akoya Pearl Necklaces, Fraternal Pins, Lots of Costume Jewelry, Collection of Unusual Antique Flatware Serving Pieces, MMA Sterling Presentation Tea Bowl, Pair of 800 Silver Figural Fruit Shakers, Large Reed & Barton Sterling Scalloped Serving Bowl, Several Sterling Bowls, Kirk Repousse Sterling Footed Bowl, Collection of Antique Sterling Souvenir Spoons, Lots of Ornate Silverplate Serving Pieces, 300+ Silver Roosevelt Dimes, Some Silver US Coinage and Currency, etc. Watches & Clocks: Gubelin Swiss 18k Cased Art Deco Pocket Watch, Movado 14k Wristwatch, Vintage Woman's Rolex 18k Cased White Gold Wristwatch, 2pc Antique Railroad Pocket Watches, Art Deco and Antique Gold Watch Chains, Collection of Antique Hanging Regulator Clocks, Antique Calendar Oak Cased Clock, Antique "Niagara" Oak Cased Kitchen Clock, Arts & Crafts Oak Hanging Wall Clock, etc. Glass & Porcelain: 7pc Antique Meissen Porcelain Figurines, Volkstedt Antique Figures, Antique Chelsea Porcelain Figures, Fine Collection of Painted Cabinet Cup Saucers and Plates, Large Set 260+pc Haviland Floral Ransom China Service, Lenox Peacock Dinner Plates, Lenox Cobalt Rim Dinner Plates, Old Ivory Dinner Plate Sets, Antique Lenox and Worcester Porcelain, Collection of Old Paris Porcelain Plates and C/S, Royal Vienna Portrait Cup Saucer, KPM Antique Cup Saucers, Antique English Cream Ware and Soft Paste Porcelain, Lots of Antique Ironstone Transferware, Waterford Crystal Balloon Goblets and Lismore Stemware, Large Collection of American Brilliant Cut Glass, 2pc Old Sabino Covered Glass Jars, Amber Holly Toothpick and Mt. Washington Dish, Depression Era Elegant Etched Stemware in Several Patterns, 100+ Pieces of L.G. Wright Grape Pattern Glass, Collection of McKee "Rock Crystal" Pattern Glass, Antique Flow Blue and Majolica, etc. Asian Antiques & Objects: Lots of Antique Japanese Imari and Kutani Porcelain 17th to 19th century, Fine Japanese Satsuma Cup Saucers, Unusual Japanese Meiji Banko Ware, Japanese Cloisonne Vases and Plique-a-Jour, Japanese Inro and Hand Mirrors, Japanese Bronze Pen Cases, Collection of Japanese Edo/Meiji woodblock prints, Antique Large Black Clay Roof Tile, Antique Kettle Hooks, Antique Japanese Lacquerware, Antique Chinese Canton and Thousand Butterfly Porcelain, Antique Chinese Imari Porcelain, Large Set of Chinese Rice Ware Dragon Porcelain Dinnerware, Pair Chinese Sancai Foo Dog Statues, Collection of Old Chinese Soapstone Carvings, Chinese Jade Carvings and Jadeite Brooch, Chinese Applique Nesting Table Set, Last grouping of Hanging Japanese Painted Screens, Large Korean 8-Panel Painted Room Screen, Korean Paper Mache Stacking Boxes, Large Japanese Edo/Meiji Painted Folding Room Screens, etc. Asian Furniture & Rugs: Impressive Chinese Lacquered 4-Panel Mounted Room Screen, Large Korean 3-Stack Joseon Bandaji Chest, Japanese Meiji 5-Drawer Tansu, Japanese Meiji Cha Dansu Tea Cabinet, Japanese Meiji Kitchen Tansu, 2pc Japanese Meiji Clothing Tansus, 4pc Japanese Mirrored Dresser Top Tansus, 2pc Chinese Pigskin Decorated Trunks, Chinese Rosewood Snuff Bottle Cabinet, Japanese Edo Blanket Chest Tansu, Large Collection of Asian Painted Folding Hanging Screens (Last Chance to Buy One), 4pc Japanese Edo/Meiji Large Painted Room Dividing Screens, 2pc Korean 8-Panel Painted Rooms Screens, Chinese Wool 9'x12' Jade Ground Rug, Group of Oriental Scatter Rugs, Large Gilt Rococo Style Hall Mirror, etc. Artworks: Impressive Large New Zealand "Waves" Oil Painting in Ornate Frame, Several English Victorian Genre Scene and Landscape Oil Paintings, Italian Violin Player with Dog Antique Oil Painting, Large Group of Northwest Modern Artworks from the Betty Black Collection, Thomas Kinkade S/N Print, Charles Bragg S/N Print, Judith Bledsoe Original Still Life Watercolor, Lots of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Antique Brewing Co. Framed Sign, Several R. Atkinson Fox Vintage Prints, Group of Ornately Framed Botanical Prints, Antique Primitive Oil Paintings from Pennsylvania, Antique American School Gentleman Portrait Oil, Lots of Small Framed Decorative Artworks, Antique US Capitol Engravings, Antique English Framed Engravings, etc. Collectibles: Group of Vintage Smoking Pipes, Old Ebony Domino Set in Case, Old Door of Hope Chinese Doll, Group of Vintage Steamship Menus, Some Antique Books and Old Magazines, Antique Regatta Silverplate Trophy, Collection of Mineral Specimens and Large Amonite Fossil on Stand, Group of Vintage Telephones, Collection of Old Perfume Bottles and Atomizers, Pocket Knives, Vintage Oregon Trail Carved Wood Wagon Model, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday September 3, Fine Asian Ceramics & Objects

Featuring the lifetime collection of W. Gordon Menzies of Seattle.
Gordon was the former Manager for the Crane Gallery, Seattle.

Chinese Porcelain & Objects: Fine Jiaqing Mark and Period Copper Red Decorated Dragon Bowl, Pair of Hongxian Mark and Period Nine Peach Porcelain Low Bowls, Fine Daoguang Mark and Period Gilt Blue Underglaze Dragon Bowl, Pair of Jiaqing Mark and Period Coral Red Bat Low Dishes, Rare Kangxi Famille Verte Peach Form Double Sided Screen Tile, Group of Kangxi Small B&W Porcelain Bowls, 18th Century Rosewood Document Box, Collection of Qing Bronze Scroll Weights, Qing Junyao Ceramic Vase with Rat Handles, Group of 18th Cent. Peking Glass Bowls and Plates with Gilt Shou Symbol on Bottom, 2pc Song Dynasty Hare's Fur Glaze Tea Bowls, Ming Celadon Large Footed Censer with Trigrams, Han Dynasty Lifan "Eye" Jar, Ming Celadon Crackle Glaze Jar with Kintsugi Rim Repair, Group of Blue de Hue Vietnamese Export Porcelain, etc. Jade Collection: Chinese Qing White Jade Dragon Belt Hook & Sterling Oil Lamp, White Jade Dragon Belt Hook with Sterling Letter Opener (Bailey Banks & Biddle), 2pc Qing White Jade Dragon and Lingzhi Belt Hooks, 5pc Qing Jadeite Archer's Thumb Rings (Made into Salts), Collection of Jadeite and Gold Jewelry: Rings, Stick Pins, Brooches, etc. Japanese Cloisonné & Satsuma: Namikawa Sosuke Green Cloisonné Cabinet Vase, Rooster Vase by Adachi Kinjiro, Silver Ginbari Dragon Vase by Kawaguchi Bunzaemon, Pigeon Blood on Sterling Butterfly Vase by Ando Jubei, Taizan Satsuma Bird Vase with Fluted Rim, Ryozan Yasuda Satsuma Vase with Geisha, 2pc Kinkozan Relief Dragon Satsuma Jar and Vase, Pair of Taizan Large Satsuma Crane Bottle Vases, Collection of Fine Satsuma Miniatures, Collection of Totai Cloisonné over Porcelain/Satsuma Vases, 3pc Japanese Shark Skin Porcelain Vases by Takeuchi Chubei, Fine Aochibu Kutani Wares, etc. Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics: Kakeimon 18th Cent. Bottle Vase, Group of 17th Cent. Kakeimon and Nabeshima Dishes, Meiji Kakeimon Choshi Sake Kettle, 17th Century Arita Export Ewer (Silver Repairs), Group of Edo Seto Ware Plats with Horse Eye Bowl, Fine Hirado Porcelain Vase with Foo Lion Handles, Collection of 17th and 18th Century Imari and Arita Wares including Nabeshima and Kakeimon, Ogata Kenzan Incense Box, Edo Pottery Chawan Tea Bowl with Hagi Splash, Shoji Hamada Mashiko Ware Tea Bowl (with provenance), Shimizu Uichi Hagi Glazed Folded Rim Pottery Bowl, Fine Sakaida Kakiemon Porcelain Vase, etc. Japanese Objects: Fine Maki-e Figural Stacking Kogo Box by Okuda Shojusai, Fine Japanese Maki-e Suzuribako Writing Box, Fine Japanese Maki-e Incense Box, Fine Japanese Art Deco Lacquered Metal Vase with Temples Signed Senho or Senpo, Fine Japanese Painted Porcelain Butterfly Plaque by Kanzan Denshichi, Edo Tetsubin with Relief Village Scene, Collection of Japanese Bronze Tsuba (Edo/Meiji) including Shakudo, Ogata Kenzan Incense Box, Meiji Samurai Kanabo Cast Iron Weapon, Collection of Edo Cast Irons Lanterns and Kettle Hooks, etc. Tibetan 16th/17th Century Gilt Bronze Vajradhara Seated Buddha (Inscribed Homage to Dorje Chang)   Korean Porcelain & Objects: Collection of Joseon Porcelain Blue and White Bottles and Jars, Rare Iron Brown Glazed Jar with Peony Motif, Group of Ancient Silla Ceramics, Group of Goryeo Buncheong Ceramics, Collection of Joseon Figural Water Droppers, Fine Silver Inlaid Bronze Shou Box, Goryeo Decorated Oil Bottle, Thai Sawankhalok Fish Bowls, etc. Japanese Prints: Paul Jacoulet "The Dead Parakeet" Woodblock, Paul Jacoulet "Flowers of the Far Isles" Woodblock, 4pc Ohara Shoson Woodblocks of Birds, Takashi Ito "Sunset Glow at the Skirt of Mt. Fuji" Woodblock, Watanabe Shotei "Junks in Inatori Bay, Izu" Woodblock, Ogata Gekko "Fish" Woodblock, Shunho Haruyoshi "Soemoncho in Osaka" Woodblock, etc. Scroll Paintings: Attributed to Ying Lan "Bird on Flower Branch" Scroll Painting (Authentic or Qing Copy), Shusen Gu "Bamboo" Scroll Painting Republic Era, Xin Wu Mountainous Landscape Scroll Qing Dynasty, Chenglie Wei "Mountain Scene" Scroll Painting Qing Dynasty, Attributed to Seon Jeong "Mountain Landscape" Korean Scroll Painting, Yiyen Gold Bamboo Fan Painting Qing Dynasty, Pei Fen "Courtesans in Landscape" Fan Painting Qing Dynasty, Tang Yifeng Qing Scroll of Lotus Flowers, Japanese Edo Scroll of Samurai Signed Shigenobu, Fine Japanese Buddhist Scroll "Welcoming Descent of Amida" 18th Cent. or Earlier, etc. Persian Ceramics & Objects: Kashan 13th-14th Century Star Tile, Safavid Luster Large Ceramic Bowl 17th Century, Early Islamic Gold Inlaid Bronze Pen Case, Group of Qajar Ceramic Chargers and Relief Tiles, Antique Kashmiri Crewel Embroidery Prayer Panel, Indian 11th-13th Century Red Sandstone Female Fragment, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday August 13, Great Northwest Estates - TIMED AUCTION

Featuring selections from the lifetime Asian collection of W. Gordon Menzies of Seattle. Also great merchandise from local Seattle estates!

Asian Porcelain, Objects, and Furniture: Large Spinach Jade Guanyin Statue, Jade Double Happiness Plaque on Stand, Several Jade Small Pebble Carvings, Several Carved Jade Meiren and Animal Figures on Stands, Carved Lapis and Malachite Meiren Stone Figures, Lots of Old Jade Trees and Fruit, Large Collection of Large Porcelain Vases including Peach Bottle Vases, Black Monochrome Garlic Vase, Imperial Style Landscape Vase, Copper Red Large Bottle Vase, Blue and White Vases, Republic Beaker Vases, Qing Double Happiness Jars, etc. Large Collection of Japnese Imari and Arita Porcelain including chargers, jars, jubakos, tea bowls, etc. from the Menzies collection. Yixing teapots, archer's thumb rings, Qing snuff bottles, censers, Bronze Buddhas, Old Satsuma Vases, Kutani Large Foo Lions and Luohans, Collection of Japanese and Korean Screens, Joseon Bandaji Chests, Japanese Tansu Small Chests, Old Peking Chinese Rugs, Reverse Painted Panels, Silk Embroidered Sleeve Panels, Collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Kimura Modern Woodblock Print, Antique Pith Paper Paintings, Large Cloisonne Horses, Old Chinese Black Altar Table, Chinese Rosewood Side Chairs, Old Chinese and Japanese Stringed Instruments, Large Old Japanese Taiko Drums, Large Carved Gilt Chinese Mantel Mirror, Antique Chinese Gilt Temple Panel Mirror, Old Chinese 4-Panel Carved Room Screen, Chinese Hardstone Applique Room Screen, etc. Group of African and Papua New Guinea Masks and Statues Northwest Coast & Alaskan Native: Group of Inuit Scrimshawed Carvings and Jewelry, Seal Skin Gloves, Old Skookum Dolls, Pat Dixon Argillite Killer Whale, Group if Inuit Soapstone Carvings, Robert Davidson Serigraph, Beasley Box Design Serigraph, Old Navajo Rug Mats, Peruvian Rugs, etc. Fine Jewelry & Silver: Heavy 14k Gold Nugget Ring, Heavy 14k Crest or Seal Ring, Sterling Crest or Seal Rings, William Spratling Mexican Silver Cuff Bracelet, Old Georg Jensen Danish Sterling Brooch, WWII Airborne Ring, Old Navajo Silver Jewelry, Mexican Silver Jewelry, Chinese Jade Moth Pendant Necklace, Old Chinese Jade Lock Necklace, etc. Sterling Spoons, Gorham Leaf Dish, Sterling Cupid Hand Mirrors, Sterling Demi Cup Saucer Set, Large Antique Sheffield Plate Covered Dome Server with Warmer, Lots of Sheffield Antique Silverplate, Antique Georgian Brass, etc. Mid Century & Design: Pair of Peter Hvidt "Wedge" End Tables, Nessen Brass Floor Lamp, Pair of Cabin Snowshoe Wall Lamps, Pair of Cabin Snowshoe Folding Chairs, Lots of Northwest Studio Pottery, Modern Art by Windsor Utley and Eugene Pizzuto, Pair of Maple MCM Step End Tables, Colonial Modern Windsor Rocker, Mid Century Walnut Rocker, etc. Northwest Art & Studio Pottery: Large Collection of Louis Mideke Pottery, Mar Hudson, Yoji Kan, Ken Booth ceramics, etc. Eugene Pizzuto Ink, Duane Zaloudek Small Artwork, James Washington Jr. Signed Brochure, Group of Windsor Utley Paintings and Exhibition Material, etc. Glass & Porcelain: Pair of Barbini Murano Glass Fish, Large Murano Scavo Blue Vase, Antique Cut Glass Bottles and Perfumes, Val St. Lambert Cut Bottle, Beth Fishman Studio Glass Candlesticks, Venetian Enameled Glass Compote, Set of Tiffany & Co. "Nature" Fine China, Set of Wedgewood "Tapestry" China, Set of Dansk "Umbrian Fruits" Dinnerware, Large Set of Fitz and Floyd "Cloisonne Peony" China, Set Royal Albert "Old Country Rose" Bone China, Fiona Italian Pottery Chargers and Serving Pcs, Large Italian Pottery Rooster Figure, Pair of Large Italian Geese Figures, Lots of Matching Glass Stemware, Mettlach Advertising Stein, Group of Old Beer Steins, Hampshire Pottery Vase, Group of Antique Ironstone Large Blue and White Platters, Antique Wedgwood Flow Blue Compote, Fitz & Floyd Large Figural Serving Pieces in Boxes, etc. Collectibles & Antiques: Collection of Antique Tobacco Cards including an Old Judge Baseball Card, Jack Dempsey Cigarette Card, Signed Reghan and Presidential Books, Old Skookum Dolls, Box Old RPPC Postcards, Boxes of Old Photos and Paper, Group of Antique Seattle Advertising Shot Glasses, etc. Arts & Crafts Oak Wall Clock, Antique American Banjo Clock, Antique English Vanity Box, Vintage Banjo in Case, Jane Hutchinson Strawberry Basket Model, Antique Gilt Metal Mantel Clock Set with Candelabra Garnitures, etc. Art & Art Books: 2pc Kaiko Moti S/N Etchings, Salvador Dali Signed Lithograph, Joni Falk Southwest Small Oil Painting, Lots of Loose Artwork and Prints from the Harold Sims collection, Group of Windsor Utley Paintings, Martin Selig Large Abstract Oil, Large California Coastal Scene Oil, 2pc Large Interior Scene Oil Paintings, Veneti Boat Scene Large Oil, Tuscan Landscape Large Oil, Ethnic Hanging Masks, Chinese Reverse Painted Panels, Japanese Woodblock Prints, etc. Large Collection of Chihuly and Art Glass Books, Fine Art Masters Book Collection, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday July 30, Great Northwest Estates - TIMED AUCTION

Pottery, Glass, & Porcelain: Scarce Roseville Panther Vase, Roseville Futura Vase, Roseville Pinecone Basket, Rookwood, Weller, Catalina, Van Briggle, Bauer, etc. Northwest studio ceramics, McKinnel, Weisel, Lukens, Creitz, etc. Murano Glass Figures, Baccarat Vase, Lladro Figurines, Alvar Aalto Vase, Bohemian Cut Glass, Brilliant Cut Glass, Heisey Sahara Stemware, Set Lenox Gold Rim Stemware, Set of Minton Gold Rim China, Set of Hutschenreuther Floral China, Set of Thoma Bavaria "Briarcliff" China, Waterford Crystal, Faberge Cut Snifter in Box, Group of Bohemian Modernist Cut Stemware, Haviland China, Hummel Plates, Sets of Portugese Majolica Leaf Dishes, Romanian Bone China Teaset, etc. Jewelry & Silver: Group of Platinum & 14k Rings, US $1 Gold Coin and Agate Cufflinks, Vintage Gold Fraternity Keys, 1930's Boeing Ring, Group of 10k Shell Gas Year Pins, Venetian Beads, Men's Wristwatches, Asian Seals and Jade Jewelry, Sterling Souvenir Spoons, etc. Asian Items: Meiji Satsuma Vase, Qing Canton Charger, Emperor and Empress Porcelain Figures, Tang Style Horse, Pair of Children Gilt Vases, Selection of Japanese and Korean Screens, Korean Bendaji Chests, Japanese Style Buffet, Small Asian Cabinets, Lots of Japanese Imari Wares, Fukagawa, Yixing Teapots, Hakata Dolls, etc. Western Art: Collection of Decorative Remington and Russell Indian and Cowboy Bronzes, After P.J. Mene Horses Bronze, Large Horse and Bull Bronzes, Signed and Numbered Prints by Nancy Taylor Stonington, Robert Bateman, Bonnie Morris, R.S. Paker, John Seerey, McKnight, Charles Bragg, etc. Artworks: Group of Ornately Framed Victorian Paintings, European 19th Cent. Rough Seas Large Oil in Ornate Frame, Eric Weigardt "Poinsettias" Watercolor, Group of Antique English Engravings, Group of Framed Fine Art Prints, Mid Century Artworks and Prints, Richard Kirsten Serigraph, Vintage Bernard Buffet Lithograph, Harold Altman Early Lithograph, Parisian Street Scene Watercolors, etc. Mid Century & Furniture: Ekornes Style Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Set of 4 MCM Rattan and Chrome Bar Stools, Pair of Gold Medal Safari Chairs and Ottoman, Carolina Oak Porch Rocker, Pair of Lane Acclaim End Tables, Grete Jalk Danish Teak Side Table, Hans Anderson Danish Teak Stand, MCM Floor Lamp, Unusual Antique Bentwood Cheval Mirror, Pair of Antique Carved Northwing Curule Armchairs, Pair of French 18th Cent. Gilt Trumeau Mirrors, Antique Moreau Figural Art Nouveau Woman Table Lamp, Arts & Crafts Coat Rack, Walnut Coat Rack, Console Table, Antique Oak Time Clock, etc. Items of Interest: 2pc Atlas Railroad Lanterns, Vintage Yamaha Acoustic Guitar in Case, Vintage Indian Baskets, Wood Rocking Horse, Crab Shack Carved Store Sign, Banjo Clock, Group of Hawaiian Art Turned Wood Bowls, Chase Deco Chrome Ware, Kachina Dolls, Vintage Comics, Old Photos, etc. See photos and auction results.


Thursday July 7, Lifetime Photography Collection and Print Sale

Featuring a large collection of antique and vintage photography from the collection of Photographer and Professor John Witter of Everett, Washington. Many examples of photography through history that were used as teaching aids and for demonstrating conservation techniques.

Photography: Edward Curtis "Vanishing Race" Goldtone in Original Frame with Label, Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Tintypes, Cabinet Cards, CDVs, Stereoviews, Stereoviewers, Card-Mounted Portraits, Late 19th and Early 20th Century Studio Portraits, Albumen Prints, Panorama Photographs, Orotones, Photogravures, Sepia Tone Photographs, Bromide Prints, Silver Gelatin Prints, Platinum/Palladium Prints, Early 20th Century European Travel Pictures, Antique Photo Albums, Real Photo Postcards, Early to mid-20th Century Snapshots, Glass Plate Negatives, C-Print Photographs, Darkroom Equipment, Vaudeville and Silent Movie Era Press Stock Photos, etc. Photographers: Edward Curtis (Washington), Otto Pautzke (Washington), I.N. Wilson (Oregon), J.D. Givens (San Francisco), Charles Steaffens (Minnesota), John E. Asplund (Washington), Charles Richard Miller (California), James J. Williams (Hawaii), Laton Anton Huffman (Montana), George Seideneck (California), Toyo Miyatake (Washington), Frederick Monsen (California), Margaret Bourke-White (American), Joanne Leonard (American), Harold Eugene Edgerton (American), Alvin Langdon Coburn (British), Wallace R. MacAskill (Canada), Wallace Nutting (Canada), Harrison Crandall (Wyoming), Edmund Teske (California), Liliane de Cock (American), Aaron Siskind (American), Emmy Lou Packard (California), Virna Haffer (Washington), Frank B. Fiske (North Dakota), David Francis Barry (Wisconsin), F.A. Rinehart (Nebraska), Carl Moon (California), Frank H. Nowell (Alaska), Joan Lyons (New York), J.D. Givens (American), John Witter (Washington), Lawrence Denny Lindsley (Washington), Craig Pozzi (Oregon), Susan Hereford (Oregon), Mattias Klum (Sweden), Joseph Bartscherer (American), etc. Prints: Pablo Picasso Pencil Signed Etching, Francesco Piranesi Engraving, Bev Doolittle Unframed Portfolios, Elton Bennett, Charles Russell, Carol Grigg, Robert Bateman, Marten Solberg, William Rabbit, Ozz Franca, Michael Gentry, Robert Randall Burkert, Bernard Munch, Mikhail Chemiakin, Charles Schreyvogel, Hans Olde, Edward Borein, etc. Posters: 1930's Movie Posters, WWI Posters, Cruise Line Posters, etc. Items of Interest: Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" 1904 Orotone, Photograph of Colonel Edwin Perrin with Native American Guide CDV, Mariano 'War Chief of the Navajos' Cabinet Card by William P. Carter of New Albuquerque, Adams Sisters Cabinet Card, Half Plate Tintype Photograph of Horse and Child in Case, Stereoview Cards of China & Japan, Card-Mounted Photograph of the Boiler Room at Red Wing S.B. Foot & Company Tannery by Charles Steaffens, Antique Card Mounted Funerary Photographs, Art Deco Silver Gelatin Nude in Chains Photograph, Photographs of Diego Rivera & Frieda Kahlo by Emmy Lou Packard (1914-1998 California), Frank B. Fiske (1883-1952) 'Rain-in-the-Face' Native American Lakota Tribe Chief Portrait Photograph, Henri Cartier-Bresson 'The Decisive Moment' First Edition Book, Vintage Photography and Camera Magazines, 60pc Fred Picker's Zone VI Newsletters, Ansel Adams Signed Book, Large Collection of 'Afterimage' Magazines, Antique Photo Album of Martha's Vineyard, Early 20th Century Travel Photo Album of India, Gibraltar, and England, German war ship S.M.S. Kaiser Photo Album from a trip to Japan, Antique Lawrence Denny Lindsley (1878-1975, Washington) Glass Plate Negatives of Holden Mine near Lake Chelan Washington, 82pc Antique Glass Plate Negatives of Early 20th Century Hunting Camp 'Camp Parsons' in Upstate New York, Berliner Morgenpost Karten-Album with 100 Trade Cards, WWI Posters, Historic Event Newspapers, Large Collection of Early 20th Century Ford Motor Company Brochures and Photographs, Set of Photographs from a Ford Dealers of SW Washington Caravan Trip to Longmire Springs near Mount Rainier Washington in 1921, 18th Century Map of Scotland, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday June 25, Northwest Modern & Native Arts!

Featuring a Wonderful Northwest Coast Native Collection

NW Coast & Alaska Native Arts: Museum Quality Bella Bella Bent Corner Bowl with Polychrome U-Form Decoration, Early 20th cent. Tlingit Bentwood Red Corner Storage Box, Robert Davidson 1960 Carved Argillite Totem Pole Model, Old NW Coast Painted Cedar Portrait Mask, Beau Dick "Tanis" Hamatsa Cedar Mask, Tony Hunt Owl Cedar Mask, Jason Hunt Owl Mask with Wings Cedar, Tom Patterson Large Kwagiulth Moon Mask Cedar, Ron Telek Moon Spirit Mask, Terry Starr Moon Mask, Terry Starr Seated Human Totem, Terry Starr Loon Rattle with Antler Head, Vern Etzerza Crying Frog Mask Cedar, Isaac Tait Chipmunk Mask Cedar, Sanford Williams Ridicule Mask Cedar, Floyd Joseph Frog Power Mask Cedar, Jerry Laktonen Large Inuit Bird Mask, Don Yeomans Human Mask with Heart Cedar, 7pc Simon Charlie Carved Feast Bowls and Totems, 5pc Doug LaFortune Small Cedar Carvings, 2pc Don & Beatty Yeomans Felt U-Form Hanging Panels, Large Oqituq Ashoona Sitting Bear Stone Sculpture, Makusi Panuta Anauta Inuit Seal Hunter Soapstone Sculpture, Ashevak Tunnillie Inuit Marble Bear Sculpture, Collection of Inuit Serpentine Dancing Bear Figures by Markoosie Papigatok, Killiktee Killiktee, Tony Oqutaq, Markoosie Papigatok, Noo Atsiaq, etc. Frederick Iyak Trimble Inuit Soapstone Chess Set, Richard Sumner Eagle Bentwood Box, Clarence Peek Haida Raven Hat Cedar and Spruce Root, etc. SW Native and Pre-Columbian Arts: Impressive Alvin Vandever Sterling Kachina Corn Figure, Impressive Alvin Vandever Kachina Eagle Dancer on American Flag Figure, Ancient Colima Peruvian Redware Dog Vessel, Emma Lewis Acoma Covered Jar, Barbarita Naranjo Blackware Carved Avanyu Jar, Hopi Silver Squash Blossom, Collection of Vintage Navajo Rugs, etc. Modern Art: Alden Mason "Cosmic Sorcerer" 1970's Acrylic Painting, Lowell Nesbitt "Morning Glories" 1977 Oil Painting, Dale Chihuly "Floats" 1994 Large Acrylic Painting 60"x40" (Exhibited), Dale Chihuly "Boathouse Party" Large Acrylic Painting, James Lee Hansen "Missive" Bronze Sculpture, Frederick Heidel Abstract Glass Sculpture, 3pc Early Lee Kelly Abstract Steel Sculptures, Duane Zaloudek Small Abstract Oil, Early Milt Wilson Abstract Oil on Panel, LaVerne Krause "Silver Valley Jumping Jack Flash" 1969 Large Coastal Oil Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Patterns & Poetry of the Past" Collage (Fountain Label), Paul Horiuchi "Reflection" Casein Collage, Kenneth Callahan "Mountain" Sumi Painting, Louise Gilbert Abstract Collage, Val Laigo Small Abstract Oil, Al Everett Small Abstract Composition, Several works from the estate of Windsor Utley (last chance to buy works), 5pc James Martin Whimsical Figure Paintings, etc. Western Art: Magnus Heurlin "Majestic Mt. McKinley" Large Oil, Sydney Laurence "St. Ives Harbour" Oil Painting 20"x15" (Braarud Fine Art Label), Eustace Ziegler "Pack Horses on Mt. Rainier" Oil Painting 16"x20", Fred Machetanz "Out of My Window" Mixed Media Painting, 5pc Rod Weagant (WA) Impressionist Landscape and Coastal Scene Paintings, etc. Lifetime Collection of Aaron Bohrod women drawings 30+ works published in the book “Aaron Bohrod: Figure Drawings”. Also 2 decorated ceramics by F.C. Ball! Prints & Multiples: Impressive Picasso "Still Life" Madoura Pottery Platter, Richard Anuszkiewicz "Translumina – Spring Hues" 1991 Relief Plaque Edition of 15, Andy Warhol "The Souper Dress" Campbell's Soup Dress, Robert Davidson "Moon" S/N Serigraph, Robert Davidson "Dog Fish" S/N Serigraph, 4pc Lynn Ward Illustrator Woodcut Prints, Beth Van Hoesen Sheep S/N Etching, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Kenneth Shores "Yantra" 1992 Large Ceramic Tile Sculpture (Structure Series), Akio Takamori Figures Ceramic Vase, David Schwarz "Z-Axis" Large Glass Sculpture, Tom Coleman Large Ash Glaze Vessel, 2pc Jim Ransom Large Ceramic Vessels, Kurt Weiser Studio Pottery Covered Box, James Nowak Aquarium Massive Paperweight, Kisslinger Glass Adam & Eve Orb Sculpture, Collection of 7pc Mary Lou Higgins Funk Pottery, etc. Art Furniture & Design: David Ebner (New York) 1979 Oak Renwick Stool, David Ebner Brookhaven Chair (Writing Chair), David Ebner Dressing/Foyer Mirror with Pagoda Shaped Top, David Ebner Wishbone Rocking Chair, David Ebner Oval Coffee Table, David Ebner Small Hanging Organic Mirror, William Hunter "Vallarta Rhythms" #1507 Kinetic Wood Bowl, Mitch Moncrieff (Canadian) Oyster Large Carved Wood Bowl, etc. Arts of the World: Armondo Morales (Mexican) Large Figures with Fishing Nets Oil Painting, Luba Krejci Framed Thread Drawing Fiber Art, Collection of 6pc Norman LaLiberte Paintings and Hanging Assemblage Art Panels, Collesion of 9pc Robert Strimbam Assemblage Art Figures and Wood Carvings, 2pc Levoy Exil Haitian Large Paintings, Jean Marc Cayo Haitian Painting, 2pc Roger Francois Haitian Paintings, Jean Baptiste Jean Haitian Painting, 2pc Gerard Valcin Haitian Paintings, Audes Saul Large Haitian Painting, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday May 28, Fine Asian Antiquities

Chinese Porcelain: Exceptional Hongxian Pink Ground Porcelain Temple Vase with Warriors on Horseback (Jurentang Mark), Fine Chinese Kangxi Powder Blue Porcelain Temple Jar, Qing Robin's Egg Blue Gilt Porcelain Censer, Ming Blue & White Kendi Porcelain Ewer, Ming Celadon Charger with Foliate Rim, Ming Kraak Ware Large Charger, 2pc Qing Famille Rose Porcelain Rooster & Censor Jars, Large Qing Famille Rose Beaker Vase, Large Qing 9-Peach Porcelain Beaker Vase, Fine Jindezhen Republic Porcelain Vase with Winter Landscape, Pair of Republic Porcelain Vases with Scholars, Qing Sang de Boeuf Porcelain Bottle Vase, Rare Chinese Buff Colored Yixing Teapot, etc. Jade: 3pc Qing Dynasty White Jade Dragon Belt Hook & Plaque Silver Hand Mirrors, Qing Mongolian Silver Kendi with (4) Inset White Jade Pendants, 2pc Jade Ruyi Scepter and Handle Magnifier & Ashtray, Qing Jade Figural Lotus Snuff Bottle, Qing Jade Twin Peach Form Snuff Bottle, Jade Melon Form Snuff Bottle with Coral Stopper, etc. Japanese Antiquities: Fine Taisho Silver Chosi Sake Kettle, Edo Samurai Albumi Samurai Stirrups, Group of Meiji Katana and Wakizashi Swords, Collection of Shakudo Tsuba, Menuki and Kashira, etc. Asian Paintings: 7pc Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita Drawings from Former Student, 3pc Qing Asian Fan Paintings by Known Artists, Manner of Zhang Xiagang "Bloodline Series" Oil Painting 50"x31", Zhang Hongnian Chinese Boy Portrait Oil Painting, Collection of Contemporary Scroll Paintings by Chinese Art Professors Framed, etc. Woodblock Prints: Several Paul Jacoulet Woodblock Prints, 2pc Kawase Hasui Woodblocks, Early Haku Maki Abstract Woodblock Print, etc. Furniture: Zitan Wood Intricately Carved Altar Table, Rosewood Ming Style Altar Table, Pair of Qing Slate Top Square Scholar's Tables, Ming Rosewood Small Altar Table, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday May 21, Lifetime World & Rare Coin Collection

Featuring Over 200 Lots of Coins. Most Professionally Graded and Slabbed by PCGS, NGC, ANACS, SEGS, etc. Ancient Gold, Silver, and Bronze coins from Persia, Greek Civilizations, Rome, and Byzantine Empire. Medieval & Antique European & New World Silver Coins, and MANY lots of 19th & 20th Century American Coins and Currency.

Ancient Gold Coins from Persia, Greek, Rome, etc.: Greek Gold Thracian AV Stater, Pontic Kingdom Gold AV Stater, Scythian AV Stater, Gold Constans AV Solidus, Roman Gold Valentinian I AV Solidus, Roman Gold Theodosius II AV Solidus, Persia Sardeis in Lydia AV Daric, etc. Ancient Silver & Bronze Coins from Persia, Greek, Rome, India, etc.: Bosporus Kingdom EL Stater, Ephesus AR Tetradrachm, Attica, Athens AR Tetradrachm, Carian Islands. Rhodes AR Didrachm, Lucania. Thurium AR Stater, Cilicia, Tarsus AR Stater, Sicily, Siculo-Punic AR Tetradrachm, Greek. Parion in Mysia AR Hemidrachm, Ptolemaic Kingdom AR Tetradrachm, Seleucid Kingdom AR Tetradrachm, Celts, Lower Danube AR Tetradrachm, Cappadocian AR Drachm, Roman Imperatorial AR Denarius, Roman. Lugdunum AE Sestertius, Roman. Trajan AE Sestertius, Hadrian AR Denarius, Roman Empire AE Sestertius, Roman Empire AR Double-Denarius, Roman Constantine I AE Follis, Roman Constantine I AE Follis, Greek Attica, Athens AR Tetradrachm, Macedonian Kingdom Alexander III AR Tetradrachm, Roman Hadrian AR Denarius, Persian Silver Siglos Coins, Lycia Silver Staters, Sasanian Kingdom Vahram II (Bahram) AR drachm, Scythian Silver Coins, Roman Empire Elagabalus AR Denarius, Roman Nero Augustus AE As, etc. Byzantine Gold Coins: Maurice Tiberius AV Solidus, Focas (Phocas) AV Solidus, Heraclius AV Solidus, Constans II AV Solidus, Romanus III AV Stamenon Nomisma (Histamenon), Michael VII AV Stamenon Nomisma (Histamenon), etc. Byzantine Silver Coins, etc: Tabaristan Silver Hemidrachm, etc. Medieval & Renaissance Gold Coins: Venetian Ducats, Andrew Dandolo Gold AV Ducat, Andrea Gritti Gold 1/2 Scudo, etc. Medieval Silver Coins, etc.: Italian, Antioch, and Indian Coins- Denar, Pierreale, Grosso, etc. Antique European Coins: West Friesland (Netherlands) Provincial Gold Ducat, Spain. Ferdinand VI Gold 1/2 Escudo, Sicily Charles (Carlos) II Silver Tari, Spanish Silver Reale, France. Henri IV Silver 1/4 Ecu, France. 1786R Louis XVI Silver 24 Sols, England. Henry VIII Silver Groat, England. Charles I Silver Shilling, Austrian, Swiss, Polish, and German Silver Thaler, 18th and 19th Century Russian Rouble and Kopek, Sweden. Gustaf IV Adolf 1/6 Riksdaler, etc. Antique World Coins: Peruvian Republic Gold 8 Escudos, Bolivia Potosi Silver Cob Reale Coins, Colonial Spanish Cob, Mexican Reale, Peruvian Republic Sol, Argentina. Rio de la Plata 2 Real, 3pc 19th Century Central & South American Coins, Umayyad Al-Walid Medieval Islamic Silver Dirham, etc. World Coins: Hong Kong 1901 Victoria 10 Cents, 1921 Yuan Shih-Kai "Fat Man" China Silver Dollar, China- People's Republic 1993 Two-piece Gold & Silver Peacock Proof Set, India- 2013 Elizabeth II Gold Sovereign, Australia- George VI 1938 One Crown, Canada 1859 One Cent, Canada 1921 George V 5 Cent, Canada 1967 7pc Proof Set with $20 Gold Coin, Canada 2014 1oz Fine Silver Peregrine Falcon 5 Dollar, Christmas Island 2011 Kiribati Gold $50, Order of Malta 2005 John Paul II & Wailing Wall 1 Lira Coins, etc. Antique & Rare US Coins: 1907 St Gaudens High Relief $20 Gold Coin, Indian Head $2.50 Gold Coins Type Set with dates 1908-1929 including 1911-D, 1806 $5 Gold Heraldic Eagle, 1855 Liberty $20 SS Republic Shipwreck Coin, Carson City Liberty Twenty Coins, Carson City Silver Morgan Dollars, 1921 Silver $1 High Relief Peace Dollar, Capped Bust Half Dollars, Draped Bust Quarters, Capped Bust Quarters, Seated Liberty Quarters, 1876 20c, 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent, etc. US Coins: Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, Silver Trade Dollars, Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars, Ben Franklin Silver Half Dollars, Barber Silver Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, Standing Liberty & US Barber Silver Quarters, Washington Silver Quarters, Barber Head & Roosevelt Silver Dimes, Mercury Head Dimes, Shield, Liberty Head & Jefferson Nickels, Indian Head & Wheat Back Pennies, 20th Century Type Set Coins & US Nickels Type Set, Isabella Quarters, Seated Liberty Half Dimes, US Mint Silver Proof Sets, Commemorative Coin Sets, etc. US Currency: 1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate, 1901 Vernon-Treat Bison Note, 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note, 1917 $2 United States Note Teehee/Burke, 1899 $5 Silver Certificates, 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Teehee/Burke,19th Cent. Fractional Currency Notes, etc. Items of Interest: Julius Caesar AR Denarius Mobile Traveling Military Mint, Late 18th & Early 19th C. English Condor Tokens, 1837 Hard Times Token, Volkswagen 900 Gold World Factories Medal, 1870 Pattern Standard Silver Quarter Dollar, 1837 Feuchtwanger One Cent, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday May 7, Northwest Modern & Contemporary Art

Modern Art & Sculpture: Exceptional Collection of Leroy Setziol (Oregon) 7pc Carved Wood Wall and Free Standing Sculptures including a large 7' wall piece weighing 170lbs, Alden Mason "Jim" 1985 Large Vertical Oil Pastel on Paper, Frederick Heidel (OR) Abstract Watercolor, Milt Wilson (OR) Vertical Abstraction Oil, Storm Thorp "Untitled Portrait" Ink on Paper, Dozens of works by Windsor Utley including abstract portraits, cubist works, Italian Fantasy series, California landscapes, early WPA era compositions, etc. Dozens of works by Harold A. Sims (former PSU art staff) including early organic abstractions, genesis series, etc. Several original whimsical artworks by James Martin, Catherine Eaton Skinner Large "Twilight" Encaustic Work, James Hibbard Abstract Graphite, Robert Kasal (OR) Watercolor with Fish, 4pc Edna Crews (Student of Callahan) Sumi and Watercolor Abstractions, John Ebner Coastal Triptych Watercolor, John Ebner Waterfall Watercolor Painting, John Ebner Beach Scene Watercolor, etc. International Art: Nicola Simbari (Italian) Woman in Interior Oil Painting, Peter Max Original Statue of Liberty Acrylic, Peter Max Original Heart Acrylic Painting, Isaac Muse (French) Modern Street Scene Painting, Milton Dacosta (Brazil) Geometric Abstraction Gouache (Gift from Nelson Rockefeller), Barbara Warren Ebersole 1960 Large Madonna Modernist Oil, etc. Traditional & Western Art: Frederick Southworth Early Landscape Watercolor, 3pc David Skinner American Landscape Paintings, Several Roy Weagant Impressionist Landscape and Coastal Scene Paintings, etc. Native Arts: Haida Argillite Totem Pole Model (Early 20th Century), Ancient Colima Peruvian Redware Dog Vessel, Emma Lewis Acoma Covered Jar, Barbarita Naranjo Blackware Carved Avanyu Jar, Large Oqituq Ashoona Sitting Bear Stone Sculpture, Makusi Panuta Anauta Inuit Seal Hunter Soapstone Sculpture, Ashevak Tunnillie Inuit Marble Bear Sculpture, Collection of Inuit Serpentine Dancing Bear Figures by Markoosie Papigatok, Killiktee Killiktee, Tony Oqutaq, Markoosie Papigatok, Noo Atsiaq, etc. Frederick Iyak Trimble Inuit Soapstone Chess Set, Richard Sumner (Kwakiutl) Eagle Bentwood Box, Group of Large Vintage Navajo Rugs etc. Prints & Multiples: Kathe Kollwitz "Greeting" Pencil Signed Etching, 5pc Brad Durham "Stillness" Monotypes, Beth Van Hoesen "Suffolk Sheep" Mezzotint, Mark Tobey "Crowded City" S/N Lithograph, Manuel Izquierdo 1978 "Grand Rodeo" Large Woodcut, 3pc Lou (Louis) Ocepek Oregon Modernist Serigraphs, 2pc Dianne Kornberg Contemporary Art Photographs, 2pc Early Dale Chihuly Basket S/N Etchings, Bill Ritchie Early Lithograph, etc. Studio Glass & Ceramics: Dale Chihuly 3pc Mulberry Seaform Set 1981, Dale Chihuly Yellow Macchia Basket 1992, Dale Chihuly "Royal Raspberry Seaform Pair" 2pc Glass Set, Dale Chihuly "Vienna Green Basket Pair" 2pc Glass Set, Dale Chihuly Teal Blue Seaform Glass Basket, Dale Chihuly "Scarlet Leaf Ikebana" Glass Set, Museum Quality Robert Sperry 28" Fossil Charger, Museum Quality Howard Kottler Paisley Pot (Art Deco Style), 7pc Howard Kottler Funk Ceramics & Glass, Erik Gronborg Funk Pottery Charger, 3pc Ray Grimm Salt Glazed Teapots, Group of Wally Schwab 1970's Ceramics, Frank Boyden Ceramic Raven Bowl, Anne Hirondell Soda Glazed Vessel, Robert Sperry & William Creitz potter, Geoffrey Pagen Early Stoneware Large Charger w/Brochure, Allen Moe Small Fish Skin Vessel, Harvey Sadow Large Raku Vessel, Julie Johnson "Bird Flower Brick" Pottery, etc. Contemporary and Outsiders Artworks: Large Dale Chihuly 1997 "Boat House Party" Acrylic Basket Painting, 6pc Terry Turrell Abstract Figure Sculptures, Ron Allen Figure with Skirt Mixed Media Sculpture, Vicki Fish Shadowbox Bird and Egg Artwork, Keiko Yamaguchi Mixed Media Doll, Peter Neufeld and Briana Kaufmann Mixed Metals Sculpture, Elizabeth Frank Mixed Media Wood Figure, Jane Cather Doll Sculpture, etc. Art Jewelry: Ramona Solberg Silver Dice Pendant Necklace, Monica Tinker "The Sower" Brooch in Frame, 2pc Denise Barr Sterling & Found Object Art Necklaces, Chris Griffin Large Found Object Dice Pendant Necklace, etc. Turned Wood Art Collection: Collection of Hawaiian Monumental Turned Wood Vessels and Bowls mostly purchased from Martin & MacArthur in Hawaii. Works by Wayne Omura, Jonathan Somaoang, Gerald Filipelli, David Hakes, etc. 20th Cent. Design: Set of (12) Vico Magistretti for Artemide "Selene" Italian Red Stacking Fiberglass Chairs, Pair Vintage Eames Orange Covered DKR Chairs, Dux Sweden Oak Lounge Chair with Ottoman, 1890's Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday April 16, Collectibles, Leather Bound Library, and Rare Coins

Sterling Silver & Fine Silverplate: Georgian Silver 18th Cent. Repousse Tankard, Large Set of Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Flatware, Set of Antique Dominick & Haff "Renaissance" Flatware, English Hallmarked Sterling 5-Arm Candelabra, Wallace Aesthetic Sterling Lily Pad Dish, Pair of Japanese Fine Silver Triple Candelabras in Case, Group of Old Tiffany & Co. Sterling Tableware, Pair of Repousse Italian Silver Shakers, 5pc Sterling Traditional Tea Service, Selection of Antique Sterling Flatware Pieces, Pair of Impressive Elkington Mason & Co. English Gilt Silverplated Figural Exhibition Candelabras, Pair of English William & George Sissons Baroque Triple Silverplated Candelabras, Austrian Courting Scene Enameled Cigarette Case, 2pc Dutch Silver Miniatures, etc. Crystal & Glass: Daum Pate-de-Verre Leaf Dish with Box, 2pc Daum Pate-de-Verre Champagne Glasses, 2pc Lalique Crystal Cat Figures with Boxes, Lalique "Aries" Large Compote, Lalique Frosted Glass Compote, Lalique 3pc Cruet Set, 7pc Lalique Ring & Small Dishes, 2pc Steuben Crystal Pitchers, 6pc Steuben Crystal Glass & Pitcher Set, Steuben Apple Paperweight, Large Collection of Waterford Crystal including Goblets, Old Fashioned Glasses, Pitchers, Bowls, etc. Large Collection of Arthur Court Pewter & Glass Matching Stemware, Moorcroft Large Bowl, etc. Studio Glass & Pottery: DeVez Large Cameo Glass Landscape Vase, Lundberg Pulled Feather Shade Triple Lamp, Susan Glass Large Acid Etched Free Form Bowl, Erik Brakken Studio Glass Tall Vase, Dan Bergsma Art Glass Vase, 2pc Ken Turner Gold Luster Glazes Ceramics, Pair Large Blue End of Day Art Glass Vases, etc. Figurnes: A few dozen large to small vintage Lladro figurines mostly in their original boxes, Group of Hagenauer Wien Bronze African Warrior Figures, Barbedienne Bronze of Seated Medici, Murano Glass Chinese Men Figurines, etc. Jewelry: Grouping of Tiffany & Co. Designer Jewelry by Paloma Picasso, Toggle Bracelets, Some 14K and vintage fine jewelry, etc. Artworks & Animation Cels: Vintage Disney Donald Duck (Blown Up!) Animation Cel, Vintage Disney Lady and the Tramp Animation Cel, Vintage Donald Duck with Mallet Cel, James Christensen S/N Fantasy Prints, Maurice Sendak Signed Animation Serigraph, Bev Doolittle S/N Prints, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday March 26, Collectibles, Leather Bound Library, and Rare Coins

Coins: US 1909-O Gold $5 PCGS AU58, 1920-S Gold $10 PCGS Genuine Ex-Jewelry, 1914-D Wheat Cent PCGS MS64BN, Canada 1947 Silver $1, Canada 1949 Silver $1, 1911 China Empire VF35, US 1922 Silver $1, 1896, 1897, 1898, and 1901 US Indian Head Cents, US 1901 Liberty Head Gold $10, 1882 Uncirculated GSA Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar, Peace Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Silver Quarters, Dimes, Silver Mexican Coins, World Coins, Antique and Ancient Coins, World Currency Banknotes, Proof Sets, Mint Sets, Collector Commemorative Silver $1 Mint Coins, etc. Gold Pocket Watches: Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, IWC, Waterbury, etc. Guitars: 1968 FRAMUS Attila Zoller Archtop Jazz Acoustic/Electric Guitar, 2004 Paul Reed Smith (PRS) McCarty Standard Model Black Electric Guitar, 1970s Alvarez Artist Model #5064 Acoustic/Electric Guitar, 1976 Takamine Model No. F-360 S Acoustic Guitar Books: Rare 1927 Aubrey Beardsley Illustrated 'The Birth, Life, and Acts of King Arthur' by Sir Thomas Malory, First Edition First Issue 'The Grapes of Wrath' by George Steinbeck with dust jacket, Aubrey Beardsley Illustrated Yellow Books Volumes I-XIII, Signed Dale Chihuly Books, Hundreds of nearly pristine Easton Press leather bound books from 2 large collections including Classics, Greatest Books Ever Written, Masterpieces of Fantasy, Masterpieces of Science Fiction, Art, History, Celebrity Memoirs and Signed First Editions, etc. Posters: WWI French Posters- Commission for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, Bureau des Enfants, US Department of the Interior War Effort, Carter The Great Magic, etc. Sports Collectibles: HOF Signed Bats, Balls, and Photographs from Seattle Mariners- Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez. Signed Bats- Stan Musial, Willie Stargell, Signed Balls- Greg Maddux, Bob Feller, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Yogi Berra, Harmon Killebrew, Lou Brock, Frank Thomas, Joe Morgan, Signed Posters & Photographs- WIllie Mays, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Joe Namath, Mean Joe Green, NY Yankees AL Champion Banner, 1970 Topps Super Baseball Cards, Seattle Seahawks Signed Football Helmets- Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, Walter Jones, Jon Ryan signed Football, etc. Guns and Militaria: John Moll III (Allentown PA 1820-1883) Full Stock Flintlock Pennsylvania Rifle, British Percussion Lock Tower 1857 Blunderbuss, Browning Invictor-Plus Citori Special Over/Under 12 Gauge Shotgun, Thompson Center Arms 45 Caliber Percussion Muzzle Loading Black Powder Rifle, Savage Model 110 300 Winchester Caliber Bolt Action Rifle, Eddy Stone Model 1917 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle, Steyr M.95 Bolt Action Rifle, Swedish Carl Gustafs Model 1912 Bolt Action Rifle, Survival Arms .22 Caliber AR-7 Explorer Semi-Automatic Survival Rifle, Winchester Model 75 .22 Caliber Bolt Action Long Rifle, Remington 22 Caliber Bolt Action Rifles, Savage Anschutz Model 184 Sporter Bolt Action .22 Caliber Long Rifle, Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12 Gauge Shotguns, FMK 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol, FMK AR-1 Patriot Multi-Caliber Lower Receivers, Czech 52 7.62 Tokarev Semi-Automatic Pistol, Ruger MK II Semi-Automatic 22 Caliber Pistol, Navy Arms Tokarev TU-90 Pistol, Spanish American War Era M1913 Mauser Bayonet, Hi-Standard Model DM-101 Derringer .22 Magnum Pistol, Winchester Model 94 Illinois Sesquicentennial 30-30 Lever Action Rifle, Winchester Model 94 John Wayne Commemorative 32-40 Lever Action Rifle, etc. Items of Interest: Fossils- Massive Eocene-Era Priscacara Serrata Fish Fossil in Shale Matrix Plaque, Ammonite Fossils, Impressive Large Chinese Chrysanthemum Stone, Amethyst Geode, Upshot-Knothole Annie Nuclear Bomb Test Artifacts and Photographs, Post WWII 'Tokyo Defense Agency Fire Fighting' Photo Album, Slave Deed Real Estate Transaction Letter dated 1851, George Washington Wax Portrait by George Rouse, 15th Century Illuminated Manuscript, Franz Bergman Austria Cold Painted Bronze Lamp, etc.  See photos, LiveAuctioneers hammer prices and Invaluable hammer prices.


Thursday March 12, Fine and Designer Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry: Natural Fancy Pink .56ct Loose Diamond with GIA Cert., Impressive Lady’s 6.07ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Ring (SI2, Color J-K), Lady’s 5.16ct Diamond Emerald Cut 18k Ring (VS2, Color I), Exceptional Lady’s 5.77ct Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant (VS2, Color F), etc. Fine & Designer Jewelry: Lady’s 1.86ct Natural Ruby & Diamond 14k Ring, Large Oval Peridot & Diamond 14k Ring, Lots of Designer Gold Necklaces and Earrings, Many Pieces Purchased at Turgeon Raine Fine Jewelry, Seattle. Lady’s Piaget Full Diamond 14k Bracelet Wristwatch with Boxes.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday March 5, Northwest Fine Arts & Luxury!

Featuring a fine selection of Northwest Modern and Contemporary Artworks including Pilchuck Glass

Modern Art: Rare George Tsutakawa "Transmission No.2" 1952 Oil Painting, William Cumming "Belshazzars Wives and Darling Little Dog" 1980's Large Painting, Kenneth Callahan Horse and Rider Tempera Painting, Leo Kenney "A Stone in its Mirror" 1961 Oil Painting, Paul Horiuchi "View from My Backyard" (Lake Union) 1950's Oil Painting, Early Paul Horiuchi Seattle Scene Watercolor, Paul Horiuchi "A Touch of Gold" Vertical Collage, Paul Horiuchi "Evening" Landscape Casein, Paul Horiuchi Abstract Diptych Collage, Museum Quality Windsor Utley Large Cathedral Oil Painting (SAM Exhibited), Morris Graves "Evening Light" S/N Large Serigraph of Flowers, Morris Graves "Winter Hellbore" S/N Print, Jacob Elshin Abstract Landscape Painting, Ebba Rapp Oil Painting of Birds, Carl Morris Small Ink with Figures, Jay Steensma Abstract and Mt. Rainier Paintings, 2pc Joel Brock Skagit Landscape Pastel Paintings, 3pc Kent Lovelace Impressionist Landscape Paintings Oil on Copper, 2pc Dale Chihuly Ikebana Acrylic Paintings, Dale Chihuly Heart Acrylic Painting, Boris Vallejo Fantasy Illustrator Art Oil Painting, Gerard DiMaccio Female Surrealist Painting, Jurgen Gorg Original Female Nude Paintings, Mark King Large Garden Scene Oil Painting, Nick Kosciuk Oil Painting of Girl, Luigi Fumigalli Abstract Oil with Figures, 2pc Tony Walholm Hawaii Abstract Long Oils, Helene Wilder Large Red Head with Bird Painting, Collin Bogle Original Pastel of Bobcat, 4pc David Skinner Large Impressionist Landscape Oils, Mari Giddings Expressionist Landscape Oil, 2pc Leo Adams Large Floral Still Life Oils, etc. Modern Sculpture: Frederick Hart "Echo of Silence" 1992 Acrylic Sculpture, Richard MacDonald "Regina Luminaire" Large Acrylic Sculpture, Jonathan Kenworthy (British) "Rendille Woman Leading a Camel" Large Bronze Sculpture, 2pc D'Argenta Mexican Bronze Large Panther on Branch Sculptures, Dale Chihuly Painted Italian Women's Shoes, Zachary Oxman Large Menorah Figural Bronze Sculpture, 2pc Mario Jason Large Dancer Bronze Sculptures, etc. Western & Native Arts: Rare Duane Pasco Large Articulated Native Dancer Puppet, Duane Pasco Articulated Raven Dancer Puppet, Duane Pasco "Coming Out" Bentwood Box (Exhibited), Scott Jensen Large Raven Masks, Tom Whonnock Large Raven Mask, Beau Dick Carved Owl Mask, 5pc Robert Davidson S/N Serigraphs, Harold Hopkinson "That's All Boss!" Large Cowboy Oil, Don Crooks "The Last Passenger" Large Cowboy & Indian Oil, 3pc Bill Neal Cowboy Large Oil Paintings, 3pc Thomas DeDecker Indian Camp Large Paintings, 5pc Joan Arend Kickbush Large Alaskan Oils, 7pc Northwest Coast Cedar Carvings by Titus Oenga (1938-84), Harvey Goodale Eskimo Family Medium Oil, 7pc David Manuel Large and Small Western Bronzes, Ace Powell Pack Horse Bronze, Olga Roberts "Attack on the Washita" Indian Bronze, Tom Sander Buffalo Bronze, Robert Cavanaugh "Koshare" Kachina Bronze, Charles Beil Bear Bronze, Lorenzo Ghiglieri Large Wolf Bronze, Gus Schildt Little Girl Bronze, etc. Prints & Multiples: Impressive Alphonse Mucha "La Dame Aux Camelias" 8' Original Poster, Impressive Alphonse Mucha "Lorenzaccio" 8' Original Poster, 2pc Betty Goodwin (Canada) Contemporary Chromolithographs, Ruth Bernhard "Skull and Driftwood" Silver Gelatin Photograph, Chuck Henningson Taos Native Photograph, Rembrandt Van Rijn "Death of the Virgin" 18th Century Etching (III State), Rembrandt Van Rijn "Self Portrait with Cap" 18th Century Etching (II State), Alphonse Mucha "JOB Cigarettes" Original Art Nouveau Lithograph, Toulouse Lautrec Original "L'Aube Revue Illustree" 1896 Poster, etc. Pilchuck & Studio Glass: Important Dale Chihuly and Pino Signoretto Large Putti with Fish Glass Sculpture, Dale Chihuly 4pc Pink Persian Set with Box, Dale Chihuly 2pc Azure Blue Basket Set, Lino Tagliapietra "Natoalas" Spirale Glass Sculpture on Steel Stand, Richard Royal "Aperture Series" Long Glass Sculpture, Martin Blank Hot Sculpted Glass Torso on Pedestal, Martin Blank Large Glass Table Flower, Martin Blank Glass Shell Bowl with Ornament, Pino Signoretto Pink Glass Optic Sculpture, Bertil Vallien Large "Passage" Glass Tablet on Stand, 2pc Bertil Vallien Small Glass Sculptures, etc. Turned Wood Art Collection: Large Collection of Hawaiian Monumental Turned Wood Vessels and Bowls mostly purchased from Martin & MacArthur in Hawaii. Todd Campbell Norfolk Pine Large Turned Bowl, Victor Holmes Norfolk Pine Large Turned Squat Vase, Uwe Dost 23" Cook Pine Turned Large Vase, Michael Patrick Smith Large Cook Pine Turned Octopus Vase, 4pc Wayne Omura Norfolk Island Pine Large Bowl, 4pc Jonathan Somaoang Turned Tray and Large Covered Bowl, Gerald Filipelli Norfolk Pine Turned Vessels, Large Red Palm Turned Wood Bowl, etc. 20th Century Design: Philip & Kelvin LaVerne "Chan" Round Game Table, Set 5 Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen Green Covered Ant Chairs, Bernhard Pedersen & Sohn Teak Tambour Door Sideboard, etc. Fine Table Lamps: Handel Parrot Reverse Painted Shade Table Lamp, Handel Sunset Landscape Reverse Painted Shade Lamp, Pittsburg Seascape Reverse Painted Shade Lamp, Antique Haystack Landscape Reverse Painted Shade Lamp, etc. Fine Silver: Pair of Monumental English Victorian Floral Sterling Seven-Arm Candelabras by Robert Garrard II (1834), Tiffany & Co. Sterling Chrysanthemum Punch Bowl (1907-1947), Tiffany & Co. Sterling Wave Edge Platter, Cartier Sterling & Jade Handled Round Cocktail Tray, Gorham Silver and Intaglio Cut Claret Wine Jug, James Guthre (Delaware) American Silver Urn Form Sugar, etc.  See photos, text catalog, and hammer prices.


Thursday February 6, Northwest Estates Auction

Great Items from Multi Million Dollar NW Estates featuring Designer & Mid Century Furnishings - Chinese Rosewood Furnishings - Art & Pottery, Antique Wicker Auto Picnic Baskets, Collections of: Shaving Mugs, Perfume Bottles, Elegant Depression Era Glass, Quilts, Pocket & Wrist Watches, Lots of Sterling, Chinese & Asian Items, Clocks, etc.

Fine Art: Mid Century Modern Abstract Paintings, Vintage Framed Prints, Bev Doolittle S/N Lithographs & Books, Fred Machetanz S/N Lithographs, John Van Zyle Signed Iditarod Poster, Thomas Kincade S/N Disney Print, Modern & Asian Woodblock Prints, Yoshitori Mori Block Prints, Bronze Figures, Vintage Indian Prints, Charles Hulbert WC Painting, Heavy Gold Framed Mirrors, Asahel Curtis & Norman Edson Photos, etc. Massive Watch Collection: Men's Wrist Watches- Seiko Chronographs, Seiko Automatics, Seiko Divers, Seiko Speed-Timer, Seiko UFOs, Wakmann, Universal Geneve, Tissot Chronograph, Gruen Chronograph, Milos Chronograph, Delbana Chronograph, Tudor Oyster, Oyster Raleigh, Edox Hydro Sub, Richo Day Date, Bulova Automatics, Bulova Snorkel, Mondaine Divers, Zodiac SeaWolf, Aquastar Regate, Tissot T Touch, Zenith, CYMA, Rona Chronograph Trench Style Watches, Certina, Felca, Tourneau, Gallet, Wittnauer, Wyler, Waltham, Rensie, Enicar, Lord Elgin, Benrus, Edox, Bulova, Pulsar, Tissot, Zenith, Eterna, Delbana, Milos, Citizen WR100, Buler, Tenor-Dorly, Junghans, Mido, Olma, Desta, Vulcain, Invicta Seeland, Ardath, Helbros, Orient & Wittnauer Calendars, Military Watches, Hewlett Packard Model 1 Calculator Watch, Swatch POP Watches, Rolex Oyster Precision Montres Case 6466, Tiffany & Co with Blancpain Movement, Ladies Omega Stainless Steel Constellation, Ladies Movado Museum Dial Travel and Desk Watches from Angelus, Shreve & Co, LeCoultre, CYMA, Pinkerton's (W. Germany) Watchman Clock; AMERICAN, SWISS, & ENGLISH POCKET WATCHES- Waltham PS Bartlett, Illinois, Standard, Elgin, Westclox, Non-Magnetic, Henry Sandoz Repeater, Patek Philippe, CYMA, Philia, Renova, Vanburen, L. Guinand, Baron, James Kahn (Neuchatel), John Forest (London); POCKET WATCH MOVEMENTS- Helbros, Crest, Marine, Omega, Ingersoll, Northcliffe, Bulova, Buren, Stuyvesant, Gruen, Admiral, Bedford, J.W. Benson- The Field Watch (London), National Park, A. Saltzman (Chaux de Fonds), John Hawley & Son (London), MS Smith & Co (Detroit), Burlington (Chicago), Charles Louis Faivre (Locle), Henry Beguelin (Locle), Henry Sandoz (Locle), John Carter (London), H. White (Manchester), A. Constantin, Howard & Co (Boston), Leopold Huguenin (Locle), George Agassiz Longines, H.H. Taylor Elgin, G. Roulet, Elgin, Buren, F.H. Borstadt (Denver, CO), Stratford, Omega, Sphinx, Montauk, Washington, Rode, T. Eaton, Sada, International, Olympic, C. Faivre Perrin, Amida, Illinois, Excelsior, Droz & Perret (St Imer), R. Lannier (Geneve), Sandoz & Dubois (Locle), Charles Rubens, Thomas Mathile (Locle), Becquerel (Paris) Repeater; TOOLS- Leitz Planimeter, Machinist Chests; MOVEMENT IN STERLING CASES- Davenport & Sons (Wigan), Canova (Halesworth), WIlliam Robinson (Liverpool), White (London), John Osbertus (London), L'Epin (Paris), Penn (London), Quartier (Locle); MOVEMENTS- England: Frederick Dent (London), J. Garland (Newcastle on Tyne), Joseph Johnson (Liverpool), J. Cetti (London), Henry Frodsham (Liverpool), Thomas Maston (London), Eardley Norton (London), G. Sanderson (London), Regner (Liverpool), T. White (London), S. Duncan (London), John Collins (London), Gayton (London), Charles Williams (London), Anderson (Liverpool), Thomas Holmes (Cheadle), D Edmonds (Liverpool), Emanuels (London), Osbertus Hamley (London), C. Guinand (London), James Dysart (London), Thomas Yoakley (London), Christopher Harris and J. Griffiths (London), Jas Sangster (Old Deer), Ballingforf (London), Thomas Church (Norwich), Edward/George Prior (London), Samson (London), J. Anson (London), John Crawley (Parr), Charles Davidson (London), Henry Weshap & Co (London), John Darby (London), Thomas Ridley- Mary Ann Woodman (Lambeth), S.C. Arthurs (Northampton), Bullingford (London), Thomas Porthouse (London), B. Clowes (Liverpool), J. Watson (London), E.J. Dent (London), William Robinson (Liverpool), LeRoy (Paris)-Guilloche & Plaque Dial, C. Molteni (London), William Leeson (Coleshill), R. Lowson (Bridlington Quay), J. Richards (London), Henry / Ann Collins (Berkley Square), Carswell (Ware), Thomas Todd (London), D.D. Neveren (London), George Prior- 4 Jewel Cylinder (London), Richard Holt (Newark); Ireland: Sam Haynes (Cork), Topham & White (Dublin); Scotland: C.W. Gray (Fraserburgh); Austria: Christian Holzmann (Wein), F. Piergruber (Wien); Poland: F.F. Schmidt Senior (Stettin); Swiss: Quartier (Au Locle), Vacheron - Dial Marked (Geneve); France: Lepine (Paris), Romilly (Paris), Aubert (Paris), Grange (Bourges), Beucler (Paris), Ceyrat (Clermont), Romilly (Paris), Jean LeNou (Paris), L. Hubert Daustry (Toulose) Mid 17th C, Maitral (Libourne), Olphan (Clermont), Chevalier (Paris), Baillon (Paris), Faure Fila (Oliergues), Lenoir (Lyon), Breant (Loches); America: Stephen Reed (New York), William Rogers (Hartford) Auto Picnic Set Collection: Various Sizes of Wicker cased Vintage Auto Picnic Sets, Thermos Sets, Travel Sets, English & American, Very Nice Collection. Designer, Mid Century Modern & Vintage Furnishings & Decor: Large Italian Carved Gilt & Wood Pier Mirror, McGuire Large Glass Top Dining Table & 8 Chairs, McGuire Desk & Chair, Danish Teak Coffee & End Tables, Pair Casella Floor Lamps, D'Argenta Javier Perez Jewel Boxes, Wine/Serving Cart, Curved Glass Corner Display Cabinet, What Not Shelves, etc. Miniature Furniture & Basket Collection: Gerald W Headley Settees, Chairs, Rockers, Windsor & Early American Styles, etc., Miniature Shaker Baskets, Miniature Nantucket Baskets, Miniature other baskets, etc. Fine Art Wood Bowls & Sculpture: Exotic Wood Bowls and Vases by Jack Somaoang, Gerald Filipelli, Mike Kornegay, Pat Wilston, Sig Koa, etc. Chinese, Japanese & Asian Antiques: Chinese Heavy Carved Rosewood Settee w/Matching 4 Armchairs, 2 End Tables & Coffee Table, Large Chinese Enamel Laquer Decorator Cabinet, Chinese Scrolls Collection, Vintage to Modern Chinese Ceramics, Arrow Vase, Jade Bangles, Carved Jade, Jade Snuff Bottles, Yixing Pottery, Japanese Antiques, Japanese Cloisonne, Japanese Noh Masks, Carvings, Chinese Needlework & Robes, etc. Sterling & Jewelry: 130+ pc Set of Gorham Virginiana Sterling Flatware w/Large Serving Pieces, Steiff Sterling Vanity Dresser Set, Sterling Candleabras, More Sterling, Amber Beads, Carved Shell Cameos, Costume Jewelry, Jade Bangles, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Waterford Crystal, Elegant Glass of Depression Era: Imperial, Heisey, Duncan, Fostoria, Cobalt, Ruby & Emerald Glass, Fenton, etc, Victorian Glass, Pickle Caster, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Serving Pieces, Transferware, Murano Glass Aquariums, Barber Bottles, Shaving Mug Collection, Shaving Brushes, Nippon, Vanity Sets, Perfume Bottle Collection, Face Jug, Colored Glassware, Lustreware, Haviland, Malcom Leland Pottery Alien Space Bank by NS Gustin, Space Needle Bottle, Moorcroft Vase, Oyster Plates, Large Set of Faberge "Kissing Dove" Crystal Stemware, Set of Orrefors Stemware, Large Set of Italian Pottery Dishes, Figural Reemer Collection, Cranberry Glass Stemware, Studio Glass, etc. Clocks: Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, Coach Clocks, Wall Clocks, etc. Oriental Rugs: Antique & Modern Oriental Rugs in Room & Scatter Sizes, 10x14 Savonnnerie Style Rug, 9x12 Red Bokara Rug, 8x10, Vintage Oriental Rugs, Flatweaves, etc. Lighting: Vintage Stained Glass Lamp, Vintage Reverse Painted Glass Shade Lamps, Pair of Casella Floor Lamps, Vintage Railroad Lanterns, etc. Items of Interest: Cigar Store Indian, National Model 5 Fancy Brass Candy Store Cash Register, Vintage Oak Machinist's Chests, Elvis Presley Posters & Memorabilia, Advertising Items, Sleigh Bells, Patchwork Quilt Collection, Fur Blankets & Throws, Needlework & Linens, Tapestry, Large Copper Pot, Large Pottery Planter Pots, Token Collection, Lg Brass Blade Vintage Electric Fan, Mini Singer Sewing Machine, Life Size Dog Figure, Oil Lamps, Vintage Dolls, StoryBook Dolls, Vintage Photos, Darners, Railroad Transformers, Aligator Grip Bags, Radios, Brass Cuspidor, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 23, Northwest Estates Auction

Great Items from NW Estates featuring the Estate of Windsor Utley: NW Art & Pottery, Antique American Primitives, Lifetime Elvis Presley Collection, Lots of Sterling, Fine Antique China, Early Fine China & Crystal, Large Collection of Japanese Antiques, Chinese & Asian Items, Clocks

Northwest Art: Dozens of Paintings and Drawings by Windsor Utley, James Martin, Eugene Pizzuto, Danny Mayes, George Tsutakawa, Lisel Salzer, Willem DeKooning Signed Poster, etc. Large Collection of Studio Pottery: Ceramics by Mary & Edwin Scheier, Robert Sperry, Tom Coleman, Bruno LaVerdiere, Virginia Weisel, Jane Wherrette, Ken Shores, John Fassbinder, William Creitz, Don Sprague, Louis Mideke, Ralph Lodewick, Ralph & Lorene Spencer, Ulla Wiinblad Hjelmqvist, Bennet Welsh, Barabara Brotman, Blanche Cline, Gladys Crooks, Janetta Nelson, Loren Lukens, Regnor Reinholdsten, Gerry Newcomb, Bill Sage, Ebba Rapp, Mar Hudson, Jerry Glenn, Karen Stoner, Gerry Williams, etc. American Primitives: 18th & 19th Century American Samplers, Homespun Coverlets & Textiles, Mirrors, Paintings, Red Ware, Slip Ware, Candle Molds, Crocks, Pottery, Sandwich Glass, Bentwood Boxes, Kitchenwares, etc. Elvis Presley Collection: Lifetime Collection of Elvis Presley Memorabilia, Records, Posters, Framed Portraits, Ticket Stubs, Calendars, Trading Cards, Figures, LP's 45's Gold Record, Sun Records, Many unopened vintage record albums & 45's, Items signed by Elvis Presley Band Members & Associates, Drum Sticks, Books, Collector Plates, Pennants, TV Guides, Magazines, Menus, Stamps, etc. Paintings, Prints and Etchings: Large Victorian Saloon Paintings, Works by Thomas wood, Saint Clair, Stephen D. Cook, Kent Lovelace, Jim Dooly, Barbara Marina, Arnold Goldberg, 8pc Edward Curtis Original Photogravures, Varga and Olivia Signed Pinup Prints, 4pc Haku Maki Modernist Japanese Woodblocks, Kunihiro Amano Modernist Woodblock Print, Collection of Meiji Japanese Woodblock Prints by Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi, etc. Antique Furnishings: Victorian Rosewood Tall Jewelry Chest w/Side Locks, Antique American Pine 2 Door Cupboard, Antique Childrens's Furniture, etc. Hawaiian & Hula: Collection of Vintage Hula Dresses and Skirts, Early Hula LP Records, Original "Rainbow Island" Hula Movie Poster, etc. Fine Art Wood Bowls & Sculpture: Lots of Exotic Wood Bowls and Vases by Jack Somaoang, Gerald Filipelli, Mike Kornegay, Pat Wilston, Sig Koa, etc. Fine Glass: 4pc L.C. Tiffany Favrile Glass, Kewblas, Quezal, Steuben Aurene, Sabino, Lalique Figures, Early English Cut Glass, Bohemian Cut to Clear Stemware, etc. 3pc Dan Bergsma Studio Glass Vases, Susan Glass Large Glass Vessel, etc. Chinese, Japanese & Asian Antiques: Large Collection of Japanese Antiques, Japanese Tables, Carvings, Pottery, Meiji Cloisonné, Small Boxes, Japanese Bronzes, Tetsubin Pots, Chinese Carved Figures, Antique Chinese Ceramics, Cinnabar, Rose Medallion, Carved Soapstone Items, Imari Wares, Laquer Wares, Meiji Satsuma, Textiles, Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, Peking Glass, Stone Carvings, Ink Stones, Ink Blocks, Buddha Figures, Bronze Coro Censer, Hardstone Carvings, Japanese Carved Masks, Japanese Block Prints, Saki Cups, Ginger Jars, Hakata Dolls, Kutani, etc. Jewelry: Lots of Costume Jewelry, Jade Bangles, Peking Glass Bangles & Sewing Basket rings, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: 18th & 19th Century Fine China, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Serving Pieces, Transferware, Very Fine English Cut Glass Candleholders, Lustres, & Serving Pieces, Decanters, Murano Glass, Cauldon Fine China, Cut Glass, Desert Set, Early Copper Lustre Wares, Flow Flue, Willow, California Pottery, Majolica, Salt Glazed Wares, Early American Pattern Glass, Sandwich Glass, Shakers, Spatterware, Pottery Mixing Bowls, Staffordshire, Fairing, Bennington Pottery, Colored Glassware, Lustreware, Haviland, Redware, Slipware, etc. Clocks: Art Deco Marble Clock Set w/Greyhounds, Wall Clocks, etc. Native American Items: Vintage Navajo Rug, Native Carvings, etc. Oriental Rugs: Very Nice Modern Oriental Rugs in Room & Scatter Sizes, 12 x 15 Fine Oriental Rug, Vintage Oriental Rugs, Flatweaves, etc. Lighting: Martz Pottery MCM Lamp w/Original Shade, Pair Stiffel Lamps, Antique Carved Floor Lamp, Asian Lamps, etc. Items of Interest: Men's Columbia Fine Star Superb Bicycle, Electra Co. Hawaii Model Men's Bicycle, Advertising Items, Native Clothing, Vintage Oversize Parrot Bird Cage, Smith Corona Electra 120 Typewriter, Duck Decoys, Books, Dolls, Star Trek Comics, Underground Comics, 57 Chevrolet Bumper Pc, Rear Tail light lenses & wipers, Antique Tools, Wood Planes, Vintage Men's Hats, Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Pyrography, Early Canning Jars, Contex FLEX 50i Flatbed Scanner, Coral Beads, Antique Pewter, Antique Candlesticks, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday January 9, Northwest Estates Auction

Great Items from NW Estates featuring Antique Chinese & Asian Furnishings, Antique Chinese Ceramics, Fine Jewelry, Vintage Wrist Watches, Sterling, Fine Antique China, Artworks, Paintings, Early American Pattern Glass Collection, Bell Collection, Clocks

Chinese & Asian Antiques: Antique & Vintage Chinese Furnishings, Antique Chinese Tables, Chests, Laquered Cabinets, Carvings, 2 sets Rosewood Nesting Tables, Rosewood Frame Sofa, Pair Armchairs, Coffee & End Tables, Pottery, Cloisonné, Chinese Carved Figures, Lots of Antique Chinese Ceramics, Cinnabar, Chinese Paintings, Rose Medallion, Carved Soapstone Items, Imari Wares, Laquer Wares, Satsuma, Table Screens, 2 large 4 Panel Screens, Chinese Sewing Baskets, Boxes, Cloisonné, Wood Carvings, Textiles, Peking Glass, Bronzes, Mah Jong Game Set, Stone Carvings, Ink Stones, Ink Blocks, Marble Buddha, Bronze Censer, Silk Screens, 7' Carved Wood Hanging Dragon, Scrolls, Scroll Weights, Brushes, Stone Carved Seals, Hardstone Carvings, etc. Antiques, Vintage & Modern Furnishings & Accessories: J. Robert Scott Vintage Round Table & 4 Swivel Chairs w/Matching 4 Bar Stools, Designer Zebra Wood Stand w//Chrome Legs, Carved French Chaise Lounge, Fine Antique Mirrors, Modern Teak Coffee & End Tables, French Marble Top Ormolu Mounted Sideboard, Antique Mahogany Chest w/Mirror, Group of Antique (from India) 4 Heavy Carved 7' Columns, with Carved Accessories, Designer Copper Patio Table in the shape of a Pineapple w/Glass Top, Antique Bread Rack, etc. Advertising & Country Store: (2) Antique Mahogany 5" x 8' Store Fixture Show Cases with Curved Glass on each side, Figural 6' Jester Cigar Store Figure, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, Antique Portrait Paintings, 18th & 19th Century Engravings, Watercolor Paintings, Steamship Travel Posters, NW Paintings, Listed Artists, Christian Lassen s/n lithograph, Native American Art, Button Blanket, etc. Fine Jewelry, Watches & Sterling: Fine Jewelry, Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Over 100 vintage Wrist Watches, 14K Gold Watches, Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Ebel, etc, Mikimoto Pearls, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Georgian Silver, (2) Sets Sterling Flatware, Antique English Sterling, Sterling Candelabras, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Lalique Animal Figures, Steuben Unicorn w./18K Horn, 18th & 19th Century Fine China, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Serving Pieces, Transferware, Large Collection Early American Pattern Glass Goblets & Decanters, Murano Glass, Kosta Vases, Studio Glass, Designer Rosenthal Dorothy Hafner Flash China Set, Vintage Fiesta Ware, Cut Glass, Minton China 1848 Set of Chinese Diaper Pattern, etc. Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches: Wall Clocks, Vintage Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches, etc. Native American Items: Button Blanket, Beadwork, Native Theme Carved Masks, Native Carvings, etc. Oriental Rugs: Very Nice Modern Oriental Rugs in Room & Scatter Sizes, etc. Items of Interest: Figural Jester Cigar Store Figure, Gemolite Mark V Jeweler's Microscope, Baseball & Sports Memorabilia, Lion Head Wall Mounted Fountain, Vintage Large Bird Cage on Stand, Large Collection Brass Bells, School Bells, Cow Bells, Door Bells, Sleigh Bells, etc., Vintage Toys, Cast Iron Fire Pumper Wagon, African Masks & Carvings, Beatles Dolls, Goldtone Photo, UW Vintage Blanket, Quilts, Antique Brass Candlesticks, Fountain Pens, Mechanical Pencils, SciFi & Fantasy Games: Psyche Path, Empire of the Petal Throne, Tactics II, etc, Guitars, Antique Advertising Items, Baskets, Oil Lamps, Post Cards, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


Thursday December 19, Holiday Collectibles Auction

Featuring Antique Pre-Prohibition Tin, Breweriana, Antique Advertising, Vintage Men's Wrist Watches, Travel & War Effort Posters, Sports Autographs, Musical Instruments, Britains Soldiers, Comic Books, and a Large Collection of Guns: Revolvers, Pistols, Bolt Action Rifles, Shotguns, and Semi-Automatic Rifles.

Antique Tin & Advertising: Breweriana from near and far, including Pennsylvania, New York, California and the Northwest including Rainer, Olympia, and very RARE North Yakima Brewing. Beer Trays, Tip Trays, Tobacco Tins, Match Holders, Manhattan Oil Co. Trop-Artic Cups. Vintage Mens Wrist Watches: Omega Seamaster, 18K Gold Omega Pie Pan Constellations, Gruen Ristside Watches, Omegas, Rolex Trench Style Watch, Glycine Airman, Chevrolet Dealers Watches, Vulcain Cricket Watches, and an Abercrombie & Fitch Alarm Clock Pocket Watch. Britains: Unopened and gently played with sets. Militaria: Japanese Naval Pins, WWII Patches, German WWII Flags & Banners, and Communist People's Liberation Army Items. Navy Dress Sword, Chinese Type 65 Cavalry Sabers. Posters: Vintage Ocean Liner & Airline Travel Posters, Large Italian Titanic Movie Poster (1958), WWII War Effort Posters from America and Canada, Communist Posters from China & USSR. NOS Levi's 1980 Moscow Olympic Posters. ELVIS It Happened at the World's Fair, Claus Oldenburg Seattle Festival signed Poster. Sports & Autographs: 1929 Yankees Team Signed Ball from Exhibition game at Sing Sing Penitentiary with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, etc. 1944 US Military Team Signed Baseball with Joe DiMaggio. No-Hit Kings Signed Baseball with Sandy Kolfax, Nolan Ryan, and Bob Feller. Seattle Seahawks signed photographs, helmets, etc., Russell Wilson, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Steve Largent, etc. Johnny Unitas, Yogi Berra, Sue Bird & Lauren Jackson, Julius Erving. Pair of Seattle SuperSonics Kingdome Seat of Champion Courtside Chairs. Additional signatures from Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler. Musical Instruments: Fall Creek Glockenspiel with rolling stand, Antique 19th Century Austrian Guitar, Albert Nurnberger 75cm Violin Bow. Toys & Comics: W. Britain Soldiers: unopened boxes and lightly used sets. Marvel Silver & Bronze Age Comics including X-Men, The Avengers, Conan the Barbarian, Amazing Spider-man, and Gold Key Robot Fighter. Guns: 75+ Guns largely from one collector including Revolvers, Pistols, Bolt Action Rifles, Semi-Automatic Rifles. Makers: Colt, Smith & Wesson, Dan Wesson, Ruger, Browning, Sig Sauer, Glock, HK, Beretta, Para-Ordnance, Winchester, Remington. Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927 A1 'Tommy Gun' Semi-Automatic Carbine, DWM Luger, Mossberg 930 SPX 12 Gauge Shotgun, Colt 175 Anniversary NIB Single Action Army Revolver, BushMaster XM-15 223 Semi-Automatic Rifle, International Harvester US Rifle M1 Garand, Springfield Armory M1A Semi-Automatic, AK-47. Other: Verkehrs-Verlag Remagen Driving School Instructional Scale Model Car, Jimi Hendrix Washington Junior High 1958-59 Ninth Grade Classbook, Queen Victoria signed Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour Diploma (1890). MCM Space Needle 'Eye of The Needle' Restaurant Lamp.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday December 12, Fine European & Asian Arts

Featuring Asian Arts Collection of Dan Henderson (1921-2001) of Seattle, Washington, Founder of the Asian Law Program, University of Washington.

Chinese Porcelain: Fine Chinese Celadon Glaze Carved Fish and Lotus Conical Bowl with Qianlong Mark and Vermeren-Coche Bruxelles Retailer Label 18th or 19th Century, Chinese Kangxi Powder Blue Decorated Porcelain Large Vase, Impressive Pair of Qing Famille Rose Garden Seats, Group of Ming Blue & White Swatow Ware, 3pc Ming Blue & White Chargers, Kangxi Blue & White Charger with Scholars, Qing 19th Cent. Blue Underglaze Porcelain Hat Stand, 19th Cent. Crackle Glaze Porcelain Censer, Ming Blue & White Export Phoenix Jar, 19th Cent. Painted Porcelain Landscape Plaque, 19th Cent. Warriors with Calligraphy Bowl, Pair of 19th Cent. Yellow Monochrome Porcelain Jars, etc. Snuff Bottles: Fine White Jade Melon Form Snuff Bottle with Red Coral Stopper, White Jade Twin Peach Snuff Bottle with Russet Splashes and Red Coral Stopper, 2pc Crystal with Tourmaline Hair Inclusions Snuff Bottles, 2pc White and Green Jade 18th Cent. Snuff Bottles, Enameled Silver Snuff Bottle with Jade Plaques 19th Cent., etc. Asian Paintings: Exceptional Korean 17th/18th Cent. Book of Paintings by Seon Jeong with Full Provenance, Nagazawa Rosetsu 18th Cent. Octopus Fan Painting, Morita Sessai Japanese Calligraph Fan Painting, 3pc Antique Chinese Fan Paintings in Portfolio, NoSoo Park (Korean) Horse and Ride in Landscape Watercolor, etc. Japanese Antiquities: Ancient Haniwa Warrior Head Fragment, Inlaid Steel Tsuba with Mixed Metals Shrimp, Japanese Inlaid Bronze Ikebana, Edo/Meiji Handled Bronze Hibachi, etc. Asian Furniture: Chinese Ming Rosewood Altar Table, Pair of Chinese Zitan Small Side Tables, Huali Wood Horseshoe Chair & Table Set, Rosewood Carved Dragon Altar, Lacquered Dragon Altar, Small Dragon Rosewood Display Table, etc. Misc. Asian Antiquities: Chinese Qing Deep Carved Cinnabar Round Bowl with Scholars, Antique Chinese Shao Lao Bamboo Carving, 18th/19th Cent. Chinese Lacquered Court Necklace Box, Japanese 18th Cent. Bronze Tripod Censer, Chinese Archaic Bronze Hu Vessel 18th/19th Cent., etc. European Fine Arts: Paul Edward Deligny Large Interior Scene Oil Painting with Blue & White Porcelain (Originally in the Swedish Embassy), Georges Croegaert (French) Japonisme Interior with Woman Oil Painting, George Balmer (British) "Market Boats, Rotterdam" Oil Painting, Pieter Van Veen Floral Still Life Small Oil, Carl Wolleck (Austrian) Bronze of an Elephant, William Vernon (British) River Scene with Windmill Watercolor, 2pc Bernard Huys (German) Impressionist Landscape Oils, Collection of 17th/18th Century European Portrait & Allegorical Large Paintings, etc. Glass & Porcelain: R. Lalique "Sauterelles" Grasshopper Crystal Vase, Daum Nancy Enameled Forest Scene Vase, Rare Loetz Pulled Heart Glass Vase, Meissen Porcelain Figure Group with Soldier, Royal Berlin Porcelain Figure Group, etc. Fine Silver: Impressive George Roth Hanau Silver Mythological Wine Cooler with Figural Handles, Fine Antique Kirk Steiff Repousse Pitcher, Early American Philadelphia Coin Grape Pitcher, Chinese Silver Etched Dragon Round Tray, etc. Antiquities & Rugs: 2pc Antique Russian Wood Icons (One Oklad), Russian Silver Sweet Meat Tray, Group of Russian Silver Kiddish Cups, Collection of 17th/18th Cent. Santos Figures, Fine Persian Silk with Gold Thread Hereke Carpet, Semi Antique Heriz Room Size Rug, Antique Eagle Kazak Rug, Antique Caucasian Large Room Size Rug, Group of Antique Baluch Scatter Rugs, etc.  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday December 5, Holiday Fine Arts & Jewelry

Featuring Fine Alaskan and Northwest Modern Artworks, Also Important Pilchuck Studio Glass

Modern Art: Gustavo Montoya (Mexican) "Ninos Jugando" Early Oil Painting, Loren MacIver (NY) Large Abstract Oil, Mark Tobey "Two Figures" 1952 Casein on Board, Mark Tobey Calligraphic Drawing 1955, George Tsutakawa "Seven Shrimp" 1977 Sumi Painting, Spencer Moseley "Still Life with a Lazy E" Large Geometric Oil, 4pc Spencer Moseley Early Geometric Oil Paintings, Richard Gilkey "Skagit Still Life" Oil Painting, Richard Gilkey "Sunflower in Chalice" Oil Painting, Paul Horiuchi "Rain" 1956 Casein Painting (Exhibited), Paul Horiuchi "Frost" 1957 Casein Painting, Rare Paul Horiuchi "Swirling Cape" Welded Steel Sculpture, Paul Horiuchi Mt. Rainier with Tree Casein Collage, Paul Horiuchi Forms in Vertical Collage, Paul Horiuchi Untitled Vertical Forms Collage, Paul Horiuchi "Autumn Landscape" Small Casein Painting, Kenneth Callahan "Voyage" Small Tempera Painting, 2pc Kenneth Callahan Mountain Sumi Painting, Kenneth Callahan Birds and Insects Ink Painting, John Koenig "Erato" Large Abstract Oil (Exhibited at SAM), Richard Gilkey "Sleeping Frog" Tempera on Paper, Fay Chong "Beach Pebbles" Watercolor, Fay Chong Mountain Landscape Vertical Watercolor, Joseph Goldberg Small Encaustic Painting, Early Neil Meitzler Man on Horseback Oil Painting, Windsor Utley Abstract Figures Oil, Paul Horiuchi Miniature Abstract Collage Study, Jacob Elshin Madonna and Child Oil Painting, 4pc Ellen Jones Hooker Early Northwest Woman Painter Oil Paintings, etc. Alaskan & Western Art: Fred Machetanz "Challenge!" 1977 Polar Bear Oil on Masonite 32"x26", Fred Machetanz "McKinley Summer" 1977 Landscape Oil on Masonite, Eustace Ziegler "Totem and Cache" Oil Painting 20"x16", Harvey Goodale Alaskan Cache and Cabin Oil, Harvey Goodale Eskimo Dancers Oil, Harvey Goodale "Eskimo Mother and Child" Oil on Masonite 22"x28", Harvey Goodale Seascape Oil, Henne Goodale Eskimo Seal Hunter in Canoe Oil, Scott McDaniel Alaskan Mt. McKinley Landscape Vertical Oil, Scot McDaniel Eskimo Scene Oil Painting, Charles Gause Alaskan Landscape with Bear Watercolor, Rie Munoz Original Watercolor, 2pc William Reese Spanish Dancer 1987 Oil Paintings, Ned Mueller Mexican Market Oil Painting, 2pc Lois McFarland Southwest Small Oil Paintings, Lyle Silver Large Winter Landscape Oil Painting, Dave Powell (Montana) Civil War Scene Gouache, Pete Millar Bronco Buster Bronze Sculpture, Charles Chapman "Pack Train" Small Oil (Jensen Frame), Charles Chapman (NJ) Impressionist Winter Scene Oil, Frank Ackerman (California) Winter Scene Oil Painting, etc. Native Arts: Anthony Pushruk Inuit Carved Wood Mask, Robert "Bob" Antone Carved Cedar Bear Totem Pole, Group of Inuit Scrimshawed Sculptures, Andy Peterson Salish Carved Crane Large Cedar Plaque, etc. Prints & Multiples: Rare Edward Curtis "Out of the Darkness" Orotone 8"x10" (Original Frame), Edward Curtis "The Vanishing Race" Orotone 8"x10" (Original Frame), Rare Edward Curtis Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt Signed Platinum Print Photograph, Helen Loggie "Baby Islands" Northwest Etching, 2pc "Graphic Oklahoma" 1941 Print Portfolios with Works by Doel Reed and Leonard Good, 5pc Sister Corita S/N Lithographs, Early Akio Takamori "Dog" 1980's Signed Lithograph, Collection of 9pc Guy Anderson Woodcut Greeting Cards, 3pc Neil Meitzler Woodcut & Art Greeting Cards, Paul Horiuchi "Matsuri" Artist Proof Lithograph, LeRoy Neiman Early Baseball S/N Etching, 5pc Pilchuck School Monotypes from Dante Marioni, Albert Paley, Oiva Toikka, etc. Studio & Pilchuck Glass: Impressive Preston Singletary 1998 "Sea Monster" Sand Carved Large Native Glass Bowl on Steel Stand, Yoichi Ohira "Laguna" 1999 Large Glass Vase (Published in Book Page 177), Yoichi Ohira "A Intarsi" Vase (Published in Book Page 120/121), William Morris "Panther Comb" Glass Artifact (Published in Book), Richard Marquis Crazy Quilt Coffeepot (Teapot) 1985 Sculpture, Richard Marquis Large "Caged Egg" Glass Sculpture (Pictured on Gallery Show Mailer), Richard Marquis "Marquiscarpa" Compote (Published Work), Preston Singletary Glass Tlingit Basket, Preston Singletary Alligator Goblet 1990, Dale Chihuly Fiesta Macchia Basket, Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Red Amber Persian Set, Dale Chihuly 2-Piece White Pearl Seaform Set, Dale Chihuly 2-Piece Chinese Red Seaform Set, Richard Marquis Snowman Teapot Form, Klaus Moje Large Face Fused Glass Charger for Maestri Vetrai 1991, Benjamin Moore "Hornet" Hanging Glass Light Fixture, 2-Piece Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick Fruit Goblets, Courtney Branam Lime Green Glass Cube, Tina Aufiero for Venini "Alboino" Vase, etc. Studio Ceramics: Impressive Akio Takamori Child with Bag Memory Figure 28", Jun Kaneko "Dango" Ceramic Freestanding Sculpture, Pablo Picasso "Corrida sur fond Noir" Bullfight Madoura Pottery Platter, Akio Takamori Hanging Ceramic Fish, 2pc Akio Takamori 1990's Face Cups, 2pc Robert Sperry Gold and Silver Luster White Crackle Hanging Slabs, Beth Lo (Montana) Large Sgraffito Bowl with Floating Figures, Charles Krafft 1992 Disasterware Plate, Howard Kottler "Pinky Apostles" Hand Thrown Ceramic Bowl, Howard Kottler "The Leacher" Altered Decal Porcelain Plate, Robert Sperry Black Crackle Glaze Small Charger, 2pc Vivika & Otto Heino Pottery Vase and Bowl, etc. 20th Century Design: Vintage Eames for Herman Miller 1977 Black Leather Chair & Ottoman, Torbjorn Afdal for Bruksbo Teak Bench, etc. Fine Jewelry & Watches: Impressive Art Deco 3.5ct J.E. Caldwell Old European Cut Diamond Platinum Ring, Lady's 2.2ct Diamond Princess Cut 18k Ring, Lady's 14k Diamond Omega Chain Necklace 1ctw, Lady's 18k White Gold Diamond Necklace 4ctw, Lady's 18k Emerald Teardrop Ring 5.4ct, Men's 14k Masonic 32 Degree Diamond Ring .92ct, etc. Fine Silver: 2pc Tiffany Chrysanthemum Sterling Serving Pcs, Antique Tiffany & Co. Flatware Service, etc. Steinway 1987 Model "M" Grand Piano being offered with No Reserve!  See photos and hammer prices.


Thursday November 7, Northwest Estates Auction

Great Items from NW Estates featuring Mid Century Modern Furnishings, Antique Chinese & Asian Furnishings, Antique Chinese Ceramics, Fine Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Sterling, Fine Antique China, Artworks, Paintings, Vintage Wrist Watches, Clocks

Mid-century Modern: Swedish Bodefors Teak Dining Extension Table, 4 MCM Dining Chairs, Widdecomb Walnut MCM Dresser w/Mirror, King Headboard & Night Stand, Teak Roll Front Tall Cabinet w/sm Drawers, Teak Serving Tray w/Stand, Mid Century Modern Round Glass Top Coffee Table, Lots of Studio Pottery, Heywood Wakefield Nest of Tables, etc. Antiques, Vintage & Modern Furnishings & Accessories: Antique Period Chippendale oversize Armchair, Period Chairs, Johnson Furniture Mahogany Inlaid Secretary Desk w/Eagle Finial, Carved French Chaise Lounge, French Carved Bench, Chaperone 3 seat Round Chair, Tripod Tip Table, Fine Antique Mirrors, Bamboo Armchair, Chestnut Library Table, Recliner, etc. Advertising & Country Store: Oak Table Top Showcase, Tins, Ironware, Apple Corer, Utensils, etc. Artworks: Antique Oil Paintings, 18th Century Engravings, Watercolor Paintings, 7 Salvador Dali Lithographs, 5 Elton Bennett Serigraphs, Marble Bust, Framed Prints, Antique Maps, Spy Prints, Pair of Early 1800s Portrait Paintings, Group of 3'x4' NW Mountain Photos, Giovanni Piranesi Engraving, etc. Fine & Designer Costume Jewelry, Sterling & Silverplate: Fine Jewelry, Fine 14K & 18K Rings, Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Turquoise Jewelry, Pearls, Costume Jewelry, Lots of Sterling, Tea & Coffee Sterling Service, Antique English Sterling, Fine Silver Plate Tea & Coffee Service, Muffineers, etc. Glass, China & Pottery: Baccarat Perfume Bottles, Waterford, Lots of Perfume Bottles, 18th & 19th Century Fine China, Cups & Saucers, Platters, Serving Pieces, Old Paris, Flow Blue, Transferware, Depression Glass, Crystal Stemware Sets, Carlo Moretti, Cobalt Blue, lg Cut Glass items, Studio Glass, Lladro Hummels, Goebel Figurines, Fine China Sets, Noritake Colburn Set, Stangl Golden Harvest Pottery Dishes, Bauer Ware, Very Large Grouping of Vintage Fiesta Ware, etc. Clocks, Wrist & Pocket Watches: Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks, Vintage Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches, etc. Oriental Rugs: Very Nice Oriental Rugs in Room & Scatter Sizes, 3 long Runner Rugs, Antique Rugs, etc. Doll Collection: Antique Bisque Dolls, A&M, lg Lenci Doll w/Box, Doll Houses, etc. Chinese & Asian Antiques: Chinese Antique & Vintage Chinese Furnishings, Antique Chinese Tables, Chests, Qing Alter Coffer Cabinet, Alter Tables, Round Carved Swivel Pedestal Base Table, Pair High Back Armchairs, Carvings, Pairs of Chinese Small Stands, Pottery, Cloisonné, Chinese Carved Figures, Large Jade Bi Discs, Large Jade Fish Figure, Tibetan Decorated Chest, Large Chinese Ceramic Vase & Double Happiness Jars, Lots of Antique Chinese Ceramics, 18th Century Chinese Export Ceramics, Cinnabar, Yixing Tea Caddy & Teapots, Snuff Bottles, Chinese Paintings, Rose Medallion, Carved Soapstone Items, Imari Wares, Laquer Wares, Antique Chinese Rosewood Stacking Miniature Nest of Tables, Satsuma, Table Screens, Chinese Sewing Baskets, Textiles, etc. Items of Interest: US Coins, Figural Lion Head Wall Mounted Fountain, Paper Mache Cow, Fine Mink Jacket & Coats, Accordian, Sleigh Bells, Vintage Toys, Ironware, African Masks & Spears, Many Antique Leather Bound Books, Vintage Childrens Books, Stamps, Antique Brass Candlesticks, etc.  See photos and text catalog.


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